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Feb 1, 2010

Ron Paul on US 'spendng freeze', Pluto's Discovery, and Obama to the GOP Retreat

Listen to Rep. Ron Paul's remarks on the White House's proposed 'spending freeze' which misses the mark by miles in my estimation, too. But you know Washington: political expediencies tend to lead to bad decisions with 'unintended consequences' that harm we-the-people and which people like me tend to consider intended all along.

Being the Cop of the World (and plutonic spies of the world) is a very expensive undertaking but it does give a big boost to the undertakers of the world while the gun and weapons industries gorge themselves at the public trough - and sell weapons to our enemies to keep the fightin' alive, if not the (expendable) combatants.

And if I had to astrologically date the beginning of the madness for America (and thus for the world), it would probably be the splitting of the atom and the abomination of desolation that my native country brought the world.

Naturally, this implicates plutonic Pluto's discovery in 1930 which was to usher in the Atom Age as it ushered in Hitler and Freemason President Roosevelt. The chart I have for Pluto's discovery (though there are possibly two discoverers, Tombaugh and Lowell, and various charts to use, one supposes) is for Feb 18, 1930 4:00 pm Flagstaff, AZ, with Pluto 17Can46 Rx in 12th house, ASC 3Leo34 conjunct Vesta 3:53 Rx; Pluto applies to a trine with the Moon 13Sco15 (4A31) and a sesquisquare (135 degr) with Venus 2Pis33 conj Sun 29AQ35; (0A13.) Mars 9AQ28 in now being transited in opposition by Mars' lengthy Leo Rx period; Mercury 3AQ37; Uranus 9Ari05, Neptune 2Vir17 Rx.

Here's a good resource on the Discovery of Pluto which includes info on Uranus and Neptune, too. And here is the post I wrote on the Lowell Observatory's recent celebration of Pluto's Discovery.

And Pluto Discovery's Jupiter? Jupiter is conjunct Ceres (security issues) @ 6Gem56 where trickster asteroid Pan ('panic'; connected to Washington's Goat of Mendes, and to alchemy) now traverses. As you know, Jupiter increases whatever he touches.

The Atom Split chart that I use: Dec 2, 1942 4:22 pm CWT Chicago, IL with Pluto Rx 7Leo08. The Sabian Symbol for '8AQ': "A Bolshevik Propagandist" which interest me because when President Obama began speaking to the Republicans at their Retreat in Baltimore on Jan 29, 2010, and said that his plans were not some 'Bolshevik plot' (to paraphrase POTUS), the IC, the Base or Foundation of the Matter - his remarks - was @ 7Leo19...'8AQ": "A Bolshevik Propagandist." This degree is, as you remember, the ASC degree of George W. Bush, our former Bolshevik-in-Chief. And the coup d'etat of America continues unabated.

Jan 29's ASC 29Tau15 brings up the Republican Party's natal North Node 00Gem34, along with their n Venus 5Gem43 (conj R Party's PE 5Gem12), and n Desc and Saturn 10Gem22.

Check this blog's sidebar for a link to the full text of President's chat with the Retreated Republicans on Jan 29 and a video, too. (See 'Obama to GOP Retreat' in the 'On America' links list after Google News.) The full text is time stamped '12:10 pm' which gives an ASC @ 29Tau15 with tr Pan 5Gem14 rising.

"30 Tau" = "A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn"....interestingly, the degree of the Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron on March 21, 1884 during the Robber Baron Era, aka the Generation of Materialism. Plus, E. Alan Meece gives the 'Horoscope of Modern Humanity' for our era as timed during the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto @ '8Gem' the position of America's natal Uranus, by the Solar Sclipse of April 26, 1892 @ 7Tau05...

1892 Neptune/Pluto Conj = US n Uranus: peculiar discoveries; mystical, adventurous, or supernatural experiences; hypersensitivity; disruption to gain recognition; adventurous ego thrusts; making waves to get to shore; courageous; aberrant behavior.

And so Pluto/Chiron's class warfare, disenfranchisements, primal violence, fascism, corporatism, racism, and other oppressive -isms continue unabated (and never underfunded, even if it must be done secretly or off the books) and oppressions have actually been ramped up in the New Millennium as they will continue to be "going forward."


Deficit projected by the White House: $1.6 trillion for this year.

Republican Party: July 6, 1854 (NS) 5:00 pm LMT Jackson, MI ('5:00 pm' is the time of their platform adoption - thanks, John!); Democratic Party: May 13, 1792 (NS) 12:00 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA; historical records.

An incidental note on the Democratic Party: its natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint is now being transited by Uranus '25Pis' so we have:

Natal Saturn/Pluto = tr Uranus 2010:brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses; acts of violence; making sudden decisions under the most difficult of circumstances.

And the most recent Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron: Dec 30, 1999 conjunct US natal ASC (Sibly chart) @ '12Sag'..."A Flag Turned into an Eagle That Crows" good a description of World Cop America as any other, I suppose, so one more time I must say, we've been coup'd. #

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