Mar 13, 2010

New Moon 25Pisc10 March 15, 2010

The New Moon 25Pisc10 on Monday, March 15, 2010 occurs @ 5:01:02 pm edt at the White House so I thought perhaps a few astro-beans might be freely spilled on the subject as a new cycle of activity begins.

In Washington DC, the New Moon will occur in the 8th house of High Finances, Credit, Insurance, Debt, Transformation, etc. The 8th house, of course, is part of the 2/8 Money/Valuations axis; 8th cusp 22Pisc33 may not indicate a lot of clarity in financial matters especially considering the 3rd (final) Great Conjunction in December 2009 of the speculator pair of planets, Jupiter and Neptune, ruler and co-uler of the Piscean New Moon.

The New Moon's ruler, Jupiter 13Pisc27 is in 8th house, with Neptune 27AQ13 (6th house) left behind to splay messily over America's natal Moon 27AQ10 (US Sibly chart, 5:10 pm LMT) - quite a perfect picture of job (6th h) loss (Neptune) and lies and confusion (Neptune) about health (6th h; Moon.) And Chiron, associated with unhealable wounds/knowing how to wound, is also in 6th house of the New Moon chart.

Since I've blogged previously on the Neptune-to-n-Moon transit I won't repeat it all here other than to say that our ongoing senses of rootlessness, homelessness, and being deceived continue their difficulties upon the folks who can manage them the least. (Thanks, Washington, corporations, lobbyists, and the Fed - for nuthin'.)

Mass media (Neptune) is busy pulling her veil over the eyes of the people (Moon), too, perhaps in relation to a specific matter or matters with this Neptunian transit now exact. Yes, I realize they always do, but the timing is important so watch out for a special story to appear on the public radar - perhaps one that's difficult to believe (because it's untrue or based on flimsy evidence.)

Of course, flimsy statistics are possible as well with 'numbers' being a constant tool for manipulating public opinion and the 'health' of the market. Yet, sensing we're being lied to and scammed, US consumer confidence may reach a new low soon with Neptune-to-Moon since inflationary Neptune brings slowly dissolving conditions of loss along with massive deceptions and frauds.

Plus, a mystery (Neptune) from our nation's past (Moon) may surface and surprise us either positively or negatively so we'll see if anything newly discovered turns up concerning our history or past events. Perhaps some media hype (Neptune) may be uncovered for what it really is - a crock of NWO promotion.

Yet, Mercury 26Pisc26 conjoins disruptive rebel Uranus 26:29 in 8th house and both are close enough to the New Moon to usurp its rulership. When Mercury/Uranus energies are fused we get possible communications breakthroughs, modernization of transportations networks or policies, business groups forming to initiate policies, and/or labor coalitions or unions at work. And if goals are not clearly defined we may see riots and rebellion based on false assumptions, reforms that cause upsets in transportation systems, and/or a use of propaganda during emergencies. (Munkasey.)

At the moment of the New Moon's perfection on Monday, the ASC degree in DC is 29Leo08 which brings up one of the Royal Stars of Persia, Regulus, in the tip of the Leo's tail. The keywords for Regulus: success if revenge is avoided, so the caution with Regulus is not to take revenge. The other Royal Stars have cautions, too, which, if heeded, result in the promised success.

Also rising is asteroid Sisyphus, keywords: to be determined to achieve or succeed. Sounds like someone at the White House is understandably antsy to get some legislation passed, yes? And at IC 23Sco57, the Foundation of the chart, lies asteroid Pallas 23Sco02 Rx. Pallas = strategy, wisdom, defense of the city state.

With Pallas Rx, it may be that strategic plans are in review, as well they should be considering the hard slog this administration has had since Inauguration 2009's Rx Mercury (plans, announcements, contracts, agreements, messages, re-taken oaths, etc - plans possibly aborted, hence the GOP call for 'back to the drawing board') and its void-of-course Moon which showed that things would not be working out as planned, if at all. VOC Moons may also describe conditions where plans or events currently in play will not be interfered with or diverted - nothing is of any help as to how things turn out for it's too late. (Ex: 9/11's Moon @ a degree of Bankruptcy '28Gemini.' Bankrupting the people is working well for the global power elites so far. And 'it's too late' describes the condition of the US financial system in 2001 that most economists weren't being honest about. Perhaps someone saw waging expensive wars as an answer to financial shakiness. It wouldn't be the first time.)

The New Moon's North Node (NN) 18Cap48 is pointing toward asteroid Cupido, keywords: corporations, The Family, crime syndicates (and Art!) and they're @ the *NWO degree '18Cap' = "The Union Jack"...SUPERVISION...

positive expression: the self's ever-widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself on everything it touches (the mark of the NWO beast? Microchips for human beings, anyone?);

negative/unconscious/shadow side: smug or strong-armed paternalism. (MEJ.)

And NN in Cap implicates Saturn in 2nd house - with President Obama's natal Mars on 2nd cusp 22Vir33 along with US natal Neptune 22Vir25, the signature of Mr. Obama's 'rock star status'...but indicating that the public seldom if ever sees his actions (Mars) in a clear light due to Neptune's interference (media and other deceptive actors including Obama's team of spinners.)

Well, with tr Saturn 1Lib46 Rx in 2nd house of the New Moon chart, and considering the Old Man's continuing visit to the White House's natal Uranus 00Lib01 (at US natal MC in the Sibly chart) we may wish to consider how Saturn-to-n-Uranus may affect the White House under this restrictive transit. It's a time when circumstances conspire to interfere with freedom and independence in some way (probably in several ways given the big mess America's politicians and bankers have plunked her in); plus, it's a period when new approaches or ideas from the W-H are not viewed favorably, especially by those who prefer the status quo. Duh.

Now that can describe all the big sectors now balking at governmental reforms in their industries including financial, industrial, and medical. Yet carefully laid plans may succeed eventually so it's no reason or time for the forces of change and reform to give up the good fight even with discontented Americans being Neptunized by media and others with 'lose-your-health-insurance' and 'death panel' confusions meant to keep the President off-keel and his reform agenda stymied (until the Republicans can swagger back into the Oval Office and do more of their style of damage for Dem-style damage isn't the GOP's cuppa tea.)

MC ruler Venus 10Ari23 is in 8th house; Venus also rules 3rd house through Libra. In Mudane charts I tend to notice '11 Aries' no matter where it appears because its symbol is: "The President of the Country." Interestingly, the tr Mars/Neptune midpoint here is @ '14Tau' which is the Inauguration ASC degree, the office of the president...

Mars/Neptune = ASC: a strong mental focus on the subtle ways to use to compel or coerce others into adopting your ideas; focusing attention on the causes of confusion which surround tense situations encountered. (He did that last week on the stump. Wonder if he'll make recess appointments when the Rs are out of town for Congress' spring break? He'd be crazy not to.)

Warring Mars, so recently turned Direct on March 10, is approaching the W-H's natal Jupiter 3Leo51 so there will be a temptation to give others more credit than they deserve. Yet monetary matters can improve under this influence if other factors don't interfere too much (Saturn to Uranus?); the White House's role may expand in some way along with its physical efforts so Mars-to-n-Jupiter may encourage more troop deployments or the launching of new military campaigns (just what the world doesn't need.) Money may be what's expanded, however, so the bottomless pit of war will need more inflationary billions spent (Boeing fighters come to mind) and the President will be traveling abroad.

So let's close with the Sabian Symbol fo this New Moon which I must provide since it's absolutely perfect for the beginning of a new cycle of activity as timed by a New Moon: '26Pisc' = "A New Moon That Divides Its influences"...wonder if it means between health insurance and financial reforms?


And now here's a real treat: a New Moon interpretation from one of the ablest and most insightful astrologers around, Julie Demboski, who sees by the March 15, 2010 New Moon Outbursts of Beauty and Grace.

Lovely - and much nicer than grousing over hate-filled old Politics and corrupt political thespians...thanks, Julie!


*NWO degree '18Cap' refers to the 3rd and final Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune on Oct 24, 1993 @ '18Cap'. Here are the political thesis and antithesis of the Uranus/Neptune combination when activated, according to Michael Munkasey:

Changes in social and political structures due to new ideals and dreams of the future; revolutions or strikes focused on new ways of thinking; groups that form to exploit oil or chemical resources.

Sudden upsurges in the availability of illegal drugs; subversion used as a new method of acquiring information; movements that diminish the power or authority of the nation's leadership or police systems. (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jude! A big Thank You for pointing readers my way, and for your kind omments.

This is a fantastic comment on the mundane possibilities for our country with this NM. When my family goes out, and one person gets something that makes everyone say, 'Oh I wish I'd ordered that!' then we say they've 'out-ordered' us. I have to say, you've 'out-astro-ed' me, with some fascinating details, and with your in-depth knowledge of history and current events. Kudos, dear friend! jd

Jude Cowell said...

Julie, you're very welcome and No, i cannot possibly out-astro you!

Actually while typing i fretted that the post was too wordy but then i figured no one is under contract to read it through anyway. (Must make a note to figure out Blogger's 'read more' trick for continuing posts. But when will i do this great thing?)

Sending you big bunches of Thanks for the kudos! ;p