Mar 13, 2010

Lehman Brothers in the news March 2010

Update March 15, 2010: here's another article by Mike Whitney with more outrageous details about Lehman Brothers and financial collapse 2008 - or 2007, if you prefer.

And NPR is now airing an interview with Michael Lewis, author of the new book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, and from what he's saying, Goldman-Sachs comes out smelling even stinkier than I had previously thought.

Well, pee-yewww on them all. But what honesty can anyone expect from a NYSE that was founded during a financially illusionary Jupiter/Neptune conjunction?

And by the way: today's announcement of the long-awaited financial 'reform' bill by Senator Chris Dodd today reveals that the bill intends to grant the Fed more power, not less! Well, it isn't as if I expected much improvement out of the Senator from the credit card state.

Did you?

Original post begins here:

With Lehman Brothers in the news again I searched SO'W for a previous article from September 2008 concerning the Lehman Brothers crisis - of 1984, that watershed year of infamy.

From what I've heard recently on NPR, the crisis of 1984 taught the firm nothing worth passing down to the modern CEOs of a company that knew what it was practicing was fraudulent but they did it anyway.

At some point, the Brothers must have contracted a bad case of Enronitis and passed that down instead, one supposes.

You'll also find in the above-linked article a certain list of Who Really Rules the World...good to know in case you need a bailout or a credit line extension, right?


Kieron said...

The link to Ruler #1 is broken in the Sept 2008 article, but here's another.

Glad to see the curtain is being pulled back more and more. Good dog, Toto!

Jude Cowell said...

Kieron, thank you so much. IMF link is now repaired in the post!


Kieron said...

You're welcome. And here comes a serious and earnest question: could the ruling planet of Ruler #1 be Neptune? I am still very green at this, but it might explain the mob's astonishing ability to deceive the masses through the media.

Jude Cowell said...

Actually Kieron, i personally don't use outer planets as rulers - co-rulers perhaps, but mainly as higher octave planets. That's a good question since the works and activities (such as we know them) of the IMF make Neptune an important actor during the entity's founding.

Now you make me want to search out a founding date and set up a speculative chart for the IMF! jc