Mar 11, 2010

Ron Paul video: support of Kucinich's resolution 248

Here's a video of Rep. Ron Paul speaking in support of Rep. Dennis Kucinich's House concurrent resolution 248 to withdraw US boots from Afghanistan by Dec 31, 2010 but as you know, the vote tallied 65 - 356 on behalf of keeping our resources and fortunes tied down in Afghanistan (and protecting gas pipelines?) for the duration.

Well, if you're like me, you think the invasion, given cover by the attacks of 9/11, was meant to be a permanent occupation all along - and being there 8 1/2 years seems to support this over arching plan. Of course, this makes yesterday's vote predictable since no politician wants to admit being in the wrong - or be accused of making Congress look bad (as if it isn't too late!)

Yet I do appreciate that Mr. Kucinich and his resolution's nine co-sponsors (and the few who swallowed their pride long enough to vote for withdrawal) made the effort that shows the rest of the Capitol Hill warmongers look like what they are...shills on behalf of the war profiteers and perpetual-war ideologues who will wage war here in the 'homeland' if they deem it to their advantage.

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