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Apr 27, 2010

Blackmail runs Washington DC

Since 2005 on this blog, my own years of living in Washington DC have inspired me to occasionally assert that if Washington didn't have blackmail as a control tactic, the city would have to shut the doors of the White House and Capitol Building and fuggedaboudit.

Now I know I'm not the only one with the opinion that blackmail runs Washington by holding embarrassing secrets over the heads of our "representatives" and presidents so they'll stick with the power elite's chaos-brings-one-world-government script, thereby keeping them employed while making acting against the best interests of we-the-people part of their job description.

Machiavelli would be so proud that the needs of we-the-people are even more cut out of Capitol Hill's political deliberations than we ever believed and that the cruel win at any cost ploy keeps the political world of Washington DC 'secure' in its orbit.

If you like, read some of Machiavelli's natal chart details and you'll find that a new cycle of activity began for Nicolo Machiavelli in October 2008 with his Secondary New Moon 9Sco47 - during the high drama of Financial Collapse 2008 Theater.

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DD said...

To me, this is so true, I neglected to notice and point it out as a factor of success. I have seen blackmail rule the day fin DC or 35 years and it has just become part of my mindset. Thanks for pointing it out.