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Aug 30, 2011

2012 campaign? 'The Election March of the Trolls'

Scare tactics, lies, and freakiness abound as the American people head directly into the storm of the 2012 election campaign. Which way to blow? Are "feckless Democrats" any better for America than Bible-thumping corporate shills?

Well, button up your overcoat and check out The Election March of the Trolls by TruthDig's Chris Hedges for more information, including how political parties have gained the system. You'll find more real ideas in articles by progressives like Chris Hedges and on the websites linked below than you'll find in the 'mainstream' press that helps shape the news more than reporting it.


Put corporate NPR on hold and investigate:

Free Speech TV (non-corporate media!)

Thom Hartmann

Democracy Now!


Prison Planet

Have you a favorite progressive website or channel? Leave its link here, thanks! jc

Jun 3, 2011

Contagion, Neptune in Pisces, and Alan Watt on video 6.3.11

From June 2, 2011, the following series of videos present to you the Alex Jones Show featuring Alan Watt with updated details concerning the one-world-government agenda. The interview begins by discussing contagion and super-bugs as planet Neptune, dissolver of boundaries (such as cell walls), keeps a toe just inside its own sign of Pisces, yet is poised to return for a brief spell into late degrees of scientific Aquarius.

As you know, murky Pisces, ruled by expansive Jupiter and co-ruled by higher octave planet Neptune, relates, along with its opposite of Virgo (health, discrimination, categorizing function, digestive tract where much of our immune system is centered) to such topics as contagion, epidemics, contamination, poisons, and disease in general. Treachery is also indicated and population control is on the menu.

Of course you've been hearing in the last several days of an E. coli outbreak in Europe particularly in Germany where I'm sad to say people have been sickened and some have died from what sounds like a Frankensteinian bug (two strains
combined - by human hands of a reptilian persuasion?) First the powers that be blamed cucumbers! Turns out they blamed too soon.

(Click E. coli article link above for updated news about the outbreak with video. It's being named 'the worst ever seen'.)

Meanwhile the Russian government has stopped importation of food products from the affected region, another economic blow for the EU and a new example of food supply issues previously detailed on this blog in recent Solar Eclipse posts. Disturbingly, the June 1, 2011 eclipse in Gemini (trade, commerce, transport, communications, news, duality) is one, but the karmic Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 in Cancer (food, sustenance, nurturing, domestic scene) is even more worrisome.

Plus, the Cancer eclipse's influence is strengthened because it marks the birth of a brand new Saros Cycle - and manifests @ 9Can12 which is very near America's July 4th Independence Day 2011 and snugged between US natal Jupiter and Sun by degree.

The world can't seem to catch much of a break anymore, can it? It is my belief that there are social engineers making sure it can't and for their own selfish purposes which they consider to be more important than you, me, or our children.

So check out the June 2nd interview with Alan Watt, if you dare though I can't say it's for wilting flowers who wish to get their mainstream news served daily on a plate of roses laced with candy canes and lemon drops. Want unicorns with that?

Even in constantly propagandized America it's become obvious that there are two tiers of Medicine, one for the power elite, the other for the rest of us (if you can get treatment at all.) Discussed here are the two tiers of Science where superbugs don't invade (Neptune) the cells of the elite class who get the 'real' inoculations. You may disagree, but it's worth a listen just to see if the information rings any bells with you.

And if you don't care for Alex Jones, a bombastic sort of speaker, I do understand but please look beyond style to the basic info being provided, would ya? Keep a grain of salt handy, yes, and don't draw any conclusions before you take in the entire presentation at your leisure.

Warning: an open mind may be required!

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

Related links:

Prison Planet
Info Wars


The Neptune in Pisces phenomena we're experiencing through health and contagion issues are also manifesting in the current upping of computer viruses and hackings but that's a topic beyond the scope of this article. And of course, invasion across sovereign boundaries also qualifies along with water and flooding catastrophes.

Apr 14, 2011

Radiation Cloud a Risk to US (video link) and Japan's natal chart data

NewsMax is reporting that a radiation cloud wafting across the sea from Japan's nuclear meltdown at *Fukushima would indeed pose health risks to the US West Coast and Hawaii, says Dr. Russell Blaylock.

My feeling is that the contamination wouldn't end on the West Coast especially with radiation already showing up in the water of several US cities including Philadelphia. And last time I looked, Philadelphia was located on the East Coast.

Click to read and view the video report.

Also recommended there: you'll see a link to Fluoride's Deadly Secret with more videos from Dr. Blaylock concerning the topic. That poisoning makes me glad I was raised drinking artesian well water!


*There is a personal name asteroid 'Fukushima' so I checked its position for the date/time of the earthquake in Japan (March 11, 2011 2:46 pm JST Sendai) and found that Fukushima (#3915) was setting (on Descendant to the degree and minute: 16AQ27) when the earthquake occurred and the world's nuclear nightmare began. **Japan's natal Saturn 16Leo27 Rx from the 1889 natal chart was rising...precisely.

My thanks to Tracy at the excellent for the asteroid ephemeris info, as always.


**There are at least two natal charts for Japan:

February 11, 1889 NS
12:00 pm LMT
Tokyo; ASC 9Gem50, MC 18AQ56; Sun 23AQ-Moon 28Gem

(Source: Campion's Book of World Horoscopes)

April 28, 1952
1:30 pm GMT
Tokyo; ASC 00Cap31, MC 20Lib 17: Sun 9Tau-Moon 29Gem

(Source: Orr's The Astrological History of the World - I assume from historical record.)

Apr 8, 2011

Gov Shutdown and a Mystery at Stars Over Washington 4.8.11

Author of Stars Over Washington Stumped (more than usual)

by Jude Cowell

As a US government shutdown looms large, Stars Over Washington has to wonder if the stars will dim tonight over our nation's capital at 12:01 am edt. Both sides will look bad in this stalemate though which party takes most of the blame remains to be seen. Republicans adding social issues to the budget agreement seems calculated to guarantee a shutdown since the GOP knows the Dems won't accept its passage with such controversial riders attached.

Plus, the upcoming debt limit debate seems stalemated before it gets a good start.

Astrologically Speaking

Can the current Mercury retrograde period have something to do with the impasse? Mercury rules agreements, bills, voting, orating, thinking, planning, and all manner of things which are intricately involved in the situation as Washington moons we-the-people and acts out like unruly children.

Yet Mercury won't make a Direct Station and change directions until Saturday April 23 and then must leave its shadow (May 11) before mercurial things can really move forward again. Well, Mercury did turn Rx at a critical-crisis degree (click for my notes on Mercury's schedule.)

If you missed it, here's my post on the possible April 8/9th shutdown at midnight showing America's natal horoscope with tonight's transits added.

So now I sit here typing and wondering - both noble mercurial pursuits - why in the last couple of weeks or so, the page views for SO'W have quadrupled and then some. That any of my posts could receive thousands of views in one 24-hour period is gratifying of course, if true, so yesterday I took time to add up pvs of individual posts. As expected, they did not add up to the total...not even close.

Then is SO'W under hack attack? Or is increased readership good news for my 6 years of blogging here? Mercury is the planet of Good News, after all, and rules my natal Ascendant and Midheaven.

Well, if the page view increase is for real, perhaps it's due to a blog link a kind person added to a forum on Planet Waves, an brilliant Astrology site containing much astro-info from expert astrologer Eric Francis and friends.

That, possible Blogger miscounting, or hacking are the 3 best explanations I can think of for this mysterious uppage of SO'W's readership. And this is where in my text a bemused 'head scratch' should be inserted...


Perhaps you'd be interested in reading Jesse Ventura's open letter to the ruling elite as provided by the excellent where you'll find information on topics the US government doesn't want you to know or think critically about.

Mar 24, 2011

Leuren Moret: Japan quake-nuke meltdown "no accident" (video)

Scientist Leuren Moret (a heroine of mine if I tended to maintain pedestals for human beings!) says the current earthquake-meltdown conditions in Japan were done deliberately. I've been waiting for this news, haven't you? Here's the scoop which I found bwo the excellent

(ExopoliticsTV) – Independent scientist Leuren Moret, whose 2004 landmark article in the Japan Times unmasked lies and distortions by government and company officials that led to the construction of nuclear power plants in seismically dangerous areas, has declared in an exclusive 65-minute video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that the “Japan earthquake and “accidents” at the Fukushima’s 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 are in fact deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare, carried out against the populations ecology of Japan and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. #

Radiation is being found in mainland US now and said by authorities to be 'safe' yet I doubt those with compromised immune systems, the elderly, and the young will be feeling 'safe' for very long after radiation builds up in their systems.

Now I realized years ago that these power elites seeking world government control are playing for keeps but their latest nuclear caper just seems to be permanently ruining the whole litterbox for all us cats, even the fat ones, don't you agree?

This may call for a kitty cat photo of our fatcat-in-residence, Grace!

Also online: Lim's Limericks where cats write political limericks and verse and I type them up for the blog because cats don't have typing fingers.

Jan 5, 2011

Gladio Operation, pension funds assault, & dead birds falling (video)

Jude here posting from near Athens, Georgia on this the first day the 112th Congress opens. The following presentation from Alex Jones TV is in two videos and includes discussion of the thousands of redwing blackbirds that fell dead from the sky at 11:30 pm on New Years Eve - in Arkansas (not Louisiana as stated below.)

Alex will cover the latest on several key issues including birds dropping from the sky over Louisiana, the economy, an assault on pension funds, the latest in the war on terror, and more. Investigative journalist, author, and syndicated columnist Wayne Madsen joins the show to talk about Operation Gladio.

For further reading and viewing visit where you can deprogram yourself.

Oct 25, 2010

Koch memo leak: 'change balance of power' parrots 1.4.11 Solar Eclipse

Sometimes a news event or phrase in the news perfectly parrots an astrological indicator such as this:

(KurtNimmo) – One faction of globalist tools outing another faction of globalist tools. That’s how we play politics in America today.

Think Progress — which should be called Think Soros because it is funded by George Soros — has released a private correspondence sent out by Charles Koch of Koch Industries. The memo has the itinerary of a *private meeting to be held at an exclusive hotel in Aspen attached.

Soros globalists leak neocon RINO document.

In the memo, Koch says his group of neocons and RINOs plan to “change the balance of power in Congress this November.” In other words, give power back to a Republican-dominated set of globalists and statists who hope to come out the winners in the perpetual game of musical chairs as the corrupt Mafioso government continues its slow motion Titanic routine to the bottom.

Koch plans to “activate citizens,” that is to say convince them to vote for Republicans and trademark Tea Party operatives who buy into the neocon philosophy.

The hand of the neocons weighs heavily on this invitation only, media excluded event. Charles Krauthammer will dispense his wisdom — something you can get for nothing on Fox News any day of the week — and so will stand-up comic Glenn Beck and broker-dealer Peter Schiff.

Read more here. #

And here's a direct link to the PDF of the invitation to the Koch meeting of neocons plotting their take-over (and plotting revenge, no doubt, against their Dem globalist opponents - yet another battle of ideologues which will not result in improvements for the American people, imho. Yet sometimes you just want to be wrong.)


Astrology Describes 'The Balance of Power'

What perked up my antennae in the above memo is its parroting of Celeste Teal's title for the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse at the crisis or critical degree of 13Cap38: "The Balance of Power" which, as previously noted, opposes US natal Sun in Cancer (the leader or leadership.)

Now you see my emphasis added above to the Koch-neocon group's goal to "change the balance of power in Congress this November" and there are many Americans who may consider this to be a fabulous idea - after all, we've voted to do it before when the ruling party acts too big for its britches or is inadequate, or more corrupt than usual. (I shall remind you that GOP politicians were once deemed 'more corrupt than usual' by the American people not so very long ago. Wonder how Capitol Hill's purported 'ethics seminars' worked out? Ah, for the days of Jack Abramoff, 'The Godfather' Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich, and the boys. Puh! The Family indeed...bwo Sicily. Interestingly, asteroid Cupido in Astrology signifies The Family, The Syndicate, and/or Corporations.)

According to Teal's book Eclipses, the critical degree of the January 4, 2011 Eclipse indicates a potential for a 'central event having wide-ranging impact' - could this be the November 2010 midterms and a Republican take-over of the House? (Get ready for SS cuts and/or privatization if you, dear voter, fall for GOP and Tea Party rhetoric. Don't know about you, but I paid 100% of those 'benefits' into the SS system for over 30 years and I'd like them all back please.)

Earning power, expenditures, trade, and labor restrictions are also highlighted by the January 2011 eclipse.

The January 4th eclipse also shows a 'turbulent spirit against those in high places' thanks in part to its nearness to Fixed Star, Manubrium (flaring heat.) Opposition to America's natal Sun gives President Obama 'potentially powerful opposition to overcome' which portends congressional battles, gridlocks, filibusters, and attempts at repealing Dem legislation. Obstacles to further legislation is on the GOP agenda as well, so if an unusually bilious amount of contentiousness on Capitol Hill is what you want - rather than dealing with the American public's immediate and dire concerns - vote GOP on November 2, 2010. That will show Mr. Obama we don't know how to vote for our own best interests! Won't he be sorry! (Here's where a font for sarcasm would come in handy.)

Of course, my more basic opinion is that the plutocratic and elite ruling class (Pluto/Chiron, Sun/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto, etc) of royals and Luciferians has been waging class warfare upon we-the-people for decades with the only real difference being which power players call the shots in their mad drive to be the crowing roosters at the top as they shill for a One World Government (NWO.)

Economics Professor Richard Wolff says US incomes haven't risen since the 1970s! Click for his website and podcasts on topics such as the current workers' strikes in France - and why he thinks US workers don't.

As for neocon 'statists', 'Statism' is also under Pluto/Chiron's purview as are other -isms such as Socialism, Communism, Marxism, corporatism, fascism, totalitarianism, etc. Whatever disenfranchises and oppresses, there's overlord Pluto/Chiron. The US natal Pluto/Chiron in Pisces conjoins our nation's natal Ceres (security and food issues and thus they oppress us with fear-as-tactic (loss of security), and with health-weakening by food additives, mercury poisoning, chemicals in plastics, and such. Monsanto's hold over seeds is a case in point, too. Famines or the threat of them make great tools to get your way!)

Now as you know, 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' and that certainly must include our raunchy sell-out-America band of Rs and Ds - and anyone else who thinks to take charge of this huge enterprise of a cash cow and international police force that we sentimentally like to call the United States of America...for at least a little while longer.


*If I read it correctly in the PDF of the Koch memo (dated Sept 24, 2010), I believe the secret meeting in Aspen has already taken place and the next meeting of neocon plotters occurs Jan 30 - 31, 2011 in Palm Springs, CA at lovely
Rancho Mirage
- after the GOP's House and/or Senate take-over has been accomplished. So will the goose-steppers of Karl Rove's ilk be victorious on Nov 2? If the puppet-masters behind the scenes say so. Chilling. jc

Oct 18, 2010

Will Foreclosure Fraud bring a 2nd TARP? (video); Neptunian vibes continue

This rather racy yet imaginative video and post came in this morning from in which you may be interested. It concerns the mortgage document/foreclosure fraud that's been perpetrated upon American home buyers, the lawyering boom it entails, and the further undermining of the US economy so that a World Government will seem a necessary 'savior' for our power-elite-engineered woes:

(IMVA) – This is actually a very funny video about a new and dangerous development in the world of finance and economics. The first three paragraphs below just set the stage for what state prosecutors and investigators in every state house in America are burning the midnight oil about. And are they ever going to have a field day with what they are investigating. Life also just got a lot better for lawyers around the country. And like vultures they will swoop in for the kill and will pull the mountain down on big banks and mortgage companies.

Read the rest of The Banking Industry's Stalingrad.

Does any of this make you wonder when the fraudulent Neptune to US natal Moon (we-the-people) transit will finally be over? My guess is that the oft-used 5-degree orb of influence must be gotten past by lumbering giant, Neptune. The question is: what degree is America's natal Moon actually in? Depends on which version of the US horoscope you use.

For July 4, 1776, this could indicate a Moon as early as 18AQ+ yet Neptune has already passed its 5-degree orb to that degree (23/24 AQ) as late as January 2010.

The latest rounded-off degree for our Aquarian Moon - and thus hinting at the longest time left in the fraudulent transit's affects - is 28 Aquarius. 28 AQ plus 5 degrees = 3 Pisces. Neptune reaches 3 Pisces in May 2012 though the Gaseous One meanders back to 00Pis and performs a major Direct Station @ 00Pis21 on about November 22, 2012. Transit Neptune reaches 3 Pisces again at the end of February 2013 and makes sneaky forays to that degree on and off through 2013 when the foreclosure crisis may be finally resolved.

Our sense of Neptunian rootlessness and the possibility of homelessness continues through, one more time, I'm inspired to add one of my Neptunian drawings from one of my art blogs, Secret Moon Art, with the ocean representing the collective unconscious...

Neptune Ascends by Jude Cowell

Sep 22, 2010

DHS targets activists in PA; Mercury/Uranus busy

Magenta Alert! This HoSec-related article with video arrived in my mailbox from and I thought you might wish to know about some squirreliness going on in the excellent state of Pennsylvania:

In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi blows the lid off the Pennsylvania DHS list targeting activists. He also sits down with Arizona State Senate Libertarian Candidate Andrea Garcia to talk about her race for the Senate seat. Obama gets schooled during his own Town Hall meeting on CNBC, and we have the video. Nina breaks down the headlines including who is funding the Ground Zero Mosque and how the US is in bigger debt than the Government is letting on.

She also plays the controversial video of the middle school students praying at a Mosque during a field trip and reports on a new tax concept being proposed in the UK. The viewers brand a new “Enemy of the State” and the mailbag is sifted. #


View a basic image of Department of Homelnad Security's
2002 natal horoscope
where you'll notice its North Node in Gemini conjoins US natal Uranus opposite HoSec's Mercury at South Node. The Nodal axis, as you know, signifies the path or future direction with US natal Uranus, planet of revolution and rebellion, at NN.

Uranus/NN blends of energy represent political groups advocating radical reforms and new efforts to alter the course of events. The attacks of 9/11/01, the purported justificaton for setting up DHS, have certainly played an integral part in the altering of our nation and at the time, gave an alleged legitimacy to the disputed SCOTUS installment of Bush-Cheney administration.

(Note: HoSec's birth horoscope was published in 2005 before I developed the bad habit of scribbling my notes all over the charts I publish; the text does include a few details all the same.)

The Nodal contact lends a Mercury/Uranus flavor to the enterprise and has a 'propaganda used during emergencies' quality along with advanced technological (Uranus) surveillance (Mercury) and a potential for riots, rebellion, or protests which begin because information on HoSec's goals is not well explained.

My feeling is that there would be many more such riotous outbursts from we-the-people if the true info on neocon goals of HoSec were well explained.

Apr 27, 2010

Blackmail runs Washington DC

Since 2005 on this blog, my own years of living in Washington DC have inspired me to occasionally assert that if Washington didn't have blackmail as a control tactic, the city would have to shut the doors of the White House and Capitol Building and fuggedaboudit.

Now I know I'm not the only one with the opinion that blackmail runs Washington by holding embarrassing secrets over the heads of our "representatives" and presidents so they'll stick with the power elite's chaos-brings-one-world-government script, thereby keeping them employed while making acting against the best interests of we-the-people part of their job description.

Machiavelli would be so proud that the needs of we-the-people are even more cut out of Capitol Hill's political deliberations than we ever believed and that the cruel win at any cost ploy keeps the political world of Washington DC 'secure' in its orbit.

If you like, read some of Machiavelli's natal chart details and you'll find that a new cycle of activity began for Nicolo Machiavelli in October 2008 with his Secondary New Moon 9Sco47 - during the high drama of Financial Collapse 2008 Theater.

Jul 28, 2009

Avoiding mandatory 'swine flu' vaccine like the plague

Dprogram's Where Is The Rage? details House Bill 8791 which makes the 'pandemic' flu vaccine mandatory in the US.

The 'debate' was broadcast on C-SPAN but I missed it so it was with trepidation that I read the above-linked article only to find very little info on the bill - its contents are nearly completely Classified - redacted from all citizens upon whom it is to be perpetrated.

The gist of the Pandemic Tale is that the 'criminal timeline' began in 1997 when Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger and a team of geneticists and microbiologists analyzed its genome structure and reverse-engineered the deadly 1918 flu virus. Voila!

They used super-computers to map the RNA and DNA of the virus along with human plasmids to re-create the viral killer. Dr. Taubenberger left the employ of the US Army after completing his work in early 2005 and took a lucrative position at the National Institute of Health. Apparently he still carries the Pentagon's water, for I've heard to dissent from him against the mandatory vaccinations against the monster he helped reconstitute into our world.

Turning to Astrology, we know that the 14-year cycle of Jupiter and Uranus restarted with their Great Conjunction on Feb 16, 1997, and the pair has connections to:

scientific breakthroughs, zealous representations of one-sided views, boundless optimism, sudden changes in destiny, adventurous and pioneering endeavors, and inner tensions or strains which are suddenly released. (Ebertin.)

Jupiter Meets Uranus by Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker is an excellent book on the subject, and you may read my review of it on Amazon, if you wish.

The degree of their 1997 conjunction? 5AQ56, conjunct US natal South Node, a separative point having the influence of Saturn, planet of Science and Research, and indicating past behaviors and talents that one falls back on. 1918 brought to 1997! And we're just now seeing what the scientific community mixed with the Pentagon can do 'for' us.

We may stretch the midpoint pictures to include:

Jupiter/Uranus = "Saturn": patience and practicality introduced to boundless optimism; temperance over excess; having sudden inhibitions before attainment of an objective; sudden disadvantages, losses; one-sided principles; obstinacy.

Jup/Uran = NN: striving together with others for a common purpose; a fortunate new aquaintanceship. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

And their next Great Conjunction? Well, it occurs within the zone of the upcoming Cardinal T-Square all astrologers are concerned about...Jupiter conj Uranus on June 8, 2010, at Aries Point (00Ari18), so perhaps this manmade Frankensteinian strain will be fully released by then, or we will at least know more of what's in store.


US natal Pluto '28Cap': "A Large Aviary"...COMMUNITY...

positive manifestation: exceptional success in making all personal concerns a matter of common welfare;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: loss of all character in sheer officiousness. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

The current Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 at '29Cancer' has triggered America's natal and progressed Pluto. "A Large Aviary" tends to remind me of 'bird flu' which is another Frankensteinian concoction, and of the retired US generals who flock together and call themselves AVIARY.

You can read more about AVIARY in Leuren Moret's disturbing article Planet Earth as Weapon and Targer from Winter 2005. The article is an overview of New World Order subjects, if you're up for it. It's a keeper.