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Apr 1, 2010

Determining when we-the-people lost America

Astrologically I have tried for some time to date the primary sea-change in America, when our democracy - or 'republic', if you prefer - turned into a Frankenstein-esque creature unrecognizable to most Americans.

But it isn't that easy because a time-dependent discipline such as Astrology magnifies and illumines best when a precise date is known. Knowing an hour and minute of an event focuses its study even better and it is in this spirit that I have previously titled a post on the assassination of JFK as "The Day America Died" - this was a televised, time-stamped murder!

But even that heinous, disillusioning event was only one marker on the usurping path to total oligarchic one-world-government control and there have been other events with obvious coup d'etat signatures.

Well, Len Hart presents here interesting political insights into our loss of America along with informative quotes and video from E. L. Doctorow who dates important 'sea-changes' to the 1970s, particularly 1974 and the SUN-PAC decision of 1975, which is said to be similar in its impact to the recent SCOTUS decision that 'corporations are people' too - a brazen sell-out of American democracy if there ever was one.

In addition, you may wish to listen to a YouTube audio of President John F. Kennedy concerning his opposition to "secret societies," a sentiment which may have contributed to his cruel assassination in 1963 - as perpetrated and televised from Masonic Dealey Plaza, Dallas. And just like the attacks of 9/11/01, TV networks and stations played the tape over and over and over...

(A Dealey Plaza Note: I personally find the making of a nude music video in that particular place to be a crass exploitation, if not an honoring, of an illegal act which grabbed the helm and changed the course of America. And where America goes, so goes the world. Even for desperate-for-attention singers, talented as they may be.)

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