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Apr 19, 2010

Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing

Update April 20, 2010: Here's an article citing one of the survivors who was working at the HUD office that day and saw several questionable things implicating the US government in the weeks leading up to bombing of the Murrah Federal Building.

Original post begins here:

At the moment I am watching C-SPAN's live coverage of the memorial service being held for the Oklahoma City Bombing of April 19, 1995, The service began at 10:00 am (edt) and has included the president of the American Association of Museums, Ford Bell, who mentioned memorials in Dealey Plaza (JFK) and Memphis (MLK), both of which have 'eternal flames' which are marks of the Illuminati's culpability.

Well, I confess that I half expected an 'eternal flame' to be part of the memorial site but according to the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum website, that isn't the case.

Here's my post with chart and details of the bombing which I posted to Jude's Threshold some time ago in remembrance of April 19, 1995, 9:02 am cdt, Murrah Federal Building. You'll see a recent Update at the beginning which links to an article containing some, shall we say...non-governmental...views of that awful day.

SUDDEN BLOG INTERRUPTION: Blogger has let me type for about two hours and has now crashed this post as I 'published' it. Therefore, I cannot recontruct it in full so it's much shorter that originally intended.

Blogger did this by giving me their log-in window (I already was, otherwise I could not have been in the Dashboard to write the post) when I clicked Publish. My Drafts list included only this early-saved version with not much in it and I have no time now to retype it with links, etc. Thanks, Blogger.

However, I will retype details of the Solar Eclipse Series of the Oklahoma City Bombing and try again to publish:

15 South: main theme is 'release of tension'; a lingering situation will suddenly clear and contain a sense of grief and loss which is not only personal but belongs to a group or collective (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

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