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Apr 13, 2010

On Resisting the Plutonian New World Order (video)

Is a New (Economic and Political) World Order inevitable? The power elite who monkey with the course of history want us to think so and knuckle under accordingly to their *Bacon-inspired Utopian vision.

Some time ago, I ask both this blog's readers if they think that 'insurgents' in the Middle East and elswhere are actually fighting against the NWO (our guys!) and that we, the majority of the American people, are on the wrong side of the issue though few realize it.

Well, the theory would certainly explain a lot of things while emphasizing the futility of the US government's and world leaders' so-called, propagandistically named, "War On Terror," that rabbithole of endless money funneling and weaponry building in order for global string-pullers, the Illuminati, to wage perpetual war.

UPDATE Oct 29, 2011: Plus, everyone with a noggin on their shoulders knows the truth that War IS Terror. Warmongers and warpath followers never tout the horrors of war at its beginning, do they? For at that early stage, horror would be a dumb note in their exalted jingoism tune that must promote aggression as 'honorable', 'just', and 'democracy spreading'...puh! Arch deceivers take men to war!! And most folk are aware that there is a devouring force motivating warmongers and other violence doers in this world.

After all, when the attacks of 9/11 occurred, transiting Pluto, lord of death and doom, was on the 'we' side of the chart, crossing the US Ascendant, with Saturn in Gemini on the Partnership axis. In America, it is we who are Pluto.

Well, if this theory is even remotely accurate, the American people have been placed in an impossible position by our government and so I must wonder:

Which side of the NWO are you on?

So here's my favorite new slogan concerning the elite's centuries-long agenda for totalitarianism and chaos...'New World Order: Not Too Big to Fail'.


*'Bacon' refers to Sir Francis Bacon upon whose doorstep much of the current Utopianism may be laid; another major rat in the original NWO woodpile: Bartholomew Gosnold.


DD said...

i Jude,
Again you raise the right issue asking the right question, provoking thought and raising our consciousness. Right off the bat, I disagree with NWO because it has come to mean the enemies of freedom, choice, humanity, for all, and mindless wealth for those poised to take advantage of what they know and we don't.

Nationalism doesn't need to cause the blindness of stereotyping. Defining ourselves doesn't need to include anything that makes us different from another energy mass.
But we pick sex, race, origin, religion, school, team, neighborhood, income bracket, to define us as unique from one another. And you and I know this isn't true in the end. We all got born, we will all die. How we choose to spend those heartbeats is entirely up to us. Love, hate, need, help, resist, hide, run, stand, view.

So I am for a world order that treats everyone with respect. If someone is ill and needs help we need to redefine health. If someone is poor, we need to redefine wealth, if someone is rude, we need to redefine telling the truth.

We don't need to be smart, special, unique, one-of-a-kind to matter. It is our humanity that makes us matter. It is what we choose to see through loving eyes that matters. I think "Imagine" should be the national anthem.

If we follow those who are not choosing humanity first, then we are the blind, the uncaring, the sad and sick.

I'm reminded of a man who said, "When you point one finger at another person, you are pointing three back at yourself."

High screeching voices are whispers of fear. Soulful mourning is a need to stay attached to that which is gone. Our history can be our anchor or predictor or excuse.

You are a wonderful thought-provoking person Jude. I am so thankful to read your posts.

Anon said...

Well, this is a vital point, a crucial question too few ones are **really** aawre of in its **true** proportions and form. No matter if you are Republican or Democrats, white or black, this issu is vital, central... But people are so easily abused, so easily influenceable by the masters of opinion...
Notwithstanding all this, what I think may be the only, true Revolution is the firm, still intention is for people to take back life in their hands...

Silverseale said...

Jude says: "...they think that 'insurgents' in the Middle East and elswhere are actually fighting against the NWO (our guys!) and that we, the majority of the American people, are on the wrong side of the issue though few realize it."

Who will ever forget the photo of George W. Bush holding hands with the Saudi Prince Bandar? IMO, Islamist terrorism is a big, fat red herring. I think Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaeda, the Taliban are receiving cash from someone(s) well placed in the NWO.

Interestingly, I often hear conservatives/Republicans blaming liberals/Democrats for the NWO, but from where I sit, the NWO seems to defy or transcend such simplistic labels. To me, the NWO seems like it's about people with money making sure as few *other* people as possible get their hands on very much of it.

Of course, our basic ideas of money and about how our "capitalist" economy works are a fantasy, based on a boatload of assumptions that many people (to their credit) are starting to question.

Anyone who wants accurate answers just needs to Follow The Money.

Jude Cowell said...

Hello, everyone, thank you for commenting!

Silverseale, i have not forgotten 'Bandar Bush' or the fact that he and W enjoyed cigars on the W-H balcony as smoke still wafted from the Pentagon Sept 2001...the very night of 9/11, if memory serves.

So many clues of cupability, so little critical thinking on the part of most folk. Politicians always count on we-the-people's tendency to forget things very quickly - but let's not!

And you know this blog is dedicated in part to the notion that our 2-party system is but an illusion designed to divide and conquer. Agreed about the power elite hoarding money as they practice population control in various forms - and keep the world's dwindling resources for their own use! And to you and Anon - the NWO is the fault of all who wish to keep their cushy positions and bank accounts.

Your and my descendants don't matter a fig to people like these who've been gathering global knowledge from every 'tribe' and shaman across the planet for centuries. i'd say they really Do Know Things we don't know. Black, white, beige - doesn't matter so of course the 'Ds and Rs' categories are complete drivel - the agenda is the thing.

When i see Washington pols going at one another, i see ego games between factions vying to be top dog for a few years and call the shots...what goes up must come down, and right now the Rs are down. Yet we see that their emotional manipulations of constituents continues apace.

And though in the past i was never one to fall for the Atlantis myth, i've begun to wonder since the New Millennium if there really is something to the story of a end-time rising of Atlantis and 'Lemuria'...with an uncovering of the scrolls kept under ice for so now melting as i type.

Donna, thank you for your thoughtful comments. You do my blog credit! A world that treats others with respect? Yes! What a novel idea, if only the certain few could get over the urge to build themselves up by tearing others down. It's a common human failing, i know, yet so very very tiresome, isn't it?

So thanks, Donna, for making me think - about how we're all in the same canoe. It's the few in the front of the boat who want to grab and keep all the paddles - and bogart the water canteen, too.


RJ Smith said...

Hey Jude...(speaking of the Beatles, DD!)...Listen, relative to NWO, I see that even Ron Paul is a frontman. (Godlike Productions forums>"Ron Paul photos>Masonic handshakes".:etc.)...Who's left?!...Please Jude, allow me too to say to "DD", You area fine writer, you should be writing speeches for a good Leader! I enjoyed your thoughts, and I must say, "Amen!". I too, wish I woke up each day as a grateful hopeful Human Citizen of our beautiful world. Haiti's already forgotten past but they all are our neighbors, no different than the person down the street...just a little farther away. Jude, you've got a pretty cool place here. btw, how do you know the word "bogart"? ~- Anyhoo, relative to your mention of The Lord Jesus this Eastertime, I wonder if you've seen natal charts for Him, especially the 'Seal of Solomon' figured with a Spring birthdate in 5 BC.D? When the aspects are drawn(?) they produce a perfect Star of David along with an equilateral triangle, I think. Have you read His life story (along with his 8 siblings!) in the Book of Urantia? It's a really detailed wonderful account. You might do a chart with this book's birthdata of 12:00 noon, August 21st, 7BC. I ran across another chart where the "lines" were a beautifully curved fish. Well, I ramble, let me just add that I hadn't realized that the Healthcare signing occurred (GMT) on...3/22...(see Skull and Bones symbol, everyone...)Numbers and (un)Holidays mean EVERYTHING to these people, March (Mars) 21-2 is the start and first Sabbat of the Satanic calendar. Hide in plain sight, huh? Aries/Arayans?..Jude, thanks, as always. Stay safe, well and strong everybody! peace.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi RJ, thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes, i see Ron Paul as their frontman, may know that i've often written posts on Congress as the political theater that it is - with a Script to follow, which includes those actors who 'play' the opposition. i have so far been remiss in not being clear enough - all members are in on the NWO 'joke' against us and they wish to protect what high status and privileges they now enjoy and hope to be extended into the totalitarian phase of one-world governing.

DD (Donna) is a beautiful writer, isn't she? ;p

And RJ, 'bogart'? i too was in college once many moons ago! Plus, when i lived in DC in the 70s (twice), you didn't have dinner guests without opening a cigarette case and passing it around - weed permeated the District when i lived there! And i assume it still does. Note to self: peek @ the April 20 @ 4:20 pm edt chart set for the White House... ;p

Jesus Christ's natal chart? One of my favorite subjects (as if we could know for certain; still it's a fascinating study.)

i've published 2 posts on His birth chart: the 1st points to Bernadette Brady's excellent Star Lore article (she uses May 1, 7 BCE), the 2nd to my preferred chart (image shown) of April 17, 6 BCE, with a Moon/Jupiter occultation rising in Aries.

Also in the chart, a YOD/Finger of God pattern of Neptune/Pluto pointing to the Aries Moon is esp relevant, i think. (Moon in Aries: 'I AM the people.')

However - the chart you mention with a Seal of Solomon pattern sounds very very interesting!


Star Lore article link and

natal chart.

Jude Cowell said...

Oops! here's the amended link for His natal chart.

(Blogger doesn't allow correction of a previous comment.) jc

DD said...