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Dec 16, 2017

A New Atlantis, Williamsburg, and Our Secret Destiny

Facing Year 2018, America as Bacon's Utopian Dream of a 'New Atlantis' Careens On

by Jude Cowell

First, here is a C-rated natal horoscope for (Sir) Francis Bacon if you're curious. And here's an informative web page that displays and compares Bacon's natal chart with that of his mother, Queen Elizabeth I. Yes, she was apparently his mother so Bacon was a 'Tudor'.

Now Francis Tudor Bacon's birth name was Aron Verulam, Viscount of St. Albans, in case you were wondering. The little prince was born in London, England on January 22, 1561 (OS)/February 1, 1562 (NS) at 7:42 am LMT (original source unknown, hence its C-rating though legendary astrologer William Lilly may have something to do with it).

Now, as we face year 2018, why bring up Sir Francis and his royal lineage here on Stars Over Washington? Not because the Mars rising with royal Regulus (the 'kingmaker' star) fellow named Trump now playing the role of president is a 'monarch' in his own mind (he is), but because I've always included posts here concerning America as the New Atlantis and have added other of the more esoteric topics and mysteries which include what some call The Secret Destiny of America. And that 'secret destiny' is very much linked to Sir Francis Bacon his cousin Bartholemew Gosnold, and others of their ilk who did what they could during their life times to bring Utopian ideals into reality upon this particular continent. That they had plenty of financial, political, religious, astrological, and occult help through the ensuing centuries implementing The Great Plan seems plain to me, but if not so to you, then yours truly has done a lousy job disseminating such intriguing information these 12+ years (and mixed in with my continual 'common good' dissent against rubbish government officials in breach of the public trust; turns out, it's a huge job).

Actually, this post is inspired by my re-reading of Final Warning: A History of the New World Order by David Allen Rivera who has investigated the mystery of the Bruton Parish Vault where Nathaniel Bacon, nephew of Sir Francis, is said to have secreted an unabridged version of Francis Bacon's New Atlantis (America as Utopia)--perhaps along with several other documents, artifacts, maps, and more. Noted author and researcher Graham Hancock has quite a bit to say about this mystery as well and you may wish to see his The Treasure of Destiny page which tells of Marie Hall's famous search for the Vault--she, the wife of esteemed astrologer and author Manley Palmer Hall.

Now for years I've been interested in the Bruton Parish Church and its Vault mystery. President Thomas Jefferson is thought to have been the last person to see its contents in 1803! (Then was it reburied elsewhere? perhaps under the Washington DC Ellipse during the Civil War?) So when my genealogical research pointed toward Jamestown's earliest days and then on to Colonial Williamsburg, I was intrigued to discover that Colonel John Page (1628--1692) had donated the land on which Bruton Parish Church was built (plus, he donated a generous offering to fund it) for there is a Page in my 'family woodpile', you might say.

So were John and/or other Page family members 'in on' the secreting of the historical treasure? Will America's 'Secret Destiny' ever be revealed by its contents or by other means? What did Williamsburg renovator John D. Rockefeller know and when did he know it? And is our national destiny encoded on the reverse side of America's Great Seal (image shown) where, "The mystery and vagueness of these 'disembodied' symbols conceal their meaning?" (Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, Robert Hieronimus, PhD.)

The pyramid shaped grave monument in the Bruton Churchyard is that of Colonel John's son David Bray and wife Elizabeth Page Bray and is said by some to hide a passageway to the hidden Vault. No, they are not in my direct ancestral line for David died young and the couple had no issue, as they say. But if one wanted a mystery to ponder which included elements of history, archaeology, early America, genealogy, secret societies, and esotericism, the Bruton Parish Vault could be a good place to start, don't you think?

Yet for those who prefer modern times, a visit to the Church or the website of the Bruton Parish Episcopal Church may be more to their liking.

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The History of the Freemasons and the Skull and Bones (video) posted in May 2016 on Friday the 13th; A Brief View of the Stars Over Washington DC; Is This the Most Important Date in US History?, a video (Astrology added) in which an event in 1588 is discussed and subsequently 'bolstered increased interest in the colonization of the North American continent' along the lines and blueprint of Sir Francis Bacon's Platonic Utopian dream. And here, facing year 2018, we remain plopped and wondering.

Yet is it curious that the February 10, 2017 Lunar Eclipse @22Leo shone upon a certain planetary conjunction in the 1588 event chart? Follow the link to view the horoscopes of the February 2017 Lunar and Solar Eclipses with both charts set for Washington DC. Or, perhaps you'd rather look ahead toward the Eclipses and a Few Other Cosmic Events of 2018.

May 17, 2014

Old and New Atlantis: a Mysterious Legend that won't fade away

On September 24, 2012, I embedded a YouTube video, Atlantis: The Lost Continent, on this blog for your consideration. Perhaps it is not too soon to ask if you've had a chance to view it yet though it is admittedly a fairly long one clocking in at 1 hour 35 minutes 57 seconds. If not, here is a link to the post where you'll find the video snuggled and waiting.

The reason it occurred to me to mention the video to you on this bright Sabbath morning, May 17, 2014, is that I'm rereading some information on the records brought to America in 1653 by a relative of Sir Francis Bacon, author of The New Atlantis, one Nathaniel Bacon which is the name Henry Blount of England adopted when he migrated to America along with said records concerning the founding of our nation as a land of liberty and a "philosophic empire," as Sir Francis styled it. And of course Science (Uranus) was to be uplifted alongside Faith and Ideals (Neptune).

To you I shall leave it to decide how Bacon's ideology has turned out (or been perverted into something sinister by our modern day psychopaths) with such overarching intentions of a Grand Plan said to be centuries-long in the making--for the existence of the North American continent was known of in Europe long before 'Christopher Columbus' sailed to these idealized shores.

As for Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia--the old Colonial Settlement purchased by John D. Rockefeller who then donated $55,000,000 for its restoration--it is known that three churches were on the site where the current one stands and the original building followed the ancient practice of placing a vault under the church altar. In Bruton Vault, located in 1938, is believed to have been placed by Nathaniel Bacon documents relating to The Secret Destiny of America (see Manly P. Hall's book by that title; Hall's wife, Marie Bauer Hall, was part of the 1991 excavation endeavor.)

Even Thomas Jefferson figures into the mysterious tale for in youth he studied near the Church and is said in 1803 to have dug up the Vault or been part of such an enterprise. Were any or all of the records (which allegedly included birth records of Francis Bacon, illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I and thus a Tudor!) spirited away by Mr. Jefferson so that when Mr. Rockefeller and his money took over the scene there were none left for him to purloin?

Ah, that is a good question for pondering purposes, is it not?

For much more information about these topics you may wish to visit the Sun Nation website concerning the attempted, unauthorized excavation of the Bruton Vault in 1991 as Uranus and Neptune, the Enlightenment planets (and 'new world order' planets a la Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Bush Sr), prepared to meet three times in Great Conjunction/s all through 1993--at or near "18 Capricorn", a degree with a Sabian Symbol now so obviously being played out on the world stage and forced upon global populations with sinister intentions in their control-obsessed minds:

'18Cap': "The Union Jack Flag Flies From a British Warship"...'Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers.' (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Its dangers? That's what power elitists are determined to force upon the world now!

Related: Bacon's Rebellion of 1676 (100 years before 1776) between Nathaniel Bacon and Virginia's royal governor Berkeley, which may possibly have been a cover operation under which relocation of the secret Bruton Vault records was accomplished or was in some way related to it.

Sir Francis Bacon's natal details and horoscope, Rodden Rating: C (original source unknown.)

Now here's a classic Bill Cooper presentation on weird topics such as the Order of the Quest:

Dec 8, 2012

Horoscope and Hidden Dynamic of the American Revolution

The Horoscope and Hidden Dynamic of the American Revolution

by Jude Cowell

With its change in political authority in mind, for ages I've meant to publish to Stars Over Washington the natal horoscope of the American Revolution (aka, "the shot heard round the world") when a group of patriots at Lexington, Massachusetts stood up to His Majesty's occupying soldiers who represented the British Crown, and our Fight for Independence from monarchy and oppression officially began.

Having fought British monarchists back once again (on November 6, 2012 in the shape of Mitt Romney, royal plutocrat!) and with the 112th Congress barely breathing and their maufactured 'fiscal cliff' negotiations at an alleged standstill, it seems bloggily fitting that today is the day.

Shown here is the horoscope of the American Revolution, aka, the Battle of Lexington; Hour of Venus (23Tau52 in 1st house), chart-ruler Mars (ASC 21Ari49) squares Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus, a planetary trio which falls across the 2nd cusp of Earning Ability and Values.

As you see, 10th H Pluto @26Cap41, planet of power, manipulation, and control, is in the same degree (26) as battling Mars (the shooter) with Mars @26Leo13. Their inconjunct (150 degr) is nearly partile (exact) and applying (0A27.) A persecuting Mars-Pluto inconjunction (or, quincunx) describes a courageous challenger (Mars) who's grown weary of being someone else's 'workhorse' and Mars' bad temper results in explosive conditions which are made more burdensome by financial stress.

Plus, the square between testy, had-enough Mars and rebellious Uranus adds fuel to the flames of revolution and denotes fear of material loss, rash actions, and anxiety.

One obvious time link to our own era is shown by the position of Uranus @00Gem32 in a money house (2nd) because the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem21 'hit' this Uranus of the Revolution while conjoining the current position of Fixed Star Alcyone (key phrase: something to cry about.)

So when I watch radical politicians of the duplicitously-named "Tea Party" and others behind the scenes tying our Congress in knots to prevent the business of the people being accomplished and to undermine our nation, it gives me something to cry about every day...for my country, and for You and your loved ones, Dear Reader. And as with the American Revolution of 1775, the entire world's future hinges upon what happens here.

Yes, there are many members of certain organizations who act--or fail to act--as they do now because they believe that they want the total downfall of America. But I suspect the promised rewards for their treason will be few and far between for the majority of them--and they won't like her replacement nearly as much as they imagine they will.

Now if you're curious about the hidden (occult) dynamic of the American Revolution, I include the following information from Nicholas Hagger's book, The Secret History of the West:

"The early dynamic of the American Revolution can be stated as follows:

Heretical occult vision: Scottish Jacobite Templarism (via Gosnold)

Heretical occult interpreter: (Sir Francis) Bacon

Occult revolutionary originator: (Adam) Weishaupt (founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, May 1, 1776--see link below)

Thoughtful intellectual interpreter: (Benjamin) Franklin

Semi-political intellectual interpreter: (Thomas) Jefferson"

Related Reading: The American Revolutionary War; Francis Bacon, Uranus-Neptune, and Pluto; Illuminati Horoscope (has link to Pentagon's chart); and A Few Illuminating Quotes on Plutocracy in America.

Aug 14, 2012

'Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill' (video)

Anything to keep from typing the bromance-y names, "Paul Ryan" and "Mitt Romney" for a while...actually, the following documentary is particularly fascinating for those who are curious about Early America, Freemasonry's and Rosicrucianism's roles in the founding of the 'New Atlantis' (that shining city on a hill, D.C.), mystic and astrologer to *FDR, Nicolas Roerich (Oct 9, 1874 NS '12:00 pm' St. Petersburg, Russia), Sir Francis Bacon (born a Tudor, some say--and Queen Elizabeth's son), Blavatsky, Benjamin Creme, Manly P. Hall, Scottish Jacobites exiled to America and bringing along the 'Stone of Destiny' or 'Holy Grail' in pre-Revolutionary days, Gnostic Templarism, a long-range plan by secret societies for the ultimate establishment--and satanic idea--of a global new world order, and much more!

You may find one of Roerich's natal midpoint pictures quite interesting:

Mercury-Pluto = Uranus: 'an irresistible power of suggestion; fanatic pursuit of plans'. (Ebertin.) Either of these possibilities tallies rather closely with what I've read of this Occult practitioner--and something of a guru was he.

Now here is "Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill":

Check out other intriguing videos and full-length films and documentaries here.

*It was under FDR's watch that the capstone-pyramid-Eye of Horus was first printed upon the US dollar bill; in Jonathan Alter's The Defining Moment, the author mentions that Nicolas Roerich was an associate (astrologer) of Franklin Delano Roosevelt during FDR's presidency, thanks to Henry Wallace (mentioned in the video above) and as you know, FDR was a Freemason as have been many US presidents. Funny how mainstream authors tend to leave out such biographical info about their subjects such as, "initiated into the __ Lodge of Grand Orient Templars" and other such esoteric tidbits as that.

Sir Francis Bacon (Tudor) Feb 1, 1561 NS 7:42 am LMT London, England (source: Rodden Rating: C, astrodatabank/William Lilly.) Note: you may wish to type Roerich's and Bacon's names into this blog's sidebar Search field for previous mentions.

Additional Note: if you scroll down the sidebar far enough I suspect that the link to the topic of Bruton Parish Church (Williamsburg, VA) is still there...this is where the 'Stone' and/or an Occult manuscript detailing the so-called Great Plan for America may have been secreted when it was first purloined to our shores. Or not. Prominent early Americans once attended the church including Thomas Jefferson, wrote Manly P. Hall.

Sep 5, 2011

WikiLeaks "Destroyed"? and A Busy Week in Washington 9.5.11

9.5.11 A Busy Week Ahead in Washington DC, WikiLeaks in the News

by Jude Cowell

Yes, the US Congress returns to 'serve the public' this week (or, 'shaft the public' as many believe) and President Obama delivers an Address to a Joint Session of Congress on Thursday night (at 7:00 pm edt with his natal Chiron in Pisces rising opposite natal Pluto in Virgo setting.) His Address will include the White House's 'jobs creation plan' though it's hard to see what Mr. Obama can do about unemployment while signing more 'free' trade agreements, our US jobs killers.

Planning to be MIA from the president's Address Thursday will be Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh, known for his status as a deadbeat dad who instead devoted thousands of dollars to finance his congressional campaign. Mr. Walsh says he's made up his mind about Barack Obama and apparently no daylight will be allowed to change it.

Of course, some would say that Walsh isn't the only deadbeat on Capitol Hill and I guess I've made up my mind about Joe Walsh.

Plus, as you know, Wednesday evening (9.7.11) looms with Republican candidates squaring off in what passes these days for political 'debate'. I expect that Rick Perry will stand out, don't you? It's a crowded field with eight candidates scheduled to participate in the televised spectacle. Watch for Corporate GOPism to be on display.

WikiLeaks in the News

Meanwhile, Der Spiegel has published an article that details some of the recent events concerning WikiLeaks and the publishing of US State Department cables.

If you read the article you'll find it ends with a supposition that whistle blowers may no longer trust WikiLeaks--because Julian Assange has a bossy personality, because of his fights with a former employee, or because of the manner and condition in which Assange has chosen to publish leaks.

Now this leaves me with the impression that instilling a lack of trust in WikiLeaks for future whistle blowers was the primary objective of the article though you're certainly welcome to feel differently.

For another perspective--Assange in his own words--perhaps you'll wish to view last evening's 60 Minutes interview with a fascinating person set on a complicated, controversial mission.

Yet it's difficult for me, a believer in the Greater Good and the Rights of the Common Man, not to cheer when the power elite's frilly underpants are revealed in the unvarnished light of day. Yes, unredacted names are worrisome and Assange continues to assert that there's no evidence of anyone being harmed from having their names revealed in certain leaked documents and thereby ID'd as collaborating with the imperial powers (us, The Occupiers.)

So is Julian Assange "abusing his power"? Is it abusing power to expose abuse of power? Well, naturally the power elites, long accustomed to having all the secrecy they require, are in a snit of miffdom over such unsought, uncontrollable exposure of their deeds. A One World Government is their mission.

Astrologically, the asteroid known for an 'abuse of power' flavor is none other than Atlantis, one of America's pseudonyms, and a clear reference to the legendary Platonic myth of Isle of Atlantis which helped inspire Sir Francis Bacon's politically idealistic work "The New Atlantis", which describes the Utopia that America was allegedly meant to become.

You can read the Wiretap edition of The New Atlantis if you like but it's quite wordy. However, a Search feature is provided.

And check out a previous post on the natal horoscope of tech genius Julian Assange, a Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn fellow whose chart may contain hints of power abuse, or at least of a complex personality with lots going on beneath the surface of his Watery Sun Cancer-Moon Scorpio personality blend. Both signs are quite acquainted with the concepts of secrecy and revelations.

Yet perhaps more to the 'abuse of power' issue concerning Julian Assange is his willful, eccentric Sun/Uranus square, and if you know someone with this configuration you may agree that it gives an ego-intensifying effect.

Plus, here's a video from The Daily Show December 2010 with Jon Stewart's perspective on "catching a somewhat pasty predator".

Finally, FAIR blog has published a round-up of article links on the NYT and WikiLeaks Iraq cable debate if you care to wade in.


Recommended: If you wish a more personal astro-view for today, September 5, 2011, check out Julie Demboski's Answer Carefully.

Aug 5, 2011

Uranus in Aries, the History of Utopia (video), and ALEC

Of late I've complained often about an active Uranus in Aries representing visionary Utopians as Reinhold Ebertin mentions in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences.

For the DOW's 500+-point plummet yesterday, the midpoint picture of Uranus in Aries at apex between Jupiter (@ '10 Taurus' = "A Red Cross Nurse" which on one level implies Rosicrucians) and nebulous Neptune (@ '1 Pisces' = "A Public Market"--our 'consumer economy' and the NYSE) was in force as its been during the 'debt-deal/default' theater we've just been treated to by Washington (ad nauseum.)

As you know, Jupiter with Neptune is the speculation/wastrel/inflation/grand scheme pair of planets, a perfect dynamic for a pie-in-the-sky illusion such as Utopia...

Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation; imagination v reality (Ebertin.)

And of course, progressive, futuristic Uranus itself relates to Plato's Ideal which remains but a dream unless and until it finds Saturnian form (practicality; solidity; status quo) to pour into in order to manifest on earth, the physical plane.

The Form Returns...

On August 28, 2011, Saturn for the third time in this 28-year cycle returns to US natal Saturn's degree (14Lib48) which should be a resolution phase for issues of accountability, responsibility, and--as the US government is determined to enforce upon the have-nots rather than upon the rich who caused financial collapse--austerity measures.

Since Uranus has an approximate orbit of 84 years, the last time Uranus was in Aries, Herr Hitler rose to power. This is an important astrological tidbit to know as you consider James Corbett's overview of Utopia while thinking of all that is transpiring to gridlock the US government, lower the people's approval of it, and overthrow our democracy--what little we have left to overthrow as Uranus Rx prepares to hit Aries Point (00:00) again, and recross the IC (Homeland; Domestic Scene) of the US natal horoscope--Utopians in America...

For further reading on another historical Utopian (and a definite villain of our piece), you may wish to try Sir Francis Bacon, Uranus/Neptune, and Pluto. And don't be surprised if there's a Rockefeller involved...

Then there's Plato's Ideal State and his Theory of Forms if you're in a seriously philosophical mood.


Americans, the totalitarian coup d'etat is in progress and time's a-wastin'! If you're not a fan of corporations writing US legislation for a complicit Congress (as I type ALEC meets in convention in New Orleans, Marriott--to decide America's future), please visit ALEC Exposed and get involved. For if you haven't noticed yet, the American Revolution for freedom and independence must now be fought all over again.

Nov 2, 2010

Democracy Now! interviews Ralph Nader 11.2.10

Listening now to Amy Goodman's interview with Ralph Nader, I was moved to check out Mr. Nader's website and found two articles he's just mentioned: one about corporate serfdom, the other with Ten Questions for the Tea Party.

When Corporations Are the Government is one of Nader's articles that I intend to read after I motor back from the city...and his latest book is entitled Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us (can we wake up old J. P. Morgan?)

For me his book may be too much of a "utopian fantasy" or dream though because whenever I read the word 'utopia' I get the political creeps of the Sir Francis Bacon-Adam Weishaupt kind.

Here are a few natal chart details for crusader Ralph Nader written around the time he announced his 2008 presidential bid. Btw, he's now 75 years old and still crusading.

Oct 6, 2010

Campaign donors to Congress, Pluto opposite US n Sun

With November midterm 2010 upon us in short order, Mother Jones has published a helpful Campaign Cash Seating Chart showing who owns Congress, House and Senate.

An interesting example is Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), the toadie who apologized to BP (poor things!) after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. One of Barton's primary donors is Anadarko Petroleum, owner of 25% of BP's...wait for it...Deepwater Horizon well.

You know this is the sort of thing that belongs in SO'W's How can they think no one notices? file. The sad part is, before going to polling booths across the country on November 2, will anyone care which industries and corporations they're voting for?

Caution: if you vote (and I hope you will - though if everyone decides to stay home I can do that, too, to send a message - but it must be everyone) on November 2, you will be voting for skunks, crooks, vermin, varmints, shills, and bandits. If a decent person slips through and ends up on Capitol Hill, they will soon be disabused of the notion that anything fundamental can change about Washington DC politics because entrenched power politicians won't allow their cushy positions to be lost - and they play for keeps. Though some incumbents have already dropped out rather than face who-knows-what (blackmail for some distant sin?), there are plenty of them still skulking about the halls of power with string pullers making sure they stay in place in order to promote the globalists' bigger picture.

Yet transiting Pluto in Capricorn may have other ideas which disenfranchise America if she doesn't play globalist ball.

The next transition brought to us by secret manipulator Pluto, the planet of 'powerful forces' is lining up now and will first hit US natal Jupiter by opposition on January 17, 2011 (Sibly chart.) Pluto opposing natal Jupiter indicates a period when our economic status is not favored. We may not know who or what stands in our way (mysterious Pluto in Capricorn, sign of the olde countrie) yet whatever has truly been achieved cannot be's the wispy wealth that exists only on paper or in a cyberland cloud which may disappear with a touch of Pluto's magician's wand.

Pluto opposing natal Jupiter, planet of money and abundance, brings obstacles to progress as well and there's little to be done toward improvement. This is a know when to hold 'em transit of subdued aspirations, something our Jupiter-ruled nation has trouble accepting, and it relates not just to finances but to politics, higher education (Pres. Obama is already touting community colleges and I believe he's correct about their practicality for job hunters), religion, and other 9th house matters where Pluto intends to fight for control of our minds - America is the only nation to be founded upon 'an idea' after all.

Adding to the complexity, the plutonian processes of destructuring and transformation will be ongoing during our nation's Saturn Return which begins in short order: December 3, 2010, March 22, 2011, and August 28, 2011...2011 contains both these difficult transits involving Saturn and Pluto. The most positive thing I know to say about this cruel pair (Saturn and Pluto) is that they can signify an adept or a magician - and that's assuming either archetype has positive motivations.

So beware schemes of expansion in 2011. Whatever you have, perhaps you should be content to keep it. I will if you will.

Also of concern in the realm of politics is the upcoming opposition of Pluto to US natal Sun (the leader) - a few years off, yet part of Pluto's travails into Capricorn which will result in America's Pluto Return 27Cap33 before slow-moving Pluto enters Aquarius.

Pluto opposing US natal Sun is a five-fer which draws out the excruciating process:

1. March 14, 2014
2. May 17, 2014
3. January 5, 2015
4. August 17, 2015
5. November 1, 2015

Now as with all transits, there are several mitigating influences of positivity occurring simultaneously, yet Pluto is skulking in the background where he's hard to see much less anticipate or counter. He prefers an advantage however he can steal it.

Pluto opposite US natal Sun describes a major power play against the leadership of the US with a contest of wills in a no-compromise situation. Sinister manipulation is the order of the day (2014-2015 and beyond) and the possibilities for manifestation are endless. Yet we may be fairly certain that bruised egos will result and America's self-image as a world power will be seriously affected - unless we carry Pluto's water (which we already do as a global police force instituting the New World Order.)

Will a president attempt to stand up to this world domination agenda? No amount of ruthlessness on the part of our Sun will suffice for resources will be depleted and power in the world will be lessened. It's difficult to say just what may occur but abuse of power or its destruction are so often part of Pluto's motivation.

Interesting that America was billed in olden days by Sir Francis Bacon and others as The New Atlantis and as you know, the asteroid Atlantis is used in Mundane Astrology to represent, among other things, abuse of power and a feeling of doom. And nothing can change the fact that in 1776, Pluto was posited in Capricorn, a sign and archetype whose pan pipes even now seem to be wafting an orpheic tune upon the breeze as reap-what's-sown karma readies in the wings for a starring role on the world stage.

Sep 7, 2010

Francis Bacon, Uranus/Neptune, and Pluto

If you like to read about America's founding, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and other such mystical topics, you may be interested in a discovery I've just made of a site that has so many links and articles to check out, I'm just getting started. But I want to be certain you knew about it, too, though much investigation is required to find out how much it contains concerning America.

As you know, Sir Francis Bacon was an early activist within the 'New World', 'New Utopian' crowd and is thought to be the founder of English Freemasonry.

My own discovery is intriguingly titled Nine Degrees of Francis Bacon and is chocked full of some fascinating stuff!

And while I'm on such topics, here's an excerpt from J. R. Church's Guardians of the Grail:

It is reported that Benjamin Franklin was a Rosicrucian. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and George Washington were Masons...Though these men were part of these orders, George Washington warned the Masonic Lodge in America of the dangers of the Illuminati, while Thomas Jefferson and John Adams later disagreed over the use of the Masonic Lodge by the Illuminati.

"Dangers of the Illuminati"? I'll say.

So when we see the Illuminati symbol of the 'eternal flame' over an assassinated president's resting place (or over those of other world stagers' tombs, those who've mysteriously or violently died such as MLK, Robert Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Ground Zero), we may assume that the early warning against the Illuminati Society overtaking America either wasn't heeded or was, in stages, overcome by the Uranus/Neptune-inspired 'Illuminati' and their ilk and enablers.

It is my belief that our modern day New World Order types, the 'one world government' promoters such as Bush Sr, *David Rockefeller, the UN, and others you know by name, are part of the agenda's original 'vision' of America as a Utopian social experiment which uses chaos and what Naomi Klein has termed 'shock doctrine' to send mankind back to the jungle.

Seems to me that we would have to characterize the attacks of 9/11 as 'shock doctrine' and sadly for civilized people the world over, transformative Pluto's transit through the structural sign of Saturn-ruled Capricorn is mightily aiding the Uranian-Neptunian agenda as Mr. Hades, wearing his cape of invisibility, slowly approaches his natal position in **1776 at America's founding.


*David Rockefeller, in his speech to the Trilateral Commission in 1991, stated:

"But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

Actually, no. It isn't preferable at all. You plotter.

**fyi, here again are the dates of America's Pluto Return/s 27Cap33:

1. February 20, 2022
2. July 11, 2022
3. December 28, 2022

Jul 19, 2010

Billion-dollar 'aid package' to Pakistan but no unemployment extension for US workers?

Any US taxpayers feeling hoodwinked yet?

Clinton Unveils New Aid Projects in Pakistan Visit but meanwhile on Capitol Hill, it's dandy fine if Americans do without jobs, mortgage payments, food, and the basic stuff of life.

Doesn't the government of Pakistan have any billions of its own with which to build "hospitals"? Perhaps they tucked back a few coins out of the veiled billions we've generously sent them through the years from our now-empty piggy banks?

Well, you know what they say...troubles are often self-created. And the nuclear monster that at first must have seemed like quite a genie was let out of the bottle by none other than the US government with the enabling of German scientists and others.

So as usual, the American people and their resources are being held hostage to the fallacy of 'national security' which works when either money or liberty are extorted in an elusive exchange for our imagined safety when really, the only things we can count on anymore from our own government are lies, obfuscations, fraud, extortion, and false flag ops waged against we-the-people, often mounted in order to emotionally manipulate us into fighting imperialist wars.

Once central banks allowed foreign investors into the American hen house, I suppose our trajectory was set (downward.) The outcome has now become clear to those who read the signpost at the crossroads.

But I can still feel steamed over it all, can't I? Sir Francis Bacon, Adam Weishaupt, and their Illuminati ilk can take a hike if they like. I wish they would. And leave decent people alone.

For as British PM Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881) penned in his novel Coningsby, the New Generation (and notice it's a 'new generation' similar to what the power elite tout openly now as a 'new international world order' - whether average Joes and Jills want it or not, here 'it' comes.)

"For you see, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

Astrologically, that's a perfect reference to 12th house activities ans secret deals behind the door as discerning planets in 12th house, especially the Sun, ought to know. 12th house involvements in Mundane Astrology = Politics.

And now for a few more grumpily typed words on the November 2010 midterm elections:

Republicans? Really? You want to reward the GOP for 8 years of Bush-Cheney policies that led to Financial Collapse 2008? Really? Whose team are you batting for? No, I don't care much for Dems either but the ruling class has us by the nape of our necks and I'm still growling over the Bush-Cheney crime spree brought upon our nation in coup-like fashion by a complicit SCOTUS.

If you'll remember, it took the attacks of 9/11/01 for the general population to stop questioning the legitimacy of the Bush-Cheney regime which so soon turned into a nightmare of loss, death, and war. Not an accident, that. Bullhorns for democracy! Export freedom with each bomb! Appeal to the emotions of the American people and they'll fight any way, any one, any time. It's been proven effective, say the marketers!

So November 2, 2010 will arrive before we can wink twice. Don't forget to vote. Even though we know that the old truism he who counts the vote decides the winner was never more obvious or applicable than it is in the New Millennium, yet we must not stay home on election day! On any election day.

This morning Cokie Roberts said on NPR that the GOP hope to turn the Gulf Oil Disaster into a political disaster for the Democrats. (Never mind the cynicism of that stance!) One assumes that the fact that President Obama has taken a lot of BP's cash will help the GOP with the ploy. Republican leader Mitch McConnell says it took the administration '70 days' to order skimmers sent to the Gulf as if that were all the White House was up to in the interim.

Well, whoever advised the President himself not to rush to the Gulf Coast asap after the April 20 catastrophe gave him bad advice in the public relations department. But that's smoke and mirrors, too, for with Mr. Obama's walk-on-water status now sunk, was he expected to ankle his way out to the Deepwater Horizon rig and patch things up with a bunch of presidential duct tape?

For Hurricane Katrina, Bush was in Texas eating birthday cake with John McCain, blithely unaware of, or uncaring about, the suffering occurring in the Gulf Coast region. It always seemed to me that these operatives of the GOP were celebrating more than McCain's birthday but maybe that was only me.

Yet be all that as it may...reward 8 years of Bush-Cheney policies with a majority in the November 2010 midterms?


Well, if the Republican Party does take more seats than Dem candidates or incumbents in November 2010 it will result in more of the blind-leading-the-blind sort of governing with the R Party being past their Secondary Progressed Full Moon (12Gem08) of February 18, 2005 but not by much - they're now in the Disseminating phase as of March 19, 2009 and puttin' out the White House jibes and as much misinformation as they can get away with and will help them claw their way up, as they think. But their party's Sec Full Moon is past culminating stage so party bigwigs won't be shining as they'd like even if a rout occurs this November yet they can still do much damage to this country from whatever foxhole they shoot from.

Like Bush-Cheney invading Iraq under a retrograde Jupiter (the General) - starting a war from weakness, not strength - we may expect the obstruct-Dems-at-all-costs party of the GOP (or BOP, if you prefer to add Big Oil to their name - I forgive you if you do) we may expect that a Republican majority in House (or in Senate) will govern from a weakened position if they win which, as we've seen, effectively stalls legislation proposed on behalf of all but the rich and mighty whose handmaidens serve behind-the-scenes masters on Capitol Hill and whose true identities are other than they appear.

Apr 13, 2010

On Resisting the Plutonian New World Order (video)

Is a New (Economic and Political) World Order inevitable? The power elite who monkey with the course of history want us to think so and knuckle under accordingly to their *Bacon-inspired Utopian vision.

Some time ago, I ask both this blog's readers if they think that 'insurgents' in the Middle East and elswhere are actually fighting against the NWO (our guys!) and that we, the majority of the American people, are on the wrong side of the issue though few realize it.

Well, the theory would certainly explain a lot of things while emphasizing the futility of the US government's and world leaders' so-called, propagandistically named, "War On Terror," that rabbithole of endless money funneling and weaponry building in order for global string-pullers, the Illuminati, to wage perpetual war.

UPDATE Oct 29, 2011: Plus, everyone with a noggin on their shoulders knows the truth that War IS Terror. Warmongers and warpath followers never tout the horrors of war at its beginning, do they? For at that early stage, horror would be a dumb note in their exalted jingoism tune that must promote aggression as 'honorable', 'just', and 'democracy spreading'...puh! Arch deceivers take men to war!! And most folk are aware that there is a devouring force motivating warmongers and other violence doers in this world.

After all, when the attacks of 9/11 occurred, transiting Pluto, lord of death and doom, was on the 'we' side of the chart, crossing the US Ascendant, with Saturn in Gemini on the Partnership axis. In America, it is we who are Pluto.

Well, if this theory is even remotely accurate, the American people have been placed in an impossible position by our government and so I must wonder:

Which side of the NWO are you on?

So here's my favorite new slogan concerning the elite's centuries-long agenda for totalitarianism and chaos...'New World Order: Not Too Big to Fail'.


*'Bacon' refers to Sir Francis Bacon upon whose doorstep much of the current Utopianism may be laid; another major rat in the original NWO woodpile: Bartholomew Gosnold.

Nov 28, 2008

Deepak Chopra blames US for Mumbai: video and text

India's Leaders Need to Look Closer to Home: The Assault on Mumbai

By Tariq Ali

Why should it be such a surprise if the perpetrators are themselves Indian Muslims? Its hardly a secret that there has been much anger within the poorest sections of the Muslim community against the systematic discrimination and acts of violence carried out against them.


US is Funding Terrorism: Deepak Chopra Blames Washington For Mumbai Terrorist Attacks~~Video and Text~~

Chopra: What we have seen in Mumbai has been brewing for a long time, and the war on terrorism and the attack on Iraq compounded the situation. What we call "collateral damage" and going after the wrong people actually turns moderates into extremists, and that inflammation then gets organized and appears as this disaster in Bombay.


But to step back just an inch from the views expressed by Tariq Ali and Deepak Chopra by use of Astrology, stirring pots and encouraging chaos is what we see all over the globe.

Falling for the script of the one-world-government types is a bad idea for all sides replete with "collateral damage," a vicious and cold-hearted term if there ever was one, and all sides are using it as part of their cynical strategy.

To me it seems like an 'oops! you got in my way, too bad for you' way of plowing through. And Machiavelli would be chuckling proudly over Mumbai and other terroisms although they deny him as their muse.

Hegel and Hitler would light their third cigars if they weren't long gone; Albert Pike manages to simper in his mausoleum while texting Jacques Demolay the news.

Last I heard, Sir Francis Bacon hasn't agreed to be dead yet.

L'oppression du jour just keeps coming, however, for there's Old Leo Strauss and Mr. Lenin partying on down with Stalin and the Kremlin boys, while every one's favorite assassin is drinking tea in an opium den somewhere (but still able to function, if needed. For a price.)

Vatican Sidesteps as Merde Hits Fan

Yes, it's a joyous season down in the bowels of the Underworld with vast amounts of misery being brung - no matter which faction you frequent, nor which obsession you cravenly indulge...because there's something in Hades-Super-Psycho-Land for everybody.

Access is totally open, too. First, finagle your passport by simply listening to your lower, reptilian mind as you give in to the devouring spirit's promptings to harm your fellow man. Then, pretend that reaping what you sow doesn't apply to you.


~Tonight's Primal Violence and Beastly Nature...brought to you by...Pluto-Chiron, the isms pair of perps~