Apr 18, 2010

Reaching for Chiron in Pisces

Reaching and actually grasping anything in Pisces is a tall order, if not an impossibility, and all through last week I made notes on Chiron in Pisces and related subjects in the political realm only to face this weekend's Mercury Rx (conjunct my natal 9th cusp - ouch!) which seems to undergird a freeze on actually writing or posting anything from my notes about Chiron traversing the deepest, most compassionate zodiac sign around.

Then today I find that astrologer Mandi Lockley has had much the same experience recently (one of Chiron's words, experiential) yet she has come through with flying colors and helpfully published Chiron in Pisces: Water Over Rocks, an article I highly recommend to you.

Mandi includes Chiron's schedule of retrogrades as The Centaur returns to Aquarius, then zooms back into Pisces in a few months, so do check out the shamanic Wounded Healer's whereabouts and what Mandi has to say about Chiron in Pisces, a placement that gives those who have it natally a crisis over connecting with the God force, the universal oneness, as noted in Barbara Hand Clow's invaluable book Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets (revised edition 2002.)

Seems to me that the collective is experiencing just such a crisis due to the harrowing events of the New Millennium: 9/11, a pre-emptive, illegal invasion based on lies and its resultant nation-bankrupting occupation (our bankruptcy as the US plays 'global cop'), and the power-elite-planned Financial Collapse of 2008.

Plus, since Chiron's orbit lies between Saturn and Uranus, the planets associated with the Middle East (particularly with Israel-Palestine), we may hopefully expect the Rainbow Bridge effect to lead us somewhere pragmatic yet compassionate while Chiron travels through Pisces. Hopefully (and prayerfully), the much-discussed World War III is not on Chiron's Piscean agenda for our era.

And while on the subject of Chiron, it would be remiss of me not to add a link to Julie Demboski's excellent book Chiron in the Natal Chart, also highly recommended reading for understanding more about one of Astrology's most interesting catalysts in our natal charts and psyches.

As for my own Chironic blogging schedule, the Politics of the thing must willingly wait until I get around to blogging about it because, in spite of Washington DC's gross mismanagement of our nation in recent decades, Politics isn't going away any time soon. Pity.

At least, that's been my experience of it.


Were you born when Chiron was in Pisces? Yes, if born within these dates, give or take a few hours:

3/20/1910 - 8/29/1910
1/16/1911 - 3/31/1918
10/23/1918 - 1/28/1919

3/27/1960 - 8/19/1960
1/21/1961 - 3/31/1968
10/19/1968 - 1/30/1969



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention, Jude! jd

Mandi Lockley said...

Thanks, Jude for the mention, glad you enjoyed my post and intrigued to hear you had a similar experience.