May 5, 2010

CFR and NWO videos and the Jupiter/Saturn cycle

Can't think why I've never posted this 10 minute video montage of people in their own words about shoving through a New World Order, most speakers for, few against.

If you don't have 10 minutes to spare, go about 2 minutes in and you'll see what all the fuss is about with Professor Carol Quigley's assessment. Hold on though for Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, and Ron Paul, among others. As the Illuminati might prefer to tout, this is an 'enlightening' and 'illuminating' video.

You know, it would suit me well if all political candidates for all offices the world over were henceforth expected by voters and constituents to express where they (the candidates) stand on the subject of the known agenda of a 'one world government', 'New World Order', 'new economic order', 'new world economic order', 'New Millennial Age', or whatever fancy label the psychotic totalitarianism promoters wish to hide behind and impose upon an unwilling world.

If the agenda's proponents are so proud and confident of its merits, we-the-people (and people of other nations) should be told who stands for what and whose interests our 'leaders' in truth represent. For in a 'New World Order' we can be certain the policies of such 'representatives' will never act in the best interests of the people.

But the people would need the mainstream media to cooperate in getting out such info, wouldn't they?

Funny Story There

This second video is 4 mins 33 seconds with information on the founding of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an entity which VP Joe Biden is said to rule. (Plus, Biden is proud to be a 'Zionist' he says and I believe him on that score.) Quigley's quote is featured in this video, too.

Anyone concerned about the turn the US media has taken (newspaper shut-downs, closings, mergings, etc) since the Millennium began may wish to rip off the mask of the CFR and peer into the raptor's gaze...and surprise! We have old JP Morgan to thank for being a catalyst in setting up the organization which gave control and centralization of the US media a big ole' NWO boost starting way back in 1917!

Now you know that any bloggy mention of JP Morgan, Sr inspires me to add my personal favorite of his famous quotes because it concerns his golden-touch money-making ability and his tutelage by the premiere astrologer of his day, Evangeline Adams (yes, of that Adams family):

"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do."

Girl, you know it's true: financial cycles and planetary cycles are sympatico!

Which is why (as mentioned in a previous post) the current Jupiter/Saturn opposition, the culmination phase of their Great Conjunction on May 28, 2000 @ '23Taurus', has an intimate connection with the timing of what's going on with global stock markets now as the principles of Jupiterian expansion and increase stand off against the restriction and control principles of Saturn.

Plus, on the political level in the US, their opposition portends trouble due to completely divergent views - or, a well-timed partnership - between Democrats (Sat) and Republicans (Jup). Yes, it's going to be a long, hotly contested summer.


Here's a previous post concerning JP Morgan which links you to JP's natal chart and 2008 transits to it.

Plus, I've just discovered that Linda Schurman provides excellent analyses on financials using planetary cycles on her Soothsayer website.

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