May 5, 2010

Was the May 1 Times Square bomb attempt a 'drill'?

For those who feel that the investigation and quick arrest of a suspect in the May 1, 2010 Times Square car bomb attempt seems a little too 'easy' to accept at face value, you may wish to consider the possibility that the Times Square bomb attempt was actually a 'drill'. Eyewitnesses have that impression.

Hmmm...if so, this would give May 1 shades of 9/11 and Cheney's actions on that morning, but with different results. It would also give the Obama administration firm footing inside the exploitation-of-the-masses door of Politics.

This must be why I'm paying little attention to the GOP's 'May 1st is Obama's Katrina', I mean, propaganda. This undermining of a Dem president may be little more than political factions vying and lying to be top dog - and vice versa!


Kieron said...

It's said that certain world powers use the cross-quarter holy days for their vile schemes such as this. To my mind, it's more anti-Muslim propaganda, and one more distraction from the fumble (to put it politely) currently taking out the Gulf of Mexico. To judge from the comments of the-idiot-on-the-street, the public is eating it up.

I despair, sometimes. I really do.

Jude Cowell said...

Yes!! i think they do use them. Not being of a wiccan persuasion i try to ignore such dates as often as possible but probably shouldn't.


And agreed it may be more anti-Muslim propaganda but i also think certain leaders of the Muslim world sold them out long ago as did ours. The occult power-triangle is, after all: Washington, London, and Cairo!

Accepting anything said or done by Any government has become a total impossibility so someone should clue in the idiot-on-the-street.

Thanks for your as-always thoughtful comments, Kieron, jc