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May 3, 2010

UK general election May 6, 2010 then Solar Ecl on UK Moon

The May 6 general election in Britain is being hailed as historic but some people think it will be historic for quite other reasons.

Now the current Solar Eclipse season (from Jan 15, 2010 @ 25Cap01) doesn't particularly affect the UK's natal chart (Jan 1, 1801 12:00 am LMT London; The Circle Book of Charts AFA 1991) by planet but the next Solar Eclipse will.

Solar Eclipses in Saturn-ruled Capricorn emphasize national policy, governmental authority, and corporate and business affairs, while Solar Eclipses in the opposite sign of home-loving Cancer focus on domestic affairs, land and real estate, living conditions, and security issues.

It's the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24 which falls precisely on the UK's Moon, the people (in 10th house) and which will affect the good people of the UK and the nation's public standing, too (10th h.)

Years when Solar Eclipses fall upon Sun or Moon positions of any chart can either be smashingly good with a major stand-out event or bring along an 'eclipsing' of energy and, in the Moon's case, of reigning needs...which will it be? This one is a South Node Eclipse, too, which often work on inner levels rather than outer, plus, secrets may surface which will affect the government-people dichotomy and the outcome of the election, if found out in time...unless the perpetrators are successful in keeping the lid on.

Celeste Teal in her book Eclipses titles the July 11 Eclipse as 'Victory Over Obstacles" but surely the UK's general election outcome won't still be in dispute into July, right?

Well, if results wait until about two weeks prior to July 11, this could be the year that the people of Britain get their wish by a Solar Eclipse's magic wand, if they can figure out which shell-game politician they want to lead their country.

Now, if someone can only do something to stimulate their low voter turnout...then perhaps this may be an historic year for a landslide in the UK!

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Mandi Lockley said...

Very interesting link there to the Sol Ecl on the UK Moon in July - thanks for calling it. We go to the polls tomorrow and if the widespread predictions are correct for a hung parliament, it could well be July or beyond before they can agree on who's going to be running the country!