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May 3, 2010

Horoscope of the Kent State Massacre May 4, 1970

The US Government Lost All Moral Authority on May 4, 1970

by Jude Cowell

But that's assuming America had any moral authority left to lose by 1970.

On TV, as I watched coverage of the Kent State Massacre on May 4, 1970, my scorn and fear of President Richard Nixon and 'my' government grew. Having traveled to Georgia to visit family, I was heading back to DC soon but with ambivalent feelings - eager to return to friends and get their reactions, yet dreading the city's gray pall that drooped ever lower now thanks to the presidency of Richard Nixon and his opposition to my countrymen's anti-war sentiments.

Actually, it was my own anti-war sentiments that led to creating this blog in October 2005, and my hope that frustrations with the US government would somehow lessen by tapping out my dissent on a keyboard. Well, you know how the Bush-Cheney wars were going in 2005 and you know they continue into 2010 and beyond, so perhaps you share my pain - a world pain suffered at the hands of a select few history-directing men who hold themselves so far above the rest of us that common decency and moral standards mean absolutely nothing to them.

Hence the order from on-high given to the on-campus National Guardsmen @ 12:24 pm on Monday, May 4, 1970, Kent State:

"Right Here, Get Set! Point! Fire!"

Although an enhanced audio tape of the order was released publicly in 2007 (see articles linked below), the FBI has never found a shred of evidence that the shootings were carried out under 'orders' of any kind!

And yet they say they're good at detectin'!! Leaving all common sense out of it, it does seem that some coordination among the soldiers was witnessed because...

Sixty-seven shots were fired in 13 seconds by some of the 77 Guardsmen on the hill, four unarmed students lay dead, nine wounded, and Nixon, who apparently held a grudge against the Kent State SDS since 1968 when they disrupted a speech he was giving at Akron University in Oct 1968, attempted to deal with his lifelong feelings of powerlessness and envy while simultaneously rationalizing his latest abuse of power on behalf of his masters, and was probably acting under the haze of a bottle or two.

Over The Line: A Man Gone Wild

Richard Nixon, a shrunken man if there ever was one, sent steel helmeted, gas masked Guardsmen to quell the four-day protest on the Kent State campus, known as a working class college. Harvard, Yale, and other ivy leagues had no worries on that score, no matter their politics.

But violence against the working class is always permissible, say the upper crusters.

Even 40 years later I recall the feeling of pride that beamed upon my face as I heard of two protesters that weekend, one 'burying' the US Constitution (as US presidents have done for decades - I think Tricky Dick - both of them - must have used it for dart practice, too) while the other protester burned his draft card issued from the same draft that Bush Jr and Cheney chose to wiggle out of honoring. But as it turns out, they sure didn't mind sending others to war!

Richard Nixon Jan 9, 1913 9:30 pm pst Whittier, CA (rated AA: from B.C.)

Sun '20Cap'; his natal Moon '21AQ' conjunct Nemesis (unbeatable foe; divine retribution), Tricky's reigning need was to take revenge on all enemies, and he never forgot a single one - and was very good at making them, in fact. He, with his noble Capricorn Sun, was a petty, vindictive, and vicious man.

The National Guard troops, who arrived on campus May 2 around 10 pm when the ROTC building was already in flames (it burned to the ground but was already scheduled for demolition) were ostensibly sent to 'maintain the peace' but that's what all the tyrants say, now isn't it?

For America is hardly a virgin in use of false flag ops so the broken bank windows in the town of Kent, Ohio, and confrontations downtown on the night of May 1 could have issued solely from protesters, yes - but also from those pretending to be protesters. Plus, there remain unsolved mysteries concerning a 'school photographer' on the scene named 'Terry Norman' who was rumored to have been hired by the FBI and the campus police. The young man may have been armed as well.

A sniper was rumored to be present, too, and this may be the case, imho (Mars in Gemini = multiple shooters - plus, an extra one in a sniper's nest: vengeful Venus?) These are typical tactics used by those jealous of their power and enraged that anyone dares oppose them, and 1970's transiting Pluto 24Vir56 Rx was in process of eroding US power by stomping upon our natal Neptune 22:25, a generational transit that brings political, social, economic, and spiritual power struggles.

(As you know, US natal Neptune is in 'working class' Virgo.)

Now it's reported that 43 bank windows were broken on Friday night, May 1, 1970; then Saturday night, the ROTC building was burned to the ground, as noted. One of the murdered students was a member of the ROTC yet was against the Vietnam War: he was shot in the back and killed (curiously to me this seems a targeted hit: hidden sniper or Guardsman?)

Money-man Jupiter @ a crisis 29th degree of Libra conj IC (Foundation; Basis of the Matter) in the chart you seen shown below. Of course, Jupiter also indicates a guru, preacher, pope, judge, lawyer, actor, professor, banker, general...whomever he represents in this chart, he's at the base of the matter. Perhaps he was one of the Kent State officials...the president, perhaps, or, a member of the Republican Party since in Mundane Astrology, planet Jupiter = the Rs.

Perhaps he was an ideologue encouraging Nixon to make his 'own' decisions (1970 Neptune/NN = Nixon's n Sun: being tormented; feeling let down by others; encouraged to 'be your own person' when making decisions.)

So not only did the protesters tweak Nixon's nose repeatedly, they tweaked bankers' noses and the US military's snoot who were actively recruiting students on campus to serve - in the unpopular Vietnam War! Nixon had just announced the Pentagon's "incursion" - aka, invasion - of Cambodia a few days earlier on April 30. Four days of protesting resulted at Kent State, culminating on May 4, 1970 with the strong-armed and deadly paternalism of the US government abusing its power.

(Asteroid Atlantis: abuse of power; where we feel doomed) is rising in the chart @ 14Leo34; ASC 10Leo27 conjoins the R Party's natal Mercury.)

However, the power-mongers didn't quite get their way altogether, did they? At least not while my fellow Flower Power Generation-ers were on guard and marching...

For Nixon's unarmed-student murders resulted in the largest wave of anti-war protests and campus shut-downs in US history. Too bad our colleges and universities weren't just as determined to follow truth and engage in dissent against an out-of-control, lying administration in March 2003 (their faculties and administrations had been well-infiltrated by then.)

Yet millions of people demonstrated against Iraq Invasion 2003 across the entire globe, but the Zionist neocons were listening to the voice of their plutonian masters and refusing to heed the conscience of The People.

In 2007, Democracy Now's Amy Goodman interviewed brother and sister Kent State students Alan and Roseann Canfora, he a victim of an Ohio National Guard bullet to his wrist on May 4, 1970, she an eyewitness who was in the parking lot where the 4 deaths occurred. The parking lot was where the more radical protesters were located, as stated by Alan Canfora.

And on May 2, 2010, NPR thoughtfully considered the shootings.

Horoscope of the Kent State Massacre

May 4, 1970 12:24 pm edt Kent, Ohio: ASC 10Leo27; Hour of Venus (values), conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55 (unorthodox alliances form and there are egalitarian attitudes on all sides); Sun is chart-ruler and makes only one applying aspect, a conjunction with Mercury Rx (students, speakers, protesters, young people) 20Tau54 (7A07.)

As you know, the Sun tends to signify 'the leader' in a mundane chart, and here we see a 10th house conjunction of Sun 13Tau47 and Saturn 12Tau21...both transiting the US Inaugural Ascendant @ noon on Jan 20 each year we change NWO mouthpieces...thus, a midpoint picture is created for the Office of the President...

Sun/Saturn = ASC: mental pictures of one's goals; difficulties in development; separation; isolation; a misunderstood person (but now that you're pointing a rifle at me, Dick, I think I see your point.)

Now of course, Saturn also indicates the manager, the boss,the authority, and the old man and the planet's restrictive tendencies and difficult lessons brought to presidential ASC must have seemed a weighty interference in Nixon's Oval Office tenure and out-of-bounds war-escalating.

The Massacre's Moon 1Tau54 at Midheaven 28Ari49 is passing across the 'Trigger Point Degree' of 00Tau/1Tau, a point of violence in the zodiac (degree of Hitler's natal Sun.) And as we would expect in a chart of violence and murder, Moon is angular and so is Jupiter, two primary planets to notice in horoscopes depicting death which often show an angular Moon, Mars, or Jupiter.

So, angular Jupiter Rx @ 29Lib28 conjuncts asteroid Arachne, also @ 29Lib28; '30Lib' = "Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher's Head"...PRESCIENCE. Does this indicate a cold-hearted
Hegelian influence
upon the president's thinking with mayhem as the final solution?

Surveilling Arachne indicates networks, webs, or traps such as may be described by hidden snipers and armed soldiers at the top of the hill as they rained down bullets on the students they had driven into the area below...almost a 'turkey shoot' as it's termed. (See the beginning scenes of the film Cold Mountain for a perfect example of one.)

As you see, this is a Balsamic Moon chart indicating endings and separations and a time when sneaky monsters can grab the unsuspecting unawares at this, the Dark of the Moon.

The 'encounter with destiny' North Node (NN) in 8th house of Death points to US natal Ceres (security issues) and Pluto/Chiron midpoint (for they were conjoined on July 4, 1776), all in deceptive, confusing Pisces, curiously one of the signs of War. Pluto/Chiron is a duo of plutocracy, oppression, disenfranchisement, racism, corporatism, fascism, other -isms, crime syndicates, primal violence, and other nasty things that the holier-than-thous use against both the masses and the individual who thinks to stand in the way of their plans and desires.

Deceptive Neptune 29Sco58 Rx in 4th house has much to answer for as well with its quincunx (150 degr) to the Moon, the protesters on one level, the public and we-the-people on another...

Moon inconjunct (quincunx) Neptune indicates people who feel deeply and cannot remain detached; they may unconsciously seek situations in which they can be persecuted due to Neptune's martyr/victim tendencies. Social service is an area of interest but it isn't easy to see other people as they really are: 2 of the students were shot while simply walking to class and the ones who were more involved in the protests couldn't believe they were looking at a death squad until the dirty deed was done; then the soldiers merely turned and walked away as US students lay dying on the ground...meanwhile, back in Washington, the president paced the White House halls of power.

And this, the Kent State Massacre, was Richard Nixon and his international crime cronies' idea of a good course for America to take!

Yes, sometimes I feel similar droopy feelings as I did in 1970 when I think about how the majority of 2010's American people don't seem to get it. They seem to think the 'Rs vs Ds' diversion makes one bit of difference to who's selected to guide the helm of this nation when, really, it makes absolutely no difference at all which 'Party' (faction!) resides in the White House, or lurks in the Capitol Building.

My wish is that we-the-people can use Pluto/Chiron's energy more positively in the class warfare being waged against us by a separative power elite, with Us vs Them replacing the worn out, simplistic, disingenuous, and democracy-perverting Rs vs Ds!


Many chart factors have not been mentioned in this post, so feel free to leave your chartful insights or 1970 remembrances in a Comment, if you wish!

Linking 1970 with 2010 is a major factor: the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto midpoint 00Lib06 sitting atop the US natal chart ('Sibly' version: 5:10 pm LMT) which gives us a telling picture worth considering on May 4, 2010, the Kent State Massacre's 40th anniversary, because Uranus and Pluto are in process of squaring off now.

(As with all midpoint pictures all, any, or none may apply.)

Uranus/Pluto = n MC: vision; restlessness; aspirations for reforms and innovations; instant grasp and exploitation of every situation.

Plus, the mid-60s Great Conjunction/s of disruptive, rebellious Uranus and Pluto occurred upon Mr. Nixon's natal ASC '17Virgo'...this degree happens to be very near my n ASC as well - I attended a Beatles concert under this intense electric energy, while Dick Nixon was bombing foreign women and children into smithereens, and killing and maiming unarmed Americans who objected to the practice...

Uranus/Pluto = n ASC: applications of force; focusing on the kind of world which must grow out of today into tomorrow; being placed in an unusual or restless environment.

And let me not forget that the 'illuminated' pair of Uranus and Neptune, whose Great Conjunction/s of 1993 ('18Cap') time the natal chart of the NWO, have their midpoint in Mr. Nixon's birth chart @ 28Ari44, conjunct the Massacre's MC, the Goal and Aspiration Point of the chart and thus, of the shootings...

n Uranus/Neptune = 1970 MC: dissolution; mourning; a nervous breakdown; lack of stamina; subconscious forces grow in strength; guidance is sought from other realms or never-before-tapped sources (from Sun Myung Moon? Just a thought!); supernatural concerns come into play; restraint is placed on half-baked ideas. #

All midpoint pictures from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey; half-baked ideas from the global crime syndicates now successfully in control of governments and all other social institutions the world over. Seriously.


Update May 4, 2010: just found a time capsule video you may wish to view:

Edit Nov 4, 2015: here's the New York Times with Nixon's statement on the tragedy if you can stomach reading his weasel words.

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