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Jul 10, 2010

Fretting over the July 11 Solar Eclipse? Then read this!

Expert astrologer Lynn Hayes has published 10 Reasons Not to Worry about the July 11, 2010 Eclipse which comes in timely fashion, just as a few readers of this blog are fretting (after reading this blog.)

Mea culpa, no doubt, for obviously I have yet to make it clear that comparing an eclipse chart to one's own natal chart is a horse of a different color from the articles I publish here concerning the unsavory political realm using the lens of Astrology to peek under the hood of Politics. The squirmin' vermin underneath need as much light shed upon them as possible, right?

Therefore, you should know that my eclipse posts are always written on a symbolic level (whether a Solar Eclipse is Total or not, sans eclipse path considerations, etc) with special attention paid to an eclipse's degree, sign, aspects, and the house polarity as they affect national charts which are most often set for Washington, DC.

(Hence the title, Stars Over Washington! And not, Stars Over Your Aunt Myrtle.)

That a SO'W analysis would affect you on a personal level by way of your birth chart is seldom applicable (other than your considerations of how Politics interferes in your life - and Politics doesn't wait for eclipses to monkey around with us, as we all know.)

So if you're feeling at all anxious over the July 11 Solar Eclipse in Cancer, or even if you're not, do calmly check out Lynn's post for it is highly recommended!


On NPR now is an announcement that the Obama administration is improving the medical situation for our soldiers with traumatic brain injuries with new rules going into effect next week. So kudos to President Obama, it's about time!

May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010: Full Moon w/ Uranus to Aries Point @ 3:04 pm edt

UPDATE 5.27.10 11:25 am edt:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Minerals Management Service Director Fired Elizabeth Birnbaum, the director of the Minerals Management Service agency that oversees drilling operations, has been fired. More details @ NPR. #

Heads are rolling! I only hope they're the right heads.

My original post from a few minutes ago begins here:

The evening of May 27, 2010 a Full Moon 6Sag33 perfects at 7:07:15 pm edt over the White House which is a mere 4 hours and 3 minutes after Uranus reaches Aries Point 00Ari00 at 3:04 pm edt.

The chart of the Full Moon shows an applying inconjunct to Venus (2A54; inconjunct = adjustments needed; Venus = evaluations; relationships) with Venus 9Can27 in 8th house of High Finance and Debt, and just past a recent US Venus Return. It's an Hour of Mercury 11Tau44 in 6th house, and the Gulf oil 'spill' is at the chart's base (Neptune/Chiron.)

The Sun 6Gem33 highlights Pan 6:37, a trickster element indicating such things as 'panels', 'panics', and possible mystical doings. Yes, the President has set up yet another panel (committee), this time to study the BP-Gulf oil disaster - meanwhile, the people of the Gulf Coast panic from threat to their livelihoods and homes.

But as you know, Jupiter, left behind in late Pisces by quirky Uranus, will catch up for their Great Conjunction on June 8, 2010 (00Ari18) but until then, it's Uranus = AP, an historical marker for 'scientific breakthrough', a term which has already been in the news in recent weeks with synthetic cell creation and other Frankensteinian happenings and explorations (Mt. Everest topping.)

BP's amazing plume cam seems part of Uranus = AP to me for it's as if we're watching the First Moon Landing all over again but 5 miles down on the seabed! As in: on the Moon, ocean = Cancer, ruled by the Moon, etc.

What we need is for Uranus to inspire a brilliant solution for the BP-Gulf oil disaster but perhaps it will take Jupiter's presence on June 8 or later for that to occur especially since both charts (Full Moon and Uranus = AP) show creative genius Uranus separating from aspects with two exceptions: its application to conjoin lucky Jupiter, and secret controller Pluto 4Cap49 Rx and Uranus apply to their titanic square (4A49.)

Yet perhaps the Uranus/Pluto square's energetic and 'revolutionary' content may be used for staunching the leak in the Gulf - if interfering, bossy Pluto will stand out of creative Uranus' way.

And when Jupiter's principle of expansion joins the Uranus/Pluto SQ on June 8, we may wish to consider this midpoint picture for clues:

Jupiter/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous drive to success; publicity; gains; sudden changes in financial conditions; an unusual striving for knowledge and undertanding; a far-seeing creative activity. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Plus, the transiting Chiron/Neptune conjunction, with Neptune (oceans, oil, gas, water, ideals and dreams, deception, confusion, fraud, loss) still in late Aquarius and pull-ahead Chiron @ 00Pis58, reps for the Deepwater Horizon 'blowout' (explosions) - Chiron's wounding under the Neptunian sea - yet Chiron conjoins America's Pre-natal Eclipse degree 00Pis33 (12 South Series) with keywords:

A worrying or draining issue will at first seem worse then clear, with successful outcomes. (Brady's Predictive Astrology)

A "draining" issue will clear! And we have so many draining issues that need clearing.

So with BP beginning the 'top kill' method yesterday to try to staunch the Gash in the Gulf, and with the attempt's outcome becoming apparent today or tomorrow, this is where I'm directing my psychic energy and attention: on America's PE which, in 1776, amounted to freedom and independence by way of a successfully fought revolution.

But as for timing of solutions, 12S manifests again on July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 conjunct difficult Fixed Star Castor. This gives BP and the American people a 6-month time frame for the 'successful outcomes' picture...too long to ponder just now, particularly since '20Cancer' is a critical or crisis degree.

Solar Eclipse effects can influence events up to two weeks post- or prior to the date of the Eclipse which points to a time frame as early as the last week in June.

Well, we know that through the years many rats and termites have taken up residence in the US woodpile (see this blog's description in its header, above), so if you're interested in further reading, try a link-rich article on America, fascism, and financial solutions ignored.

And if you missed it, here's my Dreamyfish Art inspired Film short concerning the BP-Gulf oil spill featuring 'a fish's plea'.

May 13, 2010

Housing is a Human Right! Neptune to US Moon

Taking Back Homes from the Banks

By Bill Quigley

Organizations across the US are engaging in "housing liberation" and "housing defense" to exercise their human rights to housing.

Here are a few examples.#


Mr. Quigley's article concerning various US cities moving people into bank-foreclosed housing reminded me of the upcoming July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse in Cancer, sign of home, housing, real estate, domestic scene, business, and security.

In DC, the July 11 Eclipse occurs in the 8th house of Credit, Debt, Banking, and large amounts of money, and the Eclipse is in the same Series as America's Pre-Natal Eclipse @ 00Pis33 (12S, Feb 19, 1776), the position of transiting Chiron now.

Click the Eclipse link to view the July 11, 2010 chart with details.

The idea of making use of empty houses for those who need shelter is something I had not considered when I wrote of the dissolving effects of the current Neptune-to-US Moon transit, with mundane Moon representing The People; Neptune = dissolving, deceptive, and fraudulent forces (including the media; on other levels: oil, gas, water, ideals, the Divine Source, etc.)

And the Deepwater Horizon oil platform?

Neptune as deepwater also relates to the April 20, 2010 'blowout' in the Gulf of Mexico as a water catastrophe in the homeland (Moon), and Jupiter in Pisces (sign of the sea) describes the expansive 'blowout' since Jupiter broadens 'horizens'.

So depending on which US natal chart you use (n Moon 18 - 28 AQ), Neptune-to-US-Moon has been affecting us for some time with its sense of rootlessness and of being robbed. What I've written previously concerned the phenomenon of people leaving the keys in the mailbox and walking away from their upside down mortgages, and foreclosures (loss of home.)

Adding to the picture of despair and loss has been the recent transit of restrictive Saturn's grim reality to US natal Neptune 22Vi25 (hopes, dreams, illusions) with both planets bringing their own sort of loss and sadness.

My point today is that the movements across the country (as mentioned in Mr. Quigley's article) to set up the unsheltered among us in sitting-empty houses sounds to me like a great way to 'use' these difficult transits and make lemon out of lemonade. Empty houses do no good in any neighborhood, do they?

For after all, Housing is a Human Right!

And if besting our greedy, deceitful banks should occur simultaneously, then 'housing liberation' is an excellent and useful solution on behalf of we-the-people as it positively expresses that housing (Moon) is a basic human right which is a noble Neptunian ideal!

May 3, 2010

UK general election May 6, 2010 then Solar Ecl on UK Moon

The May 6 general election in Britain is being hailed as historic but some people think it will be historic for quite other reasons.

Now the current Solar Eclipse season (from Jan 15, 2010 @ 25Cap01) doesn't particularly affect the UK's natal chart (Jan 1, 1801 12:00 am LMT London; The Circle Book of Charts AFA 1991) by planet but the next Solar Eclipse will.

Solar Eclipses in Saturn-ruled Capricorn emphasize national policy, governmental authority, and corporate and business affairs, while Solar Eclipses in the opposite sign of home-loving Cancer focus on domestic affairs, land and real estate, living conditions, and security issues.

It's the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24 which falls precisely on the UK's Moon, the people (in 10th house) and which will affect the good people of the UK and the nation's public standing, too (10th h.)

Years when Solar Eclipses fall upon Sun or Moon positions of any chart can either be smashingly good with a major stand-out event or bring along an 'eclipsing' of energy and, in the Moon's case, of reigning needs...which will it be? This one is a South Node Eclipse, too, which often work on inner levels rather than outer, plus, secrets may surface which will affect the government-people dichotomy and the outcome of the election, if found out in time...unless the perpetrators are successful in keeping the lid on.

Celeste Teal in her book Eclipses titles the July 11 Eclipse as 'Victory Over Obstacles" but surely the UK's general election outcome won't still be in dispute into July, right?

Well, if results wait until about two weeks prior to July 11, this could be the year that the people of Britain get their wish by a Solar Eclipse's magic wand, if they can figure out which shell-game politician they want to lead their country.

Now, if someone can only do something to stimulate their low voter turnout...then perhaps this may be an historic year for a landslide in the UK!

Jan 11, 2010

Solar Eclipse July 11, 2010: Cardinal T-SQ

Solar Eclipse 19Can24 July 11, 2010 @ 3:40:24 pm edt, White House, Washington, DC; Hour of Venus; ASC 16Soc09 = Saturn/Pluto = Mars/NN; Mc 25Leo24; out-of-sign Cardinal T-SQs (critical degree Saturn 29Vir17): Jupiter/Saturn = Pluto 3Cap42 Rx in 2nd house, and Saturn/Uranus = Pluto; Eclipse in 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Insurance.

Right off the bat you see that this is a difficult Solar Eclipse, don't you? So if you prefer a pie-in-the-sky type of Astrology, you may wish to skip reading this post which concerns politics, business, and financial systems.

Sun/Moon 19Can24 conjoins both the Heliocentric North Node of Pluto, and Fixed Star Castor (sudden fame or loss, murder, mental illness, crippling of limbs - A. Louis.) Celeste Teal adds for Castor the possibilities of decapitation, fevers, and rape.

Midpoints of Sat/Plu and Mars/NN are rising...all, any, or none may apply; details from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey:

Sat/Plu = ASC: cumbersome or difficult circumstances; sadness; bereavement; separation; silent power or continuing influences; concentration upon important matters; assessment of how to work with powerful people.

Michael Munkasey gives the 'Saturn/Pluto' combo in relation to politics and business as: use of secret police or military agencies; restraints on destructive weapons; upsets in existing checks and balances; turmoils in rigid or older structures; earth blocks sewage systems.

That's the Thesis; here's the Antithesis of 'Sat/Plu': secret preparations for future restrictions; keeping affairs private and not open to scrutiny; hoarding resources for potential future disasters; lengthy considerations of removal methods or methods of destruction.

Employing stealth, replacing past rigid habit patterns, correcting the effects of past excesses, and an ability or failure to adequately provide for conditions of future reversals may also be represented by the Sat/Plu blend of harsh energies.

'Mars/NN' = ability to attract or sell military might from others; the use of mercenaries; allies who send military help in times of need; energy or military hardware provided for by treaty. Antithesis: aggressive actions against a nation by hostile countries; warlike acts break treaties; dispersal of weapons or resources without safeguards or without intentions of others that they will pay for them.

Listed on the chart are the two midpoint pictures formed by the T-SQs:

Jup/Sat = Plu: tremendous perseverance; dramatic thrust of ego; fearless; control of the situation; major or violent changes; people unafraid of hard work to attain aims slowly but surely; immense efforts; separation; restriction (see the last paragraph of this post); a total reversal of plans; intense business activities.

Sat/Uran = Plu: concealing changes in one's activities; ending extreme practices that hinder progress; drastic reforms in a previously liberal atmosphere; rigid inflexibility replaces adaptation; violence or brutality; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure; upheaval to protect assets. (You have assets?)

An Eclipse in Cancer personalizes its effects for any nation having strong Cancer placements (US) and indicates a highlighting of issues such as homeland, domestic scene, security issues; consumerism, food crops, milk; business and real estate.

Its 8th house position for the US shows a link to the financial system and economy and may indicate delays of new opportunities for expansion and growth, stress in educational systems (reforms will be costly), long distance travel, publishing and religion; markets fluctuate (perhaps wildly.)

Scandals are always possible when an Eclipse lifts the rock and this Eclipse's 8th house position may bring more revelations concerning frauds, thefts, and deceits.

The July 2010 Solar Eclipse, which Celeste Teal titles 'Victory Over Obstacles', is in the 12 South (12S) Series: 'successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness; a draining issue will at first seem worse, then clear with positive outcomes.' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Well, that sounds fairly decent, right? Wish it were that simple!

12S is America's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) which occurred @ 00Pis33 on Feb 19, 1776. And here wounding/wounded Chiron @ 00Pis19 Rx is, as you see (click chart to enlarge) triggering our nation's PE. (Chiron is 'experiential'.) And now that Chiron has entered nebulous, obfuscating Pisces, oceanic sign of compassion and creativity, can President Obama's Chiron Return be far behind?

Actually, while we're on the subject, let me give the doozy of a Chiron Return for Mr. Obama - it's quite unsual for any return chart because it's a '5-er'...

Barack Obama's Chiron 5Pis19 Rx (born Aug 4, 1961) returns to natal degree:

1. May 21, 2011;
2. June 27, 2011 Rx;
3. Feb 26, 2012;
4. Oct 19, 2012 Rx;
5. Dec 10, 2012.

Yowch! Since this leaves me quite speechless (unusual, I know), yet this list must be left for another time except to say that Mr. Obama's lessons relating to Chiron are massive indeed, and yes, this will affect the country he leads, assuming he completes his term, and that Earth's poles don't shift us to kingdom come by Dec 2012.

Back to July 11, 2010

There are many factors worth discussing in the chart you see pictured here and I trust my able Astrology colleagues online to analyze them in various ways as they emphasize the chart's multi-facets. Therefore, I shall veer a little to a synchronicitous consideration since I deal primarily on this blog with Washington DC and the politicians who infest our nation's capital.

And you, dear reader, have certainly been paying close attention to the corporate bailouts and other shady dealings which Capitol Hill and Wall Street have been perpetrating upon our nation - those which have become impossible for even the most problem-avoiding ostrich to ignore as they culminated in Financial Collapse 2008.

Transiting Pluto, that secret hand and spying saboteur (and Dragon Guarding the Riches) now opposing US natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in Cancer tells a tale of outer forces allied against the US financial system; these transits has been covered here before. And tr Saturn and Pluto have been affecting the Fed's natal chart, too.

So there are two things I want to mention now about the Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24: it triggers a Great Conjunction from the past of two planets that together related directly to financial and industrial titans (global bankers), the Fed, and to religious leaders as well: Jupiter/Pluto, with its 'great desire for power over others' flavor.

Their Great Conjunction of Dec 11, 2007 marks what has been officially touted as the beginning of the current recession. And the brittle, make-or-break, old vs new energies of Saturn/Uranus came into play in Dec 2007 because Jupiter and Pluto met @ 28Sag23 which is precisely where Saturn/Uranus last conjoined at the start of their current cycle: 3x in 1988.

Actually, it would be helpful if you'd read a previous post concerning the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction of Dec 11, 2007, a day when the Fed gave a pronouncement on interest rates after their meeting - perfectly described by Jupiter meeting Pluto.

The post mentions the Saturn/Uranus connection, opposing one another during the 2008 presidential campaign, and the tr *Saturn/Neptune midpoint @ 29Sco07 which, as you know, was the position of our Inauguration 2009 Moon, the people. (Pres. Obama's natal Mc is indicated in late Scorpio as well, though when I wrote the post in Dec 2007, I didn't know he'd become President.)

I'll not update or change the chart but you'll read that I said that, "money is all over the chart," so please check it out and get back to me.

Plus, if you click to enlarge the Jup/Plu chart, you will see the Ic (Foundation of the Matter) and Mc (Aspirations) at critical degrees: 20Can/ the Ic of Dec 11, 2007 will be triggered/transited on July 11, 2010 by the 12S Solar Eclipse 19Can24.

And the second thing?

The Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 conjuncts the degree of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto during the Great Depression: May 26, 1931 @ 19Can16, exact at 10:06 pm, White House. Peep-eye, Fedsters!

Yes, the connection between 1929 and 2008 'collapses' and the Fed's machinations behind the scenes have been mentioned zillions of times in the news media since 2008, so what are the chances that the Fed is intimately involved in both the Crash of 1929 AND the Collapse of 2008? I thought you'd agree.


*Sat/Nep may operate on many levels such as: secret government; deceptive government; delusions among the real leadership; policies that restrict spies; long-lasting programs which have no real purpose; misusing law officers; inefficient use of expert advice; communism; socialism; a dual character; caution; pessimism; loss and grief; illnesses that are difficult to diagnose; deceptions and going to great lengths to keep them hidden; continuing detrimental practices.

Sat/Nep = Moon: hesitation about replacing that which no longer functions as intended (health insurance reforms?); activities which serve no real purpose; increased use of drugs to escape harsh realities; inhibited development; depression; a low character; emotional drain. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)


Something I've been intending to mention: the ongoing Sat/Pluo square and the tunnel conditions that seemingly merit 'underground' (Plu) 'barriers' (Sat) being built by Israel in Palestine and by the US in Mexico. Harsh and cruel. Absolute disaster. Worse for Palestine now, for US and Mexico later, and both relate to crime waves, but they're wasting their time and our money, imho. #


Jan 12, 2010: may I refer you to an excellent analysis left as a Comment under this post by Duse (Jonathan W) concerning the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse chart above? He has previously added great insights to my SO'W offerings and has come through again! jc