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Jun 22, 2010

Austerity Cuts a Huge Mistake: Pluto in Capricorn

This morning I awoke to BBC's reporting of a morning announcement in London of 'austerity cuts' against the good people of the UK and if some had their way in the US we'd be - and probably will be - on the same make-things-worse road as FDR set us on in 1937.

Why, it's almost as if governments want things worse for the people and aren't trying to 'recover' financial systems at all!

Well, they do if all the sky-falling voices are correct (like mine) and the entire 'collapse' is an orchestrated charade that's intended to collapse the global economy so that totalitarianism can have its way with us and a long-planned one-world-government can be instituted.

Such is transformative Pluto traversing governmental Capricorn as in 1776 when America was founded as the 'new world government' on the block - and now Mr. Hades is destructuring governments again. That nationalist governments must fail is a priority for the power elite's New World Order movers and shakers and if individuals fail in the process, too bad - you're merely collateral damage in the class warfare now being waged.

What's also too bad is that so few citizens of the US and elsewhere have taken seriously the warnings about class warfare putting targets on their backs which have been given to anyone who would listen since (at least) the 90s. Successful propaganda campaigns against such heralds of doom have been used to make 'conspiracy theorists' appear to be wacky and off the mark.

Yet in most cases, we, dear reader, are not. Plus, even wacky folk can be right part of the time. I proudly count myself among their number.

Well, perhaps you caught Paul Krugman's June 19 article That 30s Feeling which agrees that austerity cuts will do more harm than good so here's its link for you, just in case.

And though it's true that Mr. Krugman won't mention anything to you about Pluto, Capricorn, or the tearing down of current forms and institutions to make way for a much-promoted yet already-lamented-by-the-people NWO, it's okay because I just did.

We must remember that that's why the power elite has worked for decades to knit all financial systems into a world network in the first place - so that the financial collapse with its subsequent governmental failures would be global when they get ready to pull the final plug.


DD said...

On target again!
During my last sleep I kept rerunning an introduction I was making, of a woman unknown to my waking self, saying "She came through the depression."

When I read your post just now I thought we need to get ready for just such a time period, as I am old and however longer I live it will be hard times. Such a glooming thought, but the standard advice still applies - stay as healthy as possible, taking as few medications as possible, drink lots of water, eat your greens, stay alkaline, own your home, save money for insurance and taxes, have a little bartering spirit and stuff and keep an eye on the dollar - tomorrow it could be just so much toilet paper.

Moving away from the coast is still a must, but my job and home and ... well, silly excuses really.

Each morning I cross Charlotte Harbor on my way to work and take drink in the freedom feeling and feel like myself - open as far as a little boat could take me. When I lived in Colorado Springs, viewing Pikes Peak did that for others, but not me. The mountains make me feel imprisoned.

The wheat fields in North Dakota were like water swaying as far as the eye could see, the corn fields in Iowa felt that way, both nourishing, but sand dunes just look hot and dry and deadly.

So I keep rummaging through my memories to remember a place I loved that wasn't coastal. Where I could live that is nourishing not deadly. Maybe I can change that concept to an living in an RV, or living in my head, or just trying lots of new places until it's I find a place that is not too big or too small, but just right.

Thanks for sounding the clarion call! Yesterday I was listening to NPR and got so overwhelmed I just turned it off feeling "no wonder people give up, blank out, it's all too much."

Your posts keep me open to seeing, hearing, and thinking about others, about the changes that are needed. If just 10 percent of the public, in the U.S. anyway, understood our real challenges and how to meet them I believe we could make a difference for us all.

So keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll admit history of all types were my worst subjects in school. But as far as I know there wasn't some kind of behind-the-scenes orchestration of the founding of America. Totalitarianism led to the new government. Greed and corruption lives on in America, no different than what we tried to get away from really, but I don't understand where this NWO entity comes in, this grand design. I always attributed all the crap we deal with today to the same thing: greed and corruption.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks so much DD for the encouragement to keep on posting!

You know, the top half of GA has some medium sized towns that are nice for a slower pace of living (as long as you stay away from the cesspool that is Atlanta. Don't Go There. Ex: they have barely have drinking water but when a big storm comes up, the city floods like crazy.)

'Austerity' has a negative connotation but really is what we can all use - and many have since 2008 - to strengthen not weaken our situations. It's when a gov does it in spite of the harm and suffering it causes that makes it difficult to accept. But then they Want us in the streets, imho.

Just began reading today Jonathan Alter's The Defining Moment about FDR. Time links abound and 1930s rhetoric sounds all too familiar as i knew it would.

So i assume your parents lived through the Depression as did mine. My point is that they Lived Through It with a better America on the other side.

My prayer is that our generation may be so fortunate.

Best Regards, Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Anonymous! Bless your heart! If you wish to follow up i'd suggest googling Albert Pike. He's be a good start to read about the over-arching Plan and you wouldn't have to go back as far as Adam Weishaupt or Francis Bacon.

Why not give his writings a look?

And i agree w/ you about greed and corruption which can always, by anyone including secret planners with a thirst for worldly power, be counted on for manipulation purposes.

Thanks for your comment,

Jude, the Suspicious

Kieron said...

Why, it's almost as if governments want things worse for the people and aren't trying to 'recover' financial systems at all!

Imagine my shock. :o( Like the oil disaster, if it's not being allowed to happen, then it's certainly actively being made worse.

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.