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Jun 15, 2010

Debtors' Prison revival in US states - Pluto/Chiron thrilled

In-debt Americans who live in Minnesota, Washington, Arkansas, and Arizona are being imprisoned for non-payment until someone comes up with the money.

Draconian debtors' prisons were largely abolished in the US in the 19th century but a weak economy (brought to us by risk-taking, greedy Oilcan Harry types) has put them back on the map as a 'solution' to a dire situation!!

Guess that makes debtors prisons nonabolished - not very 'progressive' for the New Millennium, is it?

Feel you can't go to jail over a few hundred dollars because you have minor kids at home? Too bad, say the states where mustache-twirling Oilcan Harry rules the day and, apparently, the court.

The Pluto/Chiron duo, one of the primary markers in Astrology for oppressive plutocracies everywhere, now approaches 3 Aquarius in transit. '3AQ' is the position of rich man Jupiter in the Inauguration 2009 chart, 10th house. Old Oilcan is really outdoing himself these days playing one of his favorite board games: class warfare.

And the ongoing Cardinal T-Squares of various planets and the difficult Cardinal Cross energies are the sugar in his tea.

I mention sugar in tea because I finally watched the excellent film Amazing Grace last evening and recommend it highly to anyone who likes historical drama and wants to know about the fight against the slave trade led in the English Parliament by William Wilberforce.

Since 'slave trade' is a huge hoofprint for Pluto/Chiron, I looked up MP Wilberforce who was born August 24, 1759 in Kingston Upon Hull, England. And you know what surprised me about his chart? Radical, disruptive Uranus @ 00Ari16 Rx! While he sleeps at Westminster Abbey these many years, he is in process of having a Uranus Return made exceptional by the June 8, 2010 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus @ 00Ari18!

Well, perhaps this planetary event should awaken him as Uranus contacts tend to do, for it seems the world again needs his dedicated work fighting for moral principles - yet depressive Saturn in late degrees of Virgo now tamps down William Wilberforce's natal Mercury 28Vir09 (noon chart; birth time unknown.)

Yes, the Pluto/Chiron-esque topic of this post depresses me, too, on behalf of my fellow Americans in financial trouble - meanwhile, the US Senate dilly dallies over extending unemployment benefits (as homes and autos are lost) and whispers behind closed doors about how to cut Social Security benefits while keeping their individual pawprints off the measure.

No report yet on whether senators' mustaches are twirling like pinwheels.

Perhaps I'll quit typing now and go look for other topics of interest...such as President Obama's televised speech from the Oval Office tonight concerning the BP Oil disaster, a catastrophe which has a loud Pluto/Chiron ring to it for disenfranchised Gulf Coast residents, don't you think?

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