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Jun 21, 2010

Horoscope of US Solar Return 2010

Here is the horoscope of the moment the Sun returns to its natal position in America's Sibly chart (5:10 pm LMT July 4, 1776) with our nation's natal Mercury Rx rising, as you see. The first natal planet to rise in a Return chart sets the precedence for events to follow; natal house rising here is US n 8th house of Shared Resources and Transformation.

It's an Hour of the Moon (fluctuations; changes), with Sun (the leader) in secretive 12th house where most political deals are made but which may indicate some loss of strength for the President especially with the interlaced square (135 degr) from Neptune to Sun; Moon (the people) is in feisty Aries, 10th house (see Moon trine Venus, below)...Moon in Aries = we are the people; a 10th house SR Moon shows publicity with any errors tending to be noticed by all.

SR Moon in Aries is a marker for new directions yet these days, aggression against the people cannot be ruled out; SR Moon's trine to Venus in 2nd house indicates aid in finding that new direction and may show on one level pay-outs in the Gulf region due to the BP-Gulf Oil fiasco as Gulf Coast families and workers reorganize their lives.

In fact, the BP-Gulf Oil disaster, shown by Neptune conj Piscean Chiron in 8th house of Big Money and Transformation, has a SR midpoint upon Neptune, ruler of oil, gas, water, spiritualty, the urge to merge, illusions, deception, and fraud...

Moon/Pluto = Neptune: a feeling of fate; fear of the unknown; feeling somehow weakened; ESP; sensitivity; lack of willpower; depression; miracles are sought as a solution to immediate problems.

(Note: all midpoint pictures represent any, all, or none potentials and are subject to transits and progressions through the SR year; all are from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey.)

Click chart to enlarge, for as usual, my scribbly notes are added - Outer, highlighted in green are US natal placements, and in pink are some of President Obama's natal placements. Marked in red are three T-square patterns, one of which is particular to SR 2010 @ Mc, the Goal Point of the chart:

Sun/NN = Mc: meetings that include recognition for past work; becoming prominent through associations; fighting other people's battles.

In this post I won't list Cardinal apex Pluto details in its T-Squares because I've done so previously such as in my post on the upcoming Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 which shows the same Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Pluto involvements but with Pluto in 2nd house.

ASC 24Can46 indicates that 'watery' Cancerian matters are first-up which include nurturing, security, domestic and food supply concerns, business interests, and wet conditions such as flooding (and the outrageous BP mess in the Gulf.)

Chart-ruler Moon 22Ari53 makes only one applying aspect in the chart (well, two if you count a square to ASC 1A53 = emotional bias, a victim of habit, shared anxieties; therefore, SR Moon squares US n Mercury = emotions confuse judgment, fact vs fiction, oversensitivity to criticism.)

Moon's only applying aspect is a trine to Venus (1A26) from 10th house to Venus in 2nd house of Values, Earning Ability, and Relationships, with Venus ruling 4th house of Domestic Scene which has an unfortunate midpoint picture formed that points to an apex Saturn - US natal Saturn in Libra.

SR Pluto/ASC = n Saturn: oppressive dealings with others; remaining aloof, detached, or uninvolved. This picture and chart will affect us all year since a Solar Return (SR) is in effect until the next birthday.

Even so, a positive Moon/Venus trine indicates good intentions and optimism, something we could all profit from and which would keep us from collectively envisioning a worst-case scenario that then comes true. However, honesty and sincerity are needed for this aspect to work its magic - instilling these values in our children and encouraging them in others will be the best way forward.

Voluptuous, sensuous Venus also rules a Taurean-based 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes & Wishes which is where trickster Pan of panic fame and gold-hoarding Midas are placed; Sun/Moon midpoint 3Gem06 is there as well and shows where balance between conscious and unconscious minds may be found.

As you see, SR Mercury 21Can32 is rising, ruled by the Moon, and just 2 days before our US Mercury Return of July 6; Moon/Mercury contacts have political implications such as: speeches geared to the masses; enhanced communications between leaders and the common people; propaganda efforts (this supports my assertion about the US Merc/Plu opposition rising, below); excitement about popular causes; restlessness among workers over business or commerce; compiling/analyzing attitudes of the people (pollsters, reporters, bloggers, etc); agricultural statistics. (Munkasey); criticism, gossip, calumny; authors, mentally active women, and young girls. (Ebertin.)

And as mentioned, America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition is immediately on the horizon of the SR 2010 year with its 'propaganda, intelligence activities, secrets and subversions, breakdowns in road networks' (and other networks, perhaps), and 'self-destructive tendencies in business' influences. Plus, control and subversion of the media is a long standing problem since Day One in the US and is an important issue - tactic - here.

Yes, internet access may be a big part of the Mercury/Pluto picture with Congress now threatening new regulations to control knowledge and information. With ASC, Merc/Plu intensifies the need for control over info, its sources, and its dissemination.

The ASC contact here gives our n Merc/Plu opposition an outlet for its intense energies.

There's a closed circuit of energies between chart-ruler Moon (ruled by Mars), Mars (ruled by Mercury), and Mercury (ruled by Moon.) Worrisome preoccupations, criticism, nervous irritations, and clarifying of objectives may ensue as emotions, thoughts, and actions circle round and round.

A 6th house (Police; Military; Preparedness) Pluto 3Cap52 Rx continues his onslaught against US n Venus like a cat arguing with a mouse (n Venus = '4Can' = "A Cat Arguing with a Mouse"; Plu opposing Venus = jealousy, manipulation, and challenges to our values, priorities, legalities, and possessions.

The transiting Saturn/Neptune midpoint keeps up its pressure on US n ASC ('13Sag')...

SR Sat/Nep = n ASC: oppressive family circumstances; emotional suffering caused by others; noticing the pretenses or false intentions of others; correction of long standing areas of disappoint is inhibited; feeling confined; sense of being out of the group.

In 3rd house of Communications, Neighborhoods, and Elementary Schools is a pretty pickle: Mars 15Vir28 and Saturn 28Vir53 form a midpoint upon US natal Neptune 22Vir25...

SR Mars/Saturn = n Neptune: feeling threatened; self-torment about identity; insufficient power to overcome all obstacles; waning powers and weakening efforts; undermining of vitality through gas, oil, or epidemic (BP-Gulf Oil gusher? jc); a grievous loss; a mysterious death.

As you know, Saturn will again conjunct US n Mc soon (@ World Point 00Lib53 in Sibly chart) which will perfect the Cardinal T-Squares you see here with apex Pluto thus strengthening them. And transiting Saturn to n Mc brings a time of major changes to one's standing in the world with Saturn's accountability factor on display.

One of the most karmic spots in any horoscope, the 12th cusp, has our aggressive n Mars upon it which doesn't bode well for troop withdrawal said to be scheduled for July 2011 - just at or after the end of SR 2010's influence. Not that it won't happen, but as we all know, withdrawal will be a dangerous operation whenever it occurs, from Iraq or Afghanistan.

On that topic, transits to US n Mars from July 2010 and beyond July 2011 will be watched by this astrologer especially since anything affecting our nation's n Mars affects our n Mars/Neptune square with its 'deceptive actions; confused motivations' vibes. Please do let me know if you notice anything.

And the same may be said for anything affecting US n Sun since we sport a Sun/Saturn square natally from way back in 1776: this ties in with the oppressive midpoint pic mentioned with Pluto/ASC = n Saturn and may show tremendous pressures being put on the President (Sun) for he is experiencing and/or using 'oppressive dealings with others' as well.

Now you see the adventurous, exploring, 'scientific breakthrough' pairing of Uranus at Aries Point with expansive Jupiter nearby, both in 9th house of Long Distance Travel, Philosophy, Higher Education, and Foreign Enemies, and both conjunct US n Ic.

Uranus ruled by Mars is quite the activist and possibly a disruptive hothead, and Jupiter ruled by Mars is ready for action but has a potential to over expand or take too many risks. As noted in a previous post, Jupiter/Uranus opposite US n Mc = optimisim and a fortunate turn in life (all righty then!)

But there's still the ongoing Neptune to US n Moon, we-the-people

With 8th house SR 2010 Neptune @ 28AQ24 Rx (in karmic degree with karmic Saturn 28Vir53 (inconjunct = deception within societal leadership), we find that our Moon is conjoined to nebulous Neptune indicating dissolving circumstances, homelessness, refugeeism, and fraud against the people (and by the people); our sense of rootlessness continues apace until US SR 2011 when Neptune will be @ 00Pis39 Rx, Chiron 5Pis09 Rx, and President Obama's Chiron Return will be underway. Neptune will remain within orb of US natal Moon but weaker and the BP-Gulf Oil disaster will still be 'with' us.

The dotted line added to this chart as a YOD pattern indicates the serious nature and crisis condition which continue in the financial realm: Sun sextile Mars = SR 2010 8th cusp. A Sun/Mars sextile indicates a tendency to micro-manage with a need to maintain integrity without resorting to conflict or aggression. Provocation should be avoided but with today's Washington, I ask you: what are the chances of that? However, if efficient financial reform is the outcome, I'm all for it.

Well, I must be typing your head off by now if you've managed to read this far - kudos! So I shall close with this: the Venus/Neptune opposition across the Money/Values axis (2/8.) The pairing of Venus/Neptune energies indicates an inflated treasury, using inflation to control or manipulate the economy, and wealth derived from oil, gas, or chemicals. (btw: Venus/Neptune is one of the signatures of the Vatican.)

This opposition may bring exaggerations or misstatements concerning internal resources, scandals over deceptive practices within the treasury, subversive people who desire access to financial systems (including hackers), spies in the financial branches, monetary fraud, and art deceptions.

How totally par for Washington's course!


DD said...

OK, I really want to understand this:
The first natal planet to rise in a Return chart sets the precedence for events to follow; natal house rising here is US n 8th house of Shared Resources and Transformation.

I'm looking at my own chart and trying to apply this concept and am lacking skills.

So, if my solar return rising sign is 25 Scorpio - the planet of Pluto.

And the first natal sign in Scorpio closest to the solar return house rising sing sign are sun at 15 Scorpio, then mercury 16 degrees Scorpio, mercury is the planet ruler in my solar return with the sun a close second.

Since all is scorpio, pluto, then my solar return pluto at 1 degree Sag in the second house is where the action is taking place?

Sorry to be so dense, but I would
like to apply what you are teaching.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi DD, you have a Solar Return chart calculated? So take its ASC and locate that degree/sign in your natal chart to see which natal house is rising. This will be a focus of the year for you. The ASC sign's ruler is the SR chart's ruler. (With Scorpio i say 'Mars rules, with Pluto as co-ruler' but most people use Pluto for Sco, i guess.)

Then whichever of your n planets comes right afer '25Sco' is your 1st natal planet to rise (for your SR year.) It can be a few signs after Sco, as long as it's 1st to rise after in zodiacal order - in the case you mention '25Sco' puts those issues upfront for dealing with for the SR year.

But your 1st n planet to rise is probably connected in your chart to other planets by aspect so all of that is brought up in the SR, plus the area of life (house) where the planet resides in your natal chart.

House rulerships must be factord in too - say, Mercury is 1st to rise in your SR and is in your n 4th house but rules the houses with Gem and Virgo on the those houses (and the planets that Mercury aspects) will be calling for your attention!

Also, watch transits to your SR chart planets - and angles which are often times when events occur.

And you know that - for ex - the SR Angular houses - 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th - represent in a bunch the first 4 months of your personal year, the Succedent houses are the 2nd 4 months,& Cadents the last 4 months until your next b-day. So you're taking the 12 houses of the SR chart and dividing them by 3 which divides the year into 4-month segments (Angular, Succedent, Cadent) which is good for timing purposes.

Let me know if you have any more Qs - hope that helps and isn't too jumbly! Jude

Jonathan said...

Well, to begin with, Jude, this SR Chart has Action! Action! Action! written all over it. From the Cardinal Angles to the Aries Moon high in the most public House in the Sky, things will be happening.

But with that SR Sun in the 12th -- albeit very loosely conjunct Mercury which is conjunct the Ascendant -- the BIG things may not happen until later in the year. And one thing -- one very important thing -- the Chart didn't show was the placement of the South Node.

The South Node is conjunct the Sun and rising in the chart. And that's not good. It's a bit like jogging on a thick sheet of very slippery ice. You can never catch your footing, you're always slipping, and you just cannot for the life of you get ahead! It's four steps forward and ten very long steps back. A very frustrating situation. And, as the Sun represents our President, one can anticipate him feeling very depressed and stuck and absolutely unable to move anything forward.

(Obama's Mars Return takes place on July 17 and has Saturn tightly conjunct the Ascendant with Mars hiding out in the 12th. Enough said.)

Which leads us to that SR Moon in Aries. You want to talk impatient? Pissed off? Angry and no longer willing to listen to the spin and b.s. and pretty rhetorical flourishes? The American People this year will have had It. Up. To. Here. with DC and President Obama. And, being in the 10th House, they'll be more than happy to grab their bullhorns and let the world know.

That square to Mercury and the Ascendant, though, doesn't bode well for one cohesive message or any sense of organization. They want to be heard, but aren't quite sure how. Which is why you may find lone people acting out very publicly with very big, publicity-grabbing events. Could there be death involved? Well, with the loose sextile to Chiron/Neptune -- Neptune ruling the 8th House --, yeah, there could be. An act of martyrdom based on delusion (Neptune) caused by the constant wounding (Chiron) of being invisible to one's Government (quincunx Saturn).

As for Finances, the 2nd House is ruled by the Sun which is conjunct the South Node. The slippery, can't get your footing South Node. And with Neptune ruling the 8th House and that Neptune conjunct Chiron and all of that sextile the impatient, angry, when's it going to be my turn?-Aries Moon, well, need I say more? Sexitles aren't immediately "good". They just lend a bit of support. And this Aries Moon will find no trouble accessing support from that Neptune/Chiron.

It's interesting that Saturn rules the 7th House of Partnership and is in an out-of-step and need to adjust quincunx with Neptune/Chiron and has no relationship whatsoever with that Aries Moon. Well, perhaps a Yod which gives that whole mix-up even more oomph ... as if it needs it.

You know, I keep looking for the levity in this chart and, even with Venus in Leo in the 2nd -- in opposition to that Neptune/Chiron, so expect more Everything Is Fine Happy Talk that Aries Moon ain't gonna buy --, there isn't any.

This chart is all about Action! and with the Moon high in the sky, the Sun (President) hampered by a sticky-wicky South Node, and the Government setting into the 4th House to hide away in time for Midterms, I would say the People are going to be driving this bus.

Though, in light of that square to Mercury/Ascendant, I'm not sure they know where exactly they're going to be driving it.

Jude Cowell said...

Fantastic analysis as always, Jonathan, thanks!

And yes, the SN to our national Sun has been a problem since April-May and i had blogged about it previously as an isolating, separating factor for Pres Obama.

Now we see that Gen McCrystal is one of the 'casualties' of separation along with Rahm Emanuel's announcement that he's leaving the W-H after mid-terms...there will be others to undoubetedly follow.

So i'm glad you emphasized it here in the US SR since it is established as a separating factor until July 2011. As Letterman likes to say, i wouldn't give (Pres Obama)'s troubles to a monkey on a rock.

Thanks so much for actively weighing in and hope you are doing well, Jude

Jude Cowell said...

undoubtedly! ;p