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Jul 8, 2010

Is US Gulf Coast under military occupation?

Folks who know more about such things than this blogging gnat ever could are saying that military occupation of our Gulf Coast region is underway...more shades of Katrina's aftermath? Part of a process to bring 'change' to America?

Now the majority of Americans are busy going about their daily rounds, taking care of business, and attempting to keep up with bill paying so if they hear this sort of news, military guns seem to be a good idea - for the sake of 'protection' and 'security', as they're propagandized to think.

And we know that US natal Ceres Rx @ 8Pis41 (security needs, issues) conjuncts our natal Pluto/Chiron 8Pis50, the plutocratic duo of oppression, primal violence, nationalism, and other -isms that keep people divided and under control.

But is something more sinister going on on the Gulf Coast? Is the Dobyns version of the US natal chart descriptive of military rule with US natal Mars at Midheaven, the Goal Point of any horoscope? After all, wherever Gemini appears in a horoscope we find duality, multiplicity, and possibly deception, as you know, with Mercury's trickster tendencies having outlet for expression (especially on an angle such as the Mc.)

And the US n Mars/Neptune square places Neptune rising in the Dobyns version of our birth chart as surveillance of US citizens is being ramped up in direct opposition to our country's 'freedom documents'. Dubya did many things in order to set it up with 9/11 as justification and shield, Obama took the baton and is running toward the finish line.

Sometimes I think that Eisenhower's 'warning' about a takeover of a "military industrial complex" was more of a promise than a warning coming from a military General in charge. (Check online and you'll find pages on how 'Eisenhower' was a fake name for a set-up identity! Reminds me of the Obama birth certificate question and it wouldn't surprise me if his identity is fake, sad to say.)

Well, in yesterday's post on the Dobyns chart, I neglected to note (for it's been mentioned here before and a thousand other places) that in 2006, US natal Mars turned retrograde by progression for the first time in US history, a condition which indicates a turning inward of our martian energies (astrological Mars is energy, action, and motivation) so that setting up a police state, riots, protests, strikes, and acts of terrorism - including false flag ops - are bigger potentials now for mainland USA.

Increase of our prison population (especially males) is, of course, likely as the rumors of ramping up of prison and holding pen construction spreads across the land. Well, the US prison system is overflowing already so more building is necessary if you're about to clamp down on dissenters, malcontents, and criminals - the irony being that the elite at the top can be as criminal as anyone - in many cases, more so, for the world is now beset with a win-at-any-cost crime syndicate tentacled across the globe.

Yet one good potential for our Secondary Mars Rx, imho, would be for our troops to withdraw from where they shouldn't have been in the first place. Army boots on holy sand is a picture that's always had something deeply wrong with it.

Anyway, I'll hush now and let you listen to the video, if you will, and will be interested in your opinion on the military occupation of the Gulf Coast issue, if you'll take a mo to leave a comment. Thanks.

(And a special Thanks to Kieron for kindly replying to my previous post's plea! You ask about US Presidents who were Freemasons - the verified lists of members I find tend to end with Gerald Ford. But Clinton is rumored to have links to FM as well as Bush Sr, and the Rhodes Scholarship program may be part of the agenda as may be the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, 'knights' organizations, Shriners, literary groups, and others. Here's a link with some interesting info on the opinions of John Adams and John Q. Adams concerning early Freemasonry, and notice FM George Washington's view about how any institution can be perverted - it's near the end of the page. My thought is that our more recent Presidents have had sense enough - or been warned - to disguise their true affiliations, and/or the organization only releases presidential members' names at some point after they're deceased. Then the rooster crows. jc)

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