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Aug 27, 2010

Astrology: Dueling Rallies in DC - Beck v Sharpton 8.28.10

If you've been in a cave lately you may have missed the news of two rallies being held in Washington DC tomorrow, August 28, one to mark the 47th anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr's I Have a Dream speech which was delivered at the Lincoln Memorial and which will be led by former civil rights activist Al Sharpton and the other led by erstwhile Obama opponents, FOX News and its prevailing mouthpiece, Glenn Beck.

Billed as a rally to honor our troops (who could use it), Beck's logic is somewhat turned on its head when one remembers Reverend King's opposition to the Vietnam War and America's tendency to use her less well-connected citizens to fight rich men's wars. For oddly enough, it's the FOX News-Beck rally being held at the Lincoln Memorial and Beck has claimed that he didn't at first realize the rally was scheduled for anniversary of MLK's famous speech - and in the exact same location at Lincoln's feet.

That Beck was unaware is difficult for me to fall for, how about you? But if true, perhaps a refresher course in US history may be in order for Mr. Beck and his colleagues who should have advised him. Methinks it more likely there's a skunk hiding in the woodpile!

Be that as it may, we know the ongoing Cardinal T-Square gives the same old difficult midpoint picture it's been giving the world of late between the two societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and manipulative string-puller Pluto in Capricorn. On the morrow, one is tempted to say that Pluto represents the powers-behind-the-FOX-News-rally, the Koch Brothers, who have funded much of the Tea Party's efforts in order to get people in the streets and undermine President Obama's term in the White House, to rally GOP voters - and to assure ballooning corporate profits for the Koch family.

That honest grasroots Tea Party members don't speak out about the whackiness of being funded by a massive corporation whose fortune has been made in several realms including petroleum and the manufacture of known carcinogenic, formaldehyde, is beyond me. Don't they feel their movement to be co-opted and secretly directed by those with quite a different agenda than taking back our government - co-opted by those who hide their faces and true motives?

Jupiter/Saturn = Pluto: transforming personal ideas about the future into today's reality; intense business activity; a total reversal of previously made plans; immense effort; toil; violent restrictions; separation. (All mdpt pics in this post from R. Ebertin; M. Munkasey.)

The point of meetings and encounters, the North Node (NN; 10Cap16) of the Moon (with the separative SN now in the midst of US natal planets in Cancer: will calls for Geithner's and Summers' firings lead to separation from the president?) nears its worrisome conjunction with tr Pluto on November 9, 2010 @ 3Cap36 - the Moon conjoins and possibly triggers them @ 3:13 pm est in DC; Pluto/NN = Moon: others arouse sensitive passions; uncertainties after meeting powerful people; the ups and downs of encounters taken to extremes)...but for Saturday's rallies, Pluto and NN remain approximately 7 degrees apart.

Here are three midpoint pictures which center on Saturday's NN and which you may find to be quite descriptive of the planned activities:

Mars/Jupiter = NN: increased ability to push your ideas and plans on others; attracting people who have similar ideas about the use of force in competitive activities (November 2010 midterms? jc); good cooperation dynamics.

Venus/Jupiter = NN: making proper connections with people able to support your ideas or causes; joining groups that value your opinions; meetings where feedback is received about your doctrines or ideas.

Venus/Uranus = NN: attention-getting methods that use disruption; intensification of feelings leads to new associations.

Well, it's after midnight so I shall close with a bit on the rallies' Sun Virgo-Moon Aries combo whose traits include...diligence; idealistic dedication; caustic wit; bossiness; committed; workaholic; skillful and pragmatic; a tendency toward scathing criticism; excessive verbosity; possessing a know-it-all attitude.

(Note: this is the natal Sun-Moon combination of Dick Cheney.) (Correction: not so! see Comments below this post: Cheney's natal Sun is in AQ w a Pisces Moon - thanks a bunch for catching it, Pete! jc)

This Sun-Moon combo has one Image for Integration: A jolly, rotund monk enjoying his food and wine while excelling in well-worn Latin sayings, witty responses, and kindly good humor. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

A 'rotund monk' (Beck?) and Sarah Palin, too? Well, 'kindly good humor' does sound lovely, doesn't it?

Yet this day of duelling rallies in DC should be quite interesting, emotionally manipulative in time for November elections, and full of agitation and exaggeration. And perhaps it's catty of me to say so, but I will be listening closely for Palin's erudite remarks in Latin.

That's an inventive verbosity I'd really like to hear.


Astroplethoramaman said...

Jude, I find your take on the "Sun Virgo-Moon Aries combo" spot on, but I think you're in error on Cheney's. I recall Aquarius-Pisces.
Perhaps a jolly, rotund monk, a bit in his/her cups, will let something slip, eh? It's that Mercury retrograde time.

Jude Cowell said...

Oh dear yes, thank you very much for catching that!!

i failed to read the rest of my own notation under 'Sun Vir-Moon Ari' - it doesn't say Dick Cheney' it says: "Dick Cheney Conv speech 9/1/04 NYC". He looked more than a little monkish that evening as i remember.

i try never to think of him these days and forgot he's an AQ w a mystical Pisc Moon:

'A scientist sings grand opera...A brilliant inventor takes a sabbatical on a desert island.'

An evasive visionary w a 'universal outlook' (toward the nwo, i'm thinkin'.) Inventive? That we know.

;p jude