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Aug 21, 2010

Is the "Make Home Affordable" program a scam?

Hi Ho Silver, the Bankster Gang rides again!

Chase Home Finance needed better PR for its brand and wanted a bunch more empty houses on its ledgers so it set up the Make Home Affordable program which seems to be a grand stalling tactic where homes are foreclosed on no matter how many times you send in the papers and documentation they ask for - they can't seem to hold on to the boogers.

Click to read one man's conclusions as he journeyed into mortgage madness.

Wonder if the sheriff, President Obama, knows about this?

Well, we know that watery Neptune's fraudulent streak still affects US natal Moon (the people) in Aquarius so deception and home losses continue, with more floods on the way, too. Wonder how Tennessee is doing since its 1000-year flooding in May 2010?

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