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Aug 19, 2010

Will US billionaire donors aid Americans, too?

Excerpt: Two weeks ago, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and 40 other billionaires pledged to donate at least half of their fortunes to philanthropy, either while still alive or after death. Is America a country so blessed with affluence that it can afford to give away billions, just like that?

Oh yes, I've wanted to post something about this since it was announced because if Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett and pals want to aid someone, why not struggling Americans? Didn't much of their fortunes generate from US shores, at least originally? The Land of Opportunity needs a little help from her friends, if she can only find them. Bill?

For a view from abroad on the topic, here's the Der Speigel article I snagged the above excerpt from which discusses the American Middle Class, now perilously at the top of the endangered species list, and the generosity of US philanthropists.

America's demise is simply part of the power elite/world crime syndicate's stealthy globalization agenda. We see it now 2+ years after the worst financial collapse since the 1930s as big banks hoard and squirrel away billions in profits while US jobs that were 'outsourced' over the last decades are never to be applied for again.

Perhaps Mr. Gates can donate some mega moola to protect Microsoft jobs from the axe next time, hmm?

And you know, it enraged me years ago when it was revealed that phone service jobs sent to other countries meant that the private account information of US citizens were then available for viewing (or whatever) by foreign workers and other entities who might wish to nose into our private business in an unsavory fashion. This is precisely the kind of foreign economic intrigue that President Andrew Jackson fought against though its exact form was unimagined in his day, of course.

Say what you will about Jackson (and my Cherokee heritage will be right there with ya), he knew what dangers lurked in the merging of US interests with who-knows-whom and the extreme stupidity (if you care about US sovereignty) of America intra-banking with nations which we might one day wage war
against. A narrow view perhaps, but a salient point nonetheless.

Nowadays, our globalist-minded politicians act like everything is hunky dory, we just need to 'prop up' the capitalist system and keep it creaking along. Obviously, and by all accounts, there's still big money to be made by following such a shakey course. Not for America's Middle Class, but for mysterious someones.

Meanwhile, astrologers know that Pluto's transit through Capricorn will eventually lead to a Pluto Return for America which, due to Pluto's 248-year orbit, naturally will be the first time in US history - and to the destruction and transformation of Capricorn institutions such as business systems, law, government, and banking.

Even America's history (Cap/Saturn) is ripe for a major rewrite by
He of the Invisible Helmet

Now 2022 brings us a Pluto Return for the US if our nation remains intact by the time the global power elite and world banking cartel get done fleecing us in the 12 years hence.

Here is a brief astro-snapshot of 2022's US Pluto Return/s (n Pluto 27Cap33 Rx - '28Cap' = "A Large Aviary") which, due to Pluto's retrogradation, is a three-fer:

1. Feb 20, 2022; Hour of Jupiter; Mercury/Mars = Pluto criticism with a pasion; knowing just what's wring with the world; involved in big arguments;

2. July 11, 2022; Hour of Mars; Mercury/Saturn = Mars: turning drive into tyranny; risking everything to make one's point; no compromise; Saturn/NN = Jupiter: rebellion; freeing oneself from stress; the generation gap;

3. December 28, 2022: Hour of Mercury; Moon/Pluto = Saturn: constraint; depression; pressure to regroup forces and plan anew; inclination to feelings of loss; Venus/Neptune = Saturn: a new look at realism is needed; fear of losing the dream; Sun/Mars = Neptune: difficulty concentrating; feeling off track; possible loss of vitality.

(All midpoint pictures from th eexcellent Noel Tyl; all, any, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions.)

Ah, yes: fear of losing The American Dream of Prosperity - which now seems to be morphing into The Chinese Dream. But maybe it will morph yet again by 2022.


A further note on the global elite take-over: it's being reported today that even Fidel Castro is interested in such plans being implemented by the shadowy Bilderberg Group!

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Clymela said...

Oh!! dear one, I have been thinking of this supposed charity of Gates and the cheery kid of Omaha and I am thrown back to my own little lizard brain way of getting through life. If their charities are so wonderful why don't they give it up now and replace the jobs we have lost such as the telephone answering jobs you refer to.
Somehow I don't trust the guys who wanted ALL the toys and wouldn't share when they were here. Somehow even though inoculations in Africa are very important I think that jobs here are also important lest we rely on Gates charity as well to spare our children. These guys plain scare me and that is it.