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Oct 5, 2010

The fake news of Jon Stewart

Unless I misunder-remember, it was in 1999 that Jon Stewart took over hosting duties on The Daily Show which was already a favorite program at my house. Jon was familiar to us from his stints on M-TV and from his comedy routines so my daughter and I in particular were thrilled that he joined and subsequently turned the show into a fake news report each night. News anchor Stewart helps the American people deal with the madness and corruption of Washington politics, you know?

For in a town where the denizens are psychotically separated from the truth (and even when they know it, won't tell us), Jon's style of fake news is more honest and realistic than the false reality scenarios and propaganda Washington force feeds us.

So in case you missed it, do check out the interview Jon did recently with NPR for insights into our national treasure, the crazy comedian full of political common sense and blessed with good timing.

Treat yourself by reading the text or have yourself a listen!

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