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Oct 4, 2010

Libran New Moon over DC 10.7.10 (Oct-Nov 2010)

Today I'm looking at the horoscope of Thursday October 7, 2010's New Moon 14Lib24 which perfects over Washington DC at 2:44:25 pm edt (using Solar Fire software as always) and falls in the 9th house of that location.

Rising is one of the degrees of the Great Conjunction/s of the Illumination pair of energies, Uranus and Neptune: 19Cap44. At Midheaven, the Goal Point, is 12Sco49 with Venus 13:14 and Mars 15:33 in 10th house; it's an Hour of Venus so relationship and evaluation issues are indicated.

With Saturn 8Lib35 as chart-ruler and Mercury 7Lib25, both in 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Big Business, Transformation, and the Occult, their conjunction of Oct 8, 2010 7:40 pm edt at 8Lib40 bosses around October 7's New Moon along with the lunation's ruler, Venus. The New Moon's 8th cusp 2Vir40 is ruled by Mercury which only applies to its conj with Saturn.

The Mercury/Saturn combo relates to caution or frustration during planning sessions, directness or forthrightness in a leader's reasoning, treaties that contain difficult compromises, impasses, delayed or hindered negotiations, and computer programming methods. Saturn makes no other applying aspects in the chart.

However, the 1993 conj of Uranus and Neptune rises which makes it angular (having an energy outlet in the chart) and something of a determinator as well. We may expect issues from 1993 to be on the menu for the next two weeks, or for four weeks, if you count the Full Moon of October 22, 2010 (@ 29Ari33, a critical degree) as the fulfillment phase for the seeds planted during Oct 7's New Moon in Libra.

Uranus/Neptune = ASC: enhanced concentration toward goals; views of others which are gained through insight or intuition; instability; hypersensitivity; anxieties; impressionability. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Michael Munkasey gives the Uranus/Neptune pair as 'changes in social and political structures due to new ideals and dreams of the future' (a NWO-totalitarian future, as the power elites would have it! jc); 'sudden upsurges in the availability of illegal drugs' (the better to weaken us with? jc); 'groups formed to exploit oil or chemical resources; subversion using a new method of acquiring information' (PROMIS tracking software? jc)

There is another prominent midpoint picture formed by the New Moon of Oct 7: its conjunction to US natal Saturn 14Lib48 (which was conjoined on 9/11/01 by transiting Mercury - the calls for a serious investigation of 9/11 and the unexplained collapse of WTC7 are getting louder...)

Sun/Moon = n Saturn: renunciation; separation; increased restrictions over progress; addressing problems; a weakened system.

America is in process of her Saturn Return so 'all things Saturn' (including accountability) are in the news and on the evolutionary calendar; the 'fall from grace' flavor of having Saturn in 10th house (US natal Sibly chart) seems to be fulfilling itself before our very eyes.

By now, you're reminded of the Middle East peace process and its elusive yet promised creation of a Palestinian state according to the international concensus. And since New Moons mark the start of new cycles of activity, perhaps Justice Elena Kagan's beginning work this week with SCOTUS is indicated as well since US natal Saturn relates to the Scales of Justice (Libra) and the law (Saturn); the Moon may always signify a woman and the people in a mundane astrology chart.

Astrology is all about levels upon which energy expresses, isn't it? And since many levels of Life express simultaneously, Astrology describes the complexity of it all for the astro-sleuths among us.

Looking Ahead

Also of consideration is Venus' Rx station on October 8, 2010 which begins her 40 days of re-evaluation and diplomatic reviews; plus, upcoming soon is November 9's 'mass destiny' pair of Pluto/North Node hooking up at 3Cap36 and joined by the Moon at 3:13 pm est which may describe extreme measures being taken and/or magnified ambitions.

Plus, the November 2 midterm elections fit snugly within the busy celestial calendar of the next few weeks and I hope all Americans who can will get out and vote.

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