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Oct 30, 2010

October Surprise a false flag? Nov midterms 2010

With corporate media's panties in a bunch over what may be only a false flag op staged by a US government frightened that establishment candidates may be kicked out of Washington on November 2, we may wish to consider an alternate news source concerning the bombs-that-weren't-then-were bombs on planes heading to America.

And of course, tightening airport security always follows these episodes no matter how fluffy they turn out to be. Is the message: don't kick out the bums who 'foil' terrorist plots (even if they're the bums who set them up to keep us fearful and subdued)?

This Packages From Yemen airplane/bomb story certainly took over the news from the midterm elections, didn't it? Now if a 'new' bin Laden tape appears, our Halloween bag of soft-centered, nutty political tricksters will be overflowing!


Anonymous said...

UPS doesn't service Yemen. The story seems to have morphed once this detail became known. My my, another set-up begins to collapse...

Jude Cowell said...

thanks for the link! jc