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Dec 14, 2018

Horoscopes: Yemen - North and South

Dual image: Yemen North (lower left; September 27, 1962 '12:00 pm BAT -3:00' Sanaa' Yemen; Campion chart #392) and Yemen South (upper right; November 29, 1967 3:00 pm BAT = "end of British rule"; Aden, Yemen; Campion chart #393).

The horoscope of Yemen South is currently more activated of the two and is accurately timed so today's transits (Dec 14, 2018 est) are penned around the chart. Most notable is that Yemen's natal Mars @28Cap11 in 10th house is in process of being squared by transit Uranus @28Ari49 with both planets and their square having links to war, revolt, destruction, violence, explosions (bombs), injuries, and danger.

Another current indicator of war and violence is the transit South Node, a Saturnian point of restriction and loss (aka, 'the tail of the dragon') now swiping across Yemen South's natal Mars in Capricorn.

Then both charts reveal crisis-ridden YOD patterns within them. North's apex planet of its YOD is Jupiter Rx in Pisces, a compassionate sign for Jupiter yet as apex planet this denotes expectations that tend to fall short of their promised potential due to poor judgement, procrastination, and/or over-reach and this brings fateful consequences. In South's chart, we see 12th house Saturn Rx in early Aries (where transit Chiron is scheduled to visit later on) as apex of the YOD which doubles the karmic potential of the YOD and suggests an inherent ambition, plus, a destiny replete with determination, commitment and resolve if the energies are correctly faced and handled. Obviously, maturity and social responsibility must be part of apex Saturn's demanding imperatives and periods of Yemen South's Saturn Returns would be times when YOD conditions would be most in force with many lessons to learn. South's last/current Saturn Return was a three-fer: 1. June 3, 1996; 2. September 3, 1996; 3. February 21, 1997 - all when Bill Clinton was inhabiting the White House. South's next Saturn Return will perfect on April 2, 2026.

So as you see, transit Pluto @20Capricorn+ (a critical-crisis degree) is about to cross Yemen's Midheaven (21Cap10) with transit Saturn close behind. In fact, the two karmic planets' Great Conjunction takes places January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 (see link, below) and will form a midpoint picture of potentials for Yemen: Saturn-Pluto = natal MC: desire to rise from difficult circumstances through the application of tenacity and endurance; severity; one-sidedness; self-sacrifice; asceticism (Ebertin).

And perhaps you've noticed that Yemen's Mars @28Capricorn conjoins the power-mad, manipulative natal Pluto of the United States (27Cap33 Rx). We can see this planetary connection in such inconvenient-for-the-Pentagon facts as Shrapnel in Yemen ties US bombs to civilian deaths, a massive cosmic peep-eye for we Americans who are usually the last to know what the Pentagon is actually up to abroad.

So what if anything is Washington doing about our complicity in these tragic, heart-wrenching war crimes in Yemen? Well, the US Senate voted to end our nation's involvement in the war at least in part but the vote is probably merely a symbolic gesture especially with Mr. Trump unlikely to sign on to the idea of putting an end to the bombing of Yemeni women and children. After all, Big T likes to cage children, we know - and he remains a supporter of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in spite of the Saudi-ordered assassination of Trump-critic and Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. Of course, big money, pay-offs, and favors are involved, a probability which neatly sums up the entire situation for the superficial Donald Trump who prefers to do just like his mentor Putin would do.

Wouldn't it be wild and crazy if Melania turns out to be asset Trump's handler?

Three Related Astro-Posts: The Pentagon's Progressed New Moon (with link to Pentagon natal chart); Horoscopes: 1982 and 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions; Saudi Arabia 1902 with October 2, 2018 Transits, Jamal Khashoggi links included.

May 12, 2015

Max Igan & Jim Fetzer speak out about Jade Helm Deeper and Darker...

#MaxIgan #JimFetzer #TruthFrequencyRadio #JadeHelm15 #PoliceState #USSpecialForces #Awaken #TheBigEvent

Note that Jade Nelm is said to run until mid-September 2015 and is synchronous with the September 13, 2015 Solar Eclipse. Tap or click here for a list with details of 2015 Solar Eclipses. The highly stressful September 13th eclipse is number 2 on the list. September 10th is mentioned above as the date to look out for and it is within 2 weeks of the September 13th eclipse with its background themes and Uranian disruption.

Oct 22, 2011

Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse Dec 10, 2011 @18Gem11

Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11 December 10, 2011 9:36:19 am est White House; Hour Mars 13Vir16 in 8th house and apex of a T-Square between the Sun/Moon opposition (the eclipse) which occurs across the Will Axis (5/11) in DC.

The T-SQ forms a midpoint picture; all, any, or none may apply:

Sun/Moon = Mars: the realization of joint objectives; an urge to bring plans to fruition; the drive for fulfillment; a need to impose one's will; pushing others for quicker progress (US soldiers' withdrawal from Iraq? Mars = the military and/or police; also mercenaries but I do believe they intend to stay and continue lucrative war-profiteering--and on another level, Mars = protesters); anger; focusing on strength.

(All midpt pics: Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

The Sun/Moon combo in Politics and Business (Munkasey) indicates the people's will and how it's applied to taking the country in new directions (we-the-people--our choice!!); a government's international reputation; national will forcefully imposed on the people (we know--they try so hard not to listen to us); pessimistic people or lawmakers (or both? Well, the madness started on Capitol Hill in cahoots with Wall Street racketeers.)

With Mars in Virgo under stress of the Lunar Eclipse T-SQ, we may see deaths of males, soldiers, policemen, firefighters, etc. Will tr Mars move on to trigger the Uranus/Pluto conjunction/s of the mid-1960s as 'he' nears 16/17 Virgo? Fanaticism, violence, and injury could be results, if so.

And there in the 12th H of Politics, Behind-the-Scenes deals, and Karma, lurks powerful manipulator Pluto 6Cap34 at the Neptune/Mc midpoint which gives the chart these potentials: concealing plans from others while scheming about future directions (politicians would sneak and do that? p-shaw!); angry encounters with holy people. Also: Mars/Neptune = Mercury: acquiring mystical or occult knowledge; being adaptable when presenting powerful visions or dreams to others. (No thanks, we-the-people have visions of our own that do not include your bossy selves.)

Gemini Ruled by Talkative Mercury

The eclipse ruler is Mercury which is retrograde (review, redress, reneg, reconsider, redo, etc) in Sagittarius, the questing sign ruled by Jupiter (also Rx, in earth/money sign Taurus, The Bull, and at a degree of violence '00-1 Tau' which is 'Hitler's Trigger degree', his natal Sun.) Jupiter in 3rd house of Communications, Short Journeys, and Neighborhoods denotes an abundance of same yet delays (Rx) may be expected especially on the level of funding; mercurial realms are affected such as transport, mobility, commerce and trade, journalism, speeches and writings, changes, plans, the younger generations (including OWS demonstrators), etc.

Critical degrees occupy the ASC/DESC (20Cap/Can) so the chart-ruler is status quo lawmaker Saturn 26Lib38 in 9th H of Higher Education, Religion, Philosophy, Foreign Lands and Travel, our Justice System (even though it's been bought up by Corporations and Foreign Entities), etc--all the Jupiterian and Saturnian departments. US natal Saturn 14Lib48 conjoins 9th cusp and is apex planet in a midpoint picture though not a very pleasant one:

Mars/MC = n Saturn: excessive zeal causes disadvantages; separations; failures; damage; indecisiveness; lack of concentration; restrained ambitions; pursuit of rewards; making a definitive and recognized mark upon the world (of the beast? that mark?)

So really, the basic consideration, if we wish to see how things will proceed in relation to this Lunar Eclipse (set for Washington DC), is to track any applying aspects made by the ruler of the horoscope which, as noted, is serious, purposeful Saturn (ASC in Saturn's Capricorn; may also operate as significator of the Democratic Party) so we have:

1. Saturn trine Neptune (1A46): spiritual development may increase, organized charities prosper, collection and settlements of financial debts may occur (EU?); benefits may come through senior persons or entities; emphasis is on maritime activities, science, and cinematography. Scientific discoveries may be announced or furthered in some way.

2. Saturn opposite Jupiter (4A08): this is the culmination/fulfillment stage of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle (which started on May 28, 2000 @ '23Tau' = neg: a greediness which betrays the soul with trifles;), our two societal planets that represent expansion (Jup) and restriction (Sat), the yin-yang/positive-negative dualism that makes up our world. Their cycle relates directly to financial cycles and markets though the two are now out-of-sign, or dissociate in their opposition, thus tying in two polarities and their sign rulers which makes issues more complex--Ari/Lib (Mars-Venus/Saturn) and Tau/Sco (Venus again with Mars-Pluto/Jupiter.)

Jupiter rules 2nd house (Pisces) of Money, Self-Worth, and Earning Ability, along with nebulous, confused co-ruler Neptune 28AQ24 in 1st house and first planet in the chart to rise. Also in 2nd H is radical Uranus at Aries Point again (and conjunct US natal IC in the Sibly chart; Uranus = Jupiter/Neptune: real v imagined; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation.)

With Sag on 11th cusp of Hopes, Wishes, Groups, and Associations, Jupiter Rx rules there as well denoting that group associations may be affected in a Rx way (delay, interruption, review, breakdown, etc.)

3. The final applying aspect Saturn makes is a trine (120 degr) with Chiron 1Pis05 (compassion v manipulation; this Saturn always gets what he wants but is not well-liked--Clow); wounding/wounded Chiron remains within orb of America's Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) degree of 00Pis33 (12 South Series = 'opportunities to accept greater responsibilities arrive due to another's being unable to carry on; events may be difficult but outcomes are good'--paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The last repetition of the 12S Saros Series occurred on July 11, 2010 @ '19Cancer' near the Twins of Gemini, Castor and Pollux--a creative pair of characters but a bit schizoid.

Now as you know, lunar eclipses tend to work on more unconscious levels than solar ones and often uncover or reveal secrets and lunar-based matters long hidden. The typical eclipse 'wild card' effect may be noted with sudden realizations occurring, here related to both mercurial and martian issues.

One major thing about the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse is that America's natal Mars '22Gem' is 'eclipsed' by the Moon which lends support to the 'death of soldiers' or 'withdrawal--transport?--of the military', (and hopefully, no protesters will be killed though already a veteran at a rally has suffered a grievous head injury by police), so we'll see if White House promises of 'withdrawal' from Iraq come true by the end of 2011 since the involvement of US n Mars echoes the T-Square and its midpoint picture mentioned above.

11.1.11: Update: the 'eclipse' of US natal Mars on Dec 10, 2011 may also indicate secret shenanigans from the Pentagon and White House over where US troops will then be re-deployed after they 'leave' the region. Numbers will be fudged, destinations shrouded--for the West's US Imperial Bootprint is not likely to be removed from any area within the vicinity of Jerusalem, the prize.

Original post continues...

And with the Moon ruling 7th h of Partnerships (and oppositions such as Full Moons always emphasize relationships on some level--and/or stalemates, and presumably, awareness), some fluctuation and change may be seen in the 7th H area which may well include Legal Affairs and/or Open Enemies.

Please click the image to read a few more of my notes penned on the horoscope including the second T-Square formed through the auspices of this eclipse...

Moon/NN = Mars: vigorous unions or associations; energetic teamwork; soliciting advice; business acquaintances join together to further mutual interests; estrangements; public activism.

The involvement of the 'public contact' Moon/NN pair adds a potential for blockages to occur at port entries or exits (food? oil? troops?), relates to possible agricultural failures, and hints at women's opinions expressed on trade, commerce, or martian topics.

There are several entities whose natal planet/s are stimulated by conjunction or opposition with the Dec 10 Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11. I'll list in alphabetical order as many as I know with the affected planets and perhaps you're aware of others...

Australia (Pluto Rx)
Canada (Venus)
Cuba (Mercury, Uranus Rx)
France (Mc/Ic--Oct 30, 1946 2:40 pm LMT Paris)
UK (Mercury in Sag--Jan 1, 1801 12 am London)
Iran (Neptune Rx, source: Maggie Hyde in American Astrology Magazine)
Iraq (Moon, Venus, Saturn Rx--busy! source: Nicholas Campion)
North Korea (Jupiter in Sag)
Russia (Sun, Mercury, Dec 8, 1991 7:45 pm Moscow--Campion)
NYC (Neptune Rx, Jan 1, 1898 12:00 am est NYC, source: M. Hyde))
Roswell, NM (Uranus rising, Pluto descending, source: Dodson's Horoscopes of US States & Cities)
NASA (Saturn in Sag, Oct 1, 1958 8:00 am est Hampton, VA, source: NASA employee to astrodatabank)
UN (Uranus Rx--a sudden military action?)
The Vatican (Sun, Mercury, June 7, 1929 11:00 am Rome--Maggie Hyde; plus, Moon 13Gem49 is squared by the Dec 2011 Lunar Eclipse)

Well, as you can see there are more factors that could be mentioned but since this blog's comments have been sparser than usual for the last two or three weeks, I'm inclined to think that everyone has gone home--so maybe I will, too. Because for our December holidays, I don't much care for the horoscope of this military, trade, commerce, communication, union, financial cycle chart full of zeal, frustration, and delays.

Plus, Mars gets awfully testy in fussy Virgo, sign of Work (employment or lack thereof), Service (military and police), and Health. Is repeal of legislation on instigator Mars's list of things to do? Probably. If President Obama signed it into law it will be, compliments of Washington obstructionists holding zealously to their over-arching ideas and higher oaths.

Here Mars (males, ages 25--35, give or take a year or two) also describes Occupiers fighting against a corrupt system of laws made specially for the benefit of corporations to the exclusion and disenfranchisement of the 99%.

Well, here I am closing this post yet I haven't even mentioned the ruler of the 4th H (Real Estate) and 9th H, Venus 17Cap27 rising at the *POLITICAL POWER degree of '18Cap'..."The Union Jack Flies from a British Warship"...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

Yes, we can see where jackassian paternalism has gotten the world so far.

A new approach is to use the Moon/NN link and do things like the women of Yemen because democracy is a participation sport so it needs all of us to show up en masse!


*The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.

Oct 30, 2010

October Surprise a false flag? Nov midterms 2010

With corporate media's panties in a bunch over what may be only a false flag op staged by a US government frightened that establishment candidates may be kicked out of Washington on November 2, we may wish to consider an alternate news source concerning the bombs-that-weren't-then-were bombs on planes heading to America.

And of course, tightening airport security always follows these episodes no matter how fluffy they turn out to be. Is the message: don't kick out the bums who 'foil' terrorist plots (even if they're the bums who set them up to keep us fearful and subdued)?

This Packages From Yemen airplane/bomb story certainly took over the news from the midterm elections, didn't it? Now if a 'new' bin Laden tape appears, our Halloween bag of soft-centered, nutty political tricksters will be overflowing!

Jan 7, 2010

Astrology of Yemen and the President's address 1.7.10

Just a quick heads-up that a post concerning the natal chart of South Yemen and the Oct 12, 2000 bombing of the USS Cole is now published and includes some details on President Obama's address today which began at 4:35 pm est and ended at 4:47 pm with the Pentagon's natal ASC rising (15Can37; the *Pentagon is currently experiencing a Uranus-to-natal-Venus transit when unusual alliances are formed and interactions with others are unpredictable and/or erratic.)

The President spoke today during an Hour of Mercury, good for announcements and orations, yet with Mercury Rx 10Cap17 one has to wonder especially since Mercury was setting at 4:35 pm, with tr Uranus conjunct tr Mc '24Pisces' and Mr. Obama's natal Mars at Ic, the Foundation of the Matter. (He did sound more than a little peeved, didn't he? His agency directors are to be 'held responsible' in future, he said.)

Having his natal Mars at Ic means that US natal Neptune was there as well, so we might infer a midpoint picture or two (any, all, or none may apply):

Mars/Neptune = tr Mc: success in pushing your ideas; integrating the message of your dreams to help overcome your anger; a state of weakness.

Mars/Neptune = tr Uranus: unusual stamina to speed up the outcome of activities; an unconventional approach to forcing idealism or socialism on others; a noisy rebellion against aggravating visions forced by others; a crisis; sudden weaknesses suddenly emerge; an accident. (Munkasey; Ebertin.)

Well, Mr. Obama ended his address with the speculator duo, Jupiter and Neptune, in 8th house of Shared Resources and Debt so his remark that more money would now be spent on explosive detectors makes sense...and another bottomless money pit opens underneath US taxpayers.

NPR has the text of the President's address in case you missed it.


*The Pentagon assumed duty on Apr 29, 1942 10:30 am edt.