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Oct 14, 2010

Taft touts US Chamber of Commerce under YOD influences

Last evening I searched for a definite founding date for the US Chamber of Commerce so I could set up its horoscope and April 12, 1912 popped out as the date when a group of 700 delegates from a variety of commerce and trade organizations met and created a "unified body of business interests that would later become the US Chamber of Commerce", as the entity's Wiki bio states.

The Chamber is also billed as being America's largest not-for-profit lobbying organization though I confess to having no idea where the 'not-for-profit' part fits in. Recently the COO of the US Chamber of Commerce, David Chavern, stated that, "We are not crazy or outside the mainstream" which makes me wonder how working behind the scenes in secretive ways cannot be considered 'outside the mainstream'.

So with my astrologer's cap in place, the date that really stood out because of its horoscope was December 7, 1911 when President Taft announced in his annual message to Congress a central organization in touch with associations and chambers throughout the country and able to keep purely American interests in closer touch with different phases of commercial affairs. If it sounds like Taft was put up to it, I think he on.

As you know, in 1909 William H. Taft succeeded Teddy Roosevelt as president and some interesting possibilities exist between Taft's use of 'investment capital to keep the open door partially open to China' (America Interpreted Vol II: Since 1865, Woods and Gatewood) and the formation of the US Chamber of Commerce's mission to contribute to the "wholesome development of commerce, domestic and foreign." We might be tempted to wonder at the implications even then between business dealings of the US by way of the Chamber with China, America's biggest debt holder now. But that would have to be a post for another day.

December 7, 1911

Considering the current debates over the Chamber's acceptance of foreign funding being used to finance certain 2010 November midterm campaigns in the US, one could now wonder about its original 'purely American' reference in 1911. Taft's touting that its creation would "restore confidence" (in the wake of the bankers' Panic of 1907) and "excite enthusiasm" mark the endeavor as a decidedly Jupiterian event.

So! The chart for December 7, 1911 Capitol Hill, Washington DC (using 8:00 pm est - can't find mention of the hour of Taft's address to Congress) has not one, not two, but three interlaced YOD patterns of planetary energies indicating crisis, critical conditions, special tasks, and/or turning points.

Here are the midpoint pictures formed by the three YODs along with each planet's sign and degree; a mixture of Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey midpoints are used:

1. Ambitious Moon/Saturn = Sun 14Sag50: sobering times; feelings of enforced controls; separation.

Moon 12Can05 spotlights US natal Sun (the leader); Saturn 14Tau38 Rx. (US Inaugural Ascendant wasn't at '13/14 Taurus' until 1937.)

2. The lucky breaks combo of Jupiter/Uranus = Pluto 28Gem14 Rx (a degree of Bankruptcy): devices with the potential to transform the world; extreme efforts produce novel changes; reworking ideas to ensure they will be received correctly.

Jupiter 29Sco28 (conjunct US Inaugural Moon, we-the-people, on Jan 20, 2009); Uranus 27Cap00 (a Uranus-to-US natal Pluto transit describing a time when social conditions are on the boil and disruptive, and abrupt changes to life are encountered or produced; there are enforced and disturbing conditions which make psychological adjustments necessary; areas controlled or manipulated in the past are lost as transitions take place. (The Instant Horoscope Predictor, Skalka.)

3. Powerful Pluto/NN 00Tau02 (now known as a degree of violence and which has the plutocratic and oppressive Pluto/Chiron upon it in 1911; NN = future direction) = Jupiter: success through using people to their highest potential as manager of their affairs and activities.

Apex Planets in YOD configurations:

Sun indicates those who are pressured to make adjustments in how power and authority are expressed with the quincunxes to the Sun showing elements of ego-deflation (Taft?); major new conditions bring dramatic changes in character and cannot be avoided (karmic brought about by past actions and behavior); objectives on the horizon require full attention and inner strength; an alchemical power may make a reorganization of the central core possible; if mismanaged, this YOD with apex Sun indicates 'abuse of power with fateful repercussions'.

Jupiter indicates a broadened social vision yet expectations may fall short of their promised potential until the YOD's energies are fully activated at which time a formerly held belief or ideology is dropped as a new world view inspires; Jupiter's broadcasting function of new social concepts takes place in an effort to stimulate mass consciousness; if the energy is mismanaged, a strong impact on the masses occurs but with fateful consequences brought on by self-aggrandizement. (The Sibly and some other versions of America's natal chart with Sagittarius ASCs are ruled by monied, ideological Jupiter.)

Pluto is a karmic planet and even more so as apex in a YOD pattern for YODs are karmic on their own; objectivity is lacking and obssessions run deep for this 'ivory tower' planet; psychological changes are forced or enforced; past conditions must 'die' so they can be regenerated; open defiance that undermines existing authority at any cost is noted as a new level of power is adopted which gives Pluto organizational control over the super-structures of society; a new order of things is ushered in which revolutionizes world concepts. (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; my bold and italics.)

The Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of Taft's Dec 1911 message to Congress is the 3 South: 'traumatic transformations; sudden endings of associations' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) 3S last manifested on Dec 14, 2001 around the time the US military had bin Laden (allegedly) on the run but let him slip away.

Well, there are more chart factors and patterns (a Mystic Rectangle, an Air Grand Trine, and a Grand Cross!) to be considered but that's all the blogging time I have for today so hopefully a partial picture of the shadowy US Chamber of Commerce emerges from the dross posted herein. (Set up the chart yourself for more insights! Obviously, these chart factors were at work on many levels of existence, not just for Taft and the Chamber.)

Now I shall leave you with a link to the Chamber's official website, if you're interested. You can hook-up with them through Twitter or Facebook, too, though those may be webs you may not wish to tangle yourself in. I don't blame you.

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