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Oct 14, 2010

Chandra Levy trial goes forward in spite of 'pen pal' tricks

Update Oct 17, 2010: The Hill reports that former Rep Gary Condit expects to be called to testify during the Levy murder trial which begins tomorrow, October 18, 2010.

And here's today's latest from Huffington Post.

Original post begins here:

This week it has come to light that the prosecution in the Chandra Levy murder trial had sent false pen pal letters from a fictitious 'Maria Lopez' to the suspect while he was in prison for unrelated crimes. But Mr. Lopez did not respond to his fake 'pen pal' so his hoped-for 'confession' concerning the murder of Chandra Levy in 2001 did not result as investigators had hoped.

If the trick resulted in admissible evidence, I might have been for it too, I guess. My fret is that police investigators so often seem to look only at suspect number one without considering elsewhere. Cases of DNA exoneration have made that disturbingly obvious and I believe all states should allow such testing and be more open to the fact that police investigators make mistakes wherever and whenever it may apply - especially in capital murder cases.

Well, last week I published a post on the Levy murder trial which is scheduled to open Monday October 18, 2010, last I heard, and which contains an Astrology link to Christopher Warnock's interesting and insightful analysis of the case.

So if you like to keep up with mysterious crimes that have political angles to them and are intricately linked to the District of Columbia and Washington politicians, this could be one for you.

Personally I simply hope with all my heart that the Levy family finally receives closure for themselves and for their lovely daughter Chandra after all these years. Of course, justice would have to be served for that to occur - prosecutorial trickery notwithstanding.


clymela said...

Sorry that I am late to this but "we", my mate and I, have been ill for two weeks on and out of commission
I am so interested in this and I happily clicked to get to the analysis but nothing happened. I would like to see here chart and read the other astrologers take. I have always been fascinated by how Condit was utterly undone by this and was branded a murderer so easily.
Jeez!! I just saw the new post on the CIA which is going to keep me busy for a bit. Can you help with the link to the other astrologer?

Jude Cowell said...

Hi dear Clymela, so glad to hear you're both feeling better!

Perhaps some copying/pasting of links is in order - Christopher Warnocks' link is:

My post that has only the chart data for her natal chart, last seen, last email sent,

Not sure why they didn't work for you since they do on this end. Ah, the tech mysteries of cyberworld!

Thanks, Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Clymela, just noticed that Blogger chopped off the end of Warnaock's's correct as far as it goes but add:


for "chandralevyexample.html" - jc