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Dec 9, 2010

Did WikiLeaks make 'secret deal' with Israel?

WikiLeaks' ongoing Cablegate revelations have proved to be smooth sailing for the Israeli government and there may have been a secret deal cut between Julian Assange and Israel resulting in 'gaps' in the released documents between July and September 2006: the 33-day war against Lebanon.

Plus, minutes of a 'war council' meeting at the American embassy, Beirut, on July 24, 2006 have been mysteriously overlooked as well and it's difficult to imagine that no diplomats groused, gossiped, or commented during those months.

Documents concerning Israeli aggression against Gaza also seem to be MIA from recent cable leaks and it seems to me at this point that Julian Assange, who is said by those who've worked with him to be obsessed with American hypocrisy, has made a devil's deal to overlook the hypocrisy of certain others. Hmm.

Perhaps a deal was considered necessary in order to keep WikiLeaks up, running, and on the front pages but it suggests muddy motivations and lends credence to reports that Assange may actually be a government shill for the US-Israeli alliance on its path to world domination.

If any of this is true, Assange's current lodgings in a London jail might prove to be more cushy than dire as has been portrayed in the media!


In other WikiLeaks news, you've probably heard that one of Mr. Assange's accusers in the sex scandal 'case' has left Sweden and apparently stopped cooperating with prosecutors.

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