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Dec 20, 2010

Heathrow Airport turns off heat on stranded passengers!

London's Heathrow Airport has turned a viciously cold shoulder to travellers stranded there as victims of the huge snow storm that has shut down and cancelled air flights, plus taxi, and bus services! No escape for you, my little blue-nosed pretties...

Sleeping on an airport floor is something I've never done and plan to never do but a floor turned cold from a massive snow storm and lack of heating has to be a hundred times worse than your average crick in the neck. Airport PR tells a rosier story, however, than what stranded passengers report themselves. Click to view a snowy photo from the airport tarmac and get the scoop.

This situation gives a new level of meaning to tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse @ 29Gem21 with Gemini being the sign of air travel and flight, and 29 degrees indicating crises or critical conditions.

My thoughts and prayers for safety and warmth go out to all my friends in the UK!

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Anonymous said...

Heads must roll.