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Jul 6, 2013

Flight 777 down: was Edward Snowden aboard?

A Time of Synchronicities Noticed and a Boeing 777 Down

by Jude Cowell

Most everyone is feeling around and about us a misty Water Grand Trine between societal planet Jupiter, governing Saturn, and Neptune of illusions, the media, and the masses. A protective trine, yes, a closed circuit of energies. Snugness and much cozying up at home yet a certain urge to lollygag about may be prevalent, even to a point of laziness and overindulgence in life's pleasures.

And maybe it's kinda odd how Rhianna and Flight 777 coincide, hers from her international Tour '777' in 2012, today from a horrific Boeing 777 crash, billowing plumes of smoke and fear. Creepy? Or a devised and planted event? One possibility is sabotage but we may never know since public figures tend to prefer wearing Neptunian masks of infallibility. To admit you were wrong about an issue is to be shown the political door.

As, yes. Infallibility. On Earth. But they're about to take it to a whole new level with John Paul XXXIII.

Sad to say, all this reminds me of the torching of journalist Michael Hastings in a 'single-vehicle car crash' which also occurred in the state of California. Hmm. Mr Hastings is the one who in Rolling Stone interviewed General Stanley McCrystal whose remarks ended his military career, allegedly--at least while the Obama administration has anything to say about it.

So was he? Was whistle blower Edward Snowden aboard Flight 777 that's just crashed at the San Francisco International Airport? Last I read or heard is that the plane was arriving from Seoul Korea (first reports) and crashed while or upon landing. Passengers are videotaped sliding down escape chutes (aka, emergency chutes) though they might use stock video footage of mystery passengers if that's all they have available to them of such a life-saving spectacle. However, stock footage costs less and is much less effort, so there's that.

Any and all of that aside, my hope is that arch-leaker Mr. Snowden was not a passenger today on Flight 777 to San Francisco. Don't you?

CBS News has details as they are known or thought fit for broadcasting to the masses.

And for more tragedy, see Michael Hastings Sent Panicked Email Hours Before Car Crash. Alternately, here's a post from June with the 4:30 am horoscope of the Mercedes Mr. Hastings was driving in flames within a sort of ritual murder scene, if you can manage it. The text is written in English of an American persuasion for those who don't 'speak astrologese' much.

Or who sometimes wish they didn't.

7.6.13 6:48 pm edt Update: so far it seems that my fret expressed above is unfounded, thankfully.

Note: though early reports referred to 'flight 777' it's flight 214, Boeing 777.

Dec 20, 2010

Heathrow Airport turns off heat on stranded passengers!

London's Heathrow Airport has turned a viciously cold shoulder to travellers stranded there as victims of the huge snow storm that has shut down and cancelled air flights, plus taxi, and bus services! No escape for you, my little blue-nosed pretties...

Sleeping on an airport floor is something I've never done and plan to never do but a floor turned cold from a massive snow storm and lack of heating has to be a hundred times worse than your average crick in the neck. Airport PR tells a rosier story, however, than what stranded passengers report themselves. Click to view a snowy photo from the airport tarmac and get the scoop.

This situation gives a new level of meaning to tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse @ 29Gem21 with Gemini being the sign of air travel and flight, and 29 degrees indicating crises or critical conditions.

My thoughts and prayers for safety and warmth go out to all my friends in the UK!

Nov 17, 2007

Astrology of a gaseous odor in Newark

Perhaps you've read of the strange gaseous odor at the Newark Airport today.

Here's the chart of the time a natural gas odor was noticed by people in Terminal B, Newark, N.J. today, Saturday, at "around 11:00 am."

With all apologies to the goddess of pristine charts, the image you see here (which may be clicked to enlarge) has a bunch of my chickenscratch notes upon it. Quite a big bunch, perhaps readable, perhaps not.

A lack of time (my usual complaint of late since I relocated my real world business and became...busier) prevents much keyboarding on the issue, yet I confess to having a difficult time not viewing this calamity in Newark as connected in some way to Bush's recent announcement of air lane openings for the holidays.

Thanks, Army! But if this airy holiday boost should turn similar to 9/11's pretend drills and charades which were allowed to infere with the nation's defense systems when we needed them most, no thanks.

Back to Newark Airport, Nov 17, 2007, 11:00 am est:

All in all, it looks as if a message has been sent...the Moon (a lady? tribal-based individual/s? someone from a 'network' or Family of some kind?) "met" Neptune, planet of gases and mysterious odors, poisonings,and veiled subterfuge, at 6:47:34 am est--near sunrise, in Newark, at 19AQ20, where Neptune still hovers at 11:00 am.

Odorless natural gas has scent added so that it can be smelled, so I'm assuming this is what may have been snooted out, if it was gas at all. It could have been un-natural gas--something concocted in (gov?) lab or garage. Who knows?

With the Mars/Pluto duo (violence; zeal; fanaticism) currently locked in an obsessive-compulsive Quindecile aspect of 165 degrees, there's a 'ruthless forcing of one's will upon others' everywhere we look--in Pakistan, Russia, and, no less, in America. (Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Rebellious, disruptive, original, and innovative Uranus (science; progressive or radical movements; politicians) in Pisces the last few years, has sparked new research (incl genetics and cells--Pisces, etc), experiments and flu shenanigans are underhoof...under someone's hooves where the buck will eventually stop.

Mars/Pluto energy is the environmental background of late, so honk! if you can feel it.

Especially when you consider Mars' recent RX Station 12Can27 (on Nov 15--the day Musharraf was supposedly changing directions...but he's still bumbling along, clinging by hairy claw, using Pakistan's nuclear arms as his collateral for staying in power--as a threat against the dire thought of losing control.

Naked Power Grab covers it well, just as with Putin, Chavez, Bush, and their ilk. Funny how they imagine themselves as being very special, but they act like bums to me. Bums and worse.

Musharraf is mad like the rest of 'em, plus: Pervez has Very Bad Hair Days each and every day. Please! someone, remove all bottles of Nice'n'Easy from his grasp. His hair frightens little children. And reluctant astrologers. It is pretty hilarious looking though.)

Asteroid Atlantis and its abuse of power/sense of doom is conjunct Venus, both significators of America herself. Venus-Atlantis, a powerful partnership and one that is perhaps linked to archaeology and/or to ancient cultures and myths, 'the legend of Atlantis' being the more obvious connection. After illegally invading Iraq, Bush-Cheney looted their museum of all its treasures, you'll remember.

Chart-ruler Saturn is everyone's favorite planet of delays, control, restriction, oppression, and lessons that need learning, and is posited in Virgo, sign of health and health issues; Virgo is also the sign of book writers, scientists, researchers, authorities, conservatives (esp judges, lawyers, and business managers)--and Democrats-in-America (such as they are--who can really tell the diff anymore? Is there a diff to be told? Corporations rule...fascism.)

Some midpoints arose as gas permeated Terminal B which created 'midpoint pictures' with the ASC:

Pluto/Chiron (plutocrats); Jupiter/Neptune (speculators); and Sun/Uranus (revolutionary spirits; upsets.) Quite a pile-up, si?

With Jupiter's expansion of Neptunian substances, such as poisons, gases, liquids, we see:

Jup/Neptune = ASC: speculating; living in an unreal world which is lighted by an emotionally rationalized agenda; sharing great hopes with others.

Sun/Uranus = ASC: sudden events; high excitability; new associations.

And Pluto/Chiron = oppression, class warfare, racism, and corporatism...ascending--the WHAT? Point of this event chart.

At MC (The Goal; WHY? Point at 11:00 am est), there's a certain Saturnian midpoint presenting this picture:

Saturn/ASC = MC: suffering from other people's actions; oppression; inhibition; hindered in the fulfillment of one's objectives. Hmmmm. Could this refer to HoSec's on-the-spot foiling of the plans of vicious mystery culprits? Or to passengers being tampered with...or to one passenger in particular being diverted from a task? Perhaps someone didn't want his luggage to be checked too closely, to become "The x-ray"...Sabian Symbol of the Sun's degree, "25Sco."

(Note: at sunrise, Saturn 7Vir38 was conj MC 7Vir10, with South Node, a Saturnian point of separation, had just passed over Midheaven (the objective), so basically, the day began with: Saturn/SN = MC...a target?)

Security-minded Ceres is at the HOW? Point, the IC, of the chart and the matter. The "14Tau" degree area = the US Inaugural Ascendant (Jan 20, noon, Wash DC) so it equals the president or the president's office.

Seems Mars, the instigator, is still busy causing trouble in Cancer, Retrograde and making himself felt in all quarters--and conj USA's and Bush's natal Suns.

~And the last Solar Eclipse of Sept 11 (18Vir24) is being triggered by the Sun/Mars midpoint now--Sun/Mars is a very dynamic point of action and energy manifestation. Is today's HoSec story and event a diversion from email problems, or is it among false flag ops which we must expect yet not wish for?~

Mercury, planet of air travel, is in sometimes treacherous Scorpio in the 9th house of foreign enemies. Think what you will.

Well, I shall leave you to your own calculations and am sending well wishes for anyone victimized by this 'accident' (as it may be billed by the media, which is also Neptune-flavored.)

Yes, there's undoubtedly more current info online about it now, yet there's no time for me to check it this evening. But if called for, an attempt will be made to add to this post as things unfold.

Not that we'll ever necessarily know the truth about this mysterious matter.

Stay safe, Y'all.

NPR reporting 5 pm: World Leaders will meet in December to discuss climate change...ahh, December, when Jupiter conjuncts Pluto...Dec 11, one of the Great Conjunctions last seen in Scorpio, Dec 2, 1994.

Issues of that time recycle and bedevil society beginning Dec 11, 2007 and onward for this appr 13-year-cycle of Jupiter-Pluto's love of power and strong-armed plutocratic rule.