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Dec 2, 2010

The Illuminati in one minute or less

Today I am happy to present to you a column authored by astrologer Alex D'Atria of Modern Astrology. Alex is an ace researcher who sends this blog interesting news items and astrological analyses and today she steps into SO'W's Guest Blogger slot with a brief summation concerning the secretive Illuminati:


A few weeks ago, a politically interested family man, asked me if I knew about the 'Illuminati'. For his convenience I furnished their history as a compilation from notable essayists I’ve read over the years.

Illuminati in one minute or less

by Alex D'Atria

In medieval Europe big land owners and monarchies were the organized powers that ruled over the population. At any given time there were conflicts among them as they fought to expand resources and territory.

Waging war required negotiable assets and the nascent community of bankers provided much needed currency. Bankers became essential to the existence of warring land holders who required convertible funds for the continued maintenance of their jurisdictions. Beyond lending substantial amounts of money for war, these financial transactions transformed the small but growing band of bankers, giving them an important foothold on power in the medieval culture.

Moreover, the deceitful bankers escalated and expanded wars by simultaneously funding both sides of a conflict, thereby clandestinely ascending the wealth of the monarchies and land owners. However, as the 'industry' of war was created by the medieval bankers, they mutually spurned indiscriminate, outright risk of the public discovering their double-handed, devious manipulations.

The monarchies and great landowners utilized the bankers' need for secrecy to leverage whatever remaining control they could by creating an illusion of power, whereas in fact, the bankers had usurped them. The bankers and warlords became inseparable institutions.

While medieval to modern bankers prevailed, commandeering more authority than any nation or state, their primary imperative remains funding endless conflicts to amass incalculable wealth.

Many people understand that the U.S. system of government officially became a military, security intelligence, oligarchy under the 1947 National Security Act which granted them principal, legal authority over secret, black budgets.

The military, security intelligence, corporate, and business institutions execute strategies of 'artificial scarcity' in order to hinder the innate, massive, untapped, unorganized powers of the citizen population. Further, the oligarchy decided to demise the middle class, eliminating any illusion of democracy, by creating a thin, delicious frosting of plutocrats on their considerable, economic ‘cupcake'.

The Illuminati are the banking networks who fund and control the American oligarchy and the world's national and state economies. Putting all the legends and myths aside, the bottom line is that the global bankers rule planet earth.

But don't give up and give in for it continues to be a long battle to build our collective power - keep at it.


Democracy is a participatory form of government. To function correctly we need to become proud members and part of the process. For people with busy lives these organizations can be an excellent means to get involved:

People For The American Way
Common Cause: Holding Power Accountable

List of partial sources:

America Without a Middle Class, by Elizabeth Warren

The Bush Legacy (pdf)

Bank CDOs Explained - The Great Scam

Bill Moyers interviews Simon Johnson and James Kwak, authors of 13 Bankers.

More with Moyers, Johnson, and Kwak (video)

Banking Oligarchy, GOP Oppose Finance Reform

History of Banking

Medieval Money

Professors who refer to the US as an oligarchy, a representative oligarchy, or an American oligarchy include:

Professor Anderson of the World Peace Academy refers to the U.S. as an oligarchy, Donald Nonini (UNC, Chapel Hill), Phillip Green, Drucilla Cornell, and Joan Tronto (Hunter College/City University NY)


Thanks, Alex! jc

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