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Jul 25, 2011

A "Super Congress"? Astrology of DC's Debt Talks July 2011

An Astro-Peek @ Debts Talks July 22--July 26, 2011

by Jude Cowell

Ongoing in Washington DC with 'no deal' reached over the weekend, the so-called debt talks and the August 2 default brou-ha-ha (Mercury, planet of negotiations and contracts, retrogrades on August 2--not good!) may in part be a set-up in order to make the creation of a sneaky anti-constitutional Super Congress seem necessary.

NPR has fresh coverage this morning of Washington's financial stand-off along with most other news outlets and blogs as both political parties 'hold stubbornly' to their sacred cows, red herrings, and favorite fear tactics meant to sway the public.

As you know, this play book has been used many times before such as when Barack Obama and pseudo-candidate John McCain, who theatrically 'suspended' his 2008 presidential campaign, rushed back to Capitol Hill to "rescue" the US economy and the global economy with it! Apparently the actual success of their 'rescue' efforts of 2008 remains in doubt circa 2011.

And of course, we know how things turned out--Wall Street was pumped up with billions of dollars to pay international creditors while Main Street USA continues to teeter on the brink.

Economist Paul Krugman's Sunday op-ed makes salient points about those substandard ratings agencies and the debt, while Robert Reich speaks up on behalf of Medicare and Social Security. Professor Reich was once a trustee for the Social Security insurance fund so he knows whereof he writes.

So yes, as you may imagine, the Jupiter-Neptune duo of speculators, spendthrifts, wastrels, inflationary measures, and grand schemes is active by midpoint on August 2, 2011 with Uranus in Aries ('Utopians'--Ebertin) as the catalyst!

Note: you may wish to scroll down this blog's sidebar to 'Natal Chart Astro-Peeks' for brief pictures of some of the players in the economic drama now being performed in Washington DC at the Capitol Hill Theater.

Using the 'Images for Integration' from Charles and Suzi Harvey's Sun Sign-Moon Sign book, let's track the conscious-unconscious implications starting on Friday July 22 @ 12 am edt and going until Tuesday July 26, 2011 @ 11:59:59 pm edt, just to look under the hood of these political 'talks'...a few additional details are included with Sabian Symbols a mixture of Rudhyar and Jones:

Friday July 22: Sun 29Can02 (a critical or crisis degree) '29Can' = "A Muse Weighing Newborn Twins in Golden Scales"--'Keynote: the intuitive weighing of alternatives' and Moon 17Ari39--'18Ari' = "An Empty Hammock Stretched Between Two Trees"--'Keynote: A constructive alternation of activity and rest'...

Sun Can/Moon Ari: "A suffragette takes to the barricades in aid of her cause." (Two trees, rwo parties? Pelosi? jc)

Saturday July 23: Sun 00Leo00--"30Can" = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" or "1Leo" = "Blood Rushes to a Man's Head as His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under the Spur of His Ambition"--'Keynote: An irruption of bio-psychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness' and Moon 29Ari31 (crisis degree) = "30Ari" = "A Duck Pond and Its Brood"--'Keynote: the realization of natural boundaries'...

Sun Leo/Moon Ari: "A knight errant dedicates his next grand adventure to the mistress of his heart, and then rides off into the sunset in a cloud of dust."

(Sadly, that Image refers all too well to the 'New Knights Templar' murderer of children in Oslo Norway on Saturday. All my condolences go to the affected families and friends of the victims.)

Sunday July 24: Sun 00Leo57 (see "1Leo", above) and Moon 11Tau28 = "12Tau" = "A Young Couple Walk Down Main Street, Window-Shopping"--'Keynote: the fascination of the youthful ego with the product of its culture'...

Sun Leo/Moon Tau: "Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he; he called for his pipe and he called for his bowl and he called for his fiddlers three."

(You know an Rs and Ds 'peace pipe' would be most efficacious about now. Another idea if the president ends up having to decide which bills get paid is to discontinue all congressional and staffer paychecks until they get their sorry act together and govern instead of collapsing the economy of our nation!)

Monday July 25: Sun 1Leo54 = "2Leo" = "An Epidemic of Mumps"--'Keynote: the spreading power of individual crises through a collectivity' and Moon 23Tau31 = "24Tau" = "An Indian Warrior Riding Fiercely, Human Scalps Hanging from His Belt"--'Keynote: the aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation'...

Sun Leo/Moon Tau, same Image as for Sunday, above.

As you see, the Sun in early Leo conjoins President Obama's natal Mercury (clever solutions but grandstanding a potential), and he will have a Lunar Return 3Gem21 @ 7:04 pm edt this evening--will satisfaction be achieved? Not so fast, for the Sun also opposes his natal Jupiter, a time when others refuse to recognize one's efforts, pride and jealousy of others get in the way of political progress, and superficiality rules most activities...political theater, dahlink!)

Tuesday @ 11:59:59 pm edt July 26, 2011: Sun 3Leo49 = "4Leo" = "A Formally Dressed Elderly Man Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back from a Hunting Expedition"--'Keynote: the masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals' and Moon 18Gem33 = "19Gem" - "A Large Archaic Volume Reveals a Traditional Wisdom"--'Keynote: contacting the all-human planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality'...

To close, here are two Images for Sun Leo/Moon Gem: "On a bright summer's day a butterfly turns into a radiant being...Children singing 'Happy Birthday to you' at a celebrity birthday party."

Will senior or ranking bureaucrats take the lead and raise the debt ceiling--a tradition? Will debt negotiations be successful so that Americans be will be 'partying' by midnight on Tuesday or on Wednesday over a successful agreement between Republicans and Democrats which will stave off (for now) the propagandized economic disaster Washington has worked for decades to mire us in?

Well, let's not forget that all through 2009, the first year of Mr. Obama's presidency, Jupiter and Neptune met in Great Conjunction/s (a 13-year cycle) directly upon US natal Moon (we-the-people) with this midpoint picture the results of which we still struggle with in an attempt to make heads or tails of our nation's true condition...any, all, or none may apply:

Tr Jupiter/Neptune = natal Moon: little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness; a desire to dream (go to the latest movie! trust Washington! jc); an emotional swoon; going with the wind; uncertainty; real v unreal. (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

And there we have it: real v unreal as governmental denizens of The Beltway gaze once again in rapt attention at their own self-serving bellybuttons while Main Street languishes in the dust of globalist greed and bald-faced power plays to establish a secret society agenda of world domination.

Now if only I were sassy enough, I'd add one thing to the Jupiter/Neptune = Moon picture above: feeling like a big bunch of victimized suckers. Aren't you?


For a more personal astro-view of the week, you may wish to try Julie Demboski's Astrology. Around Stars Over Washington, Julie Demboski's brilliant insights are always recommended!

Dec 5, 2010

Ron Paul: "What we need is more WikiLeaks" (of the Fed)

Perhaps you heard that the astute Rep. Ron Paul has weighed in on the value of WikiLeaks especially if its whistleblowing results in leaks of memos and other secret communiques from within the world banking syndicate.

I'd be all for those revelations, wouldn't you? Pass 'em around! Maybe some of Paul Wolfowitz's love letters are nestled in the packet for those of a more romantic nature than I.

Here's the video:

And if you may, please answer the WikiLeaks poll, upper right, thanks!

Dec 2, 2010

The Illuminati in one minute or less

Today I am happy to present to you a column authored by astrologer Alex D'Atria of Modern Astrology. Alex is an ace researcher who sends this blog interesting news items and astrological analyses and today she steps into SO'W's Guest Blogger slot with a brief summation concerning the secretive Illuminati:


A few weeks ago, a politically interested family man, asked me if I knew about the 'Illuminati'. For his convenience I furnished their history as a compilation from notable essayists I’ve read over the years.

Illuminati in one minute or less

by Alex D'Atria

In medieval Europe big land owners and monarchies were the organized powers that ruled over the population. At any given time there were conflicts among them as they fought to expand resources and territory.

Waging war required negotiable assets and the nascent community of bankers provided much needed currency. Bankers became essential to the existence of warring land holders who required convertible funds for the continued maintenance of their jurisdictions. Beyond lending substantial amounts of money for war, these financial transactions transformed the small but growing band of bankers, giving them an important foothold on power in the medieval culture.

Moreover, the deceitful bankers escalated and expanded wars by simultaneously funding both sides of a conflict, thereby clandestinely ascending the wealth of the monarchies and land owners. However, as the 'industry' of war was created by the medieval bankers, they mutually spurned indiscriminate, outright risk of the public discovering their double-handed, devious manipulations.

The monarchies and great landowners utilized the bankers' need for secrecy to leverage whatever remaining control they could by creating an illusion of power, whereas in fact, the bankers had usurped them. The bankers and warlords became inseparable institutions.

While medieval to modern bankers prevailed, commandeering more authority than any nation or state, their primary imperative remains funding endless conflicts to amass incalculable wealth.

Many people understand that the U.S. system of government officially became a military, security intelligence, oligarchy under the 1947 National Security Act which granted them principal, legal authority over secret, black budgets.

The military, security intelligence, corporate, and business institutions execute strategies of 'artificial scarcity' in order to hinder the innate, massive, untapped, unorganized powers of the citizen population. Further, the oligarchy decided to demise the middle class, eliminating any illusion of democracy, by creating a thin, delicious frosting of plutocrats on their considerable, economic ‘cupcake'.

The Illuminati are the banking networks who fund and control the American oligarchy and the world's national and state economies. Putting all the legends and myths aside, the bottom line is that the global bankers rule planet earth.

But don't give up and give in for it continues to be a long battle to build our collective power - keep at it.


Democracy is a participatory form of government. To function correctly we need to become proud members and part of the process. For people with busy lives these organizations can be an excellent means to get involved:

People For The American Way
Common Cause: Holding Power Accountable

List of partial sources:

America Without a Middle Class, by Elizabeth Warren

The Bush Legacy (pdf)

Bank CDOs Explained - The Great Scam

Bill Moyers interviews Simon Johnson and James Kwak, authors of 13 Bankers.

More with Moyers, Johnson, and Kwak (video)

Banking Oligarchy, GOP Oppose Finance Reform

History of Banking

Medieval Money

Professors who refer to the US as an oligarchy, a representative oligarchy, or an American oligarchy include:

Professor Anderson of the World Peace Academy refers to the U.S. as an oligarchy, Donald Nonini (UNC, Chapel Hill), Phillip Green, Drucilla Cornell, and Joan Tronto (Hunter College/City University NY)


Thanks, Alex! jc

Nov 22, 2010

JFK outed the global conspiracy (audio)

Yes, there still exist multiple theories as to why President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Examples include: a crazy assassin with a desire for fame, Fidel Castro, the Mafia, the CIA in retaliation for the mishandled Bay of Pigs fiasco, or my preference: his presidential noises about his plans for reforming the world banking system.

This audio of JFK's words emphasizes the existence of a covert conspiracy, a global crime syndicate, that surely must be top of the list of culprits and yet it doesn't point to any of the above theories in particular...except, imho, for the one about the world banking system which is in process of taking over Ireland, the Kennedy family's ancestral home, as I type.


Blog note: SO'W will be on Thanksgiving break until Sunday, November 28. jc

Oct 30, 2009

Truman quote on the CIA's cloaks, daggers + JFK

Like a puppy with a bone I always return to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. What am I reading tonight? Here's a tidbit from 1963, still of a haunting spirit which is, I suppose, quite appropriate for Saturday night's Halloween:

"For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government....I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations."

Written by former President Harry Truman, in a letter to the Washington Post, one month after the JFK assassination, December 21, 1963

He said, "policy-making arm"!

Well, not enough had been written about the Nov 22, 1963 assassination of the too-popular-for-the-GOP Democratic president so I added my 1-cent's worth which you may check out if you wish. Turns out that US presidents who threaten to rein in and/or expose the hydra-headed world banking system don't get a chance to complete their lives.

May 6, 2009

Is Al Franken grumpy 'bout the New World Order?

No, Mr. Franken may not be - especially since The Hill reports that VP Joe Biden has met with Al Franken and all but swore him into the Senate. I assume Franken must agree to follow the agenda.

For when our Trilateralist and *Council-on-Foreign-Relations-membered VP refers to 'building a new economy for the 21st century' my ears hear doublespeak for 'New World (Economic) Order', aka the one-world-government we're being herded toward, low moos optional.

As David Rockefeller said in his 1991 speech to the Trilateral Commission (my italics):

"But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

Speaking directly from the sophisticated bowels of the unwashed masses:

No. Actually it isn't preferable to be governed by the most arrogant, greedy, cynical, and fascist-styled meathead larvae ever hatched under satan's wing.

Well after that, I can't think of anything else to say.

Except that I wish all the know-it-all power-mad freaks would go live on a desert island far far away, boss each other into oblivion, and leave decent people alone. Now. I'm grumpy but basically I'm done.

Given the manufactured 'financial collapse' we're being traumatized by since at least 2008, how do you like Rockefeller's world bankers mention?


*sending a SO'W shout-out to Google's founders who are said to be CFR members, too!

Oct 10, 2008

Weekend in Washington: where big bankers meet 10.11.08

This weekend the big money boys and gals are meeting in our nation's capital to chew the fat and wonder aloud how their policies are treating the masses, and how to better cover any shining tushes as may be necessary.

Did you know that there's a personal name asteroid called Rockefellia? (Not a typo.)

The extra 'i' shows how one must settle for similar spellings when it comes to personally named balls of dust and debris that hurtle through space. Each has a heliocentric North Node and Rockefellia's is approximately '18 Libra' - and the Sun's zodiacal position this weekend clocks in at sunrise on Saturday (10.11.08) at 18Lib31.

That's synchronistic enough for me.

By 4:00 pm on Sunday (10.11.08) the Sun reaches 19Lib52, and btw,
'19Lib' is the Fall of the Sun degree...but hey - it's opposite the Sun's Exaltation degree '19Ari' if you prefer to see the astrolabe half full.

So what about the Moon, the daily timer of the whole affair?

Moon begins at sunrise on Saturday at 5Pis19 and reaches 23Pis36 by 4:00 pm Sunday - and conjuncts-crosses-passes tech-savvy Uranus Rx
(Uranus 19Pis36 - 19:33) in the process.

The Sun Lib-Moon Pisces blend has an instructive Image for Integration:

"The curtain comes down, the actor takes off his mask and, in privacy, looks into the mirror to find himself as a child of six with his imaginary friend." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)
~I could say sumpthin' but I won't. Aint Bea wouldn't like it.~

Now Moon-Uranus contacts relate to emotional excitement, strong self-willedness, attentiveness, ambition, female reformers, fanatics, and even some metaphysical science lovers. Will a financial astrologer or two be consulted by these elite power-mongers? Ha!

Well, if old J. P. Morgan himself could use Astrology and the cycles it describes to forecast favorable financial cycles, then this gaggle of ducks certainly can, or have someone do it for them.

"Millionaires don't use Astrology," J. P. pronounced, "billionaires do." Touche!

Other indications with Moon-Uranus contacts are fear, anxiety, and sacrifices toward special objectives. A change in one's circumstances and assistance from others may be part of the weekend picture as well which includes the people (Moon.) (Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences.) Excitable (Uranus) publicity or public relations (Moon) may result.

The asteroid Eros is said to be strong when in contact with the Sun as it will be Saturday and Sunday. Eros = 'the piercing' and with the Sun as Leo's ruler relating to the heart, deeply felt separations may be on the menu esp with Mercury Rx - not the best time for negotiations, or at least, do read the fine print. Loopholes may be secreted into documents with Mercury Rx.

Yet agreements are definitely needed, but Eros piercing the Sun in Libra, sign of partnerships, may indicate a breach just when the world needs extraordinary cooperation. Can these professional negotiators and financiers pull a rabbit of harmony out of their fancy top hats?

Now you've noticed that the Sun's Sabian Symbol for Saturday's sunrise degree, '19Libra' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" which is the Symbol of the day. And yes! the term, robber barons, comes to mind. Well, old J. P. was one of 'em, too.

Plus, '19Lib' is the degree of America's Secondary Progressed Mars now Rx (and as such, in need of retraction and redeployment, and less spending on military misadventures. In fact, US tax payers can't afford to invade Mayberry RFD now even if we tried which is considered a + by some folks including my Aint Bea.)

Okay, perhaps not all the participants are robbers (or maybe some of them are bandits in plain sight - right under our snoots.)

When the Sun rises Saturday, at Midheaven (the Why? or Aspiration Point of the chart) nestles another telling asteroid on this important chart angle...Panacea.

Will fatcat money mavens deliver a panacea for our panic?

Asteroid Pan Rx in early Gemini is at the Foundation Point (Ic) of Sunday's 4:00 pm chart...which answers the questions: Why? Panacea - How? Pan.

ASC = What? "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding", and Where doth it lead? to '19Ari' = "The Magic Carpet of Oriental Imagery."

First thought: perhaps they're heading for Dubai as soon as our pesky problems are smoothed and papered over!

As you know, the sign Gemini and the archetype of Pan are both associated with trickster elements in myth and horoscopery. Then there's gold-worshipping Midas Rx and still less than 3 degrees from ancient Pan, which is linked with Capricorn, the mer-goat (or the Goat of Mendes, if you prefer - we are talking Washington, DC here.)

So whatever panacea or poultice they decide to apply after this weekend's meetings end and lofty conclusions from on-high are pontificated to the worried rabble, we-the-masses must hope that these financial 'experts' will finally show themselves worthy of the trust which they so thoughtlessly tossed aside in their gold rush to world domination - and allow the global economy to heal from the wounds of their careless and grasping ways.

Sep 24, 2008

Capitol Hill and The Bold Ones

“I believe if the credit markets are not functioning, that jobs will be lost, that our credit rate will rise, more houses will be foreclosed upon, GDP will contract, that the economy will just not be able to recover in a normal, healthy way.”

That was Ben Bernanke, the Fed's chairman on Tuesday, in an attempt to strong-arm Congress into handing over the keys to Fort Knox, in a manner of speaking.

What pops out at me in all their dire warnings, his and Paulson's and anyone else's ammunition they pull out of their holsters is that such predictions may be taken another threats and promises.

He speaks of "normal and healthy"? Like that's how it was before this emergency was recognized? So this means that a return to the creed of greed that Wall Street has always operated under will tell us when things are hunkey dorey normal again?

Years ago I used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful, in hopes that one day I'd figure out who was bold and who was beautiful. Never did, no matter how many episodes I watched, so I gave up in despair.

The question haunts me to this day.

Now, the day is late, and if I've got to figure out who's normal and who's healthy on Wall Street, well, like David Letterman says, it just gives me a headache.

Yet one thing I do know after the Paulson-Bernanke tag team got done scaring the pants off our Washington puppets like cats arguing with tiny little's really the banking crowd who are the bold ones.

Feb 2, 2008

Dissing the Fed now popular

If billionaire George Soros can diss Alan Greenspan's handling of the US economy, don't you want to diss the Fed, too? is here to help with 10 reasons to be critical of the Fed.

Or you can ask Ron Paul whom you'll find mentioned in reason #10.