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Jan 5, 2011

The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of Jan 4, 2011; 112th Congress opens 1.5.11

Today many new members of Congress are being sworn in, and on Tuesday January 4, 2011, Jupiter and Uranus performed their final Great Conjunction until April 24, 2024.

Three times they've tangoed beginning on June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18 (the Aries Point of World Manifestation), on September 19, 2010 @ 28Pis43, and now @ 27Pis02 which occurred yesterday at about 7:00 am est on Capitol Hill - with both powerful, wealthy Pluto 5Cap27 and asteroid Pallas 5Cap55 (strategy; wisdom; protector of the city state) rising.

'27 Pisces' is the Exaltation degree of Venus, now @ 27 Scorpio, so the Jupiter/Uranus pair are being trined by Venus (valuations, evaluations, relationships, art, attraction principle; small amounts of money) and we may wish to consider a midpoint picture formed by the three...any, all, or none may apply:

Jup/Uran = Venus: your charm when forcing the new upon others; satisfaction gained from creating the new to improve life overall; inconstancy in attachments; happy feelings; narcissism.

Mercury 21Sag+ (planet of oaths) squares Jup/Uran: a series of fortunate breaks; planning on success; confidence; people with many ideas; a fortunate turn in one's occupation; thoughts about the need for change and how to affect it. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

As you know, the Jupiter/Uranus duo is quite special for its optimism, lucky chances, breakthroughs, and blissful realizations. So let's add Reinhold Ebertin's additional info on their combined energies from his book, The Combination of Stellar Influences:

"It is often difficult to assess the nature of Jupiter-Uranus constellations. They indicate, in most cases, inner tensions or strains which are then suddenly released. At one time, the author named this configuration the 'Thank the Lord' position, because people having such a configuration have repeatedly exclaimed the words 'Thank the Lord' after the release of the tension or strain from which they were suffering."

Moving to a source that concerns Politics and Business (Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets) we find that Jupiter/Uranus energies tell a different tale in those realms:

Thesis: application of legal methods against breakdowns in order; strikes or revolutions; growth following periods of reform; modernization opportunities through new labor-saving inventions.

Antithesis: reform originating in religious principles; government where no expansion due to modern principles is allowed; civil war or unrest due to a legal or religious system which stifles justice for common people.

112th Congress: Washington's New Cycle of Activity

As Congress opens at this very moment (noon), we may wonder if looking back toward legislation already passed is what America needs most when everyone knows that congressional focus should be on jobs jobs jobs creation!

Yet if we must look back, let's take a peek at Rudhyar's explanation of '27Pis' which somewhat suggests the bliss from above:

"The Harvest Moon Illumines a Clear Autumnal Sky"...Keynote: The light of fulfillment that blesses work well done. Keyword: CONSUMMATION. But in this consummation--this 'karmic' moment--the seed of the new cyclic manifestation is already latent."

Connecting the dots politically with the November 2, 2010 Midterms - the reason for today's big swearing-in on Capitol Hill, the Astronomy of the Super Harvest Moon of September 22, 2010 is interesting along with the Astrology of Autumn Equinox 2010 with the Moon @ 27Pis11 - almost at her Super Harvest Full Moon status and nearing Jupiter 28Pis10 Rx and Uranus 28:33 Rx in 10th house of Career in Washington DC. (Click to view chart image.)

And Jupiter/Uranus = Moon? Sensitivity toward the need to transform your life through a change of religion, moral principles, philosophy; inconsistency in dealing with the forces of change and revolution which occur daily; opportunity for major change; looking ahead to success.

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