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Jan 6, 2011

Matt Taibbi on corporate shill John Boehner

Whether you expect major improvements under the House leadership of John Boehner or not, you don't want to miss Matt Taibbi's current piece in Rolling Stone, The Crying Shame of John Boehner!

At least someone in America still engages in what was once called 'journalism'.

And Mr. Boehner's oft-remarked-upon tendency to well up with tears? Sentimental, self-pitying perhaps, with a possible Moon/Neptune conjunction (their orb is speculative since his precise birth hour is unknown) but check out a few notes on Boehner's natal chart placements, as you wish.


Alex said...

Hi Jude,
Really great catch thanks, on Matt Taibbi column; he really went to work on him.

John Boehner Lying to America about Job Growth * Keith Olbermann


Republican Leader John Boehner wants to convince Americans that the republicans are not responsible for high unemployment.

Rep John Boehner pledged to bring up a vote in the House to repeal ‘Obamacare,’ the health care bill that President Obama and the democratically controlled Congress passed in the last session.

While Boehner will be able to bring the measure up for a vote with his new republican majority, there is virtually no chance that the bill will pass, so the effort is more for show and political maneuvering than anything else.

If the repeal of ‘Obamacare’ passes the House, it will move on to the Senate, where Majority Leader, Democrat Harry ReidHarry Reid, is not likely to let the Senate vote on the measure. And even if somehow the Senate did pass the bill, President Obama would still have to sign it, which is not likely to happen.

Republicans are aware of the fact that their efforts to repeal the health care law has virtually no chance of passing, but will likely go through the motions as a symbolic gesture, so the GOP can try to use the failure as political fodder in the 2012 elections.

Repeal health care? Give up (repeal) your own first!

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Alex. So far the Rs' efforts on Capitol Hill are wasting millions of dollars w more to come (go.) Are they trying to drive us crazy - or simply bankrupt? jc

Kieron said...

"Are they trying to drive us crazy - or simply bankrupt?"

"Yes," he replied, perfectly deadpan.