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Oct 9, 2015

Videos: Ted Cruz on John Boehner: "I'm Going to Tell You Why He Resigned' plus, Paul Ryan

In addition to "never trust a man who says, trust me" Mama always told me that those who are quick to call other people liars are usually deflecting attention from their own lies. His Republican colleagues can't stand him so if you can manage a brief diatribe devoid of common sense, here's the smarmy non-governing ham himself crowing away as if his narcissistic maneuvering against his fellow members, undermining of the institution of the US Congress, and disdain for American society will gain him the White House in 2016!

And now from November 2010, a refresher on Paul Ryan by one of the original corporate usurpers of the Tea Party, Dick Armey, discussing Rep. Ryan (R-WI and possibly the new Speaker of the House for 18 months if he decides over the weekend to risk his career and his sanity), plus, debt, Social Security, and Medicare:

Astrology: Can Astrology Describe Ted Cruz?, The Natal Chart of John Boehner, Brief Astro-Notes and "Fun Facts" on Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and Paul Ryan's Sun-Moon personality blend.

Sep 29, 2015

Why Kevin McCarthy Should NOT be Speaker of the House (video) and his Sun-Moon Blend

Note November 22, 2022: The following post has been mildly edited for the sake of clarity.

by Jude Cowell

Earlier today I marveled at the mild manner shown by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy during his interview on Morning Joe. As you know he is now being spotlighted as a potential successor to John Boehner as Speaker of the House of Representatives. But something bothered me about him and his demeanor but my memory wasn't serving. So helpfully this evening I visited YouTube and found Thom Hartmann reviewing for us the arcane rules of the House and reminding everyone what sort of anti-Obama conspirator Rep. McCarthy really is:

Brief astro-notes concerning Kevin McCarthy reveal his Sun in Aquarius, Moon in either late Scorpio or early Sagittarius. Born January 26, 1965 (age 50) in Bakersfield, California (birth time unknown) his personality blend is an Air-Water affair if the Moon is in Scorpio, or an Air-Fire combo of energies if the sign of The Seeker describes his natal Moon. Air-Water folk tend toward an ethereal aura of mistiness which doesn't seem to me to describe this particular political animal or support the prominence of pragmatic Earth planets in his chart and psyche. Yet I've never seen McCarthy burst into tears (like Mr. Boehner!) not in public anyway. However, with an Air-Water personality, ideology can be a driving force for this insurgency promoting politician.

On the other hand, Air-Fire individuals are the 'live wire' blend always full of ideas who tend to get carried away by their own rhetoric. Eloquence (or the illusion of it in his own mind) describes the Air-Fire person who is, at heart, a visionary Utopian idealist.

With Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio, Rep. McCarthy would display traits such as a powerful intellect, stubbornness, dogmatism, ambition, pride, charisma, egoism, self-reliance, and keen observation skills. Demanding recognition, he would easily convince other people of his capability and importance. A 'commanding haughtiness' would sometimes be exhibited along with reformist and investigative tendencies of a 'rational scientist.' Even so, Republicans do love to use their "I am not a scientist" excuse for all sorts of denials of conditions and conclusions they refuse to share in the face of evidence while having no problem posing as pontificating gynecologists and obstetricians when it suits their purposes. In addition, over the weekend McCarthy expressed his desire to send more US ground troops into the Hades that is Syria--perhaps you caught his warmongering performance.

Do I digress? Perhaps but consider a famous quote from a man who was born under the influences of Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio--these words been posted here before and here they are again:

"Politics, as a profession, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organisation of hatreds." - Henry Brook Adams

Well, now let's consider the Sun AQ-Moon Sagittarius blend in case it belongs to his nibs. This combo imprints its natives with a philosophical mind, an interest in social concerns, gregariousness, openness and honesty, tactlessness, an urge for expansion, an austere moralism, and a lucidity of thought that can go right to the point. Here is a natural teacher with a detached and imperious manner who tends to seek the limelight (perhaps onstage but I suppose our in-breach-of-the-public-trust Capitol Hill Political Theater and its mummery suffices the dramatic urge if AQ-Sag is his blend.)

Rather than a 'rational scientist' as above, this blend of conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) flavors denote something of the 'absent-minded professor' archetype though I personally have yet to notice this easily recognized archetype on display by Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Plus, if practicing politics as a profession represents adventure to him, this could be his personality blend, plus, Jupiter is both a corporate and a political planet. But is he outgoing and adventurous enough for a Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian Moon? Or is he intense and secretive while conspiring against his colleagues in the Republican Party and Democrats with his Moon in Scorpio?

I shall leave it for you to decide though I'm leaning toward a Scorpio Moon with its spying and betraying tendencies (no, not all Scorpios are this way but he is after all, a politician.) For if McCarthy is one of those anti-government instigators and becomes Speaker of the House--intent on shrinking and drowning the US government into collapse--he'll gain a larger platform and a loud Speaker's gavel with which to force the agenda of Congress and make his anti-democracy stand.

For background info, let's close this brief consideration with Mr. McCarthy's Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series (PE), the 2 South with its themes of becoming involved with unusual groups and organizations because of an expectation of great gains (Brady.) 2 South last manifested on Christmas Day 2000 @4Capricorn and will occur again in the year 2019.

And speaking of big money billionaires meddling in and ruling US politics, 2 South is also the PE of the Bank of England (Republicans are economic royalists, aren't they?!) and of the secret meeting on Jekyll Island during which plans were set in motion in 1910 for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank of the US which came to fruition in December 1913, then took control of our monetary system.

Note that Rep. Kevin McCarthy's insurgency-prone Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo and his Mercury-Venus conjunction @18Capricorn (the "The Union Jack Flag Flies on a British Destroyer" degree; keyphrase: POLITICAL POWER; negative expression: 'smug or strong armed paternalism'), has been overt in 2022, and he finally expects to take the House gavel now that the Republican coup attempt against the US Congress on January 6, 2021 is under Kevin's belt.


Recommended: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology (Jones), An Astrological Mandala (Rudhyar), and Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Sep 25, 2015

What Does Boehner's Resignation Mean For Republicans In Congress - video

Pour the tea! The job of herding Republican House cats is now open due to John Boehner's announcement today that he'll step down from the speaker's position at the end of October but I must confess to loathing the idea that Ted Cruz has gotten something he wanted. Maybe this is a result of the ongoing yet fading energies of the Cardinal Square between rebellious upstart Uranus and old school manipulator Pluto with its titanic clash of generations vibes:

May 5, 2015

"Sociopathy on Parade" - Thom Hartmann discusses John Boehner

#ThomHartmann #JohnBoehner #Reagan #Politics #sociopaths #MTP

May 4, 2015: A caller to Thom Hartmann's program asks if the GOP's John Boehner knows he's lying during his recent appearance on Meet the Press. Thom replies and explains how the Republican Party went insane with the Reagan presidency and how their cognitive dissonance (hating the government vs wanting to control the government) made space for sociopaths to step in who don't mind lying especially since they don't view others as human beings.

If you feel empathy for other people and support America's social safety net programs, depend on them, or know someone who does you may wish to check out this video! And please consider such information carefully before voting for your next sociopath politician. It seems voters' old feeling of deciding between the "lesser of two evils" will only deepen with 2016 candidates. Yes, Senator Bernie Sanders will put important topics into the debate mix yet who would cooperate with him and his progressive policies if by a magical landslide he became president?

So when it comes to lying politicians, personally I'd call such people psychotically divorced from reality which makes it easy for anti-government, empathy-challenged politicians to ignore how their criminal actions affect the every day reality of the American people. And this includes corporate CEOs, Wall Street gentry, and international bankers...basically, the global crime syndicate and all those who support and enable its tentacles to oppress and disenfranchise--not that some of its members aren't intimidated with threats and blackmailed into doing its bidding with (the alleged fantasy of) "offers they can't refuse." The rest are simply bribed with powerful positions, fame, and fortune and ordered to follow 'the script'. Integrity comes cheap in politics.

Related: view Mr. Boehner's November 17, 1949 natal horoscope set for noon since no birth hour is known. In September 2010 I posted a few notes on the natal planets and aspects of John Boehner, a Moon-Neptune kind of boo-hooer. Perhaps the alcohol helps him numb his knowledge of the truth behind his lies.

You may also wish to revisit Matt Taibbi's 2011 article The Crying Shame of John Boehner, "the ulimate beltway hack," who became Minority Speaker in 2006 and Speaker of the House in January 2011.

Apt or not, here are 5 Famous Quotes of Note:

"Every man thinks God is on his side. The rich and powerful know he is." Jean Anouilh

"Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem." John Galsworthy

"Puritanism--the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy." H.L. Mencken

"As a people we have developed a life-style that is draining the earth of its priceless and irreplaceable resources without regard for the future of our children and people all around the world." Margaret Mead

"The real lost souls don't wear their hair long and play guitars. They have crew cuts, trained minds, sign on for research in biological warfare, and don't give their parents a moment's worry." J.B. Priestley

Jan 23, 2015

Congress Seeks Netanyahu’s Direction: ICH

Speaker John Boehner and other sold-out politicians on Capitol Hill are up to something which for me spotlights their deep ambition to create a global kingdom--an earthly kingdom--to be set up in Jerusalem once Christians and Muslims destroy one another like stupid dumble-headed robots.

That's my personal view of how Washington and our Death Star Pentagon continue to stir up World War III. Here's another more informed view: Congress seeks Netanyahu's direction.

Article alert thanks go to the independent news source Information Clearing House.

Concerning Washington DC, esoterism, symbols, and Venus I hereby re-post the following fascinating video 'Secrets in Plain Sight' in case you have a chance to watch:


Jul 31, 2014

Brief Notes on the August 10, 2014 Full Moon in AQ (Washington DC)

Mystic Rectangle Full Moon August 10, 2014 @18AQ02

In Washington DC this culmination of the July 26, 2014 New Moon in early Leo falls within the 2/8 house polarity denoting corporatism, big business, finances, the National Treasury, possessions, earning ability, values that affect self-esteem, insurance, debt/credit, legacies, inheritances, transformation, death, the occult--you know, the usual potentials of the 2nd and 8th house departments of life.

But a culmination or fulfillment of what?

Of something begun under the influence of the previous New Moon. Now the Sun remains in fiery Leo, sign of the 'natural leader' and of braggarts and lawyers everywhere, so we may continue to expect further political charges of 'acting like a king' and 'this is a republic not a monarchy' and blah blah blah--as if anyone who's a cog in the current government wheel of total control wants anything but the status quo. Lucrative? Oh yes. The ruling class reaps huge benefits from the state of things or they wouldn't behave as they do. Maybe that's one reason the Full Moon chart of August 10th shows status quo Saturn blocking (squaring) actions and plans of the Sun (leader), Moon (the public), and messenger-reporter-trader planet of young people, Mercury (20Leo16) in 9th house of Philosophy, Diplomacy, and Foreign Climes.

And this is descriptive of the political theater of Capitol Hill that we're being subjected to in place of actual governing! Because though the US Congress skedaddles out of the District today for a 5-week vacation the astrological implications continue's a telling quote from someone who shares in his natal horoscope the Sun Leo/Moon AQ personality blend of the August 10th Full Moon:

"Idealism increases in proportion to one's distance from the problem." -John Galsworthy. And never more obviously than in federal, state, and local governments now infiltrated by ideologues with deep convictions which leave common decency out of all their calculations.

Considering the above quote, we find in the Full Moon horoscope the pattern of a Mystic Rectangle (between Sun, Uranus, Mercury, NN, and Moon) which sounds cool and denotes a condition of and a need for 'practical idealism' not the pie-in-sky kind. Does John Boehner's lawsuit against President Obama sound foolishly impractical since the bill won't be agreed to by Democrats and POTUS would hardly take part in such an undermining of his administration and of his signature achievement, would he? Once again, you waste our time and millions of tax dollars, sore-loser Republicans!

So it's about time to close this post with the factors that determine (as near as we can tell) how things will proceed from this Full Moon in Aquarius, sign of the American people's natal Moon if you use a July 4, 1776 horoscope with Sagittarius rising.

Full Moon's Ascendant 21Sco32 (conj US natal 12th cusp--the house of Politics, Secret Deals, Self-Undoing, Karma, Hospitals, Large Institutions--they're rising) is ruled by Mars and sub-ruled by creepy wealth-hoarder Pluto, the manipulator and saboteur. Mars applies to two major aspects:

A sextile to Pluto which signifies an intense energy that's available when reaching for more power. Investment and research are favored yet military action cannot be ruled out as we look toward the rest of Summer 2014.

Second is a conjunction to Saturn (8A21) with both planets in 12th house. This denotes a time of obstacles blocking progress (still) and maybe even some self-created troubles arise--perhaps via short-cuts that seemed a good idea when they were taken but now...not so much. Called for are better organizing, careful planning, and an acceptance of the authority of others--something we know the GOP simply refuses to do.

Yes, the Full Moon over Washington on August 10th will find the city's denizens and perps missing, on a break from the 'work' they failed to do but were paid for. Hmm.

Ah, DC! I again will not miss being there in August for I know what it's like and wish to sit under a shady tree in Georgia instead while watching a toddler pick a bunch of dan-dee-lion flowers...

Additional note: this is the closest to Earth #SuperMoon of #2014!

Jun 28, 2014

Aries Ingress 2014 and a GOP "stunt" to sue the President

Aries Ingress 2014, the Desperation of Sore Losers, and a "Stunt" Announced

by Jude Cowell

On February 4, 2014, the horoscope of Aries Ingress 2014 was published on this blog. As you know, it is an ancient Arabian practice to use an Aries Ingress that occurs prior to an important political event to signify the event itself but little did I suspect when I wrote about the horoscope that Speaker John Boehner would announce a plan to "sue" President Obama for his use/abuse of Executive Power. At least I think that's Boehner's point since he won't divulge what the threatened legal suit will allege. Meanwhile, President Obama has termed the GOP suit "a stunt."

Such a stunt attempts to ignore the fact that Mr. Obama has signed fewer Executive Orders than other presidents so obviously it's only another wasteful GOP attempt to de-legitimize a Democratic administration and many pundits are saying the ploy could backfire on Republicans in November as would another "stunt" revisited--a threatened GOP government shutdown which could occur only 5 weeks prior to the November Elections! Perhaps this will be when Democrats can say, "proceed, Mr. Boehner."

Here is the original post with horoscope shown if you wish a view that is set for Washington DC.

Related: brief notes on the Natal Chart of John Boehner, a piece published in September 2010.

Interestingly, the Aries Ingress horoscope may take precedence over the Autumn Ingress 2014 in September since it represents all of 2014 and thus describes Election 2014 in November though there is also a Solar Eclipse in October which will add its background influences on election results. However, the Aries Ingress 2014 chart shows Jupiter @10Can46 rising along with US natal Sun (the president) and the Saturn-Neptune midpoint, a significator for social welfare issues such as New Deal and Great Society programs that support our social fabric and provide aid to those not so well-off.

Mundane Moon = We the People, Saturn = Austerity Measures

For me the risings suggest that Jupiter's investment potential is uppermost here and perhaps the American people will turn out in droves to vote in November--for Democrats, in both state and national elections. Otherwise, Dick Cheney's scorn over spending money on the needs of the American people instead of funding more wars of conquest (and fattening the stock portfolios of wheeler-dealer warmongers like Cheney) will be victorious and our society will sink further into beggardom--right where the plutocrats and neocons want us. The Moon-Saturn conjunction in the March 2014 horoscope will then describe 'loss, oppression, and depression' more than the 'ambition, direction, and strategy' the duo in Scorpio could portend.

In case you missed it, here is author-broadcaster Thom Hartmann on "Why is John Boehner Suing President Obama?

Here we find one result of the ongoing Cardinal Grand Square as it forms a Grand Cross with US natal Saturn (14Lib48), that transiting Pluto, planet of hidden power, squares our national Saturn thus creating circumstances where 'abuse of authority' emerges and is blocked as the president's ambitions are severely criticized. Yet if Mr. Obama's goals are morally above reproach--which is what the American people ought to decide, not the president's political opponents who have made it clear that undermining or disrupting his presidency is their all-consuming desire--will his plans for domestic Jupiterian investment triumph over Republican opposition and their stunts of desperation. The simultaneous opposition by transit Uranus to US natal Saturn is similar in effect and adds to a 'threat to authority' vibe as opposing forces strive to impose "a new order"--in the US Congress and around the globe.

May 30, 2014

An Astro-Peek at the Solar Eclipse of Oct 23, 2014 (updated 9.27.14)

Solar Eclipse October 23, 2014 @1Scorpio in the 17 New North Saros Series

by Jude Cowell

Update Sept 27, 2014: unfortunately the Mars-Pluto influences via Scorpio of this eclipse have included the forceful pair's weapons-of-war implication along with its forcing one's will on others tendencies as we now see by US airstrikes in Syria and more military action in Iraq. Congress has negated its constitutional duties once again by absconding from Capitol Hill without tending to the business of war and will slink back into the District around November 12th--after the midterms of course. Speaker Boehner has remarked that he will not call for any votes on the war until 2015--the next Congress. You may notice that I purposefully neglected to mention such warrior topics in the post below for I was praying it would not be necessary.

I now turn you over to my original post though I expect alliance (coalition) and financial issues to arise as 2014 careens on--not everyone will experience the predicted 'fun' and parties from this karmic Scorpio eclipse especially since its karmic vibes are due to the evolutionary progress that can be made under a Scorpio eclipse but waging more war does not fall under the category of 'progress':

With its forceful Mars-Pluto vibes, the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse in the 17 New North Saros Series contains a passionate, exciting, impulsive, and possibly 'fun' flavor with issues that emerge concerning financial matters and/or relationships. This is a "it's party time!" eclipse! Since the beginning of the 20th century, 17NN has manifested in the years 1906, 1924, 1942, 1960, 1978, 1996, (2014), and next: 2032.

Hmmm...sounds like a few amazing Halloween parties will be thrown this year!

17NN is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of a few people I can think of such as: VP Joe Biden, former President Jimmy Carter, current FBI Director James Comey, former Senator and Monsanto lobbyist Blanche Lincoln, astrologer-author Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, and artist Edgar Degas. 17NN is a fairly new Series with its initial eclipse manifesting on July 28, 1870 @5Leo05 (conjunct US natal North Node.)

Here is a non-chronological list of events that occurred under the rays of 17NN:

The First Atom Split, JFK's Inauguration, Bill Clinton's 2nd Inauguration, the Jonestown Massacre of 1978, Nikolo Tesla's death, and the wedding of President Obama's parents.

This post may be my sign-off for the weekend. Have a happy! jc

And if you're curious, here are a few notes on the Solar Eclipse that will influence both Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017.

Eclipse info: Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Oct 12, 2013

Shutdowns 1995/96 and 2013 linked by Mars-Neptune

Mars-Neptune, Government Shutdowns, and Autumn 2013 Eclipses

by Jude Cowell

On Saturday October 19, 2013, transit Mars @2Vir39 returns to its position in the 'Shutdown New Moon 1995' horoscope (Sun-Moon @10Cap33), which is called a Mars Return, and which symbolizes a new 2-year cycle of activity relating to shutdowns and stalemates. For the current government shutdown, testosterone-driven Mars, the planet of quarrels, activism, and war, is opposed by transit Neptune @2Pis44 Rx.

As you see from the 1995 New Moon degree of 10Cap33, transit Pluto now conjoins it showing changed circumstances that lead to a critical time of development (Ebertin.) A New Moon begins a cycle of activity as well, and this one on January 1, 1995 occurred 3 days prior to the swearing in of the 104th Congress, and times the cosmic beginning of the New Gingrich 'revolution'. Rounding up, the negative expression of 11 Cap's Sabian Symbol is: 'egoistic satisfaction in matching the mediocrity of others' and I'm quite certain that then as now, the American people look to the US Congress for such sorriness as that.

In fact, some say that the approval rating of Congress has now dropped to the historic low of 5% (which causes me to wonder what on earth is wrong with the 5%.)

So with tr Mars about to return to its 1995 degree on October 19th, and with the current position of nebulous, fraud-producing Neptune opposing said Mars, what's up in the Mars-Neptune department? Well, you know about America's problematic Mars-Neptune square (22Gemini SQ 22Virgo) in our national horoscope (July 4, 1776) so whenever Mars and Neptune tangle, our 'confused motivations/misguided actions' tendencies are usually on display or are triggered. (Ex: Republicans seem to have forgotten their 'defund Obamacare' campaign which was irrationally instigated by wet-behind-the-ears senator, Ted Cruz. The GOP has "moved on" from that particular losing battle and have set their sights on other budgetary targets where they'll be able to save face, they hope.)

My fuss is that all this high drama is meant to undermine confidence in the US government of the American people--yet it doesn't do that for me but does serve to highlight my lack of confidence in the current doltish crop of Capitol Hill brigands, but not in the republican system itself. Efficient government is what I prefer, even if it means that government isn't 'smaller'. (Well, okay, so I was born with four natal planets in Capricorn, the sign of government, business, and law!)

So! Transit 2013 Neptune opposing 1995 Mars denotes a time of futile efforts (!) and debilitating factors which undermine actions; misguided ideals inspire acts of revenge and aggression while risk-taking endeavors and hostile confrontations do not work out in Mars' favor. Scandal, deception, illusion, and mistrust are on the Martian menu at this time. Headaches are difficult to diagnose yet a majority of Americans agree that it's quite simple to discern from what quarter the headaches the US Congress is giving We the People have their beginnings.

Obviously, the Mars-Neptune transit between Shutdowns 1995 and 2013 indicates that results are not conforming to what the Republican Tea Party's expected outcome was delusionally intended to be and the irrational, self-deceived energies that Neptune can supply to any situation turned out to be more prominent in the real world than Neptune's undermining of President Obama's signature legislation, the Affordable Health Care Act, at least at this time. Additionally, Neptune also signifies The Web and the ACA website's awful first week has been gummed up by Neptunian forces (are hackers involved, I wonder?) More political attacks from anti-government/small-government types will be forthcoming, I suspect, especially since they've fought against FDR's New Deal programs from the start and now consider Obamacare to be an increase in the size of government--which it is.

Well, no one should ever expect outer planets such as Neptune to provide dependable outcomes, should they?

As I type, the Senate is in session--rare for a Saturday--concerning an offer that would reopen the government and extend the debt ceiling limit so we can pay our bills and thereby avoid becoming a deadbeat nation in default.

However, uplifting the 'full faith and credit of the US government' and protecting the dollar as the global currency are quite different matters.

Yes, the Republican Tea Party has a definite 'genius for futile turmoil and persistent upset' (ruling by lurching from crisis to crisis) so the negative expression of the current Solar Eclipse degree (May 2013 @19Tau) is being demonstrated all too well by the austerity-loving political party. Perhaps this morning's Sun-Moon blend may be instructive as to the flavor of the meeting at the White House so let's check it out:

Sun Libra-Moon Capricorn (Venus-Saturn) is a purposeful, pragmatic, ambitious blend of energies with a social conscience; this blend of the 'artful manager' denotes diplomacy and an ability to work together as idealism morphs into decisive action.

This Sun-Moon blend is shared natally by activist Bobby Seale so here's an apt quote for the day from him:

"We must start coming forth with our energies...our intellects, and our abilities to see what is right and what must be done, so the suffering will stop, and the phrase 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' begins to make some human sense."

At 2:00 pm edt today, the Moon enters Aquarius and prepares for a US Lunar Return on October 14, 2013. In the Return chart, the Moon is opposed by--you guessed it--Mars in late Leo, which indicates the deep anger and resentment of the American people toward whomever each one of us considers contentious Mars to be representing in the government shutdown fiasco!

For me, Mars is the actor involved with the anarchistic Uranus-in-Aries zealots as described by Reinhold Ebertin in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences though, as always, you, dear reader, may feel free to totally disagree.

So at 2:00 pm, the Sun-Moon blend becomes Sun Lib-Moon AQ which has a curious implication to the current anarchy in Washington for it signifies those who 'build castles and a Utopia' in their minds. You'll remember that the old 'Utopia' plan is that of the Adam Weishaupt crowd of Illuminatists whose descendants remain determined to destroy civilized systems such as government, law, religion, and education. And with the November 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse soon occurring with its illuminating Uranus-Neptune content, I'd say they've done a pretty good job of it so far.

News at 12:00 pm et: John Boehner touts that an impasse has been reached in this morning's negotiations with the president. Well, our political drama queens and prima donnas must be pleased that their starring time before the cameras hasn't ended...yet.

View the horoscope of the October 18, 2013 Lunar Eclipse in Aries set for Washington DC, if you wish.

Dec 23, 2012

Greenspan admitted The Fed is above US law (video); plus, Full Moon coming

Former protege of Ayn Rand, Mr. Greenspan Speaks about The Fed

by Jude Cowell

Here's a 48-second snippet from 2007 of Jim Lehrer interviewing Alan Greenspan who headed America's Federal Reserve System for several years:

Text of the full interview may be read here. A link to Mr. Greenspan's book is included if you're so inclined. As you know, reporter Andrea Mitchell has been married to Mr. Greenspan since 1997 and I continue to find it curious that her news program appears on the demi-progressive MSNBC. Yet MSNBC and NBC are Rockefeller enterprises after all.

For videos on a variety of topics visit Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Fiscal Schmiscal, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

Here's an intriguing opinion piece on Rockefeller-Obama Republicans which makes the case that President Obama panders to the Republican Party--not because he doesn't negotiate well (as Rockefeller media and others propagandize), or that he's "weak"--but because he's one of them.

Related reading: Who's Done More Damage: Bernie Madoff or Alan Greenspan?

Stage Craft: It's All Political Theater, Dahlink!

Fast-forward to the current 'fiscal cliff'-sequester negotiations of December 2012 and we continue to see Mr. Obama putting certain concessions 'on the table' than what progressive voters who re-elected him expected since he now so obviously has a mandate from The People to protect us. Social Security? Mr. Obama campaigned on not including it in the fiscal deal since it has no part in creating the deficit. But now 'on the table' is a potential change in SS cost-of-living raises which will affect millions of seniors through disguised cuts as the years go by, thus removing money from the US economy, money that would've been spent. And that doesn't mention the potential for suffering.

Yes, FDR's New Deal programs are under seige by plutocrats as they've been from the time they were set up. But their enemies in 2012/2013 may prove more successful at gutting them than ever before for the culprits are hiding behind the cleverest mask of guile yet taken up by America's plutocratic class of power elites...aka, "the Democrats."

Yes, I do hope I'm being a paranoid Capricorn (very possible!) with this theory and that none of the above is the case, and that the label 'Democrat' still means We the People have a fighting chance to have our concerns addressed and resolved on Capitol Hill with some measure of honesty and clarity toward a 'more level playing field'. Plus, the nasty thought of 'population control' based on a 'survival of the fittest' creed (of Ayn Rand and others) comes to mind because of the coldhearted behavior of Washington politicians, whatever their party label.

So whether you bought that badly-acted Boehner Herding Cats matinee on the evening of December 20, 2012 or not (and their subsequent skedaddle out of town for Christmas break), don't be surprised if things turn even weirder and crazier during the last week of December--under the light of the December 28th Full Moon which takes us whimpering across the expiring-tax-break threshold into 2013. (Full Moon and 'fiscal cliff' horoscopes shown.)

That Lunar Madness under a Full Moon increases the number of crimes has been documented after all, as some police departments have attested--or, is it only because more activity occurs on Moon-lit nights?

Wonder if The Moon Society has studied the phenomena?


Here's a preliminary post on the Inauguration 2013 Horoscope with a bare minimum of astro-notes and analysis until early January.

A Holiday Blog-Note: with family coming into town, this is my last SO'W post until after Christmas Day 2012 so I wish y'all a safe Merry and a Happy!Jude

Dec 20, 2012

The Mystery of Boehner's Plan B and a Temporary YOD

A Saturnian YOD, a Selfish Republican Ploy, and a Merry Christmas! to Us

by Jude Cowell

After hours of watching political pundits and reporters talking on TV about how Speaker John Boehner will put up his 'Plan B' for a House vote today, I've been waiting to hear them answer their own queries: Why is Mr. Boehner wasting time (and our money) proposing Plan B when it won't pass the Democratic Senate?What is he up to?

If any pundits have mentioned or written about the reason for Plan B, I've missed it and believe the answer to the Mystery of Plan B is found in Boehner's remarks: that if Plan B isn't agreed to by President Obama, then HE will be the one who is "responsible" for the biggest tax increase" on the American people in US history...not Republicans who, it has been often said since the November re-election of Barack Obama, will be held responsible for driving our nation off the (artificially engineered) 'fiscal cliff' if the White House won't compromise.

He said it himself! So can Boehner's cynical political ploy be any clearer? Won't any political expert on my TV state the obvious? Does the good of the country figure into the deal for the GOP at all?

Well, I wanted to get that said before I popped but have little time today for Political Astrology blogging so I'll simply add a few notes: no matter what occurs in Washington DC today, all day the Sun (leadership) remains at 29Sag+ (29 = a crisis degree), with its Sabian Symbol for '30Sag': "The Pope Blessing the Faithful." Now I don't even want to go there. Where? Where the Vatican might have any say in America's budget/fiscal negotiations of 2012. You can't make me (!) but you might imagine for yourself.

And with the Moon (We the People; publicity) in Mars-ruled Aries today, tempers may flair. Plus, the Sun-Moon blend of energies may lend a smidgeon of flavor to whatever occurs this December 20, 2012:

Sun Sag-Moon Ari (double Fire = volatile, hot, dramatic) tends toward a dislike for details (maybe ALEC can write something for our bought-off 'lawmakers'--again), a neurotic need to be affirmed as "the biggest and best" (politics!), insensitivity when listening to others (if they listen at all), impatience, courage, and falling into black moods when things don't go their way.

And with a temporary YOD pattern between Moon-Jupiter-Saturn joining the current Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Rx YOD, the planet on the 'hotseat' (YOD's apex) is constricting Saturn which happens to be conjoining President Obama's natal Neptune in Scorpio.

Now Alan Oken gives a Moon-Jupiter sextile as the 'ray of hope' aspect (I know, because there's one in my natal chart and he consulted with me on it)--and I believe I've heard that phrase used by pundits this week already though it seems impossible that Plan B is that hope--especially since the Moon-Jupiter sextile is the base of a YOD pointing to Saturn and to the president's natal Neptune.

The midpoint pictures the temporary YOD pattern creates may be quite revealing--see what you think:

Moon-Jupiter = Saturn: interference through outside restrictions; becoming distant from important emotions.

Moon-Jupiter = BHO's n Neptune: losing focus of objectives; success feels like its leaving one's grasp.

Well, I hope that President Obama doesn't 'lose the plot' and succumb to the GOP 'Plan B' attempt to make the White House the scape goat for America going off the 'fiscal cliff' come 12:00 am New Year's Day 2013. Besides, the public knows who's most to blame and their initials are GOP.

Oh, and the Harveys give two 'Images for Integration' in their Sun Sign-Moon Sign book to describe the Sun Sag-Moon Ari combo so I'll close with them and with two quotes from someone who shares the blend natally:

"He who would be King postpones the coronation for a trek through the Himalayas...A mature student discovers her political convictions and debating talents through confronting the corruption of academia." (Then she's got a lot of debating to do!)

"There was things which he stretched but mainly he told the truth."

"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest."

--Mark Twain (known for his black moods.)

Dec 14, 2012

Jupiter in Gemini and Stalling in Washington DC

Jupiter Still Rx, Fiscal Responsibility Stalls, & Republicans Con

by Jude Cowell

Here's a handy timeline of debt celings and other fiscalities including 2011's Stalemate Theater on Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately for the American people and the US economy, tickets for matinee performances remain available and may be valid into 2013.

Now as you know, moneybags Jupiter, a planet that at times in Mundane Astrology is acted out by the Republican Party, other times by the *Democratic Party, won't turn Direct and willingly dispense his goodies "leaning forward" until January 30, 2013 @6Gem19. Then there's the imperative of the Jolly One's leaving his own shadow, the degree at which he performed a retrograde station during the first week of October 2012 @16Gem22.

Transiting Jupiter will reach shadow degree in late April 2013 though I hope we won't have to wait that long until fiscal cliff issues, debt ceiling stalemates, and other budgetary woes (created by self-interested, corrupted-by-big-money politicians and banksters) are resolved. Plus, will global markets be patient with a purposefully disfunctional US Congress? (By which I mean there are those who are determined to undermine the US government and have been doing a da*ned good job of it for decades.) All this drama in spite of the fact that, like many voters, I think the re-election of President Obama in November ought to make fiscal decisions more clear and with less Republican obstructionism!

Jupiter in Gemini: Have We Teetered on This Cliff Before?

In a flurry of cosmic synchronicity, the usually benefic Jupiter has traversed the Zodiac on a similar fiscal/debt-problems trail in the past with difficult economic consequences as 'he' performed a retrograde station @16Gem24 in early October 1929--and the direct station @6Gem21 occurred on January 31, 1930! Anyone who says that history doesn't repeat has a short memory, don't they?

As in our day, 1929 was a year of social unrest, upheavals, protests, strikes, fanaticism, and starvation for the unheeled, a condition we experience now with a transiting Uranus-Pluto square though Pluto was then in Cancer (now in Capricorn and opposing US natal planets in Cancer) and with radical Uranus zealous in Mars-ruled Aries, as now. (Ebertin says Uranus in Aries = Utopians and the concept of an Ideal Utopia remains at the base of our current problems (see link, below.) Utopians are simply much farther along the path to implementing a totalitarian global government and a 'new economic order' than in 1929/30--and the current GOP gaggle of brash bullies are radical, not conservative.

Then of course, you know that October 29, 1929 brought the Wall Street Crash (link, below) which ushered in the Great Depression and if we think much of Jupiter's similar actions of 1929/30 and 2012/13--along with fanatical Uranus-Pluto square influences--we may become suspicious that the worst economic catastrophes are yet to be revealed.

Is there a less harsh light in which to compare and contrast planetary conditions of 1929/30 and 2012/13? Actually there may be because back then Saturn was strong in its own sign of Capricorn (President Obama's natal Saturn placement) and opposed wealthy string-puller Pluto (Mr. Hades of the Underworld.) As you know, the two were in opposition during the 9/11/01 attacks when cruelty, hardship, and brutality prevailed.

These days, Saturn and Pluto are in a more pleasant sextile (60 degr) yet its influence is not perfectly amiable for we are talking about two karmic planets that can bring loss when they're ready! A Saturn-Pluto sextile (here, from Scorpio to Capricorn) denotes a need to persevere without becoming obsessed or too single-minded, quite an impossibility for ideologue politicians, obsession being their stock in trade. Plus, we must give props to the beginning of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle, their Great Conjunction on November 8, 1982 @27Lib36--during the Reagan era of greed and avarice (see Reagan link, below.)

Another facet of a **Saturn-Pluto sextile, are control issues relating to finances and decision-making which describe the current Obama-Boehner stand-off occurring on the precipice of a manufactured 'fiscal cliff'; some measure of hiding from the public and from one another is also described by the sextile. The hiding is usually done to avoid being taken advantage of though as a populist and common-gooder, I have to say that the American people know way too much about plutonian politicians doing that to us already.

On the level of political loss, fear, also a province of both planets, makes even the taking of prudent actions or risks difficult but let's hope that the beneficial opportunity indicated by the sextile results in the president and house majority leader coming to a partial if not full resolution over these dire economic matters before, or perhaps after, the end of 2012.

Now if only they could find and cooperatively use the services of a mediator they both could trust to negotiate the deal! Wonder if Bo the White House Pooch has a spot open on his December calendar?


A must-read, if you haven't, concerning alternating 'R v D Jupiterianism' is Thom Hartmann's excellent article, Two Santa Clauses or How the Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years.

**You may wish to consult Alan Epstein's book Understanding Aspects: The Sextile for more information.

Related reading: 12.12.12 Robert Reich's Why Is Washington Obsessing About the Deficit and Not Jobs and Wages? (see? Saturn-Pluto = obsessing); Black Tuesday Oct 29, 1929 (horoscope shown); Rosicrucian Utopia; 'Fiscal Cliff' and the December 28, 2012 Full Moon; horoscope shown of Reagan Signs the Garn-St-Germain Act and says they "hit the jackpot!"

Dec 6, 2012

Is John Boehner's boozing legendary around Washington?

Political Corruption and the Bartender Blues

by Jude Cowell

A Judy's World article Why Boehner Needs to Go details some things said by Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe Wednesday (12/5) about the Speaker's reputation for drunkeness around town, remarks which I heard with my own ears.

Even from this distance in Georgia (and not being a resident of D.C. for many moons now), I've heard of Speaker Boehner's love of The Juice 'ere this but it seems his current 'fiscal cliff' stalemate performances on Capitol Hill are giving his Neptunian dependency on negative escapism a boost into the spotlight. One may perhaps wonder, Is he up to the task?

Well, maybe you've already checked out Mr. Boehner's natal horoscope with its Moon-Neptune contact, a possible conjunction indicating drinking if not alcohol dependency which often has a self-pitying, crying-in-beer vibe especially when things aren't going his way. (I once had an uncle with this conjunction and the resulting problem of emotional weakness so I know all too well--but who doesn't?)

So if you should hear that President Obama has Speaker Boehner 'over a barrel' it sadly may refer to more than the expiration of the Bush tax cuts at midnight on New Year's Eve 2012.

Nov 8, 2012

Nov 13, 2012: Congress Returns with the Solar Eclipse

November 2012: a Month of Two Eclipses and a Returning Congress

by Jude Cowell

In modern Astrology, eclipses are not often considered 'bad omens' as in olden days and yet the 112th Congress returns for its two-week lame duck session on November 13, 2012. Lawmakers' priorities include taxes, FY13 appropriations bills, the federal debt, and the dreaded sequestration (drastic automatic cuts across the board including the Pentagon budget) which Congress and the White House set up in 2011 after the 'Super Congress' couldn't come to agreement on our debt and deficit situations. That daftly irresponsible tactic was influewnced by the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse @2Sag in the murky 14 North Saros Series with its key themes of confusion, drained energy, despair, delusion, lack of clear judgment, and a 'peculiar turn of events'. (B. Brady.)

Yes, Congress acts quite peculiarly these days yet we must hope for better and more mature actions now that President Obama has been re-elected with a 'mandate' from the people. If Romney had been elected, we can be certain that the GOP would tout his 'mandate'--but it would be a mandate from billionaires, a very small percentage of the US population!

Plus, the horrid meningitis outbreak caused by tainted steroid injections (contagious Neptune of poisons and contamination now in early degrees of its own sign of Pisces) and Medicare provider payment adjustments are also potential issues for the lame duck session of 2012. And if the American people are fairly treated for a change, these issues should be addressed during this brief two-week session though of course the artifical "fiscal cliff" must take precedence since the end of the year will be soon upon us.

That Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell intend to fully cooperate with President Obama and the Democrats on these "fiscal cliff" issues is doubtful but much needed. The tainted steroid injections aren't baseball steroid use but surely Congress can spare a few hours of attention to it.

As for their "fiscal cliff" political theater, another finagled credit downgrade of our economy could be disastrous though apparently the GOP presumed their justification for their obstructionist behavior back in 2011 would merit them the election of a Republican president come November 6, 2012. But as you know, it did not.

Here are a few astro-notes on the natal horoscope of Scorpio John Boehner who has a birthday coming up on November 17th!

Now if you wish to view it, here are details and a horoscope of the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio of November 13, 2012 which imprints upon the day that the 112th US Congress reconvenes in lame duck session before their extensive holiday break (no, I did not realize that when I typed the post but you will!) As previously mentioned, the Nov 13th eclipse degree of 21Sco56 conjoins the 12th cusp of Politics, karma, large institutions, and backdoor deals in the US natal horoscope (5:10 pm LMT 'Sibly' version), and triggers the natal Midheaven of Thomas Jefferson.

Next from The Cosmos on November 28th is a Mercury-ruled Lunar Eclipse in Gemini which will continue uncovering secrets, scandals, and/or plans not previously divulged.

A Drop of Peach State News

As for my home state of Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal is "unlikely" to set up a health insurance exchange as required by the Affordable Health Care Act but what else to expect from an ethics-challenged Republican politician? Cooperation? Hah!

As you may remember, Representative Deal resigned from Congress in March 2010 just minutes before the Ethics Committee deadline to 'deal' with Deal, and the state of Georgia has been saddled with his muttonheadedness ever since. Lucky us, she typed drily.

Mar 2, 2011

Will Apr 3, 2011's Mars/Uranus conjunction heat up Politics?

You betcha! And House Speaker John Boehner has already used graphic Mars/Uranus-style gun rhetoric concerning labor unions. One assumes it's okay with Mr. Boehner if the powers that be are holding the "machine gun" of Mars/Uranus to our heads but unacceptable when we-the-people stand together to protect ourselves from political and social abuse.

Yet rhetoric isn't all that sizzles with a Mars/Uranus conjunction if history serves as our model. Riots, revolts, strikes, uprisings, wars, battles, and natural disasters are on the global menu - even volcanic eruption cannot be ruled out (I'm looking at you, Mount St. Helens, among other sensitive locations.)

An example is September 9, 1943, when Mars and Uranus conjoined @ 8Gem+ (during a US Uranus Return) and the Allies invaded Italy in what turned out not to be the quick resolution they'd dreamed of. Will their April 3, 2011 hook-up trigger a US invasion? Perhaps, though my prayer is that Washington will not add to our tattered plates yet another violent military meddling in the Middle East or elsewhere. However, Secretary Clinton has already put the 'on the table' threat of intervention on the table concerning Gaddafi's massacre of his people in Libya for protesting against him.

Haven't a majority of we-the-people already agreed that the US cannot afford to continue acting as global police force? You'd think common sense would win out on that one on Capitol Hill, but apparently not. This gives the 'crash America' argument more fuel, imho, since that is, in fact, what our politicians are in process of doing on behalf of the much-vaunted 'new world order' - see link to Plutocracy quotes, below.

An Historical Overview of Mars/Uranus Conjunctions

Master astrologer John Townley's Desert Lightening! Mars-Uranus strikes again feature will fill you in on present and past conjunctions and their effects with Astro-Cartography maps showing the pair's swaths of influence including the conjunctions of 2009 and the upcoming one on April 3, 2011 which is strongest over Alaska, Hawaii, and the West Coast of the US.

And since April's Mars/Uranus meet in Aries, a Fire sign, we may expect a continuation of upheavals along with wildfires or even explosions especially since April 3 falls within the time frame of the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse 13Cap38/9 conjoining Fixed Star Manubrium with its 'flaring heat' indications (Eclipses, Celeste Teal.)

Besides the previously discussed increase of refugeeism, there's also the Jan 2011 eclipse's 'turbulent spirit against those in high places' vibe which we're experiencing across the globe in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin...seems there will be more outbreaks very soon if Mars/Uranus has its way. Keep an eye on Alaska, Hawaii, and the West Cost prior to the next solar eclipse which manifests on June 1, 2011 in a sensitive spot: 11Gem02 conj US n Desc = 'surprising developments'. Whatever Mars/Uranus conjs may trigger, things can erupt prior to the actual conjunction or just before the next conjunction two years one month later and particularly within the swath cut on the global map.

With Mars conjoining Uranus so near the Aries Point (00Ari00:00) in April 2011, the potential for manifestation of their explosive energies upon the world stage is greatly magnified - quite certainly predicted by myself and others, in fact.

Plus, another thing about the April 3, 2011 conjunction of Mars/Uranus @ 1Ari18 is that it falls upon the Ic of America's natal chart (n Ic 00Ari53 in the Sibly version) which 'personalizes' the conjunction for the US. So because all houses (departments of life) in a horoscope have their polar opposites, we may use US natal Midheaven (Goals, Aspirations, Public Status, The World Stage) to form a midpoint picture while noting that Ebertin gives the Mars/Uranus combo as 'intervention', 'sudden application of effort', 'striving for attainment of power and authority', 'oppressing others', etc, as channels for possible expression:

April 3, 2011 tr Mars/Uranus = US n Mc: putting a pistol to some one's head (click above to read Boehner's remark); an inflexible character (Gov Scott Walker and his ilk? jc); executing violent measures; injury, accident, operation; the desire for independence.

Note: America's natal Mars 21Gem23 and Uranus 8Gem55 indicate a recent conjunction took place between them prior to July 4, 1776 - on June 15, 1776 @ 7Gem52...'8Gem' = "Around a Closed-Down Factory, Strikers Mill Defiantly"!! Transiting MIDAS is @ 8 Gemini now and has been for a while.)

To this midpoint picture affecting US n Mc, Michael Munkasey adds: 'new approaches to effecting social changes'; undermining the collective bargaining power of labor unions would be one approach that would do it; plus, the tactic's ultimate goal of undercutting union support for Democrats in the 2012 election couldn't be more obvious. It so often boils down to grasping the megaphone and the nuclear button of the White House, isn't it?

As for timing, we may wish to consider the parallel (similar to a strong conjunction and helpful for timing purposes) between Mars and Uranus which becomes exact around 8:42 am edt on the morning of April 4, 2011.

A New Moon Joins the Mars/Uranus Fray

Also on April 3, 2011 at 10:32:16 am edt, a New Moon occurs @ 13Ari30 (in 11th H of Groups and Associations) with US n Desc rising 13Gemini. This plops America's natal Mars upon the Asc 23Gem31, our first natal planet to rise in the New Moon chart when it's set for the (Masonic) Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

N Mars/Uranus = New Moon's Asc (Desc): becoming verbally abusive to those who impede your progress; enjoyment from agitating others; an upsetting event; acts of violence; an accident or injury; arrest.

And perhaps the April 3rd New Moon's Sabian Symbol applies to our topic especially if we round down rather than up (one degree morphs into the next - if nothing else, a later degree represents something recent and perhaps, unconscious); the following symbol is from Marc Edmund Jones' The Sabian Symbols in Astrology with my own addition of 'shadow side/unconscious' and other remarks:

'13Ari' = "An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion" = IMPETUOUSNESS...

positive expression: a dramatic rejection of any accomplishment falling at all short of very deep or hallowed purpose (WI Governor Walker, is that you? Well, buyers' remorse has set in and shouts for your recall are getting louder - and voting Mercury 23Ari33 is Rx - re-call - on April 3! Fascistically locking Wisconsin citizens out of their State Capitol Building this week will not do - jc);

negative/shadow side/unconscious: a waste of opportunity and a futile expenditure of self through vanity and conceit.

A particular midpoint picture of great concern in the New Moon chart (DC) for it points directly at the Mars/Uranus conjunction is' note that Pluto and Asc are *quindecile (QD) one another which means that tr Pluto 7Cap30 is QD-ing US n Mars, both aspects of manipulation, greed, dominance, and taking over control:

Pluto/Asc = Mars: loud and persistent arguing when calmness is called for; exposure to danger; foolhardiness and daring (another US invasion would be that - jc); ruthless energy deployment; courage; upsets.

Pluto/Asc = Uranus: unusual events fan the fires further; success at all costs; living with constant anxiety; restlessness. (My italics and bold, as usual.)

Well, this is certainly a disturbing look at the Mars/Uranus conjunction and New Moon of April 3, 2011 yet no one needs Astrology to tell them the world is erupting. And if forewarned is forearmed (a descriptive slogan for this gun-toting pair of planets, Mars and Uranus), I hope everyone stays out of harm's way and yet are free to stand up for their rights in an honorable and successful manner.


Additional Topical Reading Suggestions:

The Right to Work Law which Gov. Scott Walker is determined to impose on Wisconsin workers;

Natal Horoscope of Libya w Feb 21, 2011 Transits;

A Few Illuminating Quotes on Plutocracy in America;

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann; Thom is calling Gov. Walker, "Scott Gaddafi Walker" because of his dictatorial stance and no-compromise demands...j'agree.

And, as always, my permanent recommendation for your more personal astro-insights are readily available at Julie Demboski's Astrology.

Note: at noon today, NPR reports that the temporary spending bill has passed the Senate and is headed for the president's desk for signing; this is the two-week extension bill to keep the government open until at least the Full Moon of April 19 (or April 18, depending on how they count the two weeks in Washington.

Sundown on Saturday April 19 is also when the joyous celebration of Purim begins.


Blog Note: all midpoint pictures from Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey: any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions; *QD info from Quindecile, by Ricki Reeves.

Jan 15, 2011

Thom Hartmann on the 'Party of No' (video)

For nine minutes progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann sums up the dynamics of the recent tragedy in Tucson and gives an historic overview of the conservative 'Party of No' beginning with President Obama's uplifting message about our nation and that of Sarah Palin and her ilk.

The Party of No has quite a laundry list of obstructionism to its credit (debit) and I shudder to think what this nation would be like now if they'd always gotten their way through the decades. Thom mentions one of the more interesting eras, that of the Gilded Age of the Robber Barons. It's their biological and philosophical spawn who continue their heartless plunder across the globe now and threaten a complete rent in the social fabrics of America and every other nation. Their and the *Vatican's vision of a one-world-government drives us forward - yet backward - into totalitarian rule.

So with Monday January 17, 2011 being Martin Luther King Day, I hope you'll take a few minutes to listen to what (imho) places the credit where it squarely belongs for whatever social progress our nation has managed to obtain against the forces of No.

A Goose-Step Down Memory Lane?

Remember that ridiculous GOP campaign slogan of recent days, compassionate conservatism? Compassionate?? Hilarious! We don't seem to hear about that little misnomer anymore which makes a lot of sense considering what John Boehner and the goose-steppers are about to try in Congress next week because they'd rather focus on undermining a Democratic (and democratically elected) president than to move forward on behalf of all the American people, not just their rich contributors and global bosses!


*It's been a while since I mentioned the Vatican here and since you, dear reader, may be a new visitor, I shall repeat what I've always said since further blogging on the Vatican and the Illuminati within it may become necessary at any moment: all through my life some of the most compassionate, kind, and practically helpful people I have known have been of the Catholic persuasion (even while I felt they'd been hoodwinked by their church hierarchy - as have most people in organized religious denominations.)

So if and when I grump against the Vatican on this blog or another, I do and will not refer to ordinary members of the Catholic Church, but to those in the uppermost rungs of power in Vatican City, that bastion of the New World Order and stronghold of priestly pedophilia. jc

Jan 9, 2011

Horror in Tucson, plus the Spring EQ 2011 Horoscope

Though we're now in the Winter Solstice 2010 season with its rare Lunar Eclipse (both at crisis or critical degrees which presaged Saturday's Horror in Tucson), recent events in the political realm such as the time and money wasting 112th Congress opening on January 5, 2011, the mystery of thousands of dead birds and other animals, Phosgene and the possibly related murder of bio-weapons expert John Wheeler, and yesterday's *vicious attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Judge John Roll, and several others in Tucson maimed and murdered, I feel inspired to look past winter toward Spring Equinox 2011 for perhaps a ray of light after winter's dark times.

Fox News abruptly cuts away from Tucson vigil after mourner mentions Sarah Palin describes the 112th Congress at its inception and the ugliness at its vitriolic, win-at-any-cost core. Having the right to own a gun in America gives no one the right to shoot people, even and including politicians. Ballots not bullets is a handy political slogan but using bullets if ballots don't work is incitement to violence and tells the American political tale as of yesterday, if it didn't before - deleted tweets notwithstanding.

Well, Spring as a season always engenders Hope springing eternal and a brighter day, so here you see its horoscope (click to enlarge) with a few basic details scribbled upon it:

Chart: Spring Equinox March 20, 2011 7:20:50 pm edt Washington, DC; Sun and Saturn exalted, and a 'Grand Cross' pattern (highlighted in red) including Mc/Ic angles, and if you prefer, dissociate with the Nodal axis in Sag/Gemini, plus, the Cardinal ASC, and Sun/Uranus at Descendant.

ASC 1Lib03 brings US natal Midheaven to the fore (from our nation's Sibly natal chart Mc 00Lib43) and makes evaluating Venus spring's chart-ruler, and Venus rules 1st and 9th houses; lower left, you see listed the two applying aspects of Venus (how things will proceed): trine Moon 5A00, then conjunct Neptune 7A06.

1. A Moon/Venus trine indicates optimism, harmony, and honorable intentions and perhaps will bring improvement to America's status in the world (natal Mc), something we sorely need. Careers of the populace may benefit as well so this gives some support to what economic talking heads are saying now: improvement in levels of hiring in 2011 (though many positions may be temporary or consulting - better than nuthin', right?)

Plus, the Sun enters Aries with progressive Uranus in close conjunction, the Sun's only planetary aspect, which signifies powerful, decisive actions yet with unpredictability, eccentricity, and possibly occultism involved at this, an Hour of Jupiter 12Ari27. Sun rules 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, Groups, and Associations.

However, '12Ari' is a crisis/critical degree with financial implications (moneybags Jupiter has his natural sign Sagittarius intercepted in 3rd house, and also rules mystic Pisces on the 6th cusp; Pisces is a military sign, 6th house is the realm of military and police services along with Work in general, and Health.) Disturbingly, Jupiter's Sabian Symbol for '12Ari' = "A Flock of Wild Geese" which may relate to the mystery of global bird and fish deaths; round up to '13Ari' and we get "A Failed Bomb Explosion" which may be literal, figurative, or both but a least it's "failed."

2. Chart-ruler Venus' other applying aspect is a dreamy, illusory conjunction with Neptune, bringer of inspiration and spirituality, but also of fraud, deception, disillusion, dissolution, and loss. Plus, negative escapism is one of Neptune's favorite of ways of (not) dealing with difficult issues and one thinks of the so-called 'drug wars' going on in Mexico and spilling into the US.

A Venus/Neptune conjunction brings more Pisces energy into the chart and at its best, indicates the highest form of spiritual love, healing ability, idealism, and a hypnotic power of attraction. Perhaps a new entertainer, film, artwork, or piece of music will capture the public imagination in a very big way this Spring, with vivid imagination and romance prominent. Yet there are indications with this aspect of impractical dreaming, deception, or of being a burden to others as well.

This conjunction may also indicate 'loss' (Neptune) of, by, or through a 'female' (Venus), and fraud involving smaller amounts of money may also be shown by this conjunction. Actually with Neptune's tiresomely long term conjunction to US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) - though not as close for Spring 2011 - we have a midpoint picture with US n Moon at apex...

Venus/Neptune = n Moon: being easily influenced or led by others; a dreamy nature; chaotic emotional lives; comforting those who delight in deceit; negative escapism (remember moderation, yall! jc); self-delusion; romantic notions; impracticality.

The Nodal axis lies near the Mc (SN)/Ic (NN) axis of Career and Home; with NN near Ic one hopes that homelessness in America is on someone's next-up agenda.

Disturbingly, powerful and sneaky Pluto is 'in the house' - the 4th house, the Basis of the Matter, and place of endings; Pluto is @ '8Cap' = "Birds in the House Singing Happily" which is perhaps another link to mysteriously dead birds; Pluto/NN opposes Mc so we have: Pluto/NN = Mc: one's future depends upon the actions of others; powerful associations which can cause career setbacks; learning and receiving assistance from important groups; associations with others are the sine qua non of success.

Destructuring and transformation of the Real Estate market is one implication of Pluto in 4th house with renovations and repairs indicated; our national who-owns-what-mortgages issues continue (Saturn Rx rules 4th cusp), and sad to say, plutonian spies may be afoot even more than before with high-level surveillance becoming more prominent in the news since Pluto also represents big publishers and the use of persuasive propaganda.

Now this is a Full Moon chart (Sun 197 degrees Moon) so something may have crescendoed or been fulfilled just prior to March 20 - the Sygyzy Moon (last lunation) is @ 28Vir48, here in 12th house of Karma, Politics, Large Institutions, and the Collective Unconscious. US natal Saturn 14Lib48 is the first US planet to rise in the chart which brings our exalted Libran Saturn and its Scales of Justice to the fore this spring.

Moon 17Lib26 is thankfully past depressive Saturn in 1st house and parallels Fixed Star Spica (potential for brilliance, but also The Spike) which hopefully shows more improvement in consumer confidence and our emotional state.

Yes, Saturn Rx in 1st house shows delays and loss yet Moon in 1st house is fortuitous - mixed portents. However, one of the bigger factors of note is the cyclic opposition between societal planets Jupiter and Saturn which influence the world's financial cycles. This pair's current cycle began on May 28, 2000 @ '23Tau' = " A Jewelry Shop Filled with Magnificent Gems", a hint of the many thieveries society has suffered since the New Millennium began....and we continue to suffer under complicit, enabling politicians who can't kowtow enough to Wall Street and the rest of the global crime syndicate of monarchs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and their minions.

Messenger, orator, and trader Mercury 18Ari17 in 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies, is ready for action in Aries and parallel (like a strong conjunction) Fixed Star Altair, the Eagle, a star associated with US ambitions for imperialistic domination and surveillance. Mercury/Jupiter contacts tend to expand thinking and plans while broadening horizons. These are not especially practical plans, however, and their contact promotes idealism, over promising, and even zealotry.

As you see, the midpoint of the plutocracy pair, Pluto/Chiron, sits directly upon 5th cusp of Gambling and Risk-Taking, and upon US natal South Node, too. This indicates the US falling back on old behaviors (SN) of disenfranchising those who can least afford to be harmed by Pluto/Chiron's Oil Can Harry attitude and actions. One thinks of April 15th as Tax Day when, thanks to recent legislation, the poorest among us are to be the only ones who will not benefit from the President's extension of tax cuts. Some compromise that tilts the financial hourglass even more toward the upper crust.

Testosterone-driven Mars, god of war, is in 6th house and rules 7th and 8th houses; Mr. Contentious is in militaristic Pisces as American wars continue; health issues of our returning soldiers remain critical with sacred warrior Chiron also in sympathetic Pisces. A Mars/Neptune (Neptune bwo Pisces) connection may describe infections, epidemics, poisons, gas, and/or travel over water.

Debt (8th house) and imprisonment concerns continue with Mars affecting 12th house, the polarity of its placement in 6th house.

All in all, the chart has many planets (actors) in the northern hemisphere showing many private issues of note to be addressed for Spring 2011. Only two planets are in the public sector (Mercury and Jupiter), and most of the initiative belongs not to America but to others with only two planets (Saturn and the Moon) in the eastern half of the chart from which we will operate this spring. America's Saturn Return is in full swing with issues of authority, responsibility, accountability, lack, delay, and loss on the US menu.

To close, here is a round-up of five prominent midpoint pictures in the chart which will flavor Spring 2011; look to the house positions of the apex planets to see where the midpoint energies play out along with associated house rulerships; the Saturn/Uranus picture with apex Pluto has been in effect prior and returns for a replay of its difficult energies:

Sun/Saturn = Pluto: elimination of pessimism or despair; disciplined people who want and attract power; overwhelming rigidity and inflexibility; an increased will to retaliate against others for slights; illness inhibits development; pressure to change one's entire value system.

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: upheaval to protect assets; rebellion; tremendous fear of loss; violence and brutality; harm through force majeure (war); a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts; concealing changes to activities; rigid inflexibility replaces adaptation.

(Note: both Sun/Saturn and Saturn/Uranus are quindecile - 165 degrees - an aspect of obsession-compulsion: Sun QD Saturn = obsessed with 'measuring up'; driven to prove oneself through ambition and accomplishment; can be cold and calculating; may assume authoritative role with others; can set goals and achieve them if focused. Saturn QD Uranus = driven toward breaking old, outdated concepts through use of innovative ideas; may disrupt governing systems; can break rules through defiance of law and order; benefit comes through societal changes for the betterment of mankind.) (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Mars/Jupiter = Sun: leadership; success; organizational talent; love of enterprise; resolutions to correct past errors; legal or religious defenses; strong determination toward objectives.

Mars/Jupiter = Uranus: ability to find the best political approaches during times of unrest; abrupt uses of of social forces; studying people's motivations; urge for freedom and independence; ambition; making sudden decisions; unexpected events within partnerships or business; active resistance to tutelage or guardianship.

Jupiter/Neptune = Mars: speculation; unreliability; being let down by others; plans without prospect; defiant reactions toward explanations about delays, confusion, or laxity in meeting obligations; strong idealism; a need for practical focus; the courage to defend one's explanations of reality. #

Well, I cannot possibly cover everything in one post so your courteous, on-topic comments and opinions are much appreciated. And tomorrow I shall add a few more details on Spring EQ 2011 on my Jude's Threshold blog because I'm too wumped out by this post to do it now. jc

(All Midpoints: Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl; as always, any, all, or none may apply and are subject to stimulation by transits and progressions.)


*One more word about the violence in Tucson and violence-touting political rhetoric in the US: to me it seems similar to what I've thought for years about the violent swill put into society by Hollywood studios and others: it isn't the normal among us most affected, for you and I can choose to watch horror, slasher, and other such films (and listen to violent rhetoric) till the cows come home and not act out in the least. It's what watching films or playing violent games does to the unbalanced among us who, often youthful, may view or listen thousands of times over until anti-social messages are drilled into their heads by people who chose to pander to the lowest common denominator in order to seek their fortunes.

Now I know the computer game industry has been used for years as a recruitment tool for the US military (a habit I decry) yet that and other 'entertainments' may also serve as violent stimuli toward action by the mentally and emotionally impaired among us. The 22-year-old shooter in Tucson seems at this early point to be a prime example of this sad dynamic. And the depleted state of the US mental health 'system' - seriously cut under the presidency of Ronald Reagan and others - is also at fault.

My sincere prayers are lifted up for Rep. Gifford's full recovery and for the other victims and their grieving families.

Meanwhile, some media types are high-mindedly calling once again for a time of soul-searching in America with which I agree. But imho, there are certain individuals in public life who need to search whatever consciences they may have, if they can find them, and perhaps reconsider and reign in their kingly, out-of-bounds political ambitions. Yet John Boehner's statement on the violence in Tucson sounded to me as if the GOP have no plans to back off their Machiavellian tactics after this next week when all votes in Congress are cancelled. But I do hope I'm wrong about that for the sake of America and for the future of America's children.

President Obama has called for a national Moment of Silence in honor and remembrance of Saturday's Tucson victims to be observed on Monday January 10, 2011 at 11:00 am est.

Jan 6, 2011

Matt Taibbi on corporate shill John Boehner

Whether you expect major improvements under the House leadership of John Boehner or not, you don't want to miss Matt Taibbi's current piece in Rolling Stone, The Crying Shame of John Boehner!

At least someone in America still engages in what was once called 'journalism'.

And Mr. Boehner's oft-remarked-upon tendency to well up with tears? Sentimental, self-pitying perhaps, with a possible Moon/Neptune conjunction (their orb is speculative since his precise birth hour is unknown) but check out a few notes on Boehner's natal chart placements, as you wish.

Jan 5, 2011

Boehner becomes House Speaker, but Pelosi...

NPR BREAKING NEWS: As Expected, Boehner Becomes House Speaker

Ohio Republican John Boehner is speaker, but Nancy Pelosi saw 19 Democrats vote for people other than her.

More at NPR.


Scroll down this blog's sidebar a bit for a few brief astro-peeks at natal charts including John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. Mr. Boehner is famous for passing out tobacco industry checks to members on the House floor...but going forward, he'll want to hide such corrupt practices a little better than that!