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Jan 26, 2011

Robert Scheer's 'Hogwash, Mr. President' (SOTU 2011)

Glad I found Robert Scheer's article Hogwash, Mr. President because it sums up (in a way I would if I could) the primary debate on President Obama's State of the Union address of last evening, sans distractions and trivialities.

Some writers I've read today talk about 'the things he didn't say' and other such topics and naturally they identify several weaknesses or admissions in the presidential presentation of how the nation is managing at this juncture.

But Mr. Scheer's effort today somehow speaks to my innermost common gooder, that populist streak of Democratic Socialistic moderation of feeling and ideology where everyone is allowed to live and let live, truth is honored, faced, and dealt with, and America's destructive/self-destructive bomb-dropping and strong-arming cease.

Oh, and Wall Street banksters, their partners, and the crooks on their corrupt payrolls are rounded up and prosecuted with vim and vigor. Because that is the only thing that can restore America's Jupiterian confidence at this late date. Yet as Mr. Scheer points out, Mr. Obama is surrounded by 'em!

You know the globalists have infiltrated the US court system, too, right? Like with the wacky, out-of-all-reason Citizens United decision, Bush v Gore, etc. So that now, if Justice Clarence Thomas is even investigated honestly - much less debenched as he seems to deserve - I'll jump for joy on behalf of a separate branch of government acting in the independent manner it was designed to maintain.

Though he rhetorics otherwise, Mr. Obama sounds disconnected from the people's daily lives when he touts that he has "broken the back of the recession." Guess it's only possible to say such a thing if you can ignore the bent backs you're raising taxes on for 2011 while passing expensive party favors to uppercrust-ers who bankrolled you into the White House.

It's a real deal, if you can get it.

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Poll Update 1.27.11: Funny thing. Today 10 or 11 votes have disappeared from the poll results of last evening. Most were for 'Talk to the Hand'. Odd. Maybe they'll reappear as if by a magic hand? jc

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