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Dec 1, 2019

Late December 2019 Jupiter opposes US natal Jupiter

Thoughts of Jupiter December 2019 into 2020

by Jude Cowell

As anyone who studies America's founding horoscope of July 4, 1776 knows, US natal Jupiter @6Cancer (5:56), its Moon-ruled sign of exaltation, possesses a descriptive Sabian Symbol that the 'ruling elite' through the centuries, more often than not, have apparently taken to heart for their own selfish gain:

"Game Birds Feathering Their Nests."

And with Jupiter's cycle of approximately 12 years (11.6), we can say with reasonable assurance that on or about January 14, 2008, transit Jupiter opposed US natal Jupiter in the midst of the financial implosion and heist that was the Bush-Cheney regime in 2007--2008 so the opposition flavored the entirety of 2008 when the game birds' feathers 'hit the fan' but the dire effects were dumped onto We The People to lose and pay. Transit Jupiter opposing Jupiter denotes a period of discontent with wealth and personal achievement, discouraging comparisons that lower confidence, promises which often turn out to be duds, and there's an inability to impress anyone. Obviously, funds may be depleted during this transit possibly due to previous extravagance and/or waste, things that most of the 'ruling elite' practice with aplomb.

Well, now it's time for 2019 Jupiter to oppose US natal Jupiter (1776) once again which the planet of bankers, financiers, corporatists, gurus, generals, and politicians will do in late December 2019. In fact, this challenging Jupiterian transit turns up within the horoscope of the 3 South Solar Eclipse which perfects on December 26, 2019 @4Capricorn06 (the eclipse also opposes US natal Jupiter and our Venus for that matter). The eclipse chart is linked, below, with 3 South's themes of: 'traumatic transformation through news received or short journeys' and 'sudden endings of relationships and/or alliances' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology). Can Trump's machinations be far behind?

Of course, this is only one planetary transit affecting current events into year 2020 but it is, I'll wager, a significant one especially for the US economy, the budget, deficits, shortfalls, and for other areas that concern our nation--including for the massive Jupiterian who tweets from the White House.

Yet as you know, money is only as valuable as people believe it is.

Related Posts include: December Eclipse ends 2019 with Jupiter and Pluto issues in which Donald Trump, with his natal Neptune @5Libra squaring US natal Jupiter, makes his typically disturbing appearance and the Jupiter-Neptune pair of energies show off their usual speculation, risk-taking, grand schemes, and bubbly inflation capabilities; Donald Trump: In the Realms of Jupiter; and Saturn-Pluto 2020 Conjunct The Fed's Uranus 22Cap47 which thus forms a karmic midpoint picture of potentials for:

Saturn-Pluto = Uranus: "sudden changes or upsets in plans which have been made concerning very important activities; reforms in the way punishment is given for important crimes; the erratic or uneven use of retaliatory measures" (Munkasey). Reinhold Ebertin adds a potential for: "sudden acts of violence." Hopefully this planetary picture of potentials won't amount to much but time will tell. Which is what I tell myself until I consider with fretfulness what Noel Tyl adds to this picture of disturbing possibilities: "an attack, regardless of potential losses" and "brutal efforts to start a new order."

So in closing, below is the three-fer DC Horoscope of the Conjunctions of Jupiter-Pluto (plutocrats, wheeler-dealers, large project developers, independent contractors, the Fed) which perfect three times in 2020: April 5, June 30, and November 12 - all falling within the degree range of 22--25 Capricorn as you can see:

Jun 8, 2019

DC Horoscope: Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019

Well, year 2019 ends with transit Jupiter opposing US natal Jupiter (see lower right, in green), plus, a Capricorn Solar Eclipse perfects @4Cap06:51 the day after Christmas (12:13 am est). Yet much of what I can say about the DC Horoscope of the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse in the 3 South Saros Series is messily penned upon the chart so hopefully those who wish to can enlarge the image and read my study notes; be advised that the natal placements of Donald Trump are penned around the chart and highlighted in pink (which is not the new black but his 'favorite' color orange is) - and his nibs' problematic Mercury-Neptune square of fantasy and deception is active and activated upon the ASC-MC angles of the eclipse chart when set for Washington DC:

Edit 6.16.19: since I can't change this on the chart itself I'll add here that the Sun-Moon midpoint (eclipse degree rounded up) should be '5Cap' (not '6Cap'--that's the degree and symbol of both Jupiter and the IC--mea culpa! The Sabian Symbol for '5Cap' is: "Indians Rowing a Canoe and Dancing a War Dance" (which the Trump administration has been recklessly attempting to do against Iran)...'keyword: MOBILIZATION; positive expression: a capacity for aggressive leadership and an unusual effectiveness in sidetracking minor issues for the sake of major achievement; negative' (unconscious/shadow side): 'unnecessary moods and tantrums' (Jones). This certainly adds a different and worrisomely aggressive flavor to the eclipse chart as we end 2019 and enter 2020. jc

In case you missed it, a recent post contains a List of Lunar and Solar (w/ themes) Eclipses from July 2019 through 2022.

And as always, your on-topic questions and/or comments are welcome and all Shares are much appreciated! However, No comments that are actually ads for services or websites will be published no matter how wonderful or accurate they are. jc

Jan 16, 2019

December Eclipse ends 2019 w Jupiter and Pluto Issues

December 26, 2019 12:13 am est: 3 South Solar Eclipse @4Cap06 conjunct Jupiter @5Cap20 3rd and 4th houses in Washington DC. ASC 4Lib32 conjunct the natal Neptune of Donald Trump and America's natal Saturn-Neptune midpoint; Hour of Mars (@24Sco30 in 2nd house of the National Treasury and conjunct Trump's natal IC of Endings); Mars is leader of a BOWL shape denoting a selfish trailblazer alone against the world (M.E. Jones).


Most midpoint pictures and pairs referenced in this post are from Ebertin, Tyl, and Michael Munkasey which you see penned into the center of the chart: "Saturn-Neptune: a leader capitulates."

This is one of the possibilities of this planetary combination which, in America's 1776 chart (5:09/10 pm LMT) conjoins our natal Midheaven (1Libra). Saturn-Neptune also rises in the natal horoscope of Donald Trump (June 14, 1946 10:54 am est Queens, NY) showing his early environment as oppressive and difficult. Whether Trump will capitulate before or by December 2019 is anyone's guess (being the unpredictable Uranian that he is) but I type today on January 16, 2019 with the Bob Barr confirmation hearings ongoing and the ultimate fate of the Mueller report in doubt if/when William Barr becomes Trump's Attorney General. Mr. Barr, if confirmed, may redact or withhold all or part of the findings in spite of the public's need to know.

Now the Saturn-Neptune pair in society may also represents such things as: secret or invisible government, socialism, communism, Marxism, and so on. Weakness, illness, suffering caused by others, oppressive family circumstances, sense of "being out of the group" (Tyl), plus, a feeling of confinement or inhibition may also apply.

Jupiter, North Node, Mercury

Now let's note that fact that although protective Jupiter @5Cap20 conjoins the 3 South Solar Eclipse (themes listed, below), however, Jupiter simultaneously opposes America's natal Jupiter (5Can56) which suggests a period when no one is impressed, efforts are overblown, there is discontent, and a lack of funding and resources. The Jupiterian North Node of future direction @8Can22 points toward the natal Mercury of Donald Trump which, as you know, is afflicted by a square from his natal Neptune @5Libra--which rises in this chart. Some potentials for Saturn-Neptune with more Neptune involve 'presenting newly visualized views of reality or the future; dissolving rigid or outmoded structures; breaking through rigid patterns; inspiration derived from drugs'; and/or, 'illusive heightened awareness using escape' (Munkasey). Now you may agree that at least some of these potentials describe what Trump has done or attempted to do from the Oval Office and he has done them with the oppressive quality of Saturn-Neptune attached. As I type, the Trump Shutdown continues to afflict our nation.


In the Solar Eclipse horoscope, chart-ruler Venus @7AQ18 is posited in 4th house and conjoins US natal South Node (karma; getting the 'brush off'; bad timing--Ebertin) so we have that not going for us. The lack of aspects by Venus emphasizes the sign and house position of the money planet of relationships, diplomacy, and values (currency devaluation?) so I imagine that American diplomats (if we have any by then) will not be 'acing it' as they already aren't under Putin puppet Trump (boy, did Hillary call it in the 2016 Campaign debate!) But whether or not Trump is history before, by, or just after the end of 2019, America has some serious rebuilding to do from the damage he, the GOP, meddling billionaire donors, Murdoch, Putin, and perhaps others have caused.


Then there's the unaspected Neptune in 6th house (Civil, Military, Police Services) still floating through its own shady sign of Pisces but here with a materialistic view of the world for Neptune's usual lofty inspiration is not shared with the others planets--and Neptune's deep sense of isolation increases as its dreams are kept to itself.

Sun, Moon, Nodes, Midpoints

Now I shall briefly mention the midpoints affecting Trump's natal Moon-SN conjunction (or his Sun-NN opposite along with natal Uranus in Gemini) but suffice to say that difficulties ensue caused by Mars-Saturn and Mars-Pluto in the 22--24 degree range of Sagittarius.

Saturn, Pluto, Vertex

Plus, restrictive Saturn is at a critical degree (20Cap) and transformative Pluto @22Cap11 conjoins the natal Vertex of Donald Trump as the two heavy weights ready for their Great Conjunction on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46--spot-on Big T's natal Vertex of fated encounters.

December 2019 Solar Eclipse Themes

Now the initial 3 South Solar Eclipse on August 13, 1208 OS @27Leo10 conjoins the natal degree of Trump's rising Mars (and his ASC 29Leo and royal Regulus) and 1208's Pluto @10Leo15 conjoins Trump's natal Pluto (10Leo02). Therefore, Trump's birth in 1946 basically timed a Pluto Return to the initial eclipse that began the 3 South Saros Series with the following eclipse themes listed, below (which are also penned upon the chart, top center). Plus, a Solar Eclipse in Saturn-ruled Capricorn is all about authority figures and our relationship to them. Karmic progress via the correction of past mistakes is possible only if the negative, constrictive traits of Capricorn are avoided such as selfishness and greed within the realms of government and business. Sadly, that greedy horse left America's selfish barn years ago but this eclipse in Capricorn gives the American people another chance for karmic improvement! Now here are the 3 South Themes:

'Sudden endings of associations or relationships, possibly involving a younger person; traumatic transformation through news received or short journeys undertaken via Pluto content in the initial eclipse' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology). And as I said, August 1208's Pluto in Leo = Trump's natal 12th house Pluto--unaspected in his natal chart and "overshadowed by shadows." (For historical comparison, 3 South eclipses also occurred in the years 1911, 1929, 1947, 1965, 1983, 2001, and will again in 2038.)

So yes! For the sake of America and the common good, yours truly is cheering for Donald Trump--to clear outta Dodge before the sheriff arrives if he knows what's good for 'im. And take his sidekick Pence with 'im.

A Very Much Related Previous Post: Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump? with the royal star's caution, "success if revenge is avoided." Too late for that!

Dec 2, 2017

12/02/17 Senate Passes Tax Cut Bill as Jupiter Smiles

US Capitol Building: By Noclip (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Predatory Capitalism Supports the GOP's Corporate Tax Cut Bill

Dec 2, 2017: this morning "shortly before 2 am ET" (Reuters News), Republicans passed their version of the Tax Cut Bill (51--49) with only Republican Senator Bob Corker voting Nay. No Democrat voted for this historic monstrosity weighted on the side of the billionaire/corporate classes. Of course, the Senate version must be reconciled with the House version before Mr. Trump can sign the bill into law, he hopes before or by Christmas.

The horoscope for December 2, 2017 shortly before 2 am ET presents an interesting picture. The chart I'm looking at is set for 1:48 am ET because it places US natal Jupiter (5Can56) at Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart (which, without an exact time, is a symbolic chart of the event). Now as you know, our national Jupiter @6Cancer = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" which fits Congress perfectly then as now, don't you agree?

Adriano Carelli gives '6Cancer' a symbol of: "Alcibiades, walking through Athens with his famous dog, whose 'most beautiful red tail' he has cut" and says it's a degree of "a spendthrift, devoid of practical sense." Carelli adds that having luck, "he will reach what he has set his heart upon and go on throwing money out the window with the utmost composure, certain that he will somehow manage to earn more," and that "His recklessness might go so far as to bring about his own ruin." (Note that Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac has the name Alcidiades--correct spelling is Alcibiades.)

Rising at 1:48 am is 5Lib05 which makes money-and-values planet Venus the chart-ruler (and vote-ruler) yet Venus @1Sag07 in 2nd house of Money and Values makes no major applying aspects to other planets. But there is a minor semi-square from Venus to powerful wealth-hoarding saboteur, Pluto and The Creepy One is inconjunct and in karmic Nodal Degree with the North Node (17Cap50 to 17Leo28). The Venus-Pluto contact hints at wastefulness which supports the protective Water Grand Trine between Jupiter, Neptune, and US natal Jupiter at MC (1:48 am ET). A Water Grand Trine appreciates emotional enrichment and material prosperity (Tierney). No doubt on the emotional plane, Senate Republicans are cats with the cream this morning! Ef the national debt and deficit!

So as you know, year 2009 was imprinted with the current Jupiter-Neptune cycle beginning with three conjunctions between Jupiter and Neptune, the speculator-wastrel pair of bubbly finances, unrealistic dreams, and fortune-hunters. All three conjunctions landed on America's natal Aquarian Moon (We The People) and denoted potentials for losing oneself in plans; a desire to dream; little sense of reality; becoming involved in speculation; instability; wastefulness (Ebertin). Note that the Jupiter-Neptune cycle lasts approximately 13 years so we're stuck with its affect on We The People's Moon until the planets meet again--once--on April 12, 2022 @23Pis59 (during a US Neptune opposition!)

Yet even without US natal Jupiter and this chart's MC forming a Grand Trine, transit Jupiter and Neptune do trine one another in the chart, an aspect suggesting efforts that stimulate social programs and benefit the needy--the very opposite of what the GOP Tax Cut Bill intends! However, karma will supply the GOP's 'reaping what was sown' results--if not now, then in future years--perhaps in 2018 and 2020 elections, and/or when the alleged tax breaks for the middle class expire and all chaos breaks loose financially and in the realms of healthcare.

Mercury, ruling 9th and 12th houses in this chart and planet of votes, bills, and negotiations, is @29Sag12 ('30Sag' = "The Pope Blessing the Faithful"). Is the Vatican involved?? As you know, a 29th degree is unstable and very eager to move into the next sign--here, into Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business.

A Sun-Neptune Square and Pluto-Chiron Exploitation

Squared by fraudster Neptune (11Pis29), karmic planet of the media and the masses, the (POTUS-related) Sun @10Sag16 is in 3rd house of Communications and its Sabian Symbol for '11Sag' is curious: "The Lamp of Physical Enlightenment at the Left Temple"...keyword: RECONCILIATION which what this senate bill is headed for. And as anyone can see, the US Capitol Building is nothing if not a Masonic temple. Plus, '11Sag' is the conjunction degree of the last meet-up of Pluto and Chiron (conjunct US natal Ascendant), one of the major Plutocracy pairs; their last conjunction occurred December 30, 1999 and thus helped usher in the New Millennium via the pair's tendencies toward oppression, predatory exploitation, primal violence, racism and other -isms (exs: predatory Capitalism, Socialism). And of course, the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse in the 1 North Saros Series (the series we're under now with The Great American Eclipse of August 2017 @29Leo) 'let go the winds of war' as the Book of Revelation predicted. Also note that under the vibes of a 1 North solar eclipse, "information is distorted and possibly false" and events "put pressure on relationships" (Brady) as we see with Robert Mueller's Russia investigation into the shady foreign affairs of Donald Trump and his crew.

Mars Opposite Uranus Fading But Still Influential

We should also mention that rising in 1st house is brash Mars @25Lib32, fresh from his exact opposition to anarchist-zealot Uranus @24Ari58 Rx in the 7th house of Partnerships. This opposition of danger and conflict was discussed in a recent related post, Mars oppo Uranus as GOP forces Tax Cut Bill. Perhaps Mars in the 1:48 am chart represents Republican Senator Bob Corker who did not vote for the GOP bill that will disrupt (Uranus) many areas of our society and raise our nation's debt and deficit to unprecedented levels, thereby sabotaging America.

Money-Bags Jupiter in Big Business Scorpio, Sign of Betrayal

Transit Jupiter, planet of bankers, donors, financiers, politicians, military generals, and preachers is in 2nd house of Money and Values @11Sco19 and approaches the upcoming Jupiter Return of Ronald Reagan under whose watch the last major overhaul of US taxes took place. The first of three conjunctions of transit Jupiter to Reagan's natal Jupiter position occurs December 14, 2017 with its 'tax cuts for corporations stimulates job growth' fallacy now being re-used by Capitol Hill Republicans in spite of the fact that corporate tax cuts do not inspire corporations to re-invest in US workers and the economy. Having been burned before, this time a majority of Americans are not buying into the tiresome GOP-touted job-creation fallacy that Reagan lifted from Hoover times of the 1920s. And here we go crashing again.


In keeping with America's downward spiral under the current 'Game Bird' Republican 'leadership' you may also wish to view a horoscope for December 8, 2017: Government Shutdown? and weep with yours truly over what national and local politicians have perpetrated upon our nation.

Sep 21, 2017

2017: Republican Party Now Having Its Neptune Return

Republican Party Founded March 20, 1854 with Neptune @14Pisces01

by Jude Cowell

Yes, this particular astrologer is a common-good sort of American and since we're stuck with two political parties, my preference is that both parties contain honest men working on behalf of the American people. But in this 'New Millennium', my suspicion is that the majority of We The People realize that this is only a bubbly dream that went pouf! decades ago if indeed it was ever reality at all. Founded on Plato's Ideal Society, most of America's Founders were members of secret societies and held an esoteric mindset full of high 'Enlightenment' ideals which subsequently have been quite easy to 'repeal and replace' with crass materialism and me-first attitudes which are now embodied in a compromised Donald Trump playing POTUS as he rakes in the cash at the expense of our republic.

Today is September 21, 2017 and once again the Republican Party thinks to 'repeal' what they disrespectfully have called 'Obamacare' and replace it with a misshapen version of 'healthcare' insurance that some have called Trumpcare ('Trumpscare' more like). So considering how industriously the GOP has worked since the ACA (Obamacare) was passed into law (March 2010) to undermine its provisions and trash talk it down--as they continue to do--we may wish to consider the current condition of the GOP via its natal Neptune, planet of corruption, fraud, falsehood, scams, scandals, delusions,spirituality and inspiration and its natal degree of 14Pis01, for as astrologers of the Tropical Zodiac recognize, transit Neptune has been precisely on that degree in recent times. In fact, the Republican Party's Neptune Return is a five-er due to Neptune's off-and-on retrograde periods. But first...

Why Use March 20, 1854 6:30 pm LMT Rippon, Wisconsin?

In a forum on the Noel Tyl website data is given for the natal Horoscope of the Republican Party as March 20, 1854 6:30 pm LMT Ripon, Wisconsin with 4Libra23 rising and 5Cancer14 at Midheaven, the Point of Aspirations and Goals. The source cited is The Origin of the Republican Party. A 5Can14 MC spotlights America's natal Jupiter @5Can56 (July 4, 1776) with its telling Sabian Symbol: "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests." Wonder if this is one of the reasons Harry Truman asserted in 1948 that the Republican Party was a party of the rich and that that's all it would ever be?

If you're curious, here's what Harry thought of the Republican Party.

So just what is a Neptune Return? With distant Neptune's approximate 165-year cycle, no human being has ever enjoyed one, of course, but nations and other long-term entities can. Amazingly, we who are now living are in the midst of one at this very moment--the Neptune Return/s of the Republican Party--now 'in control' of our three branches of government. And we can feel how Neptune's typical lack of clarity and fanciful notions are working for us.

So first, let's consider through a common-good Political Astrology lens the meaning of Neptune floating through its own sign of oceanic Pisces, sign of the Two Fishes--one swimming upward toward the highest ideals and standards, and reaching the Divine Source, the other swimming down toward the depths--of shady criminality, the Underworld, corruption, deception, delusion, disappointment, and/or the depths of despair. Yes, drug taking and trafficking are down there somewhere along with damning secrets and leaks of inconvenient truths.

Plus, Neptune in Pisces is a primary indicator of the Collective Unconscious which, at least around Stars Over Washington, relates to the US presidency through America's four-year cycle of Inaugurations on January 20th at noon in Washington DC--with 14Taurus rising and bringing starry Menkar the Whale along with the presidential oath. Keywords: victim of the unconscious. Through the Biblical story of Jonah, this archetype also relates to saying what must be said whether you want to or not. (You know--like a president mouthing words written and directed by higher authorities--'the big picture must be followed', etc. Or dethroning follows.)

As for transit Neptune in Pisces, we are in a period since February 3, 2011 of increased interest in mysticism and the paranormal, spiritual quests, inspired art, music, and literature, psychism, alcohol and other drug cravings, contagions, and/or pessimism. This is also a time when deep pathological tendencies float up from the unconscious minds of those who unfortunately have them, whether through nature, nurture, or both. Transit Neptune will be in Pisces until January 2026 so we all have a ways to swim just yet until the Mars-ruled Aries Point of World Manifestation is reached by Neptune with potentials for the love of humanity, ideas concerning the social welfare, confusion, and/or insane or mad ideas (R. Ebertin).

Now in the natal chart of the Republican Party, we may surmise a bit about their Neptune Return by considering natal Neptune's general condition--aspects, midpoint pictures, house rulership, degree, etc. For as you know, any planetary return repeats the aspects of the returning planet to other natal planets thereby casting a light upon them and their indications. However, for the 1854 GOP, the aspects of natal Neptune in natal 6th house (and ruling it with 9Pis20 on the cusp) are wispily threadbare to say the least for there is only a semi-square (2A28) to natal Pluto @1Tau30 in natal 8th house in evidence. There seem to be a few possible ways we can read this:

Weakening Neptune in a weak square with Pluto which brings periods of social turmoil, the subtle disintegration of social structure, and corrupt political institutions. These are, in my estimation, precisely what the 'political class' is all too eager to provide for us with corporate-bought Democrats as the Party of the Rich's enablers. And note the use of subtlety as they continually attempt to hide their paw prints from their crimes!

And if we consider the GOP's natal Neptune as unaspected, we find materialism to be the inspiring world view with full dependence upon rationality and an inability to believe in the numinous. Lack of aspects denotes that the spirituality of planet Neptune is unable to give lofty insights to the rest of the natal planets, resulting in a dry, serious, or cold demeanor (and a lack of smiles, as you may have noticed!)

Another way to look a the GOP Neptune Return/s is the house position of natal Neptune in the 6th house of Health, Work, and Military, Police, and Civil Services. Now I don't have to mention here how all of these areas relate to ongoing Republican efforts to undermine the US government and the American people so I'll simply mention the Sabian Symbols (M.E.J. version) that apply to the party's natal Neptune--the karmic confrontation degree of '14Pisces' and '15Pisces':

'14Pisces': "A Lady in Fox Fur" (my italic for an obvious reason): "negative expression: amoral opportunism."

'15Pisces': "An Officer Preparing to Drill His Men": "negative expression: uninspiring drudgery."

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.)

In addition, we should mention that Neptune in mid-Pisces conjoins a certain fixed star: Achernar with the key phrases: a risk of rapid endings and crisis at the end of the river. Neptune's position in 1854 also conjoined an asteroid/archetype, Toro, one of the power asteroids that relates to nuclear power and to Wall Street's pagan worship of the golden bull. This also reminds me of Congress' tricky "nuclear option"!

Now let's close with one more thing about the GOP's natal Neptune and that is its involvement in a natal midpoint picture: Neptune-MC = Uranus (10Tau12 in 8th house of Corporatism and Transformation): the desire to bring ideas to realization at all costs.

This sounds just like the GOP and their enablers to me as they dance self-destructively to the tune of their wealthy domestic and foreign donors.

The Republican Party's Neptune Return/s 2017--2018:

1. May 17, 2017

2. July 16, 2017 Rx (the current return)

3. March 7, 2018

4. October 20, 2018 Rx

5. December 29, 2018.

Related Reading: Prospects for a Golden Age: The Meaning of the Great Planetary Cycles by E. Alan Meece.

Dec 22, 2016

Motives Revealed: Repealing Obamacare Will Give Wealthy a Massive Tax Break - video

Dec 22, 2016: GOP 'Repeal ACA' Motive Revealed to Be - Money!

Republicans have never been completely honest or open about their desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka, Obamacare), but a new study by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center reveals that repealing the law will result in massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and raise taxes for many others.

The Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains the Republicans' obsession with taking away the health care insurance of millions of Americans:

Yes, most politicians do love their money even though 'the root of all evil' is the love of it!

July 4, 1776: money planet Jupiter @6Cancer = Sabian Symbol "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests," the present-day priority of Washington DC politicians, their enablers, and puppet masters. Now who honestly thinks gold-worshiping game bird Donald Trump will be an improvement?

The United States of America: the most lucrative cash cow of a nation there ever was!

Aug 18, 2016

The Asteroids and Dreams of Republican VP pick Mike Pence

On July 15/16, 2016 or thereabouts, 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump tweeted his VP choice of Mike Pence, the pro-life, pro-gun, megachurch member and governor of Indiana. Considering the odds of Trump dropping out of the race or a subsequent de facto Pence presidency with Donald doing most of the talking, it behooves those of us who appreciate the information Astrology provides to investigate Governor Pence under the lens of the ancient art.

Those who notice cosmic synchronicities may also benefit from a consideration of asteroids including personal name asteroids and few there be who glean more from this method of investigation than astrologer Alex Miller who has long written columns for the excellent Daykeeper Journal.

Using personal name asteroid 'Penza' as a signifcator for Mike Pence, an assessment has been made and I highly recommend Alex Miller's linked-below article on Trump's selection of Pence (which places a theocrat a hair's breath from the presidency: the GOP plan all along?), the very descriptive asteroids involved, and an interesting Penza-Neptune conjunction in Pisces exact on November 8, 2016 which suggests the possibility of Neptunian disappointment for Pence.

Or (I must ask), will it bring to the masses Pence's theocratic dream come true?

In case you missed it, here is a direct link to The Veepstakes Winner: An Astrological Profile of Mike Pence by Alex Miller.


A note on yours truly's opposition to a theocratic presidency: as a Christian believer in the Spiritual Church of Christ, I believe that morality comes from within and cannot be externally forced or imposed by government edict or any other sort of edict or law. Religious freedom is one of our nation's founding principles, so we've been told, and a theocracy is totally unacceptable to this American.

Yes, society's morals are degraded but that is a purposeful part of the plan to dissolve the sovereignty and cohension of this country and its people for the sake of establishing a one world government which aspires to destroy religion and other institutions of civilization. Disagree as you may, placing religion in the claws of government is the wrong path and will cause a great migration away from true faith because it will be false and it will cause religion to be used as a tool against the people. And oddly enough, theocracy in America would be only a stone's throw away from establishing Sharia Law which Republican politicians and others purport to be against. As usual, the ruling class will continue to consider themselves above all laws, no matter the president.

For if you've read a few of my articles here and elsewhere, you may have noticed that to me, the profession of Politics primarily attracts fakers, liars, embezzlers, and crooks determined to gain and keep their cushy positions. You know, like "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests," the Sabian Symbol of US natal Jupiter (6 Cancer) of July 4, 1776? jc

Image of Jupiter {public domain}

Nov 3, 2015

A Shutdown Fight for Speaker Paul Ryan and a December 2015 New Moon

With a very brief honeymoon over, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's First Shutdown Fight is souring the air as the appropriations bill deadline of December 11, 2015 looms.

If lawmakers don't act sooner, December 11, 2015's New Moon @19Sag03 will imprint its expansive Jupiterian energies (Sag) upon a balking US Congress and the 2015 appropriations bill, so at this point, a government shutdown lurks within the shadows of the New Moon, the seeding phase. As you know, there is a 'dark of the Moon' Balsamic phase for three days prior to a New Moon perfection and a bit after. The New Moon perfects at 5:29 am est on Friday December 11, 2015 and, also on December 11, the Moon enters a void-of-course period beginning at 11:06 am est until reaching Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business) on Saturday December 12 at 1:46 am est.

So for the 12/11/15 deadline (if they stick to that date), action taken before 11:06 am est that day may turn out okay but if Capitol Hill politicians want nothing to come of the appropriations bill (and I suspect there are dozens of zealots who want nothing because they're cheering for a shutdown), they should start the action, take votes, whatever--during the lunar void-of-course period of December 11, 2015 (11:06 am) into Saturday December 12 (after 1:46 am.)

Unless, of course, they've already taken care of the people's business concerning this economic matter and have successfully passed the dratted thing.

The New Moon in Sagittarius leads to the fulfillment-culmination-awareness stage at the December 25, 2015 Full Moon @3Can20 which conjoins US natal Venus and waves at America's natal Jupiter @5Can56. This points again to potentials for pocket-lining, budgetary conflicts, political donations, campaign funding, privatization of social safety net programs, and other financial and societal considerations as year 2015 careens to a close.

Additionally, the December 2015 New and Full Moons bookend Winter Solstice 2015 which perfects on Monday December 21 at 11:48 pm est with Sun @00Cap00:00 and the Moon exalted in Venus-ruled Taurus, one of the money signs. There will be more published here concerning Winter Solstice 2015 soon including its horoscope set for Washington DC so I hope you'll watch this space.

For now let's close with the practical Double-Earth Solstice blend of Sun Cap-Moon Taurus and a famous quote from 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater who shares the blend and who so famously informed and warned us that, "A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away."

And that is what Ayn Rand politicians are in process of doing. The borry sastards.

May 10, 2014

Apr 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse a direct hit to Pentagon natal Sun 8Tau38

On April 29, 2014, a Solar Eclipse @8Tau51 directly hit (conjoined) the Pentagon's natal Sun (leadership.) A view of the Pentagon's natal chart (April 29, 1942 10:30 am EWT) may be seen here and here if you wish (post contains the horoscope and details with the January 2010 Solar Eclipse chart around it.)

However, it is only natural that the April 2014 Solar Eclipse would conjoin the Pentagon's natal Sun since April 29th is the Pentagon's 'birthday' or foundation date. Transits and progressions to its Solar Return may also be informative for 2014 and is in effect until the Death Star's next 'birthday' in 2015.

As one result of the Pentagon's Sun being eclipsed, we may expect that General Eric Shinseki's leadership of the Department of Veterans' Affairs and the ongoing scandal of secret case loads placed off-the-books so that certain department officials can earn big bonuses is now spotlighted in high relief by the April 2014 Solar Eclipse. Those congressional incentives to shorten waiting lists didn't work with the tempted!

America's natal Jupiter @5Can56 now progressed to 15Can23 Rx

An example is the Secondary Progressed position of America's Jupiter @15Can23 Rx which has been conjunct the Pentagon's natal Ascendant degree (15Can30) for decades and signifies in part the bottomless money pit that is America's Pentagon, the Department of Defense, and the US military. Factor in Special Ops and Secret Agencies ('Dark Money') and it's no wonder the amount of our national debt languishes in a deep dark Jupiterian hole. The Transit-to-SP Return/s occurred three times: September 9, 2013, January 6, 2014--and most recently on May 3, 2014, a time when a new 12-year cycle begins and former beliefs and ideologies may be revised into new plans and projects. (I'm using Secondary Progressions as indicators of the physical plane, a la Robert Blaschke--Minor Progressions represent the mental plane, Tertiaries the intuitional/spiritual plane described astrologically by the *27:13:1 ratio.)

And of course we know that Jupiter the General must justify his lofty position and satisfy global string-pullers with their raptor's eye on the main chance so The General is always devising new plans to invade more countries, much to the American people's sorrow.

So is a Solar Eclipse of a natal Sun positive or negative? There are too many factors to consider for this brief post for results may go either or both ways depending on the condition of the Sun in the natal chart, house rulerships, plus, other transits, progressions, and return charts as they affect natal planets and chart angles and house cusps.

Yet perhaps most important of all is how conscious of the cosmic circumstances and potentials which are embedded within the natal horoscope are the actors and officials involved, how if at all do they use the energy whether consciously or not, and what--besides global conquest and protection of US assets--are their true motivations toward positive or negative outcomes.

Any thoughts?


*27:13:1 = we think (Minors/Mercury) 27 times faster than we act and as a thought bubbles up from the Unconscious it is either suppressed or allowed to become conscious; we then feel an emotion and perhaps an intuition (Tertiaries/Moon) about the thought or idea which occurs 13 times faster than we act upon it. Then, if we choose to do so (or are compulsively impelled), we act in order to manifest the idea on the physical plane (Secondaries) and bring it to fruition. See Progressions by Robert Blaschke.

The inward turning of America's Jupiter energies (how we expand, explore, and relate to the world around us) occurred with a Rx Station of our natal Jupiter in 1905 and relates, among other things, to the Panic of 1907 and the subsequent establishment of the Federal Reserve System (1910--1913) in the aftermath of the (rigged) economic crash that made J.P. Morgan our 'hero'.

As you know, 'The Fed' is the central bank of the US, controlled by the British banking system headquartered within the City of London--just what many of the Founding Fathers warned about and what the controversial President Andrew Jackson fought against so voraciously though he was an illuminated Freemason. See Freemasonry and The Illuminati.

For more info, you may wish to check out The Guardian's 2011 article concerning the unaccountable Corporation of the City of London "--where democracy goes to die."

Jul 19, 2013

July 22, 2013 Aquarius Full Moon impacts US presidency

July 22, 2013 Full Moon @00AQ05 Conjoins US Inaugural Sun

by Jude Cowell

Now if you mosey over to Celestial Space you'll find Dipali Desai's details and insights concerning Monday's Full Moon @00AQ05 which conjoins the degree of the US Inaugural Sun (the president) and which denotes a fulfillment or culmination (Full Moon), or at least, an awareness of something relating to the White House and/or its presidential endeavors and relationships.

Will more inconvenient secrets be revealed under the rays of Monday's Full Moon which also conjoins President Obama's natal Jupiter Rx? Well, in addition, transiting Mercury Rx, planet of reporters, young people, messages, orations, trade, commerce, travel, and plans, now sits atop US natal Sun as you read this!

Yes, for a Political Astrology blog, the above is a very general assessment of the July 22nd solar-lunar synchronicity of the Full Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius (the water-bearer), I know, but honestly--who knows precisely what plans are afoot, on the drawing board, or being implemented as I type? For after all, there are a lot of secret spaces underneath the fortified White House building where all manner of hidden-from-the-public activities take place. And it is a white lodge as well.

If you're feeling a might on the occult side today, you may wish to investigate The Sirius Mystery and Freemasonry's Great White Lodge. The Dog Star, Sirius, is intimately connected to the natal chart and founding of America and in recent years the star has precessed in the Zodiac to conjoin US natal Sun @14Cancer. Sirius worship in ancient Egypt is well-known, too, as are the pyramid with its all-seeing eye in the floating capstone in American iconography of the Great Seal and the dollar bill. Plus, there's also Freemasonry's Blue Lodge, if you wish to explore.

One thing we may wish to do now is to review the Sabian Symbol (rounded up) which represents the US Inaugural Sun (the elected president): '1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission" (Jones; Rudhyar adds, --"in California".)

DURABILITY (Jones); THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL (Rudhyar); Jones gives this symbol's positive expression as: effective breadth of vision and a respect-compelling depth of character; negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): lack of ambition and blind adherence to superficialities.

Perhaps by the degree's 'lack of ambition' you can tell why it's always seemed to me that the karmic degree and symbol just prior to 1AQ may be more descriptive of American presidents as they alone allegedly 'helm' the US government:

'30Cap' = "A Secret Business Conference"--OPPORTUNITY (Jones); "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs"--EXECUTIVE POWER (Rudhyar.)

Jones' positive expression for '30Cap': a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life; negative (unconscious/shadow side): rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

And of course, the Illumination Point (opposite degree) of 30Cap is 30Cancer: "A Daughter of the American Revolution" which is the degree and symbol opposite this reluctant astrologer's natal Mars! Maybe that's one reason why these Washington DC varmints intrigue me so--that, and the idea that to dissent is as American as it gets!


Since the days of George Washington, the US presidency has been a Sun cult of personality and exalted pretensions, so you may wish to review Tomas Campanella's City of the Sun with its 'Old Adobe Mission' implications while keeping in mind that 'shining city on a hill', Washington DC, and the old-Europe establishment of a New Atlantis, aka, America. Plus, the fact that US Inaugurations were until 1937 (FDR) held in early March with the Inaugural Sun around 13 Pisces--where transiting and wounding Chiron now traverses.

So what other astro-shenanigans have I been up to? Posting on my WordPress blog about a rectified natal horoscope for Dracula!

And remember that Monday July 22, 2013 also times America's Jupiter Return 2013 and a full Report on it is available for ordering near the top of this blog's sidebar in PDF format, suitable for printing, horoscope provided. Thanks a bunch! Jude, the Reluctant

Jul 15, 2013

US Jupiter Return 2013 Report now available!

July 17, 2013: Stars Over Washington Reports adds a new listing

by Jude Cowell

If you wish a printable copy in PDF format of my US Jupiter Return 2013 Report, click the PayPal Button at the top of this blog's sidebar and choose Option #2. Yes, a brand new Jupiter Reward Cycle is about to begin for America and with lucky Jupiter's orbit lasting 11.6 years, the Return horoscope and Report are 'good for' almost 12 years--from July 22, 2013 until July 5, 2025!

When Jupiter Returns to natal degree, we find a new cycle of activity begins relating to Jupiterian realms such as honors, material ups-n-downs, spiritual and religious concerns, adventurous enterprises, and much more so I hope you'll order your copy for current and future reference.

Plus, Jupiter Return horoscopes may be progressed by any method we choose and along with Jupiter and others planets transiting the planets, points, houses, and Angles of the Return chart, we may use the horoscope as a timing device over the next 12 years to ascertain when and what type of events are most likely to express on the physical plane.

Now if you've read this blog or Jude's Threshold before, you may be aware of how often I've dissed the financial actions of the US government due to political corruption and mismanagement, yes, but also due to the Sabian Symbol of US natal Jupiter (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) which, rounded up from 5Can56, is:

'6 Cancer': "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests", something I believe most people who enter Politics fully intend to do during and after their 'service' to our nation as representatives of The People.

And with faith-filled Jupiter as our national chart-ruler (12Sag rising), we find important information in the Return chart based on our government's over-bounding personality and expansive, expensive traits and habits. In fact, our tradition of Manifest Destiny is a Jupiterian ideal that has inspired constant territorial expansion and conquest (Jupiter the General).

Plus, Jupiter's prominence in America's natal horoscope and psyche also denotes the ego-expanding American Exceptionalism theory made more brash through the influence of our natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer (with self-satisfied Venus nearby.)

Recommended: David Sirota's recent article, Rethinking American Exceptionalism.

Of course, We the People are implicated as well, with jolly Jupiter present wherever there are large groups and big enterprises to engage in, fortunate rewards to receive--or, large meals to be consumed by We the Overweight!

Included in the US Jupiter Return 2013 Report are notes on the Cardinal Grand Cross and the two protective Water Grand Trines shown in the JR 2013 horoscope, all of which have spiritual connotations as does Jupiter in his many roles as the Hierophant, Preacher, and Guru. Why, even the "Birds" in Jupiter's Sabian Symbol signify on the spiritual plane as "spiritual forces".

So do check out America's Jupiter Return 2013 Report, if you dare! And you may always contact me here by posting a Comment, or by convo: jude dot cowell at hotmail dot com, as you wish!


For current transits and more visit Sarah's Astrology!

Jul 10, 2013

Symbols of US natal Jupiter and the Treaty of Versailles

Usually with America's natal Jupiter, I mention its descriptive Sabian Symbol ("Game Birds Feathering Their Nests") but today, while working furiously to complete a Stars Over Washington Report concerning America's Jupiter Return of July 22, 2013, I took a break and consulted the symbol for our national Jupiter's degree (6 Cancer) in Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac. Curiously, Carelli's explanation of '6Can' relates to money matters for when it comes to finances, our Jupiter in Cancer loves to do business, accrue interest, and invest for profit.

'6Can' = "Alcidiades, walking through Athens with his famous dog, whose 'most beautiful tail' he has cut."

Now I assume this refers to Alcibiades the beautiful, a contemporary of Socrates. Either way his name is spelled, his dog's tail was obviously more beautiful before it was cut.

Carelli goes on to explain that the symbol describes spendthrifts who have no practical sense, and those who are persuaded that "everything is due to" them. Vanity and extravagance are implied along with recklessness that brings ruin.

Sounds spot-on to me as I study the horoscope/s of America's last (and current until July 22, 2013) Jupiter Return, a three-fer full of the complex lead-up (and lies) to justify the initiation of reckless adventures abroad, plundering of national treasures, and the hopeless task of retaining territory as The West spreads across the globe in Jupiterian fashion. You'll recognize the overly expansive (and expensive) efforts of the Bush-Cheney regime by our three-fer Return dates: August 9, 2001, February 12, 2002, and March 15, 2002. The last two horoscopes contain a locomotive pattern with lead planet Pluto @17Sag+ conjunct Dick Cheney's natal Mars, if that tells you anything.

So what does '6Can' have to do with the Treaty of Versailles which marked the end of World War I? '6Can' is its signing's Sun degree on June 28, 1919. But in spite of all Jupiterian promises made at the time, the war-profiteering power elite internationalists didn't stop at one global war, did they?

Watch for the new US Jupiter Return 2013 Report, a PDF available soon for electronic delivery. Its release will be Tweeted and listed in this blog's sidebar (where you see our nation's Solar Return 2013 Report now) and contains the Return horoscope which is 'good for' the next twelve years concerning all types of Jupiterian matters. Thanks! jc

Apr 30, 2013

On Apr 25, 2013 a Lunar Eclipse and Jupiter left his Rx Shadow

According to my Solar Fire software, it was on the day of a partial Lunar Eclipse @5Sco45, April 25, 2013, that investing Jupiter reached his retrograde shadow degree of October 5, 2012 (16Gem22:47) and has thankfully surpassed it. Will investment, growth, and development now be allowed by Washington DC politicians and their corporate patrons? Will those tiresome ideological gurus break through the barriers set purposely by Saturnian forces of austerity and obstructionism and water this plant we call America?

In fact, will the baby be allowed to drown in the bathtub or, will more balanced thinking prevail and the needs of the people be addressed even with war on the horizon once again? Will Jupiter's role as The General take precedence over all other collective imperatives? Heads up: West Coast astrologer Julie Demboski has published a very interesting piece on April 25th's Lunar Eclipse titled Eclipse Effect: Seeing a Splinter of the Shadow, and of course, publishing and broadcasting are provinces of expansive Jupiter as well.

Vista-Broadening Jupiter Breaks Free in Friendly Geminian Skies

And of course the most obvious and sudden use of Jupiter's change of direction occurred the very day after April 25, 2013 when Congress rushed with what has become their unaccustomed speed to 'fix the sequester cuts' for the FAA so that the flying public (especially air traveling congress members themselves about to leave DC for a break) would not be inconvenienced by long lines at airports. Seniors depending on Meals On Wheels for basic sustenance are still waiting for lunches which barely get them by even when Congress doesn't have it in for them so blatantly. And of course, Head Start kids unlucky in lotteries aren't on the GOP's flight schedule at all--so far. Repeal of the self-inflicted sequestration damage to the economy would do much to lift our Jupiterian concerns off the ground--at least for those of us who wish for America to succeed rather than fail.

Yet in spite of Congress' self-serving action on Friday, Jupiter may not function at his best when traversing Airy, Mercurial Gemini which can be capriciously unstable and full of woe at times; moneybags Jupiter will seem more, shall we say, amenable, once 'he' enters Moon-ruled Cancer, sign of America's natal Venus (3Can+), Jupiter (5Can56), and Sun (13Can19), and will eventually reach our national Mercury Rx (24Can11 in monied 8th house and opposing natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33 in 2nd house of the National Treasury.) Pleasantly, Jupiter tends to relate to others better from Cancer, sign of the self-protective, shrewd Crab yet Cancer is a very creative and business-oriented sign. With Jupiter in Cancer, it may be profitable to invest in ocean or water-related industries, plus, home-centered projects, domestic products and food supplies.

Hopefully (a Jupiterian word!), our nation will now be able to get some things situated so that enthusiastic improvements may be made toward prosperity, not austerity (which does not lead to prosperity except for the toffs and crooks who force it upon others in their plutocratic, mercantilistic, thieving kind of way.) Then, if all goes as planned, I'll soon be posting here on SO'W or at Jude's Threshold the Summer Solstice 2013 horoscope set for DC, America's Solar Return 2013 chart, President Obama's Solar Return 2013 map, and the US Jupiter Return 2013 horoscope, so stay tuned if you may!

Update 4.30.13 4:47 pm: I just noticed an interesting Jupiter-moves-forward development relating to the planet's freedom function--President Obama has again vowed to close Gitmo so one assumes that the prison populace, many of whom are on hunger strike, will gain their freedom from the promised closing of that sorry abomination if this is that Jupiter freely moves forward in the Zodiac.

Jan 23, 2013

2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses w America's Planetary Returns

2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses Listed w US Planetary Returns

by Jude Cowell

Here is a list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2013's dates and degrees, with Saros Series' themes paraphrased from B. Brady; included in order of occurrence are America's 2013 planetary Return dates and degrees with a few Sabian Symbols and their keywords (symbols from M. E. Jones):

1. April 25: Partial Lunar Eclipse @5Sco45; '6Sco' = "A Gold Rush"...AMBITION;

2. May 10: Annular Solar Eclipse @19Tau31; '20Tau' = "Wind Clouds and Haste"...EXALTATION; 15 South Series theme: a lingering situation will clear with a sense of collective grief or loss and a release of tension; 15S last manifested in 1995;

3. May 25: Appulse Lunar Eclipse @4Sag08; '5Sag' = "An Old Owl Up in a Tree"...NORMALITY; this eclipse conjoins the degree of 'voting' Mercury's Rx Station of the November 6, 2012 Elections--will scandalous details be uncovered? Eclipses are known for revealing secrets and Mercury is a known trickster and thief!;

June 5: US Venus Return to 3Can06 (all Returns based on America's natal horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA); '4Can' = "A Cat Arguing with a Mouse"...JUSTIFICATION;

June 30: US Mars Return 21Gem22; '22Gem' = "A Barn Dance"...GREGARIOUSNESS;

July 5 (not a typo!): US Solar Return 13Can19, our nation's 237th birthday as far as declaring independence from Britain goes; '14Can' = "A Very Old Man Facing a Vast Dark Space to the Northeast"...SANCTION; an occult symbol with far-reaching implications that go beyond the scope of today's post so here's a site to check out if you're in the mood for uncovering secrets of early Washington DC as laid out by our Founding Templar Freemasons;

July 22: US Jupiter Return 5Can56 (a 12-year cycle of what should be 'rewards'); '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" (as toffs will do--jc)...METICULOUSNESS;

August 4: US Mercury Return 24Can12 (Rx natally); '25Can' = "A Dark Shadow or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over the Right Shoulder"...DESTINY; (an occult symbol which may relate to ORION's shoulder and the 'Great' Plan for America's destiny--jc); August 4th is President Obama's day of birth and this year, transit Mars @14Can51 conjoins SIRIUS, an important star in the secretly shared 'District of Columbia/pyramids of Giza' mythology;

4. Oct 18: Appulse Lunar Eclipse @25Ari45; '26Ari' = "A Man Possessed of More Gifts Than He Can Hold"...EQUIPMENT;

5. Nov 3: Hybrid Solar Eclipse @11Sco16; '12Sco' = "An Embassy Ball"...DISPLAY; this eclipse falls in the 16 North Saros Series which is denoted by Bernadette Brady to be a "gentle family of eclipses' which 'brings a sense of inspiration or the illumination of good ideas' through a "sudden release of material from the unconscious" and a "great deal of insight"; 16N last manifested in 1995 making that year a 'time link' with year 2013 as is the May eclipse, above;

However, since 16N's initial eclipse of Feb 15, 1599 (@6Pis02) contains unconscious Uranus-Neptune content by way of a trine aspect, and considering the way the world is being marched toward global governance (aka a new world order, or, new economic order), I'm calling this the 'Illuminati Eclipse' and unfortunately must consider its "illumination" to be part of the constant subliminal propaganda we Americans and others across the globe are drenched in and permeated by...based on an ancient illuminized plan to undermine all civil institutions including governments. How I wish I could feel and think otherwise but I don't, so there it is.

Yes, 2013 is a pivotal year for global movers and shakers and it was ushered in by Winter Solstice 2012 and that crisis-laden YOD pattern of Saturn sextile Pluto pointing toward apex Jupiter Rx = social fanaticism/trouble with authority. My prayer is that 'ordinary', decent people won't fall for too many of their cynical political and social scams and fancy 'tricks of light and sound' as 2013 plows on. May we of good faith use the combined Uranus-Neptune energies to Awaken the Masses!

Mar 21, 2012

March 22, 2012: New Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries: I AM the People

by Jude Cowell

Tomorrow morning at 10:37 am edt, a New Moon reaches perfection @ 2Ari22, and its 3 twos emphasize the principle of '2'--others, partnerships, money, dualism, and so on.

Checking the Sabian Symbols for both '2Ari' and '3Ari', let's see what themes this new cycle may entail over the next two weeks until the Full Moon brings fulfillment of something begun, or the blossoming of seeds planted, in the dark of tomorrow's New Moon especially since first zodiacal sign, Aries, is all about new starts, and the principle of I AM.

Actually, the principle is much like The Fool card in the Tarot deck as he takes a first step on a mysterious journey with its green for new growth and vistas implications. Now I can think of many fools infesting Washington DC politics at the moment, can't you? Wish they'd take a first step out of town and leave decent folk alone.

Plus, the Moon in Mundane Astrology signifies The People and The Public who are so often made fools of by political and financial liars, cheats, speculators, and crooks. But that's another post...however, do see a note about the Sabian Symbol for the *2nd cusp, below, when tomorrow's New Moon horoscope is set for Washington, DC.

Included are Illumination Points for each degree (opposite) which denote unconscious or shadow material for when viewing Politics, we must always lift the rock of (supposed) reality to reveal what's hidden underneath; some additional italics are used to emphasize current events:

'2Ari' = "A Comedian Entertaining the Group"...RELEASE.

positive expression: the power of personality through a full and completely uninhibited self-expression;

negative: a neglect of common responsibility through idle diversion of interest.

Illumination Point: '2Lib' = "The Light of the Sixth Race Transmuted to the Seventh"...THRESHOLD.

pos: the imaginative sweep of of man's vision and an eagerness to execute its promise;

neg: a loss of reality in an infinitely regressive otherworldliness or a total lack of all practicality.

(Since it's only a mere "man's vision" it is obviously shortsighted--like Paul Ryan's 'budget plan' meant to rip apart our social safety net and cause even greater suffering across the land. Quite an austere jackassian vision they intend to force upon the populace--jc)

'3Ari' = "A Cameo Profile of a Man in the Outline of His Country"...EXPLOITATION.

pos: man's capacity for giving full play to every ramification of the reality he has created for himself (or of the false reality some, including the corporate media, have created for the rest of us to be fooled by--jc);

neg: an unimaginative conventionality which leaves him in bondage to every current stereotype of human relations (oh, that one's too easy! jc.)

Illumination Point '3Lib' = "The Dawn of a New Day, Everything Changed"...INNOVATION.

pos: man's insatiable appetite for experiment and continuing self-discovery in every possible area of human experience;

neg: inability to catch the challenge of living in even the most trviasl matters.

Of course you know that references to 'dawn' and a 'new day' tend to remind me of the globalists' coldhearted, oh-so-rational vision of a 'New World Order' full of chaos, want, and a return to serfdom for the masses, don't you?


*2nd cusp has '6 Cancer' upon it when the March 22, 2012 New Moon chart is set for DC which is America's natal Jupiter degree..."Game Birds Feathering Their Nests", and a Moon-ruled house may bring fluctuations and changes.


As often happens, whenever I need to take a break from grousing on the political varmints and fraudsters I describe within my Common Good, We-the-People viewpoint using the lens of Political Astrology, I turn to artwork...especially my first love, drawing.

And since we're speaking of the Moon in this post, you may wish to see what I've been up to today over at Secret Moon Art for Art Breaks from tiresome things like Politics and scoundrels are restful and can be rather rejuvenating for both mind and eye! jc

On-topic reading: Paul Ryan releases new GOP budget plan: What's in it? At 10:30 am edt in DC this morning, Ryan released the plan with America's natal Uranus 8Gem55 rising and with our natal Mars soon to follow--therefore a few potentials formed in a midpoint picture:

N Mars/tr ASC = n Uranus: an agitated fighter; a love of quarreling; violence; threatening or intimidating others; a sudden event; injury (Ebertin); ego aggrandizement; testiness; picking a fight (Tyl.)

Version used for this post: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Marc Edmund Jones.

Feb 23, 2012

Financial Coup d'Etat & How to Overcome It (video)

With the financial harvesting of the world in high gear, here's investment adviser and former Bush Sr administration official Catherine Austin Fitts speaking on The Financial Coup d'Etat and How to Overcome It--for it's time to ask, Who's doing this and where's the money going?

"There is no economic reason for poverty." - C. A. Fitts

You'll find more info from the lady herself at The Solari Report blog.


Astrologically I never forget America's natal Jupiter at '6 Cancer' with its very descriptive Sabian Symbol which points, not as much toward the average US worker, but to banking titans, the foreign investors (corporations and monarchs) who helped set up our nation and those who continue to direct it, and toward the Washington politicians whose campaigns and entire careers they bankroll so liberally in order to keep the harvester's wheels greased:

"Game Birds Feathering Their Nests."

Sep 17, 2011

Horoscope: New Moon 4Lib00 Sept 27, 2011

Set for the White House, Washington DC, here is an image of September 27, 2011's New Moon @ 4:00:16 Libra rising (ASC 4Lib51), with the lunation as part of a Cardinal Grand Cross here perfected by US natal Jupiter 5Can56 at Midheaven (The Goal, or WHY? Point.)

Natal Jupiter @ '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" is the WHY? A new cycle of activity (New Moon on ASC) is the WHAT? HOW is Pluto breaking down systems and structures in Capricorn, and the WHERE? is apparently Utopia (Uranus in Aries on DESC.)

The New Moon perfects during an Hour of Mars 5Leo05 in 10th house of Public Status and Career, conjunct US natal North Node which indicates encounters with martian people or events; chart-ruler Venus 15Lib21 in 1st house and just past US natal Saturn 14Lib48 which is the first US natal planet to rise in the New Moon chart.

This indicates issues of legalities, austerity, responsibility, potential loss, and accountability. Accountability issues are seconded by asteroid Hera at MC (keeping or balancing accounts) and financial matters are prominent.

Also prominent are military issues (hospitals, illness, use of force) and mining (Pluto conj IC, 4th house ruled by Saturn, plus, Neptune/Pluto midpoint in 4th h indicates resource plunderers (Robber Barons) and, in particular, uranium mining, contamination, radiation, and disposal concerns.

As you see, Jupiter Rx in Taurus, a money sign, is posited in 8th house of Shared Resources, Big Business, Corporations, Banking, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies, Transformation, Death, and the Occult. The Neptune/Pluto pair has links to the supernatural and the occult as well.

For the sake of brevity, this analysis of the new cycle of activity beginning on Sept 27 will be primarily focused on midpoint pictures, aspects, and other links to the New Moon itself.

Chart-ruler Venus makes only one applying aspect (how things will proceed)--a conjunction with Saturn which happens to be conjoining US Secondary Progressed Mars Rx. Serious meetings are indicated along with mixing business with pleasure, working in isolation, and/or appreciating a need for better organization and structure.

Two applying aspects to the New Moon are telling, one that is separating (waning) indicates a past event or unconscious inclination--here are a few potentials which may come from the New Moon in Libra, sign of Partnerships and Legalities, but which also has war and conflict connotations:

New Moon square Pluto (0A55): new starts externally enforced; independent actions are courageous; transformation of lifestyles; ego is the driving motivation (Sun); emotional attachments intensify; overpowering emotions may outweigh other considerations; transformed domestic environments; powerful motivations bring impressive achievements but recklessness is a caution (Moon.)

New Moon sextile Mars (1A05): current opportunities inspire courageous actions; principles of loyalty and integrity are defended and may benefit career and reputation; competition or aggression (Sun); feelings morph into actions; talent is developed through instincts; business opportunities present themselves (Moon.)

Cardinal Grand Cross: Sun/Moon, Mercury, ASC, MC (US n Jupiter), Pluto, and Uranus

With US n Jupiter at MC and triggering/completing the T-Squares into a Grand Cross pattern, we know that idealism, finances, religion, higher education, war (Jupiter the General), courts, and other 9th house matters that Jupiter rules are particularly of interest in this New Moon horoscope, with business, self-protection, and security intimately involved (Cancer.)

Yet the separating opposition from radical Uranus 2Ari31 Rx may also relate esp with Uranus still affected by the transiting Jupiter/Neptune midpoint, the speculator-wastrel-grand schemes-inflationary pair of planets which conjoined one another upon our US natal Moon--we-the-people--in Aquarius all through 2009 creating an 'involved in speculation/instability' vibe. (Jup/Nep = Uranus: reality v imagination; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation--Ebertin.)

Please click the chart to enlarge for more details including America's natal planets which are penned around the outside of the chart and highlighted in an aqua color.

Since there's so much dynamic energy with the planetary pattern, let's consider the midpoint pictures formed by the US n Jupiter-completed Grand Cross--any, all, or none may apply:

n Jupiter/tr Pluto = Sun: creating magical effects; successful use of extraordinary mental or physical powers.

n Jupiter/tr Pluto = Moon: a desire to bring about social improvements; influencing the masses/the public through an appeal to the emotions (uh oh--that's now the US government always gets Americans to go to war--jc); a successful use of psychology.

n Jupiter/tr Pluto = ASC: a desire for power; organizing talent; personal advancement; far-sightedness; prudence.

(Interesting that 'prudence' was one of Bush Sr's signature words, and this New Moon shows the difficult Mars/Saturn midpoint sitting upon Poppy's natal ASC = possible health threat; separation; mourning. Also, Saturn 18Lib12 has just conjoined his natal Moon, also not a good portent for health issues, and his n Pluto in Cancer is at MC. Oh, and by the way: NN 17Sag14 in 3rd house of the New Moon chart is pointing toward Dick Cheney's natal Mars and as you know, Cheney's recent book has stirred up controversies over his role in 9/11 and his war crimes.)

n Jupiter/tr Pluto = Uranus: fanatics striving for improvements (Ebertin gives Uranus in Aries as 'Utopians'); quickly exploiting every situation; sudden reforms (will the president's American Jobs Creation bill pass? jc); adjustments to new circumstances.

Sun/Uranus = n Jupiter: successful reformers, inventors, or technicians; a pleasant surprise!

Sun/Uranus = Pluto: radical reformers; a desire to rearrange things; tragic experiences; imprisonment.

Sun/Uranus = MC: restless people with far-reaching plans; reformers, inventors, technicians (again--jc); the impact of sudden events or upheavals.

Moon/Uranus = n Jupiter: aims and objectives on a grand scale; vision; satisfied ambitions; ambitious aspirations.

Moon/Uranus = Pluto: fanaticism; self-willedness; stubbornness; a craving for sensation; building anew upon ruins.

Moon/Uranus = MC: pursuit of ambitious aims; excitement and great energy; determination; ready for action; sudden interference.

Uranus/ASC = n Jupiter: a fortunate rearrangement of the environment; optimism; successful teamwork.

Uranus/ASC = Pluto: a desire to attain success even under the most difficult circumstances.

Also of interest to our New Moon/new cycle topic is the Sabian Symbol for Mercury '3Lib' with trader Mercury in the 12th house of Politics, Secret Deals, Self-Undoing, and Karma:

"The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed"...'INNOVATION:

Keynote: The ever-present possibility of beginning again on a new foundation of values.'

Yes, but it's which values and what kind of 'new foundation' that concern this American.


Natal data, both with Rodden Rating A: George H. W. Bush June 12, 1924 11:45 am edt Milton, MA; Dick Cheney January 30, 1941 7:30 am cst Lincoln, NE.

All midpoint pictures today are from Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

'3Lib' and '6Can' are from An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar.

Blog Note: once again, Blogger is 'disappearing' parts of my post as I type/save (some I have no time to put back), and SpellCheck goes out and in. Hopefully all will be displayed and correctly spelled once this post is published. Very annoying and time-wasting, Blogger! jc

Sep 15, 2011

Pluto Stations Direct 4Cap53 Sept 16, 2011

The Tracker Pauses in His Tracks: Pluto Turns Direct 9.16.11

by Jude Cowell

In Mundane Astrology, Pluto has many layers of meaning. Some potentials are: plutocrats, the government (administration and infrastructure), power and its abuse and misuse, big business and corporatism, the criminal Underworld (ex: Mafia), surveillance and spies, detectives, assassins and saboteurs, fear, secrets and scandals, the mega-wealthy class, taboos, Psychiatry and mind control, propaganda, methods of coping, oil, plutonium, other valuable things under the earth, tunnels and pipes, nuclear energy and weapons, death, destruction, and transformation.

Yet Mr. Hades can be the monster lurking beneath the bed or play The Philanthropist with a conscience (but also an ulterior motive)!

Once absolute power has been attained--and it has, Pluto has no intention of giving it up yet we've seen the beginning of riots, protests, and upheavals from populations across the globe as radical Uranus on the streets squares entrenched Pluto in his ivory tower in an attempt to block (square) the furthering of Pluto's abuse of power against the disenfranchised underclasses (Pluto/Chiron.)

Yes, the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2010 extends into 2011 and beyond and will 'inspire' more societal stand-offs between classes and political factions.

Pluto's Direct Station Sept 16, 2011

In Washington DC on Friday September 16, 2011, Pluto turns Direct at 2:25 pm edt with 25 Sagittarius rising which makes a 4th house (Real Estate) Jupiter (banking) the chart-ruler. (Jupiter's applying trine to Pluto is mentioned below.) Moneybags Jupiter is retrograde @ 9Tau51, not the condition we prefer for a chart-ruler--this points toward continuing foreclosures which are now being put into legal processes again (Rx) by the banking industry (Jupiter Rx trine Pluto, now Direct.)

It also points directly toward China, whose totem is The Dragon (Pluto), opening the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions today--see NPR's China Tells Others to Put Financial House in Order. Our Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is to speak there tomorrow (9.16), the day Pluto turns Direct.

Thing is, Secretary Geithner speaks with the Sun (leadership) conjoining US natal Neptune in Virgo (work; workers; service) so idealism and fantasy are in the air and someone is zooming someone--probably on both sides (US and China.)

So with Pluto now moving forward and stationing during the World Economic Forum, will China act as the world's economic savior as some have suggested? Pluto, er...China, isn't much impressed with that idea but we'll see. To do so would give the Chinese government more leverage and plutonian control which it apparently desires.

In September, Pluto rises with Fixed Star Aquila (The Eagle; bold action) and there are indications of war drums with Pluto's degree '5Cap' = "Indians Rowing a Canoe and Dancing a War Dance"--not what most Americans want since we're overburdened with Bush-Cheney wars as it is, but Pluto doesn't ask permission from anyone for his strong-armed pursuit of global power and domination.

A Cardinal T-Square with Apex Pluto

With a 9th house (Foreign Lands) Venus 2Lib03 opposing Uranus 2Ari57 Rx in 3rd house of Communications, a square from manipulative Pluto creates a Cardinal T-Square and forms a midpoint picture with these possible manifestations, some of which may turn up in the news as events or scandals:

Venus/Uranus = Pluto: potential for notoriety; exhibitionism; high excitability; accusations, attacks, or disruptions in seeking satisfaction; fanaticism when pursuing enjoyment of affection. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Sexy! Yet in Business and Politics, the Venus/Uranus pair itself relates to a treasury showing unexpected rises and falls in valuations, strange or eccentric behavior toward financial assets, and/or ruling bodies unable to cope with sudden increases or lacks of financial resources. (Munkasey.)

Now when karmic Pluto is apex (focus) in a Cardinal T-Square, high-level executives are indicated, and certain bloodlines may hold sway. Secluded in an ivory tower, this isolated Pluto never shares power and ruthlessly overwhelms any opposition to his plans for domination especially when challenged; subversive actions and manipulation are used to force his ambitions upon others.

(On the topic of plutonian, draconian bloodlines and US presidents, of course the satanic Merovingians come first to mind.)

So as Venus and Uranus both square The Dragon, US natal Jupiter--Geithner?--is again opposed by transiting Pluto, a difficult and key time for US finances and for political maneuverings as power struggles stymie efforts. The phrase "called on the carpet" comes to mind for Mr. Geithner's visit to China.

Apex Pluto in a Cardinal T-Square describes explosive endings making way for a new direction but if the 'new direction' is global totalitarianism, America's sovereignty and independence will be become things of the past--we're in process of that breakdown now, aren't we?

Jupiter trine Pluto (4A58) indicates aid from banking and other entities (Jupiter - gurus, preachers, generals, Republicans, etc) toward power goals, yet aid is delayed due to Jupiter's Rx state (until Christmas 2011.)

Venus square Pluto (0A55) shows overreactions to something said or done--things are Very Serious, no jokes allowed. Old issues surface bringing along resentments, suspicions, jealousies, and anger over past actions which perhaps were not aboveboard. (Plus, the Venus/Pluto pair has a connection to bankruptcy.)

Well, there are many other chart factors of importance if you care to set up a chart for Pluto's Direct Station on Friday. I'll close with a list of the midpoint pictures formed at 2:25 pm edt in Washington DC (9.16.11) for your consideration--any, all, or none may apply:

Mars/Pluto = Saturn: leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of a particular task; a desire to forcibly overcome obstacles at all cost; frustrated goals require persistence; lessened personal power.

Mars/Pluto = MC (15Lib49 = US natal Saturn, as above): learning to gain control and use powerful or extreme measures for improving status; unusual capabilities for advancement; facing overwhelming force without power (Pluto oppo US n Jupiter; tr Mars opposing US n Pluto 27Cap33 Rx in USA's 2nd house of Money); intervention of a Higher Power (China saves the global financial system?)

Jupiter/NN = Neptune (an ongoing mdpt picture): indecision or vacillation; inhibitions in partnerships; instability; unreliability; disappointment; getting sober again.

Moon/NN = Neptune: disappointment through others; an undermining of associations or unions.

Moon/Saturn = Mars: a lack of determination; the desire to overcome difficulties; feeling inferior; soul conflicts; separation or illness.

Moon/MC = Mars: total devotion to a task; industriousness; a spirit of endeavor.

And last but not least, our world's two societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, point to activist Mars as well...

Jupiter/Saturn = Mars: a lack of endurance; enforcing changes of circumstances and life conditions; feeling unrewarded and making a change; not wanting to toe the line; ambition emerges out of discontent.

And since Mars opposes US natal Pluto...

Jupiter/Saturn = n Pluto: dramatic trust of self; fearlessness; major change of situation; tremendous perseverance; attaining aims slowly but surely; immense efforts; restrictions; separations; violent changes.

Mercury/Venus = Sun: compassion; recognition; a sunny disposition.


You may wish to check out a previous post on similar topics: China's natal chart and why Geithner is there with the nation's natal horoscope shown with transits for Secretary Geithner's visit in April 2010. You'll see that a transit now repeats due to the slowness of Pluto's orbit--tr Pluto opposing China's natal Uranus in Cancer, a time of struggles for control within the environment, and great conflicts occurring as power and resources are pitted against established financial and political institutions, such as the United States of America.

Aug 11, 2011

"Corporations are people" w pockets, too (Mitt Romney video)

This campaign tussle starring Mitt 'corporate' Romney and a scoffing audience at the Iowa State Fair turned up today on the Thom Hartmann broadcast and I resisted placing the video here as long as I could.

Really I did!

No, really!


If you wish you may view a solar (sunrise) natal chart for second-time-around GOP candidate Mitt Romney with a few non-edited details which I posted in August 2007. See if you can spot my mention of 'pockets' then, too--deep ones!

For as you know, deep pockets are pretty much an American institution among our leaders since 1776...the Sabian Symbol for US natal Jupiter 5Can56 is '6 Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"--a more poetic way of saying, Lining Their Pockets.

Jul 10, 2011

US Default? America's Jupiter Makes the News!

A Sabian Symbol Makes the News: US Jupiter @ 6 Cancer: 7.10.11

by Jude Cowell

With the August 2, 2011 default deadline looming large, this morning's Meet The Press featured Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner laying out the argument once again--for Republicans, it is said. No doubt there's hope that Tea Partisans might listen in from behind the ideological door.

One long-range sort of theory that's come to the top of one barrel since Cantor nixed Boehner's Jupiter-laced 'big deal' with President Obama on the mess Washington and Wall Street got us into is a so-called "feathering in" method which I first heard mentioned this morning on The Chris Matthews Show by reporter Bob Woodward who was citing those who know about economic theory. (Watch!)

And this may be a dedicated link to today's MTP interview with Mr. Geithner in case you missed the, I mean, the program. If not, please search the site for it's something to check out if you missed it on TV (July 10, 2011.) So far, I'm not having much success playing their audio-videos except for the one with Sec. Geithner.

But Let's Talk about *Birdies

Now the "feathering in" concept may be interesting to anyone who uses the 360 Sabian Symbols available for the position on July 4, 1776 of America's Jupiter @ 5 Cancer 56. Rounding up the degree to '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests", the deeper meaning of which I leave for you to discern in these financial matters.

Yet here I shall quote and paraphrase both Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones in their explanations for '5' and '6' Cancer since the actual degree of a planet (here, '5Can') applies as well because all flows together and each degree is a part or phase of life's evolutionary process as symbolized by the circle.

The previous degree also represents an unconscious element still of influence just as the next degree represents the next step in development. In this case, US natal Jupiter's '5Can' word picture well describes what's going on in Washington DC in the political theater to which we-the-people are being 'treated'.

(Rudhyar = DR; Jones = MEJ.)

US natal Jupiter, planet of expansion, money, largess, generosity, corporations, and any number of social archetypes such as priest, guru, shaman, banker, financier, professor, attorney, or general, has made a surreptitious "feathering in" cameo in the economic considerations and news of the day.

Both Rudhyar and Jones give the same word pictures but there are nuances within their explanations. First up is '5Can' from DR as we think of the US debt-ceiling-raise tussle (which first off should be presented as a Clean Bill, asserts this American) and a possible first-ever default on debt by the current US government - see what you think, but I'll tell you that the first one reminds me most closely of the corporate-backed Tea Partisans and GOPers in Congress about to drive America off the financial precipice for the sake of some freakish Zionist Utopian ideology from Hades.

But maybe that's just me talkin'...Buckle Up!

'5Can' = "At a Railroad Crossing, An Automobile Is Wrecked By a Train"...

"Keynote: The tragic results which are likely to occur when the individual's will pits itself carelessly against the power of the collective will of society."

This is "an early stage of the new process...all such individual and relatively anarchistic or law-defying attempts are bound to fail. The driver may live but the car will be wrecked."

Yet "--most of the time man learns his lessons through relatively destructive experiences--the via negativa of the mystic, or even the strange occult concept expounded in some sects of 'salvation through sin'. One may speak here more generally of KARMIC READJUSTMENT."

(MEJ) '5Can' = "DISPERSION...

positive expression: a special genius for a creative reorganization of all experience;

negative/**unconscious/shadow side: an insensitive recklessness."

See what I mean about '5Can'? Here's the next symbol for US natal Jupiter:

(DR) '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"...

"Keynote: An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life.

'Birds' are spiritual forces "placed within a social context...we see here the beginning of a process; action is definitely oriented toward the future. A new wave of life is starting and a concrete--and no longer symbolical--preparation is made for it. At a social level--we can speak of the pioneering efforts dedicated to the building of a new culture, new institutions."

(That seems to be what the ruling class and their backers, the power elite, have in their global-dominating minds for everyone no matter what we-the-people want for our families and our nation.)


pos: high intelligence and skill in enlisting the potentials of experience for the service of self;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: unnecessary concern over everyday security.

"Unnecessary concern"? On one level I can say that since we couldn't trust the operatives of Washington DC in 2008 after they'd spent years aiding and abetting Wall Street criminality, then rrrushed back to DC to 'save the economy'--so how easy is it to trust them and the dramatic script they present to us now?

Nothing in Politics is an accident!

Check out the Rudhyar Audio Archives and perhaps the natal horoscope of Marc Edmund Jones, as you wish.


*Interesting that the symbol for US natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx), '28Cap' = "A Large Aviary." You may agree with me that the plutonian death star 'The Pentagon' as Aviary certainly shows great skill learned through the decades in order to keep its cushy nest well-feathered for all its many little birdies. So let's recount for 2011: America now has a transnational-corporation-backed Supreme Court and a military industrial complex on steroids and drunk on its own misguided power while millions of American people are wandering Main Street searching for a job of most any description. (A cynical recruitment scheme for the US military?)

Then it's no wonder the global banking syndicate with its usury interest rates and many underworld tactics have the world's populations 'over barrels' and trapped within a financial system which now, 'they say', needs "feathering in" ("-the pain," Woodward said at one point) in order to fini their big ruse, thereby successfully completing the Greatest Heist The World Has Ever Known in preparation for Bacon's tiresome Great Plan for America.

Yes, dark forces are at work and we've seen what they produce, now and in the past. Please, lone reader - don't succumb to the hypnotic effect of destruction as if before you a king cobra is poised to strike! Though a threatening cobra does make for great political theater, doesn't it? jc

**As usual, yours truly is the very varmint who sassily adds 'unconscious/shadow side' to Dr. Jones' analyses of the negative expression of each degree. His work doesn't need the addition but mine does. jc