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Feb 18, 2011

Chants of 'FOX lies!' at Madison WI rally (video)

This is great. Dissent! Speak Truth to Power. Yank Off Their Powdered Wigs! Power to the People. Non-Violence Is The Only Way (to win rather than lose.) And anyone who uses violence is against the best interests of the people (beware of [plants' in the crowd.)

We have an embarrassingly high number of Americans incarcerated behind bars and the eugenics crowd has taken over our nation. If all goes well tomorrow, I shall publish on this blog the horoscope of the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933. Return, if you may, for it's very interesting in relation to current events and is an intriguing Historical Horoscope, too.

Flower Power to iFlower?

Glad the younger generations are activating themselves to stand up for American values which Do Not Include any style of politburo strong-arming (Thom Hartmann said today on his show that that's what he thinks the Rs want: a politiburo. I must agree.)

This group of fraudsters and usurpers have spirited away America's wealth (as their elders did before.) Now they want to shut the door to workers' being able to bargain on their own behalves - Governor Walker and his backers are intent on union busting.

In 2011, I should think that it would be illegal in the United States of America to disenfranchise a group of working Americans in such a way - and by taking a right away from them that they already have! Plus, their work serves the community!

These austerity freaks in Madison WI and elsewhere want to crash communities, not save them. Obviously. Unions are a powerful form of communal activity which have a history of being corrupted, yes, but if members in a particular town, city, community (or wide place in the road, for that matter) are agreeable on how their interests are being safe-guarded by union leadership, then the union should stand but continue to be accountable to its members. Corporations do it. They brook no interference at all in their activities, and they buy off politicians 24/7. If busted, unions will be starved of funds to back political candidates (and judges?) which is more than likely a big part of the GOP plot.

Teachers, firefighters, civil employees, and others who are under siege across this nation, be in contact with one another. Here in the South, I've never had a personal relationship with union members that I know of but I proudly salute you for standing up for your right to take a serious interest in your and your families' futures - don't let the jackboots take this basic human right away. Man made laws don't bestow this right for it comes from a Higher Source. Therefore, man made laws - or changes in them - have no authority to take away our sense of self-preservation.

US Political Class Purposely Radicalizing the American People

The human toll their radical actions ("cuts") are taking and will take upon this nation is yet to be fully experienced, sad to say. But The Line past which we will not tolerate oppressive government has been crossed though not all are on board yet. It's hard to see a Line in the idealistic sand when your head is under it.

Maybe things can stay as-is, they hope. Well, who doesn't wish for that? Excepting the chaos-creators mongering war and upheavals. Rising food prices are so very negotiable. And tamperable.

In this New Millennium we're being shown who and what they are. The raptor's breath is hot and dry, wolves lie in wait for the unwary and reptilian-brained politicians roam the land. Radical reforms come fast and furious now - too many at once for one person to keep up with.

Yet we all must try. So pass along what you know, dear reader, and keep in touch with all who will listen for the pen is mightier than the sword. Please don't wait for your neighbor to defend your liberty.

For with revolutionary Uranus to the Mars-ruled Aries Point, a Point of World Manifestation and the Ic of America's natal 4th house of Domestic Scene and Roots, we may find any moment (though we thought we were done) that the Second American Revolution is at hand.


A related topic? Solar Eclipse @ '30 Cancer' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution from July 22, 2009. Eclipse at a sensitized, crisis 29th degree.


JoyceP said...

Notice all those young people in the crowd? Pluto in Scorpio in action! The Pluto in Scorpios will take no quarter and the bastard plutocrats are shaking in their boots because they recognize the Transmutation of Society these young people champion. This is just the beginning. Wisconsin was carefully chosen by the plutocrats for this show down because Wisconsin is known to be the strongest union foothold in the country. If organized labor in Wisconsin can be broken, the plutocrats will have their way throughout the nation making the people slave labor. As a Wisconsinite, I say we recall this fascist big business toady Governor and vote for someone like former US Senator Feingold to take reiver Ryan's stead.

bacalove said...

We are All Being Called to Tahrir Square

"In another inspiring commentary on Egypt, David Spangler writes of an understanding shared with him by a Presence who he thought of as an 'Angel of Humanity'. The Presence suggested: What is happening here is part of a process that goes beyond Egypt and its concerns. It is a human occurrence. It is one expression, conditioned by the circumstances of the Middle East, of an unfoldment that all humanity is experiencing, not just Egyptians or Arabs. This is the most important thing to know. David Spangler, reflecting on this, notes: We can realize that we are all facing and struggling with a need to change and go beyond our current ways of treating each other and our world if we are all going to have a livable future, much less realize the fullness of our human potential. In this sense he suggests that we are all called to revolution: It is the oppression of [an] inner tyranny of ancient and outworn thoughts, emotions, habits, and beliefs that all of us, all of humanity, is now struggling against, like a butterfly trying to break out of a cocoon. We are all being called to make our way to the Tahrir Square of our minds and hearts, there to stand together and demand the old ways step down so a new humanity may emerge."

Taken from:

JoyceP said...

Ooops! Wrong Governor. I mean that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker should be recalled. (Former Republican Governor of Illinois, George Ryan, has already been dethroned and is in prison).