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Feb 19, 2011

Horoscope: Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse 1933 (then and now)

Update Nov 25, 2016: Donald Trump has been selected for the role of US president and many people see resonance between his white-supremacy-supported rise to power and that of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany. A single chart factor of note concerns the Fascism Rising Horoscope (shown below) with manipulative Pluto in late Cancer rising on the Ascendant for this degree area also spotlights the natal Saturn in Cancer of Mr. Trump. The Saturn-Pluto duo suggests violent people, mass murderers, and, when rising, martyrdom and victimization (Ebertin).

Original post begins here:

With a focus on societal conditions 1933 v 2011, let's look at a horoscope of the Solar Eclipse 5Pis29 of February 24, 1933.

(Click chart to enlarge. In green are highlighted many of America's natal placements but Germany's natal chart takes precedence in this post.)

Hour: Venus21AQ20 in 7th H; chart-ruler: Moon in eclipse w Sun and conjoining North Node (NN) 7Pi45, with Mercury 18Pis58 in 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, Court Systems, and other institutions of society; far-distant lands and populations are in the mix as well with this Watery eclipse in the dual sign of The Two Fishes, Pisces, one of the archetypal significators of Franklin D. Roosevelt v Adolf Hitler. Another is that power-mad Pluto is in Cancer near Fixed Stars Castor and Pollux, the light twin-dark twin dichotomy or archetype of the constellations. My thought is that those in US politics now want to paint FDR as the 'dark twin' and abolish his social improvements of the 1930s and 1940s; yet the people need them enacted again and blostered to prevent further miseries befalling the Collective. Every number they 'cut' in Washington represents real people, as they well know. I further believe that the forces guiding the austerity mongers are the same as the dark twin forces active in 1933!

Which puts the benefits-and-pension-slashing GOP and all their enablers on the side of oppression, the kind that 'new world order' promoter and futurist visionary Adolf Hitler unleashed upon a public who deserved better treatment from its government. We are mired in a similar dilemma in America, circa 2011.

With its symbolic fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces represents the up-down principle which we see in society every day (ex: rich corporate executives v bums drinking in a garbage-filled alley...the well-scrubbed v the unwashed, yacht v pig sty.) An individual may rise or sink in the world but everyone must swim at some time or another and make a go of it. In my spiritual studies, I find that the Watery quality of Pisces, symbol of Christ, is the Saved end of the Victim-Savior polarity of the Virgo/Pisces axis. The spiritual emphasis of the events and social conditions of 1933 resonate with those of 2011 through the sharing of a generational Uranus/Pluto square (to be discussed more fully below) and which undergirds the upheavals and protests now occurring throughout the world, and made easier to organize with the tech aid of Twitter and FaceBook.

Hitler was on the 'cutting edge of technology' in his day, too. Racism and eugenics played a huge part along with more accurate equipment and weapons of war; technicians and scientists colluded with the Nazis or were forced into cooperating.

Am I regressing from my topic of the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933?Not really

But I wish! The radix chart of Germany (Jan 1, 1871 00:00 am LMT Berlin; historical record) has idealistic, eroding Neptune in Aries (19:01; degree of the Sun's exaltation) so 1933's Uranus, planet of disruption, upheaval, and innovation, electrified Germany's national Neptune (the masses; mass movements; media; fraud and deceit) which brought sudden events affecting the Collective while destroying society's comforts (austerity measures; theft of national resources) and diverting its dreams of the future into militaristic channels and chaos-inducing endeavors.

As a message to us in 2011, 1933's Uranus to Neptune (in Aries, sign of uprisings, riots, strikes, protests, and pioneers - tr Uranus approaches the Aries Point as I type) transit typifies an era when a spiritually-inspired aspiration to fulfill high ideals is needed by the people, yet the freedom to express social, political, religious, artistic, musical, divine, and/or other ideals is suppressed, potentially disappearing altogether.

Neptunian circumstances of loss and grief were a long time coming (then as now)) as traditions and bonds of family, church, communal sense/commonwealth, marriage, partnership, etc, were slowly eroded making them easier to topple (then as now; Hitler's desire to establish a worldwide 'new world order' shows him as the military arm of a long-standing movement toward global fascism and one-world-government - as you have noticed, they're baa-a-a-ack... - never having really gone away.)

Three days after the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse occurred, Hitler and his co-conspirators burned down the Reich stag Building of Parliament to give cover to his rise to power; eight days later, FDR was sworn in as US President for the first of his three full terms, the 4th term being uncompleted, 1933 to 1945.)

When Uranus-Pluto energies are blended or come into contact by aspect (Uranus square Pluto, then as now: frustrations, obstacles, and social improvements are explosively challenged or unpopularly implemented), we tend toward mass upheavals, riots, and strikes, as mentioned a word, revolution. However, an important factor in the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse chart which we do not see in 2011, is the triple conjunction of Neptune Rx, Mars Rx, and Jupiter Rx, all in bottled-up Virgo, sign of The Critic and The Purist (eugenics; racism and 'white supremacy'.)

Lords of the Eclipse: Jupiter and Neptune, activated by Mars Rx in Virgo in the Marseillaise marching formation

Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are the Marseillaise Trio of planets and exerted their combined force during the French Revolution; the trio relates to violence and anarchy and signifies the volunteers who marched on and invaded the palace of the King on August 10, 1792 (as in Cairo, Feb 2011.) As we've experienced since the last New Millennium, terror raises its ugly head more visibly at certain times in history which turns the events of the 1790s and 1930s into societal object lessons for all who would profit by them in our generation and those wish for better outcomes for their loved ones' futures.

(In the US, the Reichstag Fire of 1933 resonates with the 9/11/01 WTC attacks engineered in part to cover the illegitimacy of the SCOTUS-installed Bush-Cheney regime which morphed into Financial Collapse 2008 which led us into the next phase, the Obama presidency, and the *glop we're now in.)

Transiting Chiron (the Healer-the Wounded) now stimulates the 1933 eclipse degree 5Pis29 and is on-degree of President Obama's natal Chiron. What better chance to open up to spiritual energies which will guide us if we wish better outcomes during this time around in the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto cycle? Yet for best effect, Chiron's sacred warrior energy must be utilized in non-violent ways for greater success. For success established on weak moral grounds isn't success at all, at least not of the lasting the long run, beginning with a weak base brings more harm than good - and brings negative social reforms.

Another generational transit to Germany's natal horoscope in 1933

Germany's Uranus @25Can09 received the destructuring, transformative energies of 1933's Pluto 21Can32 (near Castor and Pollux) as the Secret Hand of the god of the Underworld (in all its forms, exs: crime, sex, drugs, the occult, psychiatry, surgery, political string-yankers and warmongers) came ponderously along in natal 10th H of Public Status and Career.

This transit describes a period when individual freedom is emphasized (then as now); career status, federal jobs and programs, and all national endeavors are exploited and/or corrupted. Yes, Pluto indicates coping skills but usually those are of a self-serving nature. Here Pluto transformed the German Collective (Uranus, ruler of AQ) in home-loving, nationalistic, tribal Cancer, and underscored the generational effects of the activated Uranus-Pluto square in 1933.

Meanwhile, in the US, this eclipse's Pluto in Cancer visit was a Pluto to natal Mercury transit, quite a different thing: a persuasive message from a master manipulator, one Mr. Roosevelt by name (his cozy, soothing 'Fireside Chats' on the radio, a new techno-medium, started in 1933 as Hitler yelled his hatreds louder and louder. You may note that the 1933 eclipse's Saturn-Pluto midpoint 00Tau59 in 10th H conjoins Hitler's natal Sun position, aka, 'Hitler's trigger degree' because he became brutal when his Sun was triggered and tended to invade other people's territories; 00-1 Taurus is a degree area of violence (N. Devore); tr Sat/Plu = n Sun: dominating others through strong will and determination; leadership based on effective plans and thorough preparation; enforced changes; threat of loss; hard work; illness; sparing no pains in one's work; renunciation; privation; physical separation.)

Update 7:15 pm est: with its Mercury-Pluto propaganda tinge, you may be interested in Elsa's post today, US gov software creates fake people on social networks to promote propaganda. Surprised much?

A linchpin of our topic concerning the global power elite's take-over agenda and the above Saturn-Pluto conditions of 1933 is that transiting Uranus conjoined this midpoint of hardship and cruelty resulting in a mdpt picture:

Sat/Plu = tr Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses; sudden acts of violence.

Now It's 2011 and Uranus in Aries Squares Pluto in Capricorn

As you know, in 2011 we face a similar emphasis on this revolutionary aspect as seen in uprisings in Egypt and across the Middle East. In America, union-busting (Uranus-Pluto with a Saturn tone) has set off the plutonian take-control menu and the people's combative responses yet there are differences with Pluto across the Cancer-Capricorn axis now in Capricorn (government, law, and business), a Moon-Saturn polarity of emotional depression and dearth of needs for the people with its loss of home/family/employment motif.

But Moon-Saturn also relates to the ambition and strategy of Capricorn (the sign of S*tan's goat) for those in control and acting from a higher perspective or perch.

So again in 2011/12 we're mired within a square (90 degr) aspect between revolutionary Uranus and Pluto, whose current cycle began with the 1965/66 Great Conjunctions @ 17 Virgo (Civil Rights and Anti-War Protests), the position of stationary Mars on April 20, 1792 when the declaration of war upon King Louis XVI by the Girondists began the French Revolution: Uran-Plu = Mars fanaticism; the mania of destruction; a stage of bending or breaking; enormous energy; coercion.

A turbulent will of a disenfranchised populace against oppressors in high places returns as a thread running from 1792 (and prior) to 1933 and on to 2011 and beyond as the human spirit yearns to be free.

Image: 'Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse' 5Pis29 Feb 24, 1933 12:43:50 pm GMT Berlin, Germany; two interlaced YODs (Finger of God pattern = special tasks, crises, turning points, crossroads, and major adjustments.; apex Jupiter at base of a Venus-Uranus sextile; apex Venus at the base of a Jupiter-Pluto sextile); a fanatic Uranus-Pluto square is in force; Pluto-Chiron midpoint (plutocracy of oppression; disenfranchisement; primal violence; fascism; communism; militarism; totalitarianism; nationalism; racism; propagandism, etc) @ 22Gem42 conjoins the karmic 12th cusp of the 1933 eclipse (in Berlin) and also conjoins US natal Mars (military and police forces; you decide its levels of meaning since upheavals were occurring in the US as well....then as now.)

There is much more to be said of this chart and this topic, both astrologically and politically, but as usual my blogging time grows brief. So I will ask for your opinions on the matter (by Comment) and will close with discussion of the two interlaced YODs in the eclipse horoscope shown here, highlighted on the chart in orange.

Base Jupiter sextile Pluto points toward apex Venus in Aquarius which forms a mdpt picture: Jup-Plu = Venus: creative power; willingness to impress others; love of humanity; directing large enterprises that involve evaluations.

Apex Venus in a YOD formation indicates those who are out-of-touch with prevailing social values; in similar fashion to Venus Rx, relationships are viewed from a different or odd perspective with Venus's traits of jealousy, envy, and revenge directing; a sense of equality is lacking; people are driven to direct energies upon collective values; partnerships take on new meanings within encompassing social goals; refinement of skills activate bwo the YOD at a turning point or crossroads, and the welfare of the masses is affected adversely or beneficially; constant efforts toward inner adjustments and reorganization enable individuals to establish a 'new security'; the stimulation of the YOD in 1933 as highlighted by the February Solar Eclipse (a spot of stored up energy) describes adjustments in social conditions and legal affairs. The murkiness of Pisces provides a temporary mask for the era's fascists to hide behind.

Base Venus sextile Uranus points toward apex Jupiter in Virgo, part of and influenced by his compadres in the Marseillaise Trio; the mdpt picture formed is: Venus-Uranus = Jupiter: a birthing; a fortunate acceptance of new or peculiar ideas in finance, relationships, or art; innovations.

And of course, in Politics and Business, the Venus-Uranus pair describes a rising and falling treasury, a strange appreciation for financial planning, ruling bodies unable to cope with sudden infusions or lacks of financial resources; leaders with unpredictable vanity.

And Jupiter-Pluto indicates pacts with foreigners on the use of force or weapons; growth of security and spy agencies; greater powers for religious or political leaders; extreme depletion of resources; self-destructive forces stem from official corruption and moral laxity within society; tremendously potent natural disasters; criminal elements exercising great social influence; destruction of legal documents.

Well, many of the conditions of 1933 sound all too familiar in 2011, don't they?

And hopefully this dreary post concerning the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse horoscope of 1933 gives us a peek into a history that's all too closely stalking us in 2011. One of the most important things to remember (to my Flower Power pacifist way of thinking) is that social uprisings, upheavals, and protests that resort to violence stoop to the level of fascist de-humanization tactics and it's only a non-violent path that can lead to moral high ground and success for the sake of all humanity.

Yes, harder times are coming and our development of a collective communal sense of responsibility for our fellow man will play a key role in navigating the challenges ahead for it's a make-or-break situation for America and the entire world as a spirit of Fascism attempts to take over our lives once again.


Sources: midpoint pictures, Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey; YOD info from Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; Venus-Uranus and Jupiter-Pluto info from Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Chart details not given above: FDR born Jan 30, 1882 8:15 pm LMT Hyde Park, NY (astrodatabank; Adolf Hitler born Apr 20, 1889 6:30 pm Braunau am Inn, Austria, from baptismal records; Solar Eclipse 5Pis29 falls in FDR's natal 6th house, in Hitler's natal 4th house, and in the 1st house (Self; Physical Body) of President Barack Obama, born Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, HI, courtesy of a much-touted and oft-contested B.C.

The Sabian Symbol for '6Pis' = "Officers On Dress Parade" = DISCIPLINE...

positive expression: schooled self-assurance and absolute responsibility;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: unimaginative exercise of special privilege.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Though Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac adds no word picture to '6Pis', it mentions that the degree relates to those who crave and hoard money which is amassed "by a reckless personal ambition aiming at only his own success" - a commanding figure with a "career of arms" and the "combative or downright aggressive" nature of a "successful soldier."

Or not, as the case may be, if ambitions outstrip careful preparations.

*Since the glop we're now in seemingly demands the further dunning of those who have little (according to political austerity fanatics) while the elite ruling class continues to hide what it gained by looting public treasuries and ripping off consumers, I fail to see how social conditions can improve to a more equal level unless and until the embezzlers, fraudsters, banksters, and political classes are held legally accountable and prosecuted for their thefts and wantoness against mankind. And that's with honest judges presiding though we have fewer of them than we had before Bush-Cheney. jc


bacalove said...

I believe Social Conditions can improve when people begin to realize as they are doing now that we have power; that we are all inter-connected; that it is better to love than to hate; that it is better to live with optimism than with fear. Divided we fall; together we can achieve. That peace is better than war; that we our are brothers' keeper and that we are children of the One God, therefore making us brothers and sisters, litterally. We are called upon to love, to nuture and to give. And most of all, I believe, to honor God. We do not honor God when we hate and seek revenge. After all, justice is mine sayeth the Lord...

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. Is there a sign for another Hitler showing up?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, yes. Scary, yes. For some time, I've worried about a revolution in the US because the results are usually disastrous for the majority of people. Despite its obvious flaws, I prefer the US revolution in the 18th century to the French or the Russian. The French and Russian were more terrifically violent civil wars - there was no obvious colonizer. Clearly, the Gandhi way is the only way, but it's difficult to keep one's temper from insulting the other side. As for violence, no thank you.

One remarkable thing is how these protests are happening all over the world in one form or another. May God bless us all. May we keep to those precepts that Gandhi and MLK taught and practiced.

I'd ask how long this lasts but I'm afraid of the answer. Still....

Remarkable work. Thank you.

Jude Cowell said...

bacalove, agreed!

Anonymous, allowing fascism to take over again will attract a dictator or two, possibly of Hitler's scope or temperament. The nwo types are infiltrated into every institution (educa, mil, gov, church, etc.) If a despot shows up, he'll go bonkers too from power-madness, from something like syphilis, or maybe by asassination.

We can only hope such a totalitarian rise to power is nipped in the bud - if so, it will be because peo are more Aware. These radicals don't care for civilization & want to remain at the top of the catpile...chaos-creators (Pluto/Chiron cabals colluding w Uranus/Chiron political, scientific, & tech groups.) Like BHO's dinner meeting recently w America's prime techies. Thnx for commenting! jc

Anonymous #2: Thank you. Agree w you incl. on the Am Revolution. I've never wrapped my noggin around Jefferson idolizing & applauding the FR Rev wh to me seemed to idealize & promote terror much more than freedom. (I'd like some freedom from the guillotine, please.")

But such were the very prevalent 'reasonable' 'illuminations' of his day & he & the others have been mythologized beyond our recognition now.

The Russian Revolution 1905, a sad yet fascinating era which is part of the US Sec Jupiter Rx Station article I wrote for Julie Demboski's Eclipse E-zine Fall 2010 issue (now comes in Newsletter form, by subscription) -> 1905 was an intriguing year in the US too & our Progressives were on the move, & A. Einstein was really cookin'.

I hope to re-publish my article m'self ('American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun') this summer but am not certain where. Besides, who knows what will occur by the June 1 & July 1 Solar Eclipses in Gem and Can? jc

Alemannus said...

"The natal chart of Germany (Jan 1, 1871 00:00 am LMT Berlin; historical record) has idealistic, eroding Neptune in Aries (19:01; degree of the Sun's exaltation) so 1933's Uranus, planet of disruption, upheaval, and innovation, electrified Germany's national Neptune (the masses; mass movements; media; fraud and deceit) which brought sudden events affecting the Collective while destroying society's comforts (austerity measures; theft of national resources) and diverting its dreams of the future into militaristic channels and chaos-inducing endeavors."

All very true, Jude. But most people are unaware that beforehand, the international Jewish/Zionist leaders declared war on Germany in 1933, hoping to economically destabilize and thus ruin Germany. Calls went out via newspapers for Jews everywhere to conduct economic war on the Germans, thus provoking a defensive response from Germany, which then exploded into the flames we saw in WWII.

I'm simplifying greatly here, but Zionist bankers were destroying the German people's economic security through banking manipulations, then, much as they are doing today. Past is prologue. I am becoming more convinced that evil walks this world wearing a suit, tie, and a gold watch.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I was thinking of the first victory of the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution. A quick look at Wikipedia shows a process from 1905 through the final victory of the Bolsheviki in 1917. But then there was the last part between 1918 and 1922. And we know who came out on top - Stalin.

Also interesting is the term "communist" and how that has become such a bogeyman word. Were the totalitarians around Stalin communists? Was Stalin, for that matter. Is North Korea today a communist nation? Or is it a totalitarioan absolute monarchy with its third dynastic king identified now? Does the term communist mean anything anymore? Weren't the first Christians communists? The Quakers? The Shakers? Cut below the bogeyman word and don't we get to the heart of the pathology which is something so inherently evil and opposed to "love thy neighbor" as the cost to aggrandizing oneself, and whatever it takes to keep oneself at, as you say, the top of the cat pile?

Keep or address this bit of musing or not as you wish. These are just questions that have burbling up in my mind for awhile. This is your marvelous blog, not mine. If you find this just wastes space, ignore or delete. Just some musings of mine about the misuse of words and epithets to keep us all under control and toeing the master's line.

Be well, Jude.

new world order said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2 and 3 (same person) in answer to alemannus: Hitler published Mein Kampf in 1925 and 1926 and his main thesis was "the international Jewish peril", i.e. an alleged international Jewish conspiracy to gain world leadership.

As a Christian,I am fairly sick of hearing Jews being eternally blamed, the default scapegoat, for everything bad that happens. While I disagree fervently with Israel's policy for the last 20 years or so vis-a-vis settlements, I will not stand silent to hear the Jews vilified as history's eternal villains.

Allemanus said...

Then the Jews need to get control of their extremists, anon the last. Same as the Christians and the Muslims. Control your extremists, all of you, for they are how the rest of you are judged by outsiders.

For my part, I'm fairly sick of Germans being portrayed as Nazis and will not stand by as they are demonized by those who will not read their history!

Anon and Ever said...

Fascism is generated in the situation when middle classes are fearful and impoverished... Today!

But it is a **false** response that finally falls and lead a nation into troubles.

Today it is more forms of populism that lead, we see the wicked alliance of the great money amount with populism, like in Italy, and we see Usa going in this terrible situation, Donald Trump plus Tea Party = more-or-less Berlusconi plus the Lega.

They have led Italy on The Edge of disaster. What we are seeing is that even Usa are nearer the default and the very fact of those blind forces evokes into the social arena is that they are **incapable** of fuinding a solutioon or an intelligent compromise.

Basically for they arrived at power by means of cries and high loud voice and hysteria.

This lead us to the point that today few like to hear: Any form of fascism is doomed to failure due to its weak too weak bases and basic rigidity of positions. They simply cannot change.

But situations change in each moment and we have to dialectically follow them...

On the other side, the weak leftism always opened the door to forms of fascism or populism, to use the present term...

Populism of today is the mere follower of fascism in other dresses...