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Feb 2, 2011

Gipper Worship Alert: 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth 2.6.11

Gipper Much?

by Jude Cowell

The Reagan Ruins by Robert Borosage gives a much clearer picture of 'the Gipper' than you'll find by hanging about with conservatives (formerly known as 'compassionate conservatives' but these days, their true personalities are showing) or by watching FOX News.

In August 2009, I published an image of Reagan's first Inauguration horoscope with details, if you're game. The post also contains links to Reagan's First Inaugural Address and to Astrology-based Reagan articles such as the 'Reaganomics Eclipse' and his signing of the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which occurred during the Gipper's own reward-filled Jupiter Return to its natal sign of big-business-loving Scorpio!

This Act, a deregulating nightmare (for the rest of us) which Ronald Reagan was so eager to sign, is what inspired his famous "I think we hit the jackpot" quote which was kind of a presidential open-mouth-insert-foot moment of rare truth telling, as we've become glaringly aware of since Financial Collapse 2008.

Score One for the Gipper indeed. And scr*w America, while you're at it.

So we must get ready for more Reagan worship and adulation with seemingly endless, groveling lists of his angelic merits because it's going to be a Reaganesque Weekend Supreme.

Even President Obama is said to have jumped on the Reagan bandwagon (see video below) yet The Atlantic has published an excellent Obama-Reagan comparison that points out the Ideologue v Pragmatist dilemma which presidential campaigners face when they win the White House and have to actually govern rather than simply orating.

Of course, both Reagan and Obama are known for their uplifting oratorical skills of bubbly, grand-spirited Jupiter-Neptune proportions. Trouble is, bubbles tend to be filled with ethereal air or gas, not substance we can write home about.

Plus, in this Reagan Season, Yahoo! has encouraged Americans to compare their situations under the Reagan administration with current conditions during the presidency of Barack Obama circa 2011.

And here President Obama explains his admiration for Ronald Reagan:

Well, we must be patient in our giggly excitement, for there are three more days until the numinous date 'February 6, 2011' dawns in America.

Had enough Gippering yet?

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