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Jun 28, 2018

Will Trump Tariffs Tank Our Blimp of State? Ask Putin

July 10, 2018: The US Economy and a Timely Cosmic Alert via Jupiter in Scorpio

by Jude Cowell

As previously discussed, and with a tri-wheel of return horoscopes shown, Ronald Reagan is in process of posthumously enjoying another Jupiter Return, part of what everyone born on Earth enjoys--the Jupiter Reward Cycle which occurs approximately every 11.6 years. With his natal Jupiter in Big Money Scorpio (@13:44), Mr. Reagan in his day was intensely interested in gaining control, garnering money, and hitting the jackpot as he declared upon signing the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 which economist Paul Krugman, in his NYT op-ed of May 31, 2009, himself declared, "--turned the modest-sized troubles of savings-and-loan institutions into an utter catastrophe." And the tremendously lucrative Reagan "jackpot" paid off years later as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. You remember how Wall Street was bailed out by taxpayers--but not Main Street where the 99% stroll...and show up for work.

So here's a re-publish of the tri-wheel of Reagan's current yet posthumous Jupiter Return/s in case you don't care to follow the link provided above or read details:

So in 2018 we have 'Republican' Donald Trump shakily steering the Blimp of State and the Trump Tariffs are promising and/or actually triggering bilious reflux in markets, on Capitol Hill, and locally as US workers and their families are already 'paying the price' for Trump's grandstanding over this particular campaign promise which drags job losses and trade wars in its wake. Some of our national politicians are dreading 2018 Midterms with the Republican Party hijacked as the 'Trump Party' and we know it's all or nothing with cultish Donald who refuses to take prisoners.

And yet today, as HuffPost reports, a Progressive Democrat Bails Out Trump on Tariffs--that's Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. He has his reasons--or thinks he does, and good as they may be, this fail makes the US Senate look more toothless against Trump than before.

Now a reason to bring up all this now, besides the fact that we're mired within Reagan's current three-fer Jupiter Return/s (perfecting on December 14, 2017, June 24, 2018 Rx (just past), and next on July 26, 2018, as you see in the horoscopes above) is that transit Jupiter Stations and turns Direct on July 10, 2018--@13Sco20. Basically, this Station conjoins (and strengthens) Reagan's natal Jupiter degree and, consulting our Great Cosmic Clock, we find that the 2018 Jupiter Station occurs between Reagan's second and third exact Return upon his natal Jupiter.

It's as if The Gipper's (greedy) Jupiter has come again under tutelage of (gilted) Donald Trump. As if US workers needed that or will be supported by it. As if.

Yet the degree's symbol should also be considered here and I suspect that anyone reading this post has access to at least one version of the Sabian Symbols but fewer may have a copy of The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli. And it just so happens that Carelli gives a curious symbol (word picture) for '13Scorpio' (he champions the actual degree, not the rounded-up degree). Which is:

"A lonely stronghold on a high mountain top, a veritable eagle's nest. The place is fortified by nature itself rather than by man's hand. It is the key-point of the region, and its possession grants sway over the neighboring states."

This symbol describes one who has been earmarked by fate "to occupy an eminent, independent position and to hold sway over others, owing to his inborn inexhaustible force. To obey him is a matter of course, nearly of necessity.

An untiring, hard worker, he is fully confident in himself, and his firmness of purpose borders on stubbornness. Laconic, or even silent, he can scan and pierce everything around himself at a glance without betraying any of his feelings. Close but long-sighted, strong but on his defensive, cunning yet intelligent, he has fortune on his side and all the good and evil needed to assert oneself and achieve success, his main asset being an iron will, unshakeable and undaunted; his main defect, a selfish, despotic, scheming ambition.

When other aspects point to a liking for the career of arms, this degree will bestow the gift of strategy."

Carelli then cites '13Scorpio' as the degree of Napoleon Bonaparte's Ascendant although either one of us may be able to think of one or more modern day despots which this symbol could also describe, if not the seemingly mild Mr. Reagan. So is the 'stronghold' Washington DC? Perhaps, but first I must wonder--exactly where in Helsinki, Finland will Trump and Putin rendezvous on July 16, 2018? Perhaps in a naturally fortified strong-hold, secluded on a mountain top? Wouldn't that be so-o-o romantic!

In closing, here's an excerpt from a December 2, 2017 post published to 'honor' the passage of the Republican Tax Cut Bill, the massive give-away to Corporate America--yet another "jackpot" for the wealthy stolen at our expense:

Money-Bags Jupiter in Big Business Scorpio, Sign of Betrayal

Transit Jupiter, planet of bankers, donors, financiers, politicians, military generals, and preachers is in 2nd house of Money and Values @11Sco19 and approaches the upcoming Jupiter Return of Ronald Reagan under whose watch the last major overhaul of US taxes took place. The first of three conjunctions of transit Jupiter to Reagan's natal Jupiter position occurs December 14, 2017 with its 'tax cuts for corporations stimulates job growth' fallacy now being re-used by Capitol Hill Republicans in spite of the fact that corporate tax cuts do not inspire corporations to re-invest in US workers and the economy. Having been burned before, this time a majority of Americans are not buying into the tiresome GOP-touted job-creation fallacy that Reagan lifted from Hoover times of the 1920s. And here we go crashing again.

A curious one may wish to read the rest...

While Trump behaves just like Putin would do, the current version of 'Trickle Down Economics' fails us once again as the wealthy class intends. Can you feel it as The Tower Solar Eclipse approaches which also happens to be the Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) of November's 2018 Midterms? Though cracks show now, it may take a while, so care to pre-guess whose tower will collapse into rubble?

Oct 13, 2017

Horoscopes: Reagan's Jupiter Return/s (2017-2018)

Here is a tri-wheel of the current Jupiter Return/s of former president Ronald Reagan whose natal Jupiter @13Sco44 rises in the first Return chart (ASC 13Sco23) of December 14, 2017 along with the Moon (9Sco50) and chart-ruler Mars @3Sco08. All three charts are set for Washington DC although you may want to reset them for California and study each of them separately.

The middle chart shows Jupiter in retrograde phase while the outer chart, the third of three conjunctions to natal degree, shows an interesting Sabian Symbol for the Return ASC--"28Sag": "An Old Bridge Over a Beautiful Stream" which to me relates to the stream of money that the Reagan era provided the wealthy class via 'trickle down economics', a theory that has been repeatedly shown to benefit only the wealthier classes while decimating the fortunes and budgets of the 99%. The 'stream' didn't 'trickle down' as they promised it would--and never will.

Even though he too benefited from 1980s GOP economic policies, Bush Sr called the theory, "Voo Doo Economics" when it politically suited him. And perhaps you remember that during the 1980 presidential campaign, Mr. Reagan revived the Hooverites' theory of the 1920s that corporate tax cuts create jobs which is part of the GOP's discredited scheme to steal from the less affluent classes and gift greedy billionaires.

Nowadays Mr. Trump and the GOP are attempting to sell the public the same snake oil again so my thought is that if the gullible among the American people during the Trump era once again fall for such fraudulent economic drivel, we will all pay the price because 'the third time' will not be the charm.

Ronald Reagan's Current Jupiter Return/s dates with prior Solar Eclipses (PEs):

1. December 14, 2017: PE @29Leo The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in the 1 North series--as was The Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981

2. June 24, 2018: PE @27AQ the We The People Solar Eclipse in the 1 South series

3. July 26, 2018: PE @20Can, a critical degree conjunct Castor in the 2 Old North series.

For more Eclipse info see Lunar and Solar Eclipses of 2018 with Themes.

Another facet of this topic is economist Paul Krugman's 2009 op-ed on Reagan Signing the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which deregulated the mortgage industry.

Plus, you may also wish to see Millennial Astrologer Analyzes Economic Systems by guest blogger Kevin Estes.

Dec 6, 2014

How the GOP Plans to Rig Congress to Embrace Trickle-Down 'Voodoo Economics' |

If you voted Republican on November 4, 2014 did you expect neocon war hawks to strut into Washington again while GOP congress members exploit a tax cut gimmick to make lowering tax rates for the wealthy look as if they "pay for themselves"? Did you?

Then I regret to tell you that your political judgment is questionable, if you voted at all. Either way, what were you thinking?

January 2015: #VooDooEconomics returns to #Congress with a #vengeance. Wherever they are, #RonaldReagan and #GroverNorquist must be pleased as little gurls.

If you're curious, here's a previous post concerning topics such as the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 and Reagan's revealing, "I think we've hit the jackpot" remark of 1982.

Dec 14, 2012

Jupiter in Gemini and Stalling in Washington DC

Jupiter Still Rx, Fiscal Responsibility Stalls, & Republicans Con

by Jude Cowell

Here's a handy timeline of debt celings and other fiscalities including 2011's Stalemate Theater on Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately for the American people and the US economy, tickets for matinee performances remain available and may be valid into 2013.

Now as you know, moneybags Jupiter, a planet that at times in Mundane Astrology is acted out by the Republican Party, other times by the *Democratic Party, won't turn Direct and willingly dispense his goodies "leaning forward" until January 30, 2013 @6Gem19. Then there's the imperative of the Jolly One's leaving his own shadow, the degree at which he performed a retrograde station during the first week of October 2012 @16Gem22.

Transiting Jupiter will reach shadow degree in late April 2013 though I hope we won't have to wait that long until fiscal cliff issues, debt ceiling stalemates, and other budgetary woes (created by self-interested, corrupted-by-big-money politicians and banksters) are resolved. Plus, will global markets be patient with a purposefully disfunctional US Congress? (By which I mean there are those who are determined to undermine the US government and have been doing a da*ned good job of it for decades.) All this drama in spite of the fact that, like many voters, I think the re-election of President Obama in November ought to make fiscal decisions more clear and with less Republican obstructionism!

Jupiter in Gemini: Have We Teetered on This Cliff Before?

In a flurry of cosmic synchronicity, the usually benefic Jupiter has traversed the Zodiac on a similar fiscal/debt-problems trail in the past with difficult economic consequences as 'he' performed a retrograde station @16Gem24 in early October 1929--and the direct station @6Gem21 occurred on January 31, 1930! Anyone who says that history doesn't repeat has a short memory, don't they?

As in our day, 1929 was a year of social unrest, upheavals, protests, strikes, fanaticism, and starvation for the unheeled, a condition we experience now with a transiting Uranus-Pluto square though Pluto was then in Cancer (now in Capricorn and opposing US natal planets in Cancer) and with radical Uranus zealous in Mars-ruled Aries, as now. (Ebertin says Uranus in Aries = Utopians and the concept of an Ideal Utopia remains at the base of our current problems (see link, below.) Utopians are simply much farther along the path to implementing a totalitarian global government and a 'new economic order' than in 1929/30--and the current GOP gaggle of brash bullies are radical, not conservative.

Then of course, you know that October 29, 1929 brought the Wall Street Crash (link, below) which ushered in the Great Depression and if we think much of Jupiter's similar actions of 1929/30 and 2012/13--along with fanatical Uranus-Pluto square influences--we may become suspicious that the worst economic catastrophes are yet to be revealed.

Is there a less harsh light in which to compare and contrast planetary conditions of 1929/30 and 2012/13? Actually there may be because back then Saturn was strong in its own sign of Capricorn (President Obama's natal Saturn placement) and opposed wealthy string-puller Pluto (Mr. Hades of the Underworld.) As you know, the two were in opposition during the 9/11/01 attacks when cruelty, hardship, and brutality prevailed.

These days, Saturn and Pluto are in a more pleasant sextile (60 degr) yet its influence is not perfectly amiable for we are talking about two karmic planets that can bring loss when they're ready! A Saturn-Pluto sextile (here, from Scorpio to Capricorn) denotes a need to persevere without becoming obsessed or too single-minded, quite an impossibility for ideologue politicians, obsession being their stock in trade. Plus, we must give props to the beginning of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle, their Great Conjunction on November 8, 1982 @27Lib36--during the Reagan era of greed and avarice (see Reagan link, below.)

Another facet of a **Saturn-Pluto sextile, are control issues relating to finances and decision-making which describe the current Obama-Boehner stand-off occurring on the precipice of a manufactured 'fiscal cliff'; some measure of hiding from the public and from one another is also described by the sextile. The hiding is usually done to avoid being taken advantage of though as a populist and common-gooder, I have to say that the American people know way too much about plutonian politicians doing that to us already.

On the level of political loss, fear, also a province of both planets, makes even the taking of prudent actions or risks difficult but let's hope that the beneficial opportunity indicated by the sextile results in the president and house majority leader coming to a partial if not full resolution over these dire economic matters before, or perhaps after, the end of 2012.

Now if only they could find and cooperatively use the services of a mediator they both could trust to negotiate the deal! Wonder if Bo the White House Pooch has a spot open on his December calendar?


A must-read, if you haven't, concerning alternating 'R v D Jupiterianism' is Thom Hartmann's excellent article, Two Santa Clauses or How the Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years.

**You may wish to consult Alan Epstein's book Understanding Aspects: The Sextile for more information.

Related reading: 12.12.12 Robert Reich's Why Is Washington Obsessing About the Deficit and Not Jobs and Wages? (see? Saturn-Pluto = obsessing); Black Tuesday Oct 29, 1929 (horoscope shown); Rosicrucian Utopia; 'Fiscal Cliff' and the December 28, 2012 Full Moon; horoscope shown of Reagan Signs the Garn-St-Germain Act and says they "hit the jackpot!"

May 14, 2012

Financial Astrology reveals risk-taker Jamie Dimon

"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do," confided old J. P. Morgan

by Jude Cowell

Well, apparently some financial titans don't use Astrology (or even pay someone who does)--or, they collapse financial conditions according to a schedule due to an over-arching 'Great Plan' long set in motion so that chaos will result and a Global Economic Order of Orwellian proportions can be set up, they think. Yes, thanks to The Great Cosmic Clock that is our Solar System, Astrology helps anti-social miscreants time their actions (bubbles, busts, take-overs, etc) in positive or negative fashion. Motives count!

In a Wall Street Weather article linked below, you'll find among other things, mention of the London trader ('The London Whale') who set JPMC's massive loss in motion by trading murky derivatives of sorry merit and the result is causing many to call for the return of Glass-Steagall provisions. But why in London?

Well, in previous posts on this blog, perhaps you've read of the City of London (a financial area which, like the Vatican, is a legal territory unto itself) acting as director of the government of the United States of America. An astro-indicator I have long used for this crazy notion is America's out-of-bounds Pluto 27Cap33 Rx (in our natal 2nd House of Money and Values) showing wealthy plutonians of power existing abroad in the old country--Capricorn--and pulling secretive strings in the US to which our politicians and Fed bankers have danced, and continue to dance. (Ex: trillions of our bailout monies circa 2008/09 were sent by the US Fed to entities and banks abroad--yet now the EU is all 'broke' and everything--except for Germany, it seems. Wonder where the trillions went? Did European monarchs scarf it up? Not satisfied, the power elite now austerely suck up the pension funds and more from the people of Europe as a global heist proceeds.)

Pluto v US Mercury Rx and Cornwallis the Surrendered

US natal Pluto (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) opposes US natal Mercury Rx '25 Cancer' with its telling Sabian Symbol: "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" (wording from my SolarFire software) which resonates with Pluto and his sneaky Helmet of Invisibility--and in the real world of 1776, to whoever was haunting about Philadelphia and influencing the set-up of America (Adam Weishaupt is my best guess along with his old-world backers of the 'Great Plan' both contemporary and long-passed.)The Cornwallis Surrender horoscope is linked just below for your consideration--and the time is accurate, thanks to General Washington!

And of course, you know of our national Mercury/Pluto opposition and its tendencies toward surveilllance, spying, keeping secrets, spreading propaganda, and information gathering and data collection to which we are now subject as major technological advances spur on Government Spies (NSA) to keep tabs on our every move and all personal banking activities of The Masses.

Cornwallis Surrendered--or, They Just Stopped Fighting the Revolution

In a minor form, these issues were in the back of my mind as I wrote on General George Washington, Freemason and astrologer, electing the precise time and date for Cornwallis' Surrender (see chart link just below); I hope to return to the study of that very interesting horoscope at some point especially since it is perfectly timed by a top Freemason of his day, George Washington, who soon went on to become our first US president.

Wall Street Weather: stormy

So far the most insightful article online concerning last week's revelation and mea culpa from JP Morgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon (of "tempest in a teapot" fame) is found on the excellent Wall Street Weather site and I hope you'll check it out if you haven't, for one doesn't have to speak 'astrologese' to appreciate WSW's info-packed article.

I Knew It Was You, Reagan!

It's impossible for me to discuss US financial issues gone wrong without mentioning Mr. Reagan and his 1%-loving influence whilst playing president so if you wish, view a horoscope with brief notes concerning the July 30, 1981 Reganomics Eclipse @ 7Leo51 which conjoins George W. Bush's natal Ascendant (degree = "A Bolshevik Propagandist.") Also see: Reagan Signs Garn-St. Germain Act October 15, 1982, a real 'October Surprise' for the American people's financial prospects, as we now know, if we didn't before.

So the 1981 Solar Eclipse got the Decade of Greed (1980s) off to a rousing start and falls within the same Saros Series as The Mother of All Eclipses (1 North) as predicted by Nostradamus (aka, the 'King of Alarm' or 'Terror' eclipse--hello, 9/11) which last manifested on August 11, 1999 and thereby got the 21st Century off to a rousing start as well. Soon came the attacks on the World Trade Center with 9/11/01's Venus @ '19Leo' triggering the 1N eclipse of August 1999--the negative potential for '19Leo' is:

"thoughtless self-indulgence and contempt for the general welfare."

Hmmm...sounds to this common-gooder like some Wall Street CEOs, banksters, traders, monarchists, zealots, and politicians we can all name!

Jul 27, 2011

Truman And Eisenhower paid down US debt (video)

Here's progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann explaining how a Democratic and a Republican president--Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower--handled US debt during their terms...they paid it down and grew the US economy simultaneously.

Nowadays you'd think such a practical feat involves rocket science, wouldn't you?

My favorite part is Harry Truman in 1948 calling out the Republican Party as the party of "special interests" and--that's what they'll always be!

Given what's transpiring in Washington this year ad nauseum under the tattered guise of "governing" and considering the financial consequences of their political games and over-arching agenda to 'make Obama a one-term president" (no matter who gets hurt in the process), the GOP now demonstrates just how correct Give 'Em Hell Harry was when it came to understanding the essential nature of the Republican Party.

So when Mundane Astrology tells us that the GOP is signified by rich man Jupiter, with the Democratic Party as sober Saturn (with Dems being the older of the two parties), we might remember Mr. Truman telling us like it is about the party of the Jupiter mantra which insists on dialing things in and suddenly becoming fiscally 'responsible'--but only when there's a Democrat in the White House.

Transparency in Washington!

Oh yeah, and Thom tosses in cut-taxes-on-rich, raise-taxes-on-working class cuss and a half Ronald Reagan who signed the deregulating Garn-St. Germain Act on October 15, 1982 and pronounced with Jupiterian glee that, "All in all, I think we hit the jackpot!"


They did.

And they still do.


More reading: I knew it was You, Reagan.

The positive reinforcement of Emile Coue's Jupiter mantra.

Feb 7, 2011

A Liberal caller makes Rush sputter over Reagan (audio)

So seldom does conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh find his oft-touted "Ronaldo Magnus" script successfully interrupted by facts that I simply had to add this audio of his show from February 4, 2011 so that I may easily access it at any time for a replay. A self-described liberal, Mike Stark, calls in and leaves El Rusho on the verge of speechlessness with a simple question though Limbaugh manages to recover his poise albeit feebly (and...fade out.)

This clip was sassily snagged from a post at Crooks and Liars which makes some interesting points of its own about the presidency of Ronald Reagan but you can find Stark's original post with the same audio and a transcript of his call at Stark Reports.

Rush's confused sputtering is complimentary!

So today I'm sending happy kudos to the excellent Mike Stark because, after all, I always *knew it was You, Reagan. And then on Feb 2nd I helpfully posted here a Gipper Worship Alert for the unwary.

Yes, conservatives go on idolizing what really was only an imperfect man who put his pants on one leg at a time while they work so very very hard to fit him into their current political standards of what a conservative ought to be, circa 2011.


*Post contains an image of the horoscope-with-details of President Reagan's signing of the deregulatory Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982, a link to the celebratory speech he made that day (which I consider his "jackpot speech"), and other pertinent links and info. And if you're still expecting a trickle down jackpot...sucka!

Feb 2, 2011

Gipper Worship Alert: 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth 2.6.11

Gipper Much?

by Jude Cowell

The Reagan Ruins by Robert Borosage gives a much clearer picture of 'the Gipper' than you'll find by hanging about with conservatives (formerly known as 'compassionate conservatives' but these days, their true personalities are showing) or by watching FOX News.

In August 2009, I published an image of Reagan's first Inauguration horoscope with details, if you're game. The post also contains links to Reagan's First Inaugural Address and to Astrology-based Reagan articles such as the 'Reaganomics Eclipse' and his signing of the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which occurred during the Gipper's own reward-filled Jupiter Return to its natal sign of big-business-loving Scorpio!

This Act, a deregulating nightmare (for the rest of us) which Ronald Reagan was so eager to sign, is what inspired his famous "I think we hit the jackpot" quote which was kind of a presidential open-mouth-insert-foot moment of rare truth telling, as we've become glaringly aware of since Financial Collapse 2008.

Score One for the Gipper indeed. And scr*w America, while you're at it.

So we must get ready for more Reagan worship and adulation with seemingly endless, groveling lists of his angelic merits because it's going to be a Reaganesque Weekend Supreme.

Even President Obama is said to have jumped on the Reagan bandwagon (see video below) yet The Atlantic has published an excellent Obama-Reagan comparison that points out the Ideologue v Pragmatist dilemma which presidential campaigners face when they win the White House and have to actually govern rather than simply orating.

Of course, both Reagan and Obama are known for their uplifting oratorical skills of bubbly, grand-spirited Jupiter-Neptune proportions. Trouble is, bubbles tend to be filled with ethereal air or gas, not substance we can write home about.

Plus, in this Reagan Season, Yahoo! has encouraged Americans to compare their situations under the Reagan administration with current conditions during the presidency of Barack Obama circa 2011.

And here President Obama explains his admiration for Ronald Reagan:

Well, we must be patient in our giggly excitement, for there are three more days until the numinous date 'February 6, 2011' dawns in America.

Had enough Gippering yet?

Jun 30, 2009

Will financial collapse be probed? I knew it was You, Reagan

The Washington Independent is asking Who Will investigate the Causes of the Financial Crisis? and apparently Congress is mulling over setting up a congressional committee to investigate after all.

But the list of possible names for the panel has a few huge clunkers on the Republican side in particular, most notably former senator from Utah Jake Garn, the same financial deregulator who sponsored the Garn-St. Germain Act signed by Reagan in 1982.

This would be the act that allowed Savings & Loan Associations to run amok with speculations that led directly to the S&L collapse (from which a certain member of the Bush dynasty had to be rescued by Poppy and the American people.)

The S&L crisis was then used as justification to author the easily passed Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act which Paul Krugman cites (op-ed linked below) as putting responsibility for the current financial collapse squarely on the shoulders of President Ronald Reagan (where so much of it belongs, I agree.)

Who can forget former VP Cheney's defense of the Bush administration's and the GOP's drunken-sailor spending by saying that "Reagan proved deficits don't matter"? You'd have to go a long way to find a larger crock than that. Actually just go to Cheney's VP desk and the early Iraq war plans ("what we need is a new Pearl Harbor"), and Cheney's monkeying around with the US air defense system on the morning of 9/11/01...well, okay, you'd have a hard time choosing from the scam and crime lists of certain political cusses on 'both sides of the aisle,' as they love to say.

Yes, Paul Krugman's recent op-ed tells of Ronald Reagan's signing the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which opened the door to the deregulation of the mortgage industry and cordially invited in the frauds of today.

Here is the horoscope with a few details on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 in case you haven't seen it (Sun/Moon conjunct George W. Bush's natal Ascendant!) The post was written before I found info on the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act and before I realized the significance of its passage which leads directly to today's heist. (Thanks, Alex!)

And check out the text of President Reagan's jolly remarks at the Garn-St. Germain Act's signing ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on Oct 15, 1982 - 11:03 am, as you'll see here.

"All in all, I think we hit the jackpot," beamed Reagan, as noted by Paul Krugman in his op-ed linked above.

And I'm certain Reagan felt that way since the signing of the act occurred so near Mr. Reagan's Jupiter Return of Oct 11, 1982! The signing ceremony was held 4 days later on Oct 15, 1982 with Reagan's remarks (as noted in the text linked above) delivered at 11:03 am edt, White House, DC.

You have to love it when the actual time appears on a speech's text!

Now this was during a Saturn Hour, with an unaspected Jupiter conjunct 12th cusp (a karmic spot in a chart if there ever was one - we're paying heavy debts now and into the future thanks to these past sorry actions of Reagan & pals; plus, Reagan was born with Jupiter conjunct South Node, an unconscious point in any chart, see *Jup conj SN details below) moneybags Jupiter (the Guru) had returned in 1982 to the zodiacal position held at Reagan's Feb 6, 1911 birth!

Sometimes Astrology can be so amazing especially when Big Events are occurring and the archetypes are acting right under our studious noses.

And, of course, you know that in Mundane Astrology (Political Astrology; Astro-Politics), Jupiter represents the Republican Party, Saturn the Democrats - which actually makes the Dems more traditional and conservative, with the Rs as the radicals with big money burning holes in their pockets if it's taxpayer money, but lining deep pockets when its theirs to pilfer. And with the Democratic Party being the older of the two, Saturn fits them on that level, too.

So what does it mean that the signing-ceremony chart's Jupiter is unaspected?

(Chart is viewable at the end of this post.)

That Mr. Jupiter is acting as a law unto himself (and Reagan was acting on an unconscious level through his SN - unless Astrology had informed him - unconscious preoccupations are the hardest to transcend, as you know.)

So Jupiter isn't playing with the other actors (planets) in the scheme, a condition which emphasizes Jupiter's meaning by sign and house placement, and in this case, by the fact that this is Reagan's Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of Big Business and Wheeler-Dealing. Scorpio's natural house is the 8th of Credit, Debt, Insurance, Shared Resources, Transformation, the Occult, etc.

Jupiter in Scorpio indicates ruthless (Sco) striving for possessions and wealth (Jup), possible recklessness as bounds are over-stepped (Jup), and a tendency to delve into secret matters including the occult. Reagan's secret dealings with Iran come to mind as he orchestrated the delay of US hostages' release in Tehran and thus undermined the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Scorpio is also linked to betrayals, spying, and the Eagle of the US as it soars and surveys the world (from space, as it turns out. Naughty naughty Google Earth, too.)

Concerning the Reagans' known use of Astrology, perhaps the whole process of the finance-based bill's mark up, passage, and signing were timed with RR's Jupiter Return since this is usually an auspicious time of reward. By Reagan's "jackpot" comment mentioned above, he obviously was aware of what he was doing on a financial level, imo, and welcomed its promised abundance with which Politics had supplied him before (Jup conj SN.)

A Scorpionic Jupiter expands the will and one's sense of pride, while giving much subtlety to the personality. You've probably read through the years comments from those who knew him that they never really felt they "knew" him well - that even Mrs. Reagan couldn't enter all his self-absorbed ponderings. This self-absorption is part of Jupiter in Scorpio, often a moody and brooding sign.

At the North end of Reagan's natal Nodal Axis of Destiny is natal Moon 13Tau43, indicating that he was a hit with the American people for the most part (Moon conjunct US Inaugural Ascendant 13Tau+); or at least his reflection on the public image screen was pleasingly dazzling (including his film career.)

What we couldn't see as well was his ideologue Jupiter sitting on the tail of the dragon (SN) while making these important, far-reaching transformations to our financial system (Sco.)

Perhaps that's why the current financial collapse, a natural outcome of Reagan's signing of the Garn-St. Germain Act 1982, feels as if we're attempting to hang on to the tail of a dragon. The fire is burning the people - Moon - at the Northern end (NN = future direction), but the past (SN) has caught up and is knocking us over with the disastrous swish of a Jupiterian politician's tail!


*Jupiter conjunct SN: social and ethical objectives clash with prevailing social customs creating conflicts of interest; delays and difficulties are experienced in relation to, or encountered in, foreign lands (delaying the resolution of the US hostage crisis and its October Surprise, plus, Iran-Contra and arms planes being shot down with a survivor who pointed directly at the White House - a big oops for The Gipper!) (Jup/SN: The Astrologer's Handbook, Sakoian and Acker.)

More financial and political stars upcoming:

Soon to be of note financially, politically, in business, and law enforcement matters (Capricorn) is the July 7 Lunar Eclipse which will affect US natal Sun 13Can19 (the leader) so keep an eye on our president since Lunar Eclipses tend to reveal hidden things that must now be dealt with - and I rather doubt this indicates only a butt smoked behind a bush in the Rose Garden.

Also: if you click to enlarge the Garn-St. Germain chart just below, you'll see that in the 8th house is the Solar Eclipse which manifested before the act's signing, from its Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, the 2 New North. If you read Brady's Predictive Astrology, you find that this Series' flavor is that of the #16 card in the Tarot deck known as 'The Tower' - when we experience a sudden collapse of lifestyles, confusion reigns; transformation and rebuilding after the dust settles; this reshaping has far-reaching effects and will change peoples' directions in life through the sudden collapse of existing structures.

Well, that certainly describes what's been going on currently especially if you consider the Garn-St. Germain Act to be the grand-pappy of 2008/09's econo-collapse.

And worrisomely, the difficult Solar Eclipse of July 21/22, 2009 is related by its occurrence at '29Can' which may trigger the sensitized degree of the July 20, 1982 Eclipse at '28Can' (2 New North) - both opposing US natal Pluto (27Cap) and progressed Pluto (29Cap.)

The July 2009 Solar Eclipse indicates systems failures and old methods/ideas suddenly need to be replaced by new ones; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed. So the 1982 and 2009 Eclipses are linked by degree, not Series.

Well, I really wish, lone reader, that I could be more positive about this stuff, but the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of August 2008 brought bad financial news and events that I didn't want to discuss either, yet I would've been remiss not to do it anyway, mostly at Jude's Threshold (see sidebar of Pages.)

So there's little else to say now except, hang on tight - this too shall pass! jc

Oct 15, 1982, 11:03 am edt, White House; highlighted in red is a YOD pattern of 'adjustment, crisis, and/or a special task' pointing to Chiron Rx in Tauru$, sign of the architect and builder, and in 6th house of Work, Health, and Service.

Enlarge chart to see the planets in sextile that are pointing to Chiron; Reagan's natal placements are highlighted in blue around the chart; some US natal placements are noted as well; signing of the bill occurred with the Sun conjunct Reagan's natal Midheaven (Mc) 21Lib16; US natal Neptune in Virgo is at Midheaven at 11:03 am edt - deception, including self-deception.

The Mc/Ic axis of this chart is where the current stand-off (opposition) between Saturn and Uranus has fought for control and the old ways (Saturn) vs radical progress (Uranus) and is affecting career/public standing (Mc) and home/security/real estate matters (Ic) by way of the Garn-St. Germain Act.

In lower right corner is written the midpoint picture formed between the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (Nov 2, 1981), triggered at the act's signing Oct 15, 1982 by transiting Saturn 24Lib46 which gives...

Jupiter/Pluto = Saturn: adjusting the big picture to meet more with convention; difficulties; separations.

The Jupiter/Pluto cycle we're embroiled in now (Jup/Plu = plutocrats; people who tackle big projects; exploitation of the masses; wastefulness; squanderers and speculators; law and economics professors, etc - Ebertin) began in December 2007 when America's economic weaknesses began to show in the housing sector as the recession started, and the Fed announced an interest rate cut only a few minutes before Jupiter and Pluto met and conferred over drinks to discuss their very ambitious political and financial aims.

Jun 10, 2009

US financial crisis? I knew it was You, Reagan

Paul Krugman's opd-ed of May 31, 2009 tells of Ronald Reagan's signing the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which opened the door wide to the deregulation of the mortgage industry and the crisis, frauds, and heists of today.

Here's the horoscope and a few details on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 in case you haven't seen it. The post was written before I found info on the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act and before I realized the significance of it as it leads directly today's heist. (Thanks, Alex!)

And check out the text of President Reagan's jolly remarks at the Garn-St. Germain Act's signing ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on Oct 15, 1982 - 11:03 am, as you'll see here.

"All in all, I think we hit the jackpot," said Reagan as noted by Paul Krugman in his op-ed linked above.

Spoken like a true ideologue with heister tendencies.