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Jul 21, 2022

Astro-Notes: the very tall Barron Trump

July 22, 2022

Shown above in 2019, Trump son Barron Trump is in the spotlight again due to attending the funeral of his father's mother Ivana Trump (and at 16 now "towers" over his parents and siblings in photographs), so why not a brief reconsideration of Barron's natal planets along with a prominent conjunction to his Pisces Sun?

The conjunction is Sun conjunct fixed star Scheat, a star which often indicates suffering, misfortune, and a potential for drowning. Yet there's a positive side, for Scheat can denote literary and artistic talents. This star is spotlighted by the Sun at Spring Equinox every year.

Hopefully, expressing such creative talents will be the way he'll express Scheat in his life, and with his Sun highlighting the star, recognition for his creative endeavors is possible. After all, Pisces is a very creative sign and Barron was born with Sun @29Pis40, Mercury @14Pis30 (literary!), and his Ascendant @15Pis01. His natal Moon is in very early Sagittarius (00Sag56), sign of the foreigner, which hints at his mother Melania's birth location and heritage, with Moon signifying Mother. And typical for a parent and child relationships, his tower-building father's natal Moon is also in Sagittarius (and conjuncts Barron's natal Midheaven!), and Donald Trump's mother was from Scotland, as you know.

So if you wish, check out a previous SO'W post from 2018 concerning the natal Jupiter Rx in Scorpio of the very tall Barron Trump for it was his first Jupiter Return and a three-fer return at that.

And if possible, don't miss tonight's prime time J6 Hearing at 8:00 pm edt, for as the 8:00 pm horoscope shows, transit Nemesis, asteroid of divine retribution, now conjuncts fixed star Scheat.

Apr 1, 2022

In the Realms of Jupiter: David Duke

Jupiter; NASA/JPL/University of Arizona, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

For the curious, Politico has published information concerning the December 24, 1865 founding of the Ku Kl*x Klan, plus, the natal horoscope of white 'supremacist' and former grand wizard of the Klan David Ernest Duke (RR: AA for accuracy) is available, if you'd care for a glance. Note that Duke's natal chart does not appear on SO'W because I do not want it here so feel free to check out his natal planets as you wish. (July 1, 1950 11:37 am cst Tulsa, OK; Jupiter Rx @7Pis24).

Also notable is that Duke has recently experienced a Jupiter Return which perfected once on February 1, 2022 with Uranus sextile his natal Jupiter, a transit which suggests a favorable period when opportunities exist but must be actively taken advantage of in the realms of publishing, politics, finances, militaristism, intellectual and/or spiritual pursuits. Health may also be affected since natal Jupiter is posited in his 6th house, and of course, one of expansive Jupiter's many roles is as The General. Meanwhile, any natal aspects to Jupiter are reiterated when the planet "returns" to natal position and for Duke, this is a Jupiter-Uranus trine (1A57) from 6th to 10th house.

As you may remember, Herr Tr*mp was also born under this beneficial trine of good fortune and its energies contribute to many instances of the racketeer's 'getting away' with what others would never get away with via his natal trine from 2nd hou$e to 10th house of Career and Public Status.

Then as you know, a Jupiter Reward Cycle (as Noel Tyl termed it to me via phone!) lasts for approximately 12 years so let's consider the natal Jupiter in watery Pisces of David Duke. Negative potentials of the placement will be emphasized with a few positives tossed in just to be nice.

In the Realms of Jupiter: David Duke

Jupiter in Pisces (dignified in Pisces; Jupiter/'Neptune') Seeks self-improvement through devotion to ideals; a need for risk-taking (a known gambler); can bear severe criticism in the promotion of a 'greater' cause or vision; strong interest in the occult and psychism; extravagant; unreliable; overly imaginative; vacillating; impressionable; lover of comfort, solitude, and negative escapism (exs: drugs including alcohol, gambling); an over-inflated ego which can float away on dreams of personal glory and can lead to destructive consequences.

Jupiter in 6th house gives a large capacity for work (ex: workaholism); life has meaning through service to others; with the 6th house connection to Virgo there can be crankiness, peevishness, nervous tension, an overly critical attitude toward other people; overeating or overfasting - moderation is a must; may use new age or natural health remedies; technological proficiency may also be present along with scientific interests.

(Sources include Carter, Mayo, Ebertin, Hickey, Davison, Tierney.)

Well, there it is, my astro-salute to Jupiter the General in the natal horoscope of David Ernest Duke with his Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius personality blend of the klannish visionary and lover of symbols.

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Horoscope of The Confederacy and A Dark Vein of Intolerance

Historical Horoscope of The Confederate Constitution.

Jun 28, 2018

Will Trump Tariffs Tank Our Blimp of State? Ask Putin

July 10, 2018: The US Economy and a Timely Cosmic Alert via Jupiter in Scorpio

by Jude Cowell

As previously discussed, and with a tri-wheel of return horoscopes shown, Ronald Reagan is in process of posthumously enjoying another Jupiter Return, part of what everyone born on Earth enjoys--the Jupiter Reward Cycle which occurs approximately every 11.6 years. With his natal Jupiter in Big Money Scorpio (@13:44), Mr. Reagan in his day was intensely interested in gaining control, garnering money, and hitting the jackpot as he declared upon signing the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 which economist Paul Krugman, in his NYT op-ed of May 31, 2009, himself declared, "--turned the modest-sized troubles of savings-and-loan institutions into an utter catastrophe." And the tremendously lucrative Reagan "jackpot" paid off years later as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. You remember how Wall Street was bailed out by taxpayers--but not Main Street where the 99% stroll...and show up for work.

So here's a re-publish of the tri-wheel of Reagan's current yet posthumous Jupiter Return/s in case you don't care to follow the link provided above or read details:

So in 2018 we have 'Republican' Donald Trump shakily steering the Blimp of State and the Trump Tariffs are promising and/or actually triggering bilious reflux in markets, on Capitol Hill, and locally as US workers and their families are already 'paying the price' for Trump's grandstanding over this particular campaign promise which drags job losses and trade wars in its wake. Some of our national politicians are dreading 2018 Midterms with the Republican Party hijacked as the 'Trump Party' and we know it's all or nothing with cultish Donald who refuses to take prisoners.

And yet today, as HuffPost reports, a Progressive Democrat Bails Out Trump on Tariffs--that's Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. He has his reasons--or thinks he does, and good as they may be, this fail makes the US Senate look more toothless against Trump than before.

Now a reason to bring up all this now, besides the fact that we're mired within Reagan's current three-fer Jupiter Return/s (perfecting on December 14, 2017, June 24, 2018 Rx (just past), and next on July 26, 2018, as you see in the horoscopes above) is that transit Jupiter Stations and turns Direct on July 10, 2018--@13Sco20. Basically, this Station conjoins (and strengthens) Reagan's natal Jupiter degree and, consulting our Great Cosmic Clock, we find that the 2018 Jupiter Station occurs between Reagan's second and third exact Return upon his natal Jupiter.

It's as if The Gipper's (greedy) Jupiter has come again under tutelage of (gilted) Donald Trump. As if US workers needed that or will be supported by it. As if.

Yet the degree's symbol should also be considered here and I suspect that anyone reading this post has access to at least one version of the Sabian Symbols but fewer may have a copy of The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli. And it just so happens that Carelli gives a curious symbol (word picture) for '13Scorpio' (he champions the actual degree, not the rounded-up degree). Which is:

"A lonely stronghold on a high mountain top, a veritable eagle's nest. The place is fortified by nature itself rather than by man's hand. It is the key-point of the region, and its possession grants sway over the neighboring states."

This symbol describes one who has been earmarked by fate "to occupy an eminent, independent position and to hold sway over others, owing to his inborn inexhaustible force. To obey him is a matter of course, nearly of necessity.

An untiring, hard worker, he is fully confident in himself, and his firmness of purpose borders on stubbornness. Laconic, or even silent, he can scan and pierce everything around himself at a glance without betraying any of his feelings. Close but long-sighted, strong but on his defensive, cunning yet intelligent, he has fortune on his side and all the good and evil needed to assert oneself and achieve success, his main asset being an iron will, unshakeable and undaunted; his main defect, a selfish, despotic, scheming ambition.

When other aspects point to a liking for the career of arms, this degree will bestow the gift of strategy."

Carelli then cites '13Scorpio' as the degree of Napoleon Bonaparte's Ascendant although either one of us may be able to think of one or more modern day despots which this symbol could also describe, if not the seemingly mild Mr. Reagan. So is the 'stronghold' Washington DC? Perhaps, but first I must wonder--exactly where in Helsinki, Finland will Trump and Putin rendezvous on July 16, 2018? Perhaps in a naturally fortified strong-hold, secluded on a mountain top? Wouldn't that be so-o-o romantic!

In closing, here's an excerpt from a December 2, 2017 post published to 'honor' the passage of the Republican Tax Cut Bill, the massive give-away to Corporate America--yet another "jackpot" for the wealthy stolen at our expense:

Money-Bags Jupiter in Big Business Scorpio, Sign of Betrayal

Transit Jupiter, planet of bankers, donors, financiers, politicians, military generals, and preachers is in 2nd house of Money and Values @11Sco19 and approaches the upcoming Jupiter Return of Ronald Reagan under whose watch the last major overhaul of US taxes took place. The first of three conjunctions of transit Jupiter to Reagan's natal Jupiter position occurs December 14, 2017 with its 'tax cuts for corporations stimulates job growth' fallacy now being re-used by Capitol Hill Republicans in spite of the fact that corporate tax cuts do not inspire corporations to re-invest in US workers and the economy. Having been burned before, this time a majority of Americans are not buying into the tiresome GOP-touted job-creation fallacy that Reagan lifted from Hoover times of the 1920s. And here we go crashing again.

A curious one may wish to read the rest...

While Trump behaves just like Putin would do, the current version of 'Trickle Down Economics' fails us once again as the wealthy class intends. Can you feel it as The Tower Solar Eclipse approaches which also happens to be the Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) of November's 2018 Midterms? Though cracks show now, it may take a while, so care to pre-guess whose tower will collapse into rubble?

Dec 19, 2017

The Tax Scam Means Some Won't Be Able To Afford Getting Sick - clip

And that's not all it means! Posted to YouTube December 18, 2017, here's a segment from the Thom Hartmann broadcast concerning the GOP tax scam about to be voted on this week--maybe today (12.19)--and signed into law, perhaps next week, by Mr. Trump who, along with the rest of his crime family, will greatly benefit financially from the legislation as will the deficit-fretter Senator Bob Corker... #CorkerKickback:


Meanwhile, as of December 14, 2017, the now-in-progress Jupiter Return/s (13Scorpio44) of former President Ronald Reagan just keeps on stimulating opportunities for another GOP billion-dollar grab! Coincidence? More like a cosmic cycle Republicans are taking advantage of under the greedy auspices of their political idol (to the extent that Reagan still is an idol, for GOP codgers anyway).

Dec 15, 2017

The Generation Lost To income Inequality (w/ Richard Wolff) - clip

December 14, 2017: in this segment Thom Hartmann speaks with economist Dr. Richard Wolff concerning income inequality, its policies and genesis under the Reagan presidency in particular and its debilitating effects upon generations of Americans and, tragically, the great loss it brings to the Millennial Generation:


Astrologically, you may remember the infamous Reaganomics Solar Eclipse of 1981 (horoscope shown on Jude's Threshold) and do you know that with transit Jupiter in Scorpio we are now laboring under Ronald Reagan's three-fer Jupiter Return as of December 14, 2017 with the last conjunction on July 26, 2018? Note that the Reaganomics Solar Eclipse fell in the 1 North Saros Series--the same series as The (current) Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017. On many levels, I'd say that Mr. Trump is making certain that America is 'eclipsed'.

So the tax give-away to the wealthy that Republicans hope to force into law against all reason (masquerading as 'tax reform') intends to make income inequality even starker for 99% of us. That hag they follow, Ayn Rand, would be so proud of her super-selfish modern-day acolytes!

Nov 22, 2017

2017--2018 Planetary Returns to the DOJ natal chart

November 22, 2017: today I've been messing about with the Department of Justice (DOJ) natal chart which is displayed in a previous post of 2016 titled, Shadow into Light: an Esoteric Department of Justice. DOJ Jupiter, the planet associated with justice, is @3Sco10 (closely conjoining US SP Saturn Rx, our nation's progressed Saturn position these days since 1996--US Saturn no longer in balancing Libra, now in Big Business Scorpio) and since transit Jupiter has now entered Scorpio, I peeked to see when another Jupiter Return would occur for the DOJ (the last was on November 9, 2005 with a Jupiter-Uranus trine 3A41). The current Jupiter Return occurred on October 25, 2017--synchronicity! since October 25th is the DOJ's 'birthday' (1934, with FDR presiding in Masonic ceremony--follow link, above to view its natal or or founding chart). Now the DOJ's Solar Return 2017 occurred the evening before--October 24th, to be precise, as Solar Returns will sometimes do.

In the DOJ Jupiter Return chart, justice-seeker Jupiter is sandwiched between the Sun @1Sco57 (as in the natal chart) and Mercury @12Sco30 with the planetary trio in Return 4th house. With 6Leo55 rising, Sun is chart-ruler and applies once--to a conjunction with Jupiter so the whole shebang is a very Sun-Jupiter affair. So from late 2017 and for approximately the next 12 years the DOJ will express its Sun-Jupiter tendencies for good or worse. Potentials indicated by Sun-Jupiter are long distance travel, cultural and social events, intellectual pursuits, courageous actions, self-confidence (maybe too much!), and generally, busy activities within the judicial system. However, Mercury in Scorpio is apex of a midpoint picture (Mars-Saturn) denoting bad news, as in bereavement.

Another stand-out feature of the DOJ Jupiter Return 2017 chart is disruptive rebel Uranus @26Ari18 Rx conjunct Return Midheaven (MC), a marker for potentials such as dramatic reforms and adjustments in career and/or public status (the US is trending down already), sudden reforms that affect every department, geographic relocation for someone, and/or change of profession. These events we have already seen via firings and resignations, a familiar theme of the Trump and GOP agenda as they 'slim down' government until it starves (or can be drowned in a bath tub a la Grover Norquist).

Then in May 2018, a series of three Uranus Returns begin to manifest for the DOJ, a time when the past no longer holds sway and there's no telling what the current crop of Uranian Utopian anarchists (Uranus in Aries) have in mind for our judicial system--apparently a new direction or an unorthodox goal. (Nothing good to my way of thinking.) Because once a country's court system is corrupted to the core, it's down hill from then on, I'm very sad to say. Not that the US Judicial System was ever perfect, of course, but we'll know what we really had once it's completely gone--undermined and perverted by infiltrators of the betraying kind.

Now here are the three dates of the DOJ Uranus Return/s to natal position of 29Ari21, a critical, impatient 29th degree which points toward May 15, 2018 when transit Uranus bursts into Taurus (horoscope shown):

1. May 3, 2018

2. November 24, 2018

3. February 18, 2019

Above image: the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building; {public domain; Wikimedia Commons}; Constitution Avenue.

May 3, 2017

The August 2017 Jupiter Return of Donald Trump

Two Horoscopes: Donald J. Trump natal (inner) with his Jupiter Return (August 4, 2017--number 3 of 3) around the outside. As you see (marked in red), his Jupiter Return chart shows major transits affecting Mr. Trump's natal Sun, Moon, and Jupiter--and as he goes, so goes America.

Please enlarge the image for more chart details:

Transit Saturn Rx @21Sag32 in his 4th house precisely (again) conjoins natal Moon while opposing natal Sun. We've discussed this cosmic condition in previous posts with its depressive tendencies, family, relationship, and/or health issues, and ego deflation. This August 2017 Jupiter Return chart suggests a decrease of popularity and lack of cooperation from others who may feel suspicious of his motives (Venus in Cancer rising opposite Moon in Capricorn which conjoins transit Juno and Hygeia Rx).

(I don't blame them--is he being a stupid know-nothing on purpose?! He is a performance artist! See Neptune-MC = Sun and Moon, lower right, where his discontent with the difficulty of the job is shown along with a tendency to become lost in his own world--and transit Neptune now conjoins, veils and provides cover for US Progressed Sun @14Pisces!)

But the Clincher for Mr. Trump's Very Expansive Jupiter Is That...

From natal 5th house of Risk-Taking to natal 2nd house of Money and Values: transit Pluto @17Cap31 (18Cap = the NWO-Uranus-Neptune degree of POLITICAL POWER and smug or strong-armed paternalism - Jones) squares natal Jupiter very closely (0A04) denoting a period when old habits of taking himself too seriously and exaggerating his own importance can be crushed by others who have more power, influence, and, of course, wealth. In a Jupiter Return chart, this transit by heavy weight Pluto--the only aspect to or by his Jupiter in the return chart--indicates a time when revision of what had appeared to be permanent becomes necessary (ex: his luxurious former life of ease, comfort, and gilt). Something must be eliminated from his life in order for genuine growth to occur.

Of course, this assumes that our political belly-button-gazer wants such growth and change since he may be feeling squeezed or suffocated by his new duties. But until and unless Mr. Trump comes to terms with what's now required of him, he'll be blocked by powerful, manipulative forces (Pluto) and hoped-for outcomes will be mixed at best.

(But perhaps that's the goal of those who put Trump in the White House--the failure of our nation as the undermining of our three branches of government proceeds very quickly now until 'global government' seems the only 'solution'--puh!)

And although the relationship may be temporary, someone comes or has come into his life to act as an 'agent of change' to help him 'see' what needs to be eliminated and this may result in separation from those who keep him from progressing in his new role. And as we've seen, new opportunities arise if Mr. Trump can handle this Pluto transit well but as always, (his) true motives and unconscious desires must also support his (and our nation's) success with the large scale endeavors often identified by Jupiter-Pluto, a plutocracy pair of planets.

Now, thanks to Jupiter's periods of retrogradation, Donald Trump's 2016/17 Jupiter Return/s are a three-fer, exact on December 4, 2016, April 13, 2017, and on the date you see above. His natal Jupiter is prominent and Station Direct in 2nd hou$e conjunct Chiron and Neptune indicating a man with bubbly dreams and a distorted sense of himself (especially with blindspot Chiron) which is supported by an indiscreet, fantasy-prone, reality-challenged Mercury-Neptune square--underscored in the Jupiter Return chart by a Mercury-Neptune opposition with potentials for intentional deception (by and/or against him), lack of clarity or logic, elusive truths, and dangerous ideas. As noted above, in the return chart and rising is a Moon-Venus opposition which affects public perception of him and reflects a tendency toward self-pity, overindulgence, and empty gestures that masquerade as diplomacy.

Now of course, there are many other chart factors of importance contained in both horoscopes, some of which are penned sneakily upon the charts if you look closely but it's time for me to slink away and allow you to find them and more when and as you may!

Nov 16, 2016

December 2016 into 2017: Karmic Planets hit the natal chart of Donald Trump

Reviewing the December 2016 and January 2017 planetary transits to the natal chart of president-elect Donald Trump, it may be handy to list the primary aspects that affect Mr. Trump's natal planets as he and his team continue their attempt to populate his cabinet and fill other positions soon to be available in the Trump administration.

Tr = transit; n = natal; assumed is your familiarity with basic astrological principles.

Active transits include karmic Saturn, Jupiter, and karmic Pluto, and in order of occurrence they are:

Dec 2, 2016: Tr Saturn opposite n Uranus (n 10th house): a generational phase but as president (and representative of the Collective), this transit affects the American people with potentials for passage of legislation that imposes restrictions of some kind, plus, there may be a collapse of institutions that tend to benefit the Uranus-in-Gemini generation; groups, associations, and alliances may also be affected via limitations or calls for accountability.

Dec 4, 2016 Mr. Trump's Jupiter Return/s (17Libra27): the first of three conjunctions of tr Jupiter to n Jupiter (2. Apr 13, 2017 Rx; 3. August 4, 2017). This is the 12-year reward cycle of expansive Jupiter which imprints upon the Trump presidency for good or ill--hopefully Jupiter can mitigate other more difficult transits of December 2016 into 2017 which will set the tone of his White House tenure. His natal Jupiter is stationary direct and thus, strong in his chart although his 10th house Uranus actually leads the planetary throng which makes both planets prominent in his natal horoscope and psyche. Mundane Jupiter also represents politicians, corporatists, bankers, financiers, gurus/priests, broadcasters (tweeters?!), and Generals and under this fortunate influence, Trump's social status rises and growth of a commercial enterprise (the presidency? book sales? ruling the world?) is possible, even likely, if negative factors don't interfere. (Remember that Mr. Trump is a Gemini who wants very much to be taken seriously.)

Dec 26, 2016 Tr Saturn conjoins n South Node of the Moon, a karmic point: this double-karmic transit indicates past actions and behaviors that must be faced and expunged now for circumstances demand that they be dealt with in order for progress to be made; consequences must be accepted and there are dues to be paid; this is a separative condition of limitations he last faced in the late 1980s timed by Saturn's 28-year cycle and family issues may be involved.

Dec 30, 2016 tr Saturn conjuncts n Moon (21Sag12): the first of three hits to his n Moon whose sign describes a 'reigning need' (Tyl)--his relates to The Seeker, Sagittarius the freedom-lover, and his quiver full of arrows (2. August 20, 2017 Rx; 3. August 30, 2017). This is a depressive period for Mr. Trump who may feel emotional deprivation keenly as his personal freedom gives way to dutiful presidential requirements. Health and/or family issues are potentials as well, burdens are heavy, worry or anxiety weigh him down, goals are elusive, and financial gains are not favored; even tummy aches may interfere with carrying out his Saturnian duties which increase as he plays president.

Jan 14, 2017 tr Saturn opposes n Sun (22Gem55 in 10th house): stalemates may abound as he attempts legislation and other projects and (solar) goals; this is a testing time of maturity and experience when a willingness to correct mistakes (which he never makes, he says) will determine the ability to move forward into the future. Little will satisfy Mr. Trump's pride and self-image and he may become disappointed, resentful, and/or aggressive toward those who block him; rules and regulations burden him as he chafes under restrictions and the curtailment of his personal freedom--this is similar to the effects of the Saturn-to-Moon transit, above, but with his natal Sun-Moon opposition (a Full Moon), that's the way it goes--whatever planet hits one hits them all in rapid succession, with the Nodal Axis tossed in for more karmic implications as whatever troubles come his way are open to public scrutiny. And the very next day...

Jan 15, 2017 tr Pluto squares n Jupiter (17Libra27 in n 2nd house): this transit can interfere with his Jupiter Return/s in a significant way as plutocrats with more power and influence (the invisible government behind the scenes?) block or delay Mr. Trump's goals for growth and power expansion. Of course, how he copes with such frustration determines the eventual outcome and the areas most affected include: politics, diplomacy, higher education, religion, publishing-advertising-propaganda campaigns, and cultural pursuits. With his natal Jupiter in Libra, the sign of diplomacy, we can expect many ups-and-downs in that department as wealthy manipulator Pluto utilizes his clout toward (or against) the Trump administration. Plus, Libra's Scales of Justice are up for grabs with a Trump Department of Justice with its conservative leanings that are determined to shove our nation back into the 1850s.

Well, that's my brief look at the December 2016 into 2017 transits to the natal planets of Donald J. Trump (progressions will be considered in a later post) and naturally, you may know of other significant transits to his chart. Personally I wish him well as White House representative of all the American people but fear that it will actually be the politically savvy VP Mike Pence of Indiana who will do most if not all of the heavy lifting and will determine the Republican agenda and its implementation which is almost certain to err grievously on the draconian alt-right side of Klansmen and white supremacists.

What in the world were you thinking on November 8th, America?

Related: The Unaspected and Out-of-Bounds Planets of Donald Trump; Donald Trump's natal Moon-South Node-Sapphire-Star Conjunction.

Aug 24, 2013

Aug 27, 2013: Jupiter to US natal Sun (conjunct Sirius)

Here you see a horoscope for the transit of Jupiter to America's natal Sun (the president; leader) @13Can19:21 conjunct Fixed Star *Sirius (14Can26) in the 2nd house of the National Treasury, Values, and Earning Ability (when the horoscope is set for Washington DC).

This conjunction perfects on Tuesday August 27, 2013 at 11:53 pm edt during a Venus Hour with both Venus and Jupiter known as 'money planets' and the Sun @5Vir01 in 4th house and about to conjoin President Obama's natal Pluto, a time when one is compelled to 'get to the bottom of things' and aggressive people who have this transit become pushier and more intense. Self-control and the uses and abuses of power are at issue and there are feelings of resentment toward those who ultimately control things and/or manipulate outcomes or events.

US natal Uranus rises bringing unexpected or shocking events, and/or, coping ability, and chart-ruler Mercury @8Vir14 applies only to a trine with 8th house Pluto @9Cap07 Rx showing debts or favors repaid, lost items found, and shrewd business deals in process; property assessments are likely to be favorable and info and/or intell gathering is successful though Pluto's Rx condition may cause some delays or glitches in 4th house (Real Estate; Security Issues) and/or 8th house matters (Debt, Credit, Insurance, Corporate Concerns, Shared Resources, Death Matters, Transformation, the Occult...the usual 8th h suspects.)

Click image to enlarge and read a few notes such as YOD patterns of crises and special tasks--the Saturn-Pluto sextile and a sextile between Pluto and North Node point toward the chart's Ascendant (and US natal Uranus) so there's sadness and a potential for mourning to manifest; with US natal Uranus--as in the Winter Solstice 2012 horoscope--we have my least favorite midpoint picture again: brutal efforts to start a new order, and/or, an attack, regardless of potential losses. (Tyl.)

Plus, the 3rd house activist Mars has just entered Sun-ruled Leo, sign of romance and the natural ruler, where the 'god of war' and testosterone will be happier than when in touchy Moon-ruled Cancer. Yet it's a fiery transit through Leo...

As you see, there's a dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross between Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, and Uranus which spotlights the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square of unrest, riots, and revolution. Midpoint pictures are formed by the four planets and include potentials for getting back on track, overturning tables (of the money-lenders? that would be brilliant!), intense efforts made to establish new perspectives, ruthlessness, power struggles that cause losses in relationships, quick responses, a 'crush the opposition' mindset, adventurousness, and excitability (Tyl; Ebertin.)

So What Does Transit Jupiter to US Natal Sun Indicate?

Meanwhile, as noted in my recent 12-year USA Jupiter Return 2013 Report (which may be ordered for electronic delivery from this blog's sidebar!), transit Jupiter conjoining natal Sun is a time of culmination when something begun 12 years ago must either end or move to the next level or stage. Such matters are forced by circumstances so important decisions must be made. A greater attainment of knowledge is in the works as well along with an expanded need for ego recognition.

For 'attainment of knowledge' we naturally we think first of the NSA domestic spying activities which didn't actually begin 12 years ago but were greatly increased and enhanced then by the passage and signing of the USA Patriot Act and, thanks to Edward Snowden's leaks, are now known to be much broader in scope than we were told. And there's the propagandistic 'war on terror' which was and is used to emotionally manipulate the American people along with false flag ops that have been used in the past (and present) to finagle and trick us into war.

Plus, Jupiter is known as the broadcaster so wouldn't it be amazing if the news media finally stopped touting the fraudulent government script about the 'war on terror' and got real about the roles of banksters in our Fed-owned economy and the crimes of the other scam artists and embezzlers of Washington DC--you know, the psychopathic 'politicians' who breach the public trust 24/7 in order to enrich themselves and their pals and hang on to their cushy positions of power?

And maybe the President and Eric Holder of the US Department of Justice will receive a beneficial boost from Jupiter around August 27th given the recent rhetoric which promises (one of Jupiter's functions) more activity on the Voting Rights Act enforcement issue.

Year 2001 + 12 years = 2013

We must also consider the turn of the *New Millennium when the 'seeding' of the 'new world order' (aka, a 'new age') was performed by the Clintons at the illuminated, phallic Washington Monument for the 1999-into-2000 New Year celebration. Perhaps you remember that there was at the time quite a bit of hair-splitting about whether the 21st Century began on January 1, 2000, or on January 1, 2001.

So is another global government phase about to be implemented? Let's continue this topic in a few weeks when we discuss the November 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

*Sirius, the Dog Star: the mundane becomes sacred (SolarFire software); the fire of immortality (Brady); in Egyptian star lore: Sirius Isis, The Scorcher, or, The Shining One which may relate the star to Illuminism and its 'Great Plan' of global governance and implicates the triad of Cairo, London, and Washington DC.

**Click the link to view my version of a New Millennium horoscope as transit Pluto in Capricorn now conjoins NM Sun, a time when circumstances can force a 'new start'--especially if you're a member of the success-at-any-cost cabal of global players who manipulate circumstances as and when it suits.

Aug 4, 2013

August 18 2013: Jupiter Returns to 9/11/01 natal position

In consideration of the current terrorist 'chatter' being reported by the US government, this post is merely a heads-up about my just-published article at Jude's Threshold where I have taken a peek at Jupiter's Return to natal position in the 9/11/01 horoscope in case you're interested.

Planet Jupiter, exalted in Cancer, is very prominent this year as noted by master astrologer John Townley so I hope you'll check out his website's excellent Astrology and the News section (updated daily), plus, don't miss John's in-depth articles concerning a variety of astrological topics!

Jul 26, 2013

The New and Full Moons of August 2013 spotlight Leo-Aquarius

Leo, Leo, Leo: a Peek at the New Moon of August 6, 2013 conjunct Vesta

by Jude Cowell

Looking at the August 6 New Moon horoscope set for the White House, the transiting *Jupiter-Pluto opposition is on full display with Pluto @9Cap27 Rx rising and Jupiter @9Cap12 setting across the 1/7 Partnership axis. The New Moon @14Leo34 in 8th house conjoins Vesta (on the 8th cusp) which suggests that a new cycle of activity (New Moon phase when seeds are sown) begins now with creative production high and reward or recognition expected by people successful in their work as their positions are consolidated. Any time 8th house matters are energized, such topics and concerns as Corporatism, Credit, Debt, Legacies, Insurance, Transformation, Death, and the Occult may be on the agenda.

(Yet for some, a blocking of goals in 8th house matters may still occur and frustration results. See where 14Leo34 falls in your natal and any aspects the New Moon makes to your planets and/or points, especially squares that block or limit--this New Moon interpretation is based on general mundane matters of the collective in relation to DC politics in particular and is not meant to be read as a personal analysis.)

Plus, sales, promotion (including job promotions--or, the creation of jobs), and speculation are main themes here especially with the 8th house emphasis, with women's issues, health, and sports on the menu as well. When the Moon is involved with Vesta, we hope to merit security through our hard, dedicated work--if we can get it, and health regimens may be in focus along with emotional and family issues.

Now with wealthy Pluto (Mr. Underworld, saboteur among the plutocrats) opposing money planet Jupiter exalted in Cancer and recently returned to natal degree (US Jupiter Return July 22, 2013), we'll experience continuation of stalemates over the budget and the daft, reckless idea of Republicans to again threaten a US credit default and shut down the federal government. No doubt that they will be in discussion all through their summer break which begins soon as they decide on talking points for their media echo chamber against the president.

Yet a top Republicans like John McCain are calling out this inane strategy and reminding Tea Partisans in Congress of the great potential for blow back from voters in 2014--and really, we've all had more than enough of the GOP's grandstand playacting and reckless disregard for reality of paying one's bills that are already racked up, haven't we? The GOP campaign to nullify Obamacare is pathetic--they ask Americans not to sign up for health insurance as if Republican political ideology is more important than being treated for health conditions or illness. Puh! How about a slogan: 'Support Republicans via contagion and disease' that could've been prevented. And maybe sacrifice the health or lives of your children in the process just so the GOP can continue to undermine the presidency of Barack Obama!

Well, there are many other curious factors in the New Moon chart of August 6, but no time to type all of them out. However, something must be mentioned about the Jupiter-Pluto opposition which forms a T-Square of dynamic energy with Uranus @12Ari21 Rx (a critical-crisis degree) at apex in 3rd house of Communications, Neighborhoods, Primary Schools, Travel, and the Lower Mind through its Gemini association. Thereby, a midpoint picture results with tones of fanatical striving for improvements, exploitation of every situation, new circumstances, and fast developments (Ebertin), any, none, or all of which may manifest. (You never know with quirky Uranus.)

And at 12Ari21, Uranus is in Nodal degree, a karmic or fated condition, with North Node (NN: contacts and fruitful encounters) in 10th house of Public Status and Career which also contains austere, conservative Saturn @5Sco11. Uranus separates from a helpful trine aspect with the New Moon, and old man Saturn is out of the loop. Yet with deceptive, veiling Neptune in secretive Pisces and in the 2nd house of the National Treasury, nothing is as it appears to be in the financial departments of American life.

Another chart factor is Pluto rising (ASC 5Cap22) so we know that events too big to handle may occur at or just after the New Moon of August 6, 2013, and they will culminate (or, be fulfilled) around the time of the Full Moon of August 20, 2013 @28AQ10, a degree which shows that America has just experienced another monthly Lunar Return (27AQ10) at 8:05:16 pm edt. And nebulous Neptune conjoins the Full Moon and opposes the Sun, a condition certain to bring illusion, lies, fraud, confusion, and scandals into the light of the Full Moon's rays, if not a little inspiration.

But toss all of this aside for it's Friday! So why not check out Saturday's and Sunday's cosmic weather with Julie Demboski's A Little Astro-Essence for the weekend just ahead!


*On this blog and elsewhere, I have also used the Jupiter-Pluto pair of combined energies to signify the Federal Reserve Bank, Big Banks in general, and those worldly wheeler-dealers who organize, promote, and implement Large Group Projects. As you know, the last Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto took place @28Sag24 and their current opposition is part of that cycle--the halfway mark; six years ago, Fedhead Ben Bernanke made one of his official statements on the US economy within minutes of their conjunction on December 11, 2007. jc

Jul 24, 2013

7.24.13: US Jupiter Return inspires Obama speech on Economy

Obama's Speech on the economy begins with a Void-of-Course Moon

by Jude Cowell

Today at 12:55 pm edt, or 1:00 pm cdt, depending on the source (and probably not beginning on time but the official time seems to be 12:55 pm) at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, President Obama speaks about the US economy in a effort to refocus attention on finances and jobs.

At 12:55 pm cdt, we find 24Lib28 rising which makes evaluating Venus chart-ruler during this Hour of the Sun (the president.) The speech's Sun @1Leo59 will soon cross the Midheaven (MC) of Goals and Aspirations with MC @28Can51. The president's natal Saturn Rx in Capricorn conjoins the IC (Foundation of the Matter; The Drain) along with America's natal Pluto Rx which, when the energies are taken together, show concerns about rising from difficult situations and the hard work and privation the rising involves. The VOC Moon denotes that today's event will proceed without interference, or, that nothing turns out as expected--unless he speaks until the Moon enters Pisces.

Still, there are adjustments (inconjunct) to be made between leadership (Sun) and the people (Moon) for an inconjunct between the luminaries denotes his attempt to win approval from the public (and thus pressure Republicans to cooperate), along with the expression of an altered perspective that can provide many advantages if successfully utilized and directed. Yes, generous, advantageous, investing, monied Jupiter is well-represented here.

Venus-Neptune: unrealistic dreams

As for chart-ruler Venus' two applying Ptolemaic (major) aspects, we find that the planet of money and attraction first opposes Neptune (4Pis48 Rx--the masses; the media) which hints that once trust has been shattered as it has, it will be difficult for Washington politicians to gain it back, and that some of them follow an idealism which is based on a clouded vision. I would ascribe this to the Global Government-NWO crowd of faithless politicians and their financial backers but maybe that's just me. At any rate, few can deny that America is being collapsed in a methodical way particularly since the 1980s and the deregulation of Wall Street firms made Global Corporatism our government's 'god'. Their anti-sovereign campaign is doing quite well against the 'old-fashioned' nation-state that citizens of nation-states prefer to live in, thanks very much.

Now on Monday July 22, 2013, America's natal Jupiter @5Can56 returned to natal position in the 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) marking a new round of Jupiterian activities for our nation. This includes finances but also denotes expansion, investment, broadening of vistas, Jupiter the General's war and conquest efforts, religion, philosophy, and broadcasting from the Bully Pulpit such as President Obama does today--concerning economic issues.

However, he begins today's speech (assuming it starts on time or thereabouts) with austere Saturn rising @5Sco02 and North Node (a Jupiterian point) @13Sco17 also in 1st house. This Nodal position hits the US Inaugural Descendant (partnerships; open enemies) so transiting SN of the Moon now languishes upon the Ascendant of the Presidential Oath-Taking. 'Outstanding in his field', separation, or some mixture of both? Saturn in 1st house indicates stoppages or at least, delays, while NN in 1st provides an indication of good fortune.

the only midpoint picture is the ongoing Neptune/NN = Pluto where perspectives are difficult to blend with that of others. Plus, the Neptune/NN combo indicates a lack of community spirit, something powerful, manipulative Pluto now uses for his propagandistic purposes that keep the American people divided (and thus, conquered.)

Activist Mars, god of war and drone strikes. is out-of-bounds (OOBs) @7Can31 conjunct Mirzam, a star of The Announcer and of one who has something to say or express. Orating Mercury @14Can06 conjoins US natal Sun and Dog Star, Sirius (the mundane becomes sacred) which supports the 'announcement' theme of the speech's horoscope. Plus, Mars by degree joins in with the closed circuit of energies and urge for security and protection seen in the Water Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune so perhaps Mrs will trigger action on the level of Social Responsibility.

The Moon's entry into Pisces will allow her to join in the Grand Trine as well, yet it's doubtful that such triggering will affect the GOP considering the party's recent progressed opposition of SP Moon and SP Neptune by which delusions, confusion, lies, fraud, and deception were handed to Americans who are felt by Republicans to be social burdens and parasites.

Apparently the Rs think that using US taxpayers' funds to invest at home for our sakes interferes with their next misadventure abroad when there are new territories to conquer, more natural resources to plunder, and a Global Government to set up as their ideology demands from atop the heights of Jupiter's expansive realms.

Pluto Opposes from Controlling Capricorn

Meanwhile, transit Pluto @9Cap44 Rx in the speech's 3rd house of Communications continues to firmly oppose US natal planets in Cancer--today Mr. Underworld is between exact opposition to US natal Jupiter (5Can56) and US n Sun (13Can19) so Mr. Obama's titanic struggles with global internationalists continue to mar America's future prospects even though austerity measures both here and abroad have proven themselves to be fruitless for growth, development, and economic improvement, but are a requirement for those Utopians and neocons determined to collapse governments and ruin economies so that a 'new economic order' will be accepted by the people as 'the only remedy'.

A Venus-Saturn contact

Chart-ruler Venus then goes on to sextile Saturn (2A@@) which signifies those with good investment and business sense, interests in future growth and development, and good communications skills. And with the speech's Sun @1Leo59 conjunct President Obama's natal Mercury (2Leo20), we may expect that today's speech will be bracing and thoughtful yet taken as antagonistic in the ears of his Republican opponents who are determined that his will be a 'failed presidency'.

Uranus-Pluto and the Moon at a 29th degree

Naturally, the tiresome, rebellious Uranus-Pluto square energies under gird all issues (until 2015)--here 2S45, and the Moon (We the People; the public; publicity; emotional moods/trends) @29AQ43, a critical-crisis degree, in 4th house of Real Estate and Domestic Scene is anxious to move into mystical if confused Pisces which Luna does at 1:23 pm edt. America had a Lunar Return today--27AQ10--at 9:43:34 am edt, White House, in Return 6th house of Military and Police Service, Work and Employment, Health Concerns, and Daily Rounds so We the People remain acutely aware that job creation is the key to our lagging if slowly improving economy. Now if only Washington kept our dwindling social conditions in mind long enough to accomplish worthwhile changes and implement the investments our nation needs.

One more note about the speech horoscope--it has a splay pattern of planets which denotes an intensity that can't be limited to a single point of application (M.E. Jones) so that we may expect several ideas for solving economic woes to be offered by President Obama as he kicks off today a series of speeches on the US economy--and then by the Saturnian austerians on the rise in 1st house in corporate-minded Scorpio, sign of spies and betrayals. The Leo Sun (the president) is squared (blocked) by Saturn (3A03) @'6Scorpio' = "A Gold Rush" (Jones) so Republican obstructionism toward the policies put forth by the president remain suspect in the eyes of those who would cause this administration's Saturnian downfall as this difficult transiting aspect echoes America's natal Sun-Saturn square.#

And since Jupiter's realm also includes ideology, we find the concepts of expansion/investment v restriction/austerity at the base of the stalemate in Washington economically, politically, and otherwise.

For a broader view of America's Jupiter Return of July 22, 2013 with the Return horoscope shown and notated by yours truly (as seen through a common good lens), you may wish to order the 19-page printable Stars Over Washington Report on Jupiter 2013 (PDF format) from the sidebar of this blog. Our recent Solar Return 2013 is also available. Thanks! jc

Great reading is Gary P. Caton's recent TMA article The 79-Year Cycle of Mercury and Mars in the USA Horoscope with the Mercury-Mars duo a signature for political opinions and arguments.

7.26.13: notable in the president's speech is his "get back to basics" theme which tallies with our national Jupiter 'getting back' to its natal degree!

Jul 22, 2013

July 22 2013 Aquarius Full Moon a 'supermoon'

Yes, today at 2:16 pm edt, a Full Moon perfects @00AQ05 and is, in fact, a 'supermoon', a phenomenon labeled as such by master astrologer Richard Nolle.

Perhaps you'd like more information on tonight's 'supermoon' with its degree conjoining the US presidential Sun, as noted previously in a recent post.

Plus, today marks America's Jupiter Return (or, Jupiter Reward Cycle, a la Noel Tyl!), a 12-year occurrence that last manifested in 2001/2002, and you know how our National Treasury was spent for waging war, creating the financial boondoggle that is Homeland 'Security', and other such quixotic notions and misadventures of the Bush-Cheney administration.

But now we have President Obama to preside over US Jupiter Return 2013. And since astrological Jupiter provides anyone who wishes it hope, enthusiasm, and optimism, a new cycle of uplifting possibilities begins this very today for our nation!

Perhaps Senator Elizabeth Warren's proposal for a return to the Glass-Steagall Act is perfectly timed by our fresh Jupiterian cycle which would be super, imho. Some say the Act was never a foolproof remedy for our national infestation of banking crooks, mobsters, and foolish risk-takers of Wall Street, and perhaps not. But it did keep the worst of their financial fraud tamped down for decades by the separation of banks' commercial and investment branches and kept the FDIC guarantee for use as it was intended--not for Corporate Welfare--but on behalf of We The People.

Jul 15, 2013

US Jupiter Return 2013 Report now available!

July 17, 2013: Stars Over Washington Reports adds a new listing

by Jude Cowell

If you wish a printable copy in PDF format of my US Jupiter Return 2013 Report, click the PayPal Button at the top of this blog's sidebar and choose Option #2. Yes, a brand new Jupiter Reward Cycle is about to begin for America and with lucky Jupiter's orbit lasting 11.6 years, the Return horoscope and Report are 'good for' almost 12 years--from July 22, 2013 until July 5, 2025!

When Jupiter Returns to natal degree, we find a new cycle of activity begins relating to Jupiterian realms such as honors, material ups-n-downs, spiritual and religious concerns, adventurous enterprises, and much more so I hope you'll order your copy for current and future reference.

Plus, Jupiter Return horoscopes may be progressed by any method we choose and along with Jupiter and others planets transiting the planets, points, houses, and Angles of the Return chart, we may use the horoscope as a timing device over the next 12 years to ascertain when and what type of events are most likely to express on the physical plane.

Now if you've read this blog or Jude's Threshold before, you may be aware of how often I've dissed the financial actions of the US government due to political corruption and mismanagement, yes, but also due to the Sabian Symbol of US natal Jupiter (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) which, rounded up from 5Can56, is:

'6 Cancer': "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests", something I believe most people who enter Politics fully intend to do during and after their 'service' to our nation as representatives of The People.

And with faith-filled Jupiter as our national chart-ruler (12Sag rising), we find important information in the Return chart based on our government's over-bounding personality and expansive, expensive traits and habits. In fact, our tradition of Manifest Destiny is a Jupiterian ideal that has inspired constant territorial expansion and conquest (Jupiter the General).

Plus, Jupiter's prominence in America's natal horoscope and psyche also denotes the ego-expanding American Exceptionalism theory made more brash through the influence of our natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer (with self-satisfied Venus nearby.)

Recommended: David Sirota's recent article, Rethinking American Exceptionalism.

Of course, We the People are implicated as well, with jolly Jupiter present wherever there are large groups and big enterprises to engage in, fortunate rewards to receive--or, large meals to be consumed by We the Overweight!

Included in the US Jupiter Return 2013 Report are notes on the Cardinal Grand Cross and the two protective Water Grand Trines shown in the JR 2013 horoscope, all of which have spiritual connotations as does Jupiter in his many roles as the Hierophant, Preacher, and Guru. Why, even the "Birds" in Jupiter's Sabian Symbol signify on the spiritual plane as "spiritual forces".

So do check out America's Jupiter Return 2013 Report, if you dare! And you may always contact me here by posting a Comment, or by convo: jude dot cowell at hotmail dot com, as you wish!


For current transits and more visit Sarah's Astrology!

Jul 14, 2013

July 2013: Mars in Cancer and the Cardinal Square

Planetary Tales of Summer 2013 and Beyond

by Jude Cowell

Over at Celestial Space, Dipali Desai points out that the transit of Mars through Cancer from mid-July to the end of July, 2013 activates the Cardinal Uranus-Pluto square.

So Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn are involved with a Mars-Moon-Saturn signature which underscores America's Secondary Progressions which we discussed recently with the People's SP Moon now between SP Mars and SP Saturn which provides We the People and the public mood with feelings (Moon) about losing something while inducing for many a level of depression that hopefully will lift once SP Moon moves from between SP Mars and Saturn--after November 28, 2013, though around that date there may be a difficult or weakening event as SP Moon 'catches' SP Saturn Rx @3Sco10.

SP Moon symbolically moves about one degree per month.

A glance at the transits of Nov 28, 2013 shows a difficult transiting midpoint picture of Saturn-Neptune = Pluto which supports our Mars-Saturn-Moon condition through its potentials for feeling downtrodden, depressed, and/or fearful of loss...just how plutocrats of the Underworld want us to feel!

So in July 2013, this leaves the Venus-ruled sign of Libra, where US natal Saturn is placed @14Lib48, and it too--the planet of courts and justice (or sometimes, justice denied), evaluations, revenge, diplomacy, relationships, smaller amounts of money, the attraction principle, and ruler of America's natal MC @00Lib+ is being triggered for our Libran Saturn is within orb of activation from an opposition by quirky rebel Uranus, planet of freedom, which may have aided George Zimmerman's Not Guilty verdict last evening and announcing him "free to go".

Actually, a chapter of the Cardinal Square/Grand Cross tale is told in my upcoming US Jupiter Return Report 2013 available soon in PDF format for your printing pleasure. This is a 12-year horoscope and our nation's first Jupiter Return since the three-fer Return/s of 2001-2002. Testy Mars also figures prominently in the July 22, 2013 Jupiter Return so I hope you'll check out the JR 2013 Report which will be listed near the top of this blog's sidebar.

As Dipali mentions, Mars, motivator, activist, and sometime-shootist, also activates the ongoing Water Grand Trine from July 13--16, 2013 so check out her helpful insights concerning Mars in Cancer and his activist role in our affairs!

Apr 30, 2013

On Apr 25, 2013 a Lunar Eclipse and Jupiter left his Rx Shadow

According to my Solar Fire software, it was on the day of a partial Lunar Eclipse @5Sco45, April 25, 2013, that investing Jupiter reached his retrograde shadow degree of October 5, 2012 (16Gem22:47) and has thankfully surpassed it. Will investment, growth, and development now be allowed by Washington DC politicians and their corporate patrons? Will those tiresome ideological gurus break through the barriers set purposely by Saturnian forces of austerity and obstructionism and water this plant we call America?

In fact, will the baby be allowed to drown in the bathtub or, will more balanced thinking prevail and the needs of the people be addressed even with war on the horizon once again? Will Jupiter's role as The General take precedence over all other collective imperatives? Heads up: West Coast astrologer Julie Demboski has published a very interesting piece on April 25th's Lunar Eclipse titled Eclipse Effect: Seeing a Splinter of the Shadow, and of course, publishing and broadcasting are provinces of expansive Jupiter as well.

Vista-Broadening Jupiter Breaks Free in Friendly Geminian Skies

And of course the most obvious and sudden use of Jupiter's change of direction occurred the very day after April 25, 2013 when Congress rushed with what has become their unaccustomed speed to 'fix the sequester cuts' for the FAA so that the flying public (especially air traveling congress members themselves about to leave DC for a break) would not be inconvenienced by long lines at airports. Seniors depending on Meals On Wheels for basic sustenance are still waiting for lunches which barely get them by even when Congress doesn't have it in for them so blatantly. And of course, Head Start kids unlucky in lotteries aren't on the GOP's flight schedule at all--so far. Repeal of the self-inflicted sequestration damage to the economy would do much to lift our Jupiterian concerns off the ground--at least for those of us who wish for America to succeed rather than fail.

Yet in spite of Congress' self-serving action on Friday, Jupiter may not function at his best when traversing Airy, Mercurial Gemini which can be capriciously unstable and full of woe at times; moneybags Jupiter will seem more, shall we say, amenable, once 'he' enters Moon-ruled Cancer, sign of America's natal Venus (3Can+), Jupiter (5Can56), and Sun (13Can19), and will eventually reach our national Mercury Rx (24Can11 in monied 8th house and opposing natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33 in 2nd house of the National Treasury.) Pleasantly, Jupiter tends to relate to others better from Cancer, sign of the self-protective, shrewd Crab yet Cancer is a very creative and business-oriented sign. With Jupiter in Cancer, it may be profitable to invest in ocean or water-related industries, plus, home-centered projects, domestic products and food supplies.

Hopefully (a Jupiterian word!), our nation will now be able to get some things situated so that enthusiastic improvements may be made toward prosperity, not austerity (which does not lead to prosperity except for the toffs and crooks who force it upon others in their plutocratic, mercantilistic, thieving kind of way.) Then, if all goes as planned, I'll soon be posting here on SO'W or at Jude's Threshold the Summer Solstice 2013 horoscope set for DC, America's Solar Return 2013 chart, President Obama's Solar Return 2013 map, and the US Jupiter Return 2013 horoscope, so stay tuned if you may!

Update 4.30.13 4:47 pm: I just noticed an interesting Jupiter-moves-forward development relating to the planet's freedom function--President Obama has again vowed to close Gitmo so one assumes that the prison populace, many of whom are on hunger strike, will gain their freedom from the promised closing of that sorry abomination if this is that Jupiter freely moves forward in the Zodiac.

Jul 27, 2012

US Constitution under direct attack as echo chamber grows louder

If you remain enamoured of the rights and tenets embedded in the US Constitution as do I, you may wish to consider this:

US Constitution September 17, 1787 11:29 am LMT Philadelphia, PA

Well, I made no note years ago about why I set up the horoscope with '11:29 am' so perhaps it came from another astrologer's website or book because I see no particular astrological reason for setting the chart for this time. Even so, here are the natal chart's basic factors:

ASC 2Sag25 (transiting NN almost upon it); 1st house Moon 4Sag55 (tr NN recently conjoined it) and NN 1Cap09; 3rd house Pluto 14AQ12 Rx and Saturn 23AQ23 Rx; IC 17Pis46 (at critical-crisis degree as is the MC); DESC 2Gem25 (conj President Obama's natal Moon), 7th H Chiron 13Gem40, Jupiter 25Gem22 (Jupiter Return on the way: June 5, 2013 with Jupiter unaspected), and Mars 2Can50 (OOBs and conj US n Venus); 8th H Uranus 20Can11 (opposite US SP Pluto Rx and at the "Daughter of the American Revolution" degree in Sabian Symbols); 9th H Mercury 11Vir36 and Venus 16Vir35.

MC 17Vir46 with 10th H Sun 24Vir39 (about one day past US n Neptune spotlighting the document's idealism, compassion, 'divine source' spiritual precepts--rights are god given at birth--and also its flexibility as a 'living, breathing' Constitution. Also, the 'divine source; planet, Neptune---unknown until 1846--is in 10th H @17Lib48 which had recently conjoined US n Saturn 14Lib48 and denotes a new maturity and way of dealing with authority.

Today, tr Neptune @2Pis28 Rx has passed n Pluto and Saturn in Aquarius some time ago--these undermining (Neptune) attacks have been going on for some time, and as tr Neptune approaches opposition to n Mercury (document; contracts; agreements), we may expect the Constitution of the American people to experience many misunderstandings, obscuring of facts, deceptions, errors, and the potential for loss.

In days like these, with agents and operatives doing all they can to undermine our nation's sovereignty, economy, and the US Constitution, the only hope of preservation for the American people is through educating ourselves on the facts!

(See SOW's sidebar for links to texts of our Freedom Documents--never depend on someone else's interpretation, or, as Ronald Reagan once advised, Trust but verify!)


You may find that progressive sites such as Thom Hartmann and Democracy Now! are of value on constitutional matters. Have another? Then please leave your suggestion/s in a comment! jc

Feb 2, 2011

Gipper Worship Alert: 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth 2.6.11

Gipper Much?

by Jude Cowell

The Reagan Ruins by Robert Borosage gives a much clearer picture of 'the Gipper' than you'll find by hanging about with conservatives (formerly known as 'compassionate conservatives' but these days, their true personalities are showing) or by watching FOX News.

In August 2009, I published an image of Reagan's first Inauguration horoscope with details, if you're game. The post also contains links to Reagan's First Inaugural Address and to Astrology-based Reagan articles such as the 'Reaganomics Eclipse' and his signing of the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which occurred during the Gipper's own reward-filled Jupiter Return to its natal sign of big-business-loving Scorpio!

This Act, a deregulating nightmare (for the rest of us) which Ronald Reagan was so eager to sign, is what inspired his famous "I think we hit the jackpot" quote which was kind of a presidential open-mouth-insert-foot moment of rare truth telling, as we've become glaringly aware of since Financial Collapse 2008.

Score One for the Gipper indeed. And scr*w America, while you're at it.

So we must get ready for more Reagan worship and adulation with seemingly endless, groveling lists of his angelic merits because it's going to be a Reaganesque Weekend Supreme.

Even President Obama is said to have jumped on the Reagan bandwagon (see video below) yet The Atlantic has published an excellent Obama-Reagan comparison that points out the Ideologue v Pragmatist dilemma which presidential campaigners face when they win the White House and have to actually govern rather than simply orating.

Of course, both Reagan and Obama are known for their uplifting oratorical skills of bubbly, grand-spirited Jupiter-Neptune proportions. Trouble is, bubbles tend to be filled with ethereal air or gas, not substance we can write home about.

Plus, in this Reagan Season, Yahoo! has encouraged Americans to compare their situations under the Reagan administration with current conditions during the presidency of Barack Obama circa 2011.

And here President Obama explains his admiration for Ronald Reagan:

Well, we must be patient in our giggly excitement, for there are three more days until the numinous date 'February 6, 2011' dawns in America.

Had enough Gippering yet?

Dec 10, 2007

Gore: toasted in Stockholm

News at Noon: NPR reporting that Scooter Libby will not be appealing his conviction in the Valerie Plame case. (Okay by me.) And an ice storm has several states without power--hope you're all okay and back on the grid soon.

It's Monday, I'm back from an early family holiday gathering, and Al Gore is in Stockholm accepting the Nobel Prize and being toasted at a fancy banquet.

Five days without blogging! I missed SO'W and Jude's Threshold, too. But politics? Not so much. Got injured in an accident while gone so I'm not up to much today--here are some previous posts on Al Gore:

his natal chart;

Gore wins Nobel Prize;

Gore's ores;

Frontline's 9/11 and The Scotsman's article, Can Al Gore save the world? This post has a link to the article on Gore concerning
An Inconvenient Truth, with, as you can tell, a little propaganda on the side.

Nobel's Ringing:

Yes, Gore's reward cycle has come round again (it's a 12 year cycle)--his Jupiter Return is Dec 12, the day after the Great Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction.

Now a Nobel Prize is certainly a good Jupiter Return, isn't it? And with powerful-behind-the-throne Pluto involved, too. Good for Al, a member of the world-bossing Trilateral Commission like the rest of 'em. It's who ya know, isn't it?

And we're about to have our Winter Solstice 2007 so click for details with chart (over Washington, of course), plus you'll see the Winter Solstice 2006 chart as well. The 2007 Solstice chart shows a 'Fist of God' which is a pattern with a lot of punch, and it's pointing at Mars in Cancer.

In The Power Trio, Mae R. Wilson-Ludlum gives the keyphrase for Mars in Cancer as,

magnanimous pursuit for private interests.

She says it is a good placement for dealing with the public, for propery matters and real estate, feminine needs, beverages, liquids, and/or the sea.

Gore travelled over the sea to be toasted with bubbly beverage for publicity's sake. And the Fed may lower interest rates tomorrow, day of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, a good forerunner of the Solstice's Fist of God.

Now if we could just pry Bush-Cheney fron the White House, our real estate on Pennsylvania Avenue might increase in value and become our own again. It's this 'feminine need' that I have--to aid the only nag I've ever had in the race--the United States of America.

Oct 12, 2007

have you heard? Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

Even a homeless polar bear could find, read about, or listen to the news this morning that Al Gore will share the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control.

Here you see Gore's natal chart with today's transiting planets scribbled around the what astrological influences may be involved with such a high honor for our former VP?

You can't miss power-behind-the-throne Pluto of the deep riches in touch with natal Jupiter. And Gore will soon have a Jupiter Return when tr Jupiter reaches 28Sag36 in Dec '07--and all the largesse is occurring in his natal 5th house of creative pursuits and risk-taking. Lucky breaks for Al.

Or I wish I could think that.

Mars is conj US n Jupiter at the "Gamebirds feathering their nests" degree in his behind-the-scenes 12th house, and the Scorpio Moon this morning at 5 am (when I heard NPR crowing the news) was conj the New World Order's natal 3 minutes.

Gore's natal Sun Aries/Moon Cap personality blend has two Images for Integration which I cannot forget--even though he seems likeable enough and I would probably vote for him if he decided to run (which 'they say' he won't because of Hillary's campaign--he thinks the 2008 election isn't for him--better to wait a few years until Pluto conjs natal Moon in Cap, I suppose)...

Sun Aries/Moon Cap: A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom...Columbus discovers America and a new world order is born.

Add to this the powerful-beyond-belief, hard-hitting, tough-minded, ambitious (plus a Cap Moon!) Pluto-Saturn-Mars conj in natal 1st house, and you see a driven man with natal Sun at the "President of the country" degree--and North Node (destiny) conj US Inaugural Ascendant (Jan 20, noon in Washington DC, public oath-taking time.)

Gore's natal Mercury in creative, soft, watery Pisces may make him seem wishy-washy and easy to mischaracterize yet everyone knows that water is the strongest element of all.

And so I admit I can't shake the intuition that the Nobel Prize/Oscar Award honors are another phase of the political theater brought to the masses by globalist puppetmasters with whom Al Gore must have associations especially since he's a member of the Trilateral Commission at the least.

Of two things I'm sure: nothing these days is what it's promoted to be--and nothing in politics happens by accident. It's all by design by those who have the power to manifest on the world stage which may be shown by Gore's natal Moon/Jupiter conj (though 'out of sign' it's too close to discount, isn't it?) which gives an interesting word picture with transiting Pluto these days:

Moon/Jupiter = Pluto: major plans for major triumph; the big picture and the power to make it appear.

But if I had a vote on the Nobel Committee, I would've given the Prize to the homeless polar bear.