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Feb 24, 2011

Government Shutdown New Moon 3.4.11 w Shutdown 1995

Thinking of a potential government shutdown on March 4, 2011 if Washington politicians can't do any better, I searched for info on the last time they came to outs (with the rest of us stuck in the middle.)

Government shutdown 1995 actually occurred in two clumps: Nov 14 through Nov 19, 1995 and from Dec 16, 1995 to Jan 6, 1996. I remember the disgust we-the-people felt that they couldn't do things any better than that, and the relief when the varmints infesting Capitol Hill resumed business.

The primary combatants in 1995 were President Bill Clinton and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich after Clinton refused to sign the budget bill of the Republicans.

For a glimmer of the budget shutdown issues entrancing Washington on December 7, 1995 I scouted out a video from the C-SPAN Video Library for you. It's about 3 hours long but is worth the time if you're interested. As you see by the date, the program was broadcast in between the two shutdown episodes and it includes several issues such as a discussion of the Gingrich ethics probe. An appearance by Sander Levin is worth noting as well.

One important midpoint picture from late 1995 into 1996 pops out:

Saturn-Pluto = Neptune disguised uses of power; defects in planning for important activities (my fret: that in 2011, they've refined their methods); improbable effects from excessive activities of the past; unstable life situation because of the inexplicable, because of fear; falsehoods, lies, frauds; a desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; shattered nerves. (Munkasey; Tyl; Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply, as below.)

There were several difficult transits to the US natal horoscope in 1995 and 1996. Some of the major ones are:

Tr Saturn opposes n Neptune 22Vir25: hidden agendas and secret activities are ill-tolerated and can paralyze circumstances; unfavorable time for financial speculation and for learning the truth. (exact: May 13, 1995, Aug 31, 1995, and Feb 3, 1996.)

Tr Uranus conjuncts n Pluto Rx 27Cap33: abrupt changes to familiar ways of life; situations are forced requiring adjustments; disturbing conditions create hidden fears; transitions interrupt past areas of control and manipulation. (exact: Feb 5, 1995, Aug 15, 1995, and Nov 25, 1995.)

Tr Neptune opposes n Mercury Rx 24Can12: facts and figures are confusing or elusive; accurate records are prone to error, deception, or loss; fanatic ideas take hold; networks of colleagues or friends become undependable or disappear altogether along with goals. (Their Goal? To make Clinton look bad to the American people just as the potential shutdown on March 4, 2011 is designed to trip up President Obama - along with the GOP's general take-over plan for a one-ruling-party government, then as now.)

This transit began didn't become exact until April 2, 1996; there were five hits, the last one occurring on Nov 14, 1997:

Tr Neptune conjuncts n Pluto Rx 27Cap33: dissolution of power; treachery, poison, or plague can remove the current leader or the system.

As you know, Bill Clinton was re-elected and sworn in for his second term on January 20, 1997 in spite of the R v D political theater which involved a shutdown of the US government - and Clinton's sexcapades. Bill was a wily cuss, wasn't he?

Will They Shut Us Down Again?

The potential shutdown date is March 4, 2011, and on that afternoon a New Moon occurs @ 13Pis56, in 8th house of Shared Resources and Debt with the chart set for the Capitol Building. Also in 8th H are Mercury, confused or deceptive in Pisces, and disruptive rebel Uranus at a troubling 29th degree of critical conditions (29Pis36 direct.)

ASC 17Leo19 brings chart-ruler Sun's applying aspects into focus yet there is only one (shared by the Moon, of course): an inconjunct from Saturn Rx 16Lib02 in 3rd H.

Sun inconjunct restrictive Saturn, planet of government, indicates taking advantage of others or of being taken advantage of; it describes a taking-things-one-step-at-a-time condition with a vibe of eagerness to be accepted by others. That Saturn is Rx may be help or hindrance to the question of a shutdown since delays are indicated. Unfortunately for the American people, the delay may describe the cessation of governmental workings.

Moon inconj Saturn shows undercurrents of guilt, uneasiness, and exploitation. The Moon in a mundane chart represents the people, as you know; representing the people on Capitol Hill has become an elusive goal for our recalcitrant politicians.

Now the New Moon falls at apex of two midpoints: one, Mercury/Mars is one of strong opinions and with Sun there, we find great determination to succeed; with Moon, we have a potential for clearing the air by talking things out, and emotional quarrels.

And last but not least: the Uranus-Neptune pair of enlightenment, the new world order culprits from their Great Conjunction/s of 1993 ('18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER = neg: smug or strong-armed paternalism, which to me sounds like the 2011 version of the Republican Party forcing their methods, fanaticism, prejudices, and agenda upon our nation.)

Uranus-Neptune = Sun: impassivity; impressionability; lack of vitality (uh-oh); vaunted self-regard.

Uranus-Neptune = Moon: a sense of being on the right track to do one's best; emotional convictions, real or imagined.

Well, that's a brief astro-peek at the issue of government shutdown 1995 v 2011. Let's close with the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon of March 4, 2011:

'14Pisces' = "A Lady in Fox Fur"...TASTEFULNESS...

positive expression: high accomplishment through a consistent representation of the self's assets in the best possible light;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: amoral opportunism.

Hidden Agenda 2011

The 3 days prior to the New Moon and just after are the Dark of the Moon when secret activities and deals can easily take place under the table. That we-the-people would be harmed by a shutdown with 2011 financial conditions so dire for so many is a given, but we'll see whether a shutdown of Capitol Hill Theater proportions actually occurs and which political party suffers most for it during Campaign 2012.

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