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Feb 21, 2011

Horoscope: Libya (w Feb 21, 2011 transits)

See CNN's timeline of the unrest in Libya, and here is this morning's coverage on NPR - have a listen if you missed it.

Last I heard (on Democracy Now!), over 300 Libyans have been killed in the last few days. Wonder how many are in prison as I type? Sad to say, perhaps not as many as in the US literally and by ratio. We've become a prison nation in the US, make no mistake. The neocon right wing cabal are in process of kicking us out of our own country, economically and every other way there is - then it's on to rule the world!

Well, since my ancestors 'settled' the place (and some were here to welcome early settlers) about as much as the next American, I fail to see why the United States of America suddenly pretends to have no responsibility toward her own citizens. Yet I speak primarily for those who suffer since my government doesn't bother with them much. Income taxes will go up for the working poor in 2011, btw. Not so brilliant, that. Regressive. And it's immoral to kick someone when he's down, imho.

Now when I say, the Underdogs of society, I mean the oppressed and disenfranchised sprinkled among us. Whether it's loss of a family home, pensioners robbed by Wall Street tycoons, those who've been secretly ripped off by greedy inside traders behaving like Enron energy-diverters (all gangs of thieves, like the Mafia), and other criminal elements within the environment and the environs of Washington DC, NYC, and Chicago. (But let's not talk about a Southwest being purposefully overrun by Mexican and other drug and sex trade criminals; one engineered result: weakening of a US border for easier eventual assimilation into a planned North American Union of Mexico, Canada, and the US.

Yes, the power elite may think the formation of an NAU is a cinch, yet the EU has cracks a mile long and fissures from financial fixations galore.

For just as in the US, the rich (and the monarchic) classes of Europe are fearful of being forced to 'pay' for the Underdogs' bowl of chow and of having to provide a pillow upon which the Fidos of the world may rest their weary heads (a case of attempted population control.) That wealth is now concentrated within 1% of the global population is the world's big trouble, not pensions and Social Security benefits being paid to people who will infuse the funds into local economies and make a real difference in our plight.

Eternal October Surprise!

Obviously, the GOP's laughable Trickle Down method of Economics doesn't work and the societal misery this has caused since the Reagan era is why President Obama's surrender to the GOP on extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich was unconscionable (and daft, if you're actually concerned about our nation's budget, economy, and our international credit rating.)

Yet anyone who knows the true identities of the shadowy string-pullers of the global crime syndicate or cabal (aka, the power elite) also knows that you cross them at your peril. Bribery and blackmail are their favored tactics to enforce compliance with their strong-armed script and to assure their victims must focus upon achievement of their group aims. Election-stealing is a given with this crowd. And yes, murder may be necessary.

So! On that unhappy note, let's switch gears and take a look at the 1951 natal horoscope of Libya with her society now in turmoil. My prayers are being sent out on behalf of the safety of the Libyan people: may your Guardian Angels draw near and guide you to your highest good.

Chart shown: Independence of Libya December 24, 1951 00:00 am CEDT (historical record); Hour Moon 29Lib04 in 2nd house in critical 29th degree; Sun 1Cap16 w Chiron 4Cap27 in 4th H; Mercury 16Sag59 Rx conjoins Ic 16:01.

Chart ruler/Midheaven ruler Mercury applies to a sextile w Mars (0A32) and a sextile w Saturn (2A53); Saturn-Pluto = Asc: assessing how to work with those who have power and influence; an environment that gives the impression of silent power or continuing influence; placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances; separation; bereavement.

Marked on the horoscope, upper right, I've added an interesting double transit: tr NN (the public; encounters) to natal Sun (leadership), and tr Sun to natal NN; Sun/NN = 'the will of the leadership as expressed in speeches (ex: last evening's); creating bureaucratic structures; allies or associates who send added help or inspiration (an astro-peep-eye to Washington on Presidents Day 2011?); political associations that eventually do more harm than good; a loss of respect due to unfortunate treaties, alliances, or mergers. (Sun/NN: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

Over the weekend, some protesters in Morocco have chanted against America and their government's willing collaboration with the US in its sloganistic "war of terror" which is meant as cover to justify all actions taken by the American Empire. I sadly imagine that the same sentiment exists in Libya and elsewhere across the region. They know it's about oil, other natural resources, ancient treasures, and the extension of US (NWO) power and domination over the globe. Why don't we?

Outside the chart highlighted in green are approximate positions of transits for today, Feb 21, 2011; you see Libya is in process of having a Saturn Return (as is America 14:48 - accountability has landed, if ignored things will only be worse later) and has just had its Jupiter Return on Feb 17, 2011. Jupiter in Aries can be hotheaded yet entrepreneurial; an opposition between the societal planets Jupiter and Saturn throws 'fear of failure' into the spotlight as Jupiter's expansion principle and Saturn's restriction function duke it out.

As the fever for democracy and fatigue with tyrants continues to spread across the Middle East (over the weekend, Morocco), Gaddafi's tough-talking son addressed the nation of Libya last evening promising to fight until "the last man, the last woman, the last bullet" - quite a bullheaded and stupid threat.

It Does Seem Another Regime Is Over...

With the nation's royal Jupiter in Mars-ruled Aries, the Libyan army must be vast in number yet a miscalculation may occur here as it did in Egypt so recently: many if not most of the soldiers in the Libyan armed forces are related to the protesters on the streets, share their grievances, and therefore, may not respond as forcefully as Gaddafi & Son command, if at all. (Gaddafi may have high-tailed it away already!)

The end of 1951 was a time when tr Uranus (freedom; independence; rebellion) approached a square (obstacle; blockages) with idealistic, dreamy Neptune in Libra indicating generational energies which are in constant conflict without knowing quite why (freedom-progress-hyper-awareness v dreams-ideals-illusions); rejecting social obligations under this square leads to the corrosive effects of political subversion and loss of support for the government.

The Uran/Nep square also implies that unconscious consent is given to living under leaders with an insatiable lust for power and who consider the people 'expendable'. Yet there is dynamic energy within the square (90 degr) which aids the populace to challenge those who abuse power with righteous demands that they be held accountable.

Future aims will be weakened or eroded if a laissez-faire attitude toward abusive government continues but the good people of Libya have seen the error of their past ways and are now in touch with their potentials for power and courage.

We may also see the current turmoil reflected in the nation's natal Mars-Saturn conjunction in fair-minded Libra (Air = mental energy.) Mars-Saturn is a frustrating, pent-up aspect for person or nation to have indicating hot-cold, stop-go issues (the UN natal chart has one, too.) In politics the planetary pair relates to military actions under political restrictions, an 'obligation' to use force when restraint is required, and enforcement of honor through the use of strife or struggle. (Munkasey.)

And the Mars-Neptune conjunction shows confused or deceptive motivations and misdirected energy and goals...and/or, inspired or sacrificial actions!

Some of the stimulating astrological reasons that Libya has caught the uprising epidemic at this particular time may be described by the fact that every time the nation has a Saturn Return (28-year cycle) as it has now, it involves a Saturn to n Mars transit bringing a general lack of energy, vulnerability, and complaints; organization and focus are needed as relationships are challenged or broken off altogether. Plus, a Saturn Returns brings Lessons of Accountability to the agenda with possible losses accruing - and apparently Gaddafi & Son are failing the course.

Then the Jupiter Return (12-year cycle) now repeats the natal promise of Libya's Jupiter-Saturn opposition; this is a Jupiter opposite n Saturn transit which brings a time when rules, regulations, and laws are in direct conflict with freedom so this blocks progress, success, and happiness - yet it's usually a period when it's best to hold on to what you've got, for the time being. If that's possible.

As you see in the chart, the hard, cruel Saturn-Pluto midpoint sits upon Libya's natal Ascendant 17Vir05, the position of the Great Conjunction/s of the duo of revolution, chaos, and old orders collapsing, Uranus and Pluto, in 1965/66 when their current cycle began. This indicates that the Uranus-Pluto square now moving into aspect with tr Uranus soon in Aries (and approaching Libya's natal Jupiter = taking a new and independent path!) is about to square power-wielding Pluto in governmental, controlling Capricorn which for Libya stimulates the sensitizing 1965/66 conjunction upon its natal ASC.

1965/66's Uranus-Pluto = n ASC: placed in unusual or restless circumstances; applications of force; accidents.

So with the closing square in any cycle being the 'crisis in consciousness' phase (echoing Libya's natal phase between Sun and Moon - as listed on the chart, click to enlarge), I believe the consciousness of the Libyan people has awakened to act upon and challenge the conditions set up in 1951 by the applying Uranus-Neptune square, as mentioned above, and by the effects of the cycle of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction which has permanently stimulated the national Ascendant (the country itself.)

(The planets' positions during the September 1969 coup that placed Colonel Gaddafi in charge of Libya are undoubtedly under stress, too. I mean, a rule of over forty-one years, people! And with a nepotic sprout waiting in the wings.)

Well, Bush, Cheney, their neocon/Zionist pals, and the rest of the global elite are getting what they allegedly want as the people's demands for democracy ignite the Middle East. Of course, based on the past actions of Washington and the Pentagon, I assume they prefer to keep things their way: with puppet leaders controlled by America still in charge.

But you know what they say about Best Laid Plans...


Libya's natal horoscope has been published upon a reader's request; further discussion of its features or your comments on this post are warmly invited and will be replied to if and as time permits.

Astro-Note: the world's annoying global chaos-creators are projecting their own adolescent needs for radical change - even if it means chaos - onto the rest of us in the external world, recognizing the potential and intense energy within certain planetary combinations and putting these energies to use in a commanding way to invent the future (Uranus-Chiron.)

This dynamic was born out to me yesterday while watching Alex Gibney's Casino Jack and the United States of Money
which shows the College Republican upstarts such as a very young Karl Rove, grimy Grover Norquist, and soon, Jack rain man Abramoff joining in the throng with politician Tom Delay, then the steel-hammer-wielding Godfather, formerly of Capitol Hill. Abramoff inspired them to greater depths with his Mafia-esque flair and dark connections.

Also, I again send out my support to all Pro-Union protesters in their fight to keep the right of

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I have rectified the horoscopes of:
3 september 1969: proclamation republic 06h31m28s Tripoli 32.54.08n; 13.11.09e; timezone -2h; gmt 04h31m28s.
Asc. 8 Virgo; MC 6 Gemini; Eleven house 8 Cancer; Twelve house 9 Leo.
Progressive aspect 15 march 2011:
neptune 135 degrees radix MC; transit jupiter 135 degrees neptune.
Obama and Hillary Clinton have on that day a significant progressive aspect.
Muammar A. M. Gaddafi (birthtime unknown).
19 june 1942 08h01m55,5s Surt 31.11.00n; 1`6.39.00e; timezone -01h; gmt 07h01m55,5s.
Asc. 9 Leo; MC 2 Taurus; Elven house 6 Gemini; Twelve house 9 Cancer; Second house 2 Virgo; Third house 30 Virgo; Pars frt 8 Libra; Black moon 8 Cancer; Sun 28 Gemini.
Both horoscopes have conjuncts with each other.
You have to erect the charts for yourself to see the connections.
Progressive aspects Barack Obama:
11-March-2011 029°,00'09 Leo Ven 90 MC
12-March-2011 019°,06'29 Aries Asc 90 C-12
15-March-2011 023°,57'50 Libra Mars 45 Pars
25-Mrt-2011 013°,33'05 Cancer IC * SIRIUS (JUP - MARS )
27-March-2011 006°,59'03 Pisces Moon 180 Plu
Progressive aspects Hillary Clinton:

6-March-2011 006°,40'47 Cancer Moon 90 C-11
9-March-2011 006°,47'20 Cancer Moon 60 mutual Mars
15-March-2011 007°,02'49 Cancer Moon 135 Asc
18-March-2011 007°,10'00 Cancer Moon 45 mutual Sat
27-March-2011 029°,06'13 Leo C--8 * REGULUS (MARS - JUP )
28-March-2011 003°,59'08 Aquarius Ven * OCULUS (SAT - VENUS )