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Feb 22, 2011

John Wheeler death a "targeted hit" says widow

Here's a recent update on the mysterious December 2010 murder of former White House aide and bioweapons expert John P. Wheeler reporting his widow's opinion that her husband's murder was a professional "targeted hit".

And she and the Wheeler family have been treated like "criminals" during the police 'investigation'! Mr. Wheeler's body was apparently thought to be permanently hidden in a dumpster, but peep-eye!

In this entire sorry tale it sounds like the fix is in to me. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Good luck from the UK.

We aren't American or British, Christian or Muslim, Black, White, Brown or Green.

We are Human. All one <3

Jude Cowell said...

How true! Thanks and Cheers! Jude

Anonymous said...

John P Wheeler, III was someone who served his country honorably. The thing that I can't get over is the contempt inherent in the way his assassins disposed of his body. This was a bulldog of a man who fought for the rights of veterans and against the use of bioweapons.

This pattern of contempt for anyone worse less than billions seems to be growing. The Republican Governor of Wisconsin sent State Troopers after Democratic congress members like they just committed grand theft auto?

The same day, some poor schmuck's face is plastered all over the media for allegedly wanting to build a bomb to blow up something of GW Bush? I guess that was the mirror in the smoke and mirror games being played out. Another patsy, more like, to take the media heat off what's happening in Wisconsin in the war on the middle class.

The pattern of contempt for humanity is evident in the Republicans wanting to cut all funding for Planned Parenthood, financial aid for heating bills, and other programs that keep American public lands from being sacked and pillaged for mineral rights.

How much more contemptuous can you get than to call for, as the Republican from Indiana did, live ammo to be used on Wisconsin protesters?

This is a dangerous contempt, to treat people who get in the way of a hidden agenda like so much garbage and rabble. I can see the pattern; I just can't nail down the source other than big money. Is China setting domestic policy now?

I don't think we will ever find out who ordered the contract on John Parsons Wheeler, III. His death will remain as mysterious as Paul Wellstone, John F. Kennedy, Junior. JFK Jr would have run against H. Clinton for the NY Senate seat.

They pushed through extradition to Switzerland for trumped-up charges on the only person who could possibly tell us the truth about it. I tell ya', the truth is to die for here in the good ol' USA.