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Feb 10, 2011

NYSE may be sold to foreigners: Venus/Pluto? Jupiter/SN?

As you've heard, it was announced today (with evaluating, negotiating Venus conjunct wealthy Pluto 6Cap39 on February 9, 2011 in the evening est) that the NYSE may be purchased by a German group marking the first time in its long history that the US stock exchange will be held in foreign hands.

The natal chart of the *New York Stock Exchange certainly must show this by an important transit or two (though I don't know how long negotiations have been afoot), right? Well, I'm typing this after midnight on Feb 10 (always a bad idea for me to blog after midnight) so I'll stop typing long enough to snag an astro- peek...pardon me for a moment...

Okay, I checked current transits to the natal and secondary progressed charts of the New York Stock Exchange and there aren't as many planetary triggers occurring now as I expected. And yet...

Feb 9, 2011's Jupiter (money; investments; corporations; conglomerates; gurus, adventurers, Republicans) @ 3Ari37 conjoins NYSE's natal South Node, a separative point relating to past behaviors and talents which are still depended upon; natal SN falls in NYSE's n 10th house of Career, Public Status, and the Larger World.

With SN having a Saturnian influence, Jupiter/SN is similar in its influence to a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and indicates severe limitations in opportunities and creates obstacles in plans for expansion in financial and business ventures. Larger social forces (transit Pluto in Capricorn opposing US natal Venus and Jupiter in Cancer?) affect future plans, conflicts of interest arise, and there may be problems encountered in business transactions involving foreign lands (uh oh.)

Another transit is Sun 22AQ approaching NYSE's natal Pluto 23AQ31 in n 8th H of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Transformation, etc...NYSE's progressed Pluto @ 21AQ44 is being highlighted by the Sun now, then natal Pluto will be lit up...perhaps describing the time frame of the actual confirmation of the sale "as soon as next week." Sun to Pluto transits spotlight the use of power and indicate that someone is getting his way.

And when tr Mars (now @ 20AQ) reaches Pluto, a karmic or fated endeavor or task is on the menu, plus, others may feel vengeful and hostile (one thinks of a 'hostile take-over' but I assume this one is amiable and motivated by money and/or by far-reaching plans.)

The ongoing tr Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is occurring in NYSE's natal 10th house which shows technological and financial opportunities on the world stage, and of course, tr SN has completed its 18.6-year visit to America's natal planets in Cancer, two of which have financial connotations: Venus, Jupiter, and Sun.

Then we note NYSE's natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in 4th house, the speculator/grand plans pair of planetary energies. Transit Saturn 17Lib02 Rx has been near the duo and will pass 'through' them soon so when restrictive Saturn cleaves them we'll see:

Natal Jupiter/Neptune = tr Saturn: lack of confidence; pessimism; feeling abandoned by one's luck.

This transit may not bode well for how the transaction will proceed. Or will buyer's remorse kick in? After all, natal Saturn 26Ari22 will be receiving its opposition from tr Saturn soon which means that if there are things to regret about the past (Saturn) one regrets them a bunch.

In fact, failures of the past plus what isn't working in the present both cause regrets and conditions of loss. Yet once the Saturn-opposite-Saturn period is over and Saturnian lessons are learned (assuming that they are and accountability is faced), things may be profitably accomplished and endeavors will then progress.

Now see? Just when American workers thought they had been abandoned by their luck (as orchestrated by powerful banksters and their colleagues in cahoots), we find that the ritzy NYSE has had its troubles, too.

But hold on to your piggybanks! Aren't Wall Streeters rolling in bigger-than-ever profits these days from corporations laying off 'costly' US workers and nabbing huge profits overseas? And what about all the hacking of NASDAQ? Sheesh. Sounds like an astro-peek for a sunny day.

Meanwhile, it's almost 2:00 am and more snow is in the forecast for Georgia tomorrow! So I wish you a Good Night.


*Natal chart used: NYSE May 17, 1792 7:52 am LMT NYC

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