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Feb 7, 2011

Obama to Chamber of Commerce w Sun to natal ASC

President Obama Comes A-Courtin' February 7, 2011

by Jude Cowell

Today President Obama sprints across the street from the White House to the temple of the Chamber of Commerce to encourage them to open the gates of jobs creation.

Scheduled to speak at 11:30 am est (Hour of the Sun), the Sun 18AQ33 conjoins Mr. Obama's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself), a time for improving one's self image. The solar emphasis is on the president today and on the goals he wishes to achieve - perfect for speaking to an influential group which has previously opposed his every move yet the recent trade agreement with South Korea is a notable exception to what has been touted as a 2-year stand-off between the president and the Chamber (I don't really buy that, but you may.)

Moon 8Ari46 is in 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes/Wishes along with moneybags Jupiter 3Ari06 and rebellious Uranus, still hanging back in murky Pisces (28:18) but moving direct and ready to rumble at Aries Point soon (AP = US natal Ic.)

Moon/Uranus = Jupiter: becoming more aware of the political skills needed to market your ideas.

But will President Obama be successful in persuading the Chamber to loosen the corporate hiring strings on behalf of American workers?

At 11:30 am, ASC 26Tau44 gives an interesting Sabian Symbol: '27Tau' = "An Old Indian Woman Selling Beads" which always reminds me of selling Manhattan! Well, he is selling something and hopefully it isn't only himself with the 2012 campaign just ahead.

Since our topic is a speech, Mercury's position and symbol are even more to the point: Mercury 5AQ55 conjunct 11:30 am's Midheaven 5:33 (Goals; Aspirations)...'6AQ' = "A Performer of a Mystery Play." Mercury conjoins US natal South Node (SN), a point of separation which indicates that Mr. Obama's ideas and plans (Mercury) are either ahead or behind the times - and naturally Mercury in Aquarius has progressive ideas, so with the planet of commerce, trade, negotiations, and oration conjunct SN, we may expect Obama's ideas for improvement in the US economy to be original and to escape the pitfalls of popular opinion.

In the long run, the president's ideas will prove to be correct yet a downside of Mercury/SN is an inability to gain support for them; one must proceed alone because the new ideas go unheeded.

Chart-ruler Venus 3Cap06 opposes US natal Venus, a time when people are encountered who are unsympathetic to one's proposals and opinions. Diplomacy and relationships meet with conflicts yet the Chamber has publicly expressed that it now wants to "reaffirm the American business community's absolute commitment to working with (the president)" as Tweeted this morning by West Wing Report.

And evaluating Venus makes only one applying aspect in the speech chart, her conjunction to wealthy Pluto (2A40 - two days, weeks, months) which indicates material give-and-take, a connection with bankruptcy, and shows an inability to accept social injustices without doing something about them.

Well, today's Sun has moved beyond conjunction with testy Mars 17AQ52 ('18AQ" = "A Man Unmasked") and has nebulous, deceptive Neptune 29AQ02 to deal over the next few days (the masses; mass media.) This will put US natal Moon (the people) between them for this midpoint picture:

Tr Sun/Neptune = n Moon: feelings depend upon external influences; receptivity to the dreams and visions of others.

Well, I'm receptive to the dream of jobs creation in America, aren't you? But as for more Neptunian propaganda, I'm fed up to here.

Then at 12:30 pm today, President Obama is scheduled to lunch with former Fedhead Paul Volcker, Obama's outgoing economic adviser. Then Mr. Obama reports to VP Biden at 2:30 pm.

Let's consider the two enlightening *Images for Integration for today's Sun AQ-Moon Taurus blend:

"A court jester mocks the social injustices of the realm...Robin Hood and his band of merry men outwith the evil King John once again."

This analytical Air-Earth combo describes a maverick and truth-seeker with a social conscience; it is forward-looking, prophetic, and possesses radical views which may be too much for the staid Chamber of Commerce.

So perhaps I should include Mercury's (and 11:30 am Mc's) previous symbol for '5AQ' = "A Council of Ancestors"...ANTECEDENCE....

positive expression: power through absolute self-integrity (my italics - let's hope the Chamber has some);

negative/unconscious/shadow side: sterile conservatism. (Jones.)

Therefore, I shall close with a quote from one who shares natally the Sun AQ-Moon Taurus blend, Anton Chekov:

"Man has been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what he's been given."

With the president's speech today, I see conflict between adding to what's been given to a council of wealthy bankers and business leaders, and their fear that "Robin Hood" intends to "rob" the rich to give to the poor - even though America's ever-growing income equality is one of our nation's greatest injustices.

C-SPAN is providing live coverage of the president's speech to the Chamber of Commerce in a few minutes so I'll shut down, hush up, and listen. But will the Chamber?

(Update: BHO begins speaking at 11:29 am est; chart remains basically the same.)


*Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey

Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey

Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii

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