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Mar 16, 2011

Is Japan targeted by HAARP? (video)

Well, it was only a matter of time before I had to mention HAARP by name in relation to the nuclear devastation in Japan. My last post covered much of my thoughts, my heart is broken, and there's too much more to say rather than less. Yet we must each watch our energy levels if we have them. Si?

My cordial thanks go to Crystal Pomeroy of one of online's premiere publications Daykeeper Journal for sending along a handy YouTube link. Crystal Pallas Pomeroy is one of three daughters of expert astrologer, author, and lecturer Maya Del Mar ~~ one of Astrology's past lights still shining ~~ and writes a regular column Crystal's Moon Meditations for our growth and renewal.

Thanks, Crystal!

(As you see, the HAARP video is published here in English since I don't speak Spanish. Wish I did. YouTube has it how you want to hear it though. jc)


Clymela/Singing Sparrow said...

Okay dear one. Thank you. I had told my family and I think on one of the three astrology sites I visit that all the trouble and catastrophes have had a strangely human rhythm to them. This did not make me happy and was based only in my body, in my intuition. I just felt though that we are being told a very scary story with the intent of managing us. I first thought this about Haiti-how convenient for the corpos who want the land for factories and the people for slaves.I could go on and on with the story of my intuitions and I am assured that you would at least hear me out and I don't believe that I need to tell you because you already knew.
I will say though to the corpos, the IMF and all the maniacs who would attempt to control the planet that they have forgotten that in each of us is that Divine Spark that God Within and this slumbering Majesty is getting stirred awake-watch out crazy folk cause God don't like ugly. I believe that the new world order will come about through the awakening of our Divine natures and these idiots will simply lose.

Clymela/Singing Sparrow said...

And-furthermore I believe that all the End Time publicity is geared up to keep us seperated and suspicious of each other. As i said over and over after spending time with family in Tennessee there are still Christians who believe that only those who agree with them are going to heaven-whoo!! that is not covering a lot of humanity. Well I know that /god is love (as well as God is All which should give some preachers pause. NO????)and I know that in the end we will all be love.
You certainly kicked over this lantern today-I will no doubt come back and back as I return more than once to the video and the tags you so generously offer.
Thank you again and again for all that you do for us and therefore for the world that you are part of.Love and Lightg to you wonderful woman/artist/astrologer/writer

Jude Cowell said...

Clymela, thank you so much because kind encouragement such as yours is what has kept this blog going these 6 years! Yes, the entities who wish to speed Armageddon upon this planet are really showing their hand (claw) these days - as if mankind needs help ruining Planet Earth.

Yet like you, I know that our Creator is in charge & will decide when the race is over, for The Great Mathematician Is The Ultimate Decider in Chief!

Warmest Regards to you & yours,